Second Life Ranker

7. After the King (7)

The news that a singular-exclusive appeared made the headquarters of the Iron Brigade noisy. Players are busy moving, but Yeon's Assault begins first.

Overshining! Every time the lily rains down a beagrid, lightning strikes it from the sky and turns it into a big field.

“Don't you dare!” Jonathan, deputy commander of the Iron Brigade, rushed to the scene and changed it.

Torca, like a brother, is dead, and she's all over the stage discussing her response. I heard the news in a hurry and ran to Burabura.

Jonathan grips the handle of the knife. The female monopoly repeatedly struck and retreated with the Run in Away technique, 'cutting down the coalition's power and throwing them into chaos.

Suddenly, 2 '` () came out like this. This means only one thing. It meant seeing them that much.

The lightning blazed the sky, and the earth burned black. Between the flowerpots, the monsters slaughtered the mercenaries, running wild.

Then Yeon-woo's gaze came back this way.

He's wearing a mask, but he's as careless as a sewer tunnel. Jonathan pulls back, startled, without even realizing it. The frightening cost wrapped around my chest.

“Let me ask you one question.” “What are you talking about?” Jonathan screams to hide that he's been depressed for just a short while.

But do it or don't.

Yeon only asked her own questions.

“What does the Iron Brigade think of the liver?” “You call him the son of a discontinuer? Or are you just thinking?” From the tutorial day forward, + liver and Doyle tried to talk about their parents. I knew they were the offspring of excellent rankers, but I was stuck with them.

Yeon-woo seemed to know a little about what they had in mind.


I had a grudge against my father who disappeared suddenly when Yeon-woo won.

As I got older, I was completely out of my mind, but it was not so much that I couldn't see the heart of the fruit.

However, a band of insulators, the father of the liver, is moving to catch the liver. If you just came to save him, you might consider him an ally, but the Iron Brigade that Yeon-woo saw didn't look like that at all.

They treat their livers like enemies. No, I was treating him like a sinner.

The pursuit of him only seems to be an act of coercion and dragging him away.

But that's just a conjecture. I didn't hear the truth about the Iron Brigade.

So I want to hear their thoughts.

Already his relationship with the Iron Brigade has been through the irreversible river while killing Torca. But if it was for the liver, I was willing to give it some thought.


Is that what Yeon-woo thought? Jonathan's eyes sank deeply. The boiling anger subsided, and the fierce intensity subsided. Instead, the cold eyes stared at Yeongwoo.

“Why do you ask?” I'm his friend.

Friend, the word that I thought I would never have to put in my mouth for the rest of my life naturally came out of Yeon-woo's mouth.

The shadow of Sanon and Ghost faintly trembles.

“Friend?" Jonathan snorts.

“Are you calling me a friend now?” The cold cynics spin, and the tip of one lip dries up.

“He is the son of a lion. Do you think the lion has any friends or allies? Now, even though the jackals have fallen among the flocks and mingled with them and learned their habits, But a lion is a lion. You don't really think he can be your friend without knowing your roots, do you?” Guaia-Jonathan took a sword from both waist dances and held it in each hand.

Twins are rare in towers.

“He's just walking the wrong path to sleep on the day he won. It's what we do to make it right.” The momentum shifts around the blade.

He's the second man in the Iron Brigade. Even if I had been pushed by Yeon-woo for a short time, I was close to the High Ramker.

“At this rate, you're just trying to protect the liver.” Yeon-woo smiled, coping with all that. Peek-a-boo. You hear a slight hiss of laughter between the masks.

In a certain sense, it sounds like a relieved laugh, and in a certain sense, it sounds like laughter.

Jonathan is stepping forward again.

"Jonathan could not even scream