Second Life Ranker

6. After the King (6)

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes. Athena gazes at you sadly [God's society, 'Olympus gazes at you without hesitation.] “I'm annoyed.

The Ice King turns his head back, furious, instead of running ahead.

“What's the matter?” “No. Nothing. Just something that had been bothering the king a long time ago, he sighed relieved to find out later that what Yeon-woo was saying wasn't him, but smiled.

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] Athena's gaze, which continues to follow her like a tag, is no longer unpleasant.

However, Etta was still looking at herself, as though she had no intention of looking back.

And so do the eyes of the other gods that follow.

"You must be wondering about the eggs in Tartarus.

Perhaps even Olympus realized what Yeon-woo was trying to do. He'll get an approximate estimate of what materials he needs.

But he suddenly went the other way, so why would he want to focus on that?

However, Athena's gaze was slightly different. Compassionate gaze. It seemed to be conveyed here with a feeling of sadness.

But Yeon-woo hated that look.

It was completely different for someone to understand and to feel sorry for them. So with an annoying gaze, I looked at the air vent where Athena would be.

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] 's message still hasn't disappeared.

Ultimately, Yeon ignored Athena's gaze and turned her head to the side.

You can see Victoria, who has been chasing you for quite some time after the earthquake.

“Go back.” “How the hell are you gonna survive a body like that?” The power of the spell has already run out. Victoria is arms, fingers and ankles full of jewellery: Adamantine Nova is circling around Victoria like a planet floating in the sun, but it is not functioning properly without formal terminals.

“No, you can do it.

Victoria still doesn't seem to be willing to bend. If Yeon-woo deliberately speeds up to spray her, Victoria squeezes that much energy and chases behind her.


“I won't get in your way. I think so. Victoria bites her lower lip tightly.

“I'll die on my own.” Yeon-woo stares at Victoria quietly. However, Victoria looks at Yeongwoo with a more determined gaze, as though she never would change her mind at all.

Yeon-woo knew that look very well. Stubbornness can never be stopped, no matter how much you tear it off around you. It was a look I saw often.

• • • Suit yourself. ”In the end, Yeon-woo raised her hands.

“Every" Victoria smiles at Bashi.

When we first enter the realm of returning the tyranny of the tyranny that will be the bait. Yeon-woo began to explain her plans.

Meeting the Liver is also important, but more importantly, dispersing the eyes of the chaser after the liver. To ease the burden on your liver. Yes. We can also tell the liver what we're up to. "The current whereabouts of the liver were unknown.

Niche and Nemesis look up and down, their wealth exploring magic, but they can't salvage anything.

While Victoria was pulling the clock, she was completely concealed.

You know the geography of the stage on the 20th floor better than anyone, since you've been in Sadu for a long time. If you want to hide once, it's hard to find.

So Yeon-woo changed her mind.

If it's hard to find, it doesn't matter if you expose your position to the liver or not.

The more violent the kite is, the more likely the descendants of the future king will appear, one by one, who will be watching the situation in the shadows. This creates an environment in which we have no choice but to approach Gando. I had no intention of hiding the fact that Yeon-woo had a piece.

'If so, no matter how many horsemen are watching the liver, they will have to come for it. Or,' Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled sharply.

'Implement another hidden plan.

Why did the liver choose 20 floors as a place to create a commotion among many stages? It's just a familiar terrain, and it could all be because it's constrained for players.

I thought there might be another cost.

'This is also where the palace of King Mihu is. It can't be a simple coincidence.' Anyway, no matter what the reaction, it was not a loss to be able to find the liver's trail as a lotus.

Have you ever thought that the owner is too much? "Sanon complained that he had bought and apologized.

It's not only because of his usual personality and his different personality, but also because of the difficulties of Yeon-woo, no matter what Sanon says. He was confident enough to endure it.

I can't do this much for a friend in crisis.

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] But how do you get the attention of your enemies? Victoria nodded her head after hearing all of Yeon Woo's plans, but laughed because she didn't know how to begin the plan.

Here's how. Yeon-woo smiled faintly.

Suddenly, the new one sank down.


Kwurlung! There's been a massive explosion just far away from the stars. Through the flaming columns of forest, I reached the sky.

Argh! Our gaze returns to you on its own. She has stunned eyes.

The ice king sighs, saying, "Get lost."

Were the chasers following you? Fast. "He joined Yeon's side in the pursuit. Soon, the traitor Shinsegas was to be branded as the most wary of mercenaries.

I thought maybe I could fall back.

Where are you going? Yeon-woo sent a demon-like rebellion as if she was watching the Ice King's movements in the middle of a battle.

Hmmm! This should help a lot. Do you mind letting me go? Stand in one place. I will stand on this side, or on that side.

He said with a solemn and solemn attitude, as if he didn't need to worry about the words.

Of course I'm on your side. Whose side am I on? So, what do you want me to do first? Not like this! Spread out! According to the command of the diaphragm, the chaser, Eun-young Dan, who was secretly trampling behind Yeon Woo, was in complete disarray.

They were originally known in the mercenary industry as a genocide group, not a challenge group.

I was primarily responsible for sneaking assassinations, but occasionally I followed someone or investigated a robbery. It was because he always moved quietly in the pitch and was not exposed to the outside, and he bought the hearts of many clients because his mouth was heavy.

It's the same now.

Eun-Young Group was asked by the 'Alliance' to find the status of its own people and began to move carefully.

We've already heard about the four stages of the Iron Brigade, the door walkers and the streetwalkers being wiped out, so we have no intention of bumping into them head-on.

Instead, you tread very quietly behind them, leaving a constant mark wherever the group moves.

Then the subordinates who are coming after us announce this to the Alliance, and the Alliance is planning to build a slow siege on the expected route to the Badlands, locking up a group of dictators: they don't leave a few markers behind and the position is exposed.

Without a bird to see how they found out, Eun-Young Group had to flee from the moat that slaughtered them while swinging a flame.

But it was not easy to escape.

Every time the fruit-bearing rainstorm moves, the heat winds bind their ankles, and every time they swing their swords, the explosion quickly rises to the ranks of Silver Legion players.

Players on the outskirts barely outside of the attack range of Yeouido were also tied to their ankles.

As they ate through the forest path, a huge barrier formed and blocked their way.

The King of Ice, what the hell are you doing! Harvey, an associate of Eun-young Group, cried out in contemplation. I never thought the King of Ice, who was a strong ally of the Union, would buy it over there. They only thought that the Queen Dowager was beaten by her own kind, such as the Moon Wicker, etc.

Suddenly it happened.

I'm sorry. "The Ice King smiles bitterly at them. That's not why I feel comfortable pointing a knife at those who ate a pot of rice until morning.

But depending on the situation, even close friends can point their swords at each other overnight.

He erased the last remnant of his apology and slammed his hands together.

A shimmering light burst. A blizzard erupts as the cold rages.

The North Sea Ice Wave. As the ground rises high, ice thorns rise from all sides.

Several Eun Young members, including Jaw-Javi, jumped up into the air as they were short-tempered by thorns. As the blood flows through the ice, you wet the floor, then you freeze again.

Victoria started running Adamantine Nova based on a temporary handset. However, since your opponent is unwell, you play an auxiliary role in the beef for your party, rather than a direct attack.

Then, when the magical power rose to some degree, I used my fingers to draw letters in the air. Then came the red runes, and Pod and Sarah slept: a new magical scheme that enchanted text magic. The enchanted New Testament was involved in the law, and the law called for a miracle. The sky is full of clouds, and lightning strikes.

Urgh, hyper-excited - the top three of the Remarkers. Especially the King of Ice has long been a high ranker, and as far as Yeouido is concerned, he can be compared to a high ranker.

Eun-Young Group disappeared in an instant.

However, Yeon-woo et al did not draw there.

Here too! Niche flew over and relayed the enemy's position to Yeon Woo in real time. Yeonwoo rushes across the stage to the basin and quickly advances to the top of the chase.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! There's explosions and screams everywhere in just a few minutes.

It was the Alliance that made the situation so urgent.

Those who were planning to attack the Western rabbit while slowly chasing after Yeongwoo, they were embarrassed when they received an unexpected counterattack.

Moreover, they were bound by the name 'union,' but it was only a decent name.

It was loosely connected without a certain command or communication system, so we couldn't manage to do this together.

It was because they were different in their pursuit.

The Iron Brigades focused on finding a small owner and securing the new recruits, and Madap and Negropolis were keen on the art of the arts. The deceased had no idea what was going on inside, and even small mercenaries and bounty hunters moved separately.

Moreover, occasionally, talented people who were not in the coalition were found, and it was not easy to come up with effective countermeasures for these judges.

As each wave continued, life was broken out around the perimeter while pushing back the troops to minimize the damage.

After all that, the friendship continued.

Suddenly, Yeon-woo stabbed into a coalition space.


Pressure has succeeded in reaching its first deep target.

Below the ridge.

A large army was building an ironclad wall based on several bookshelves and trenches.

It was the headquarters of the Iron Brigade.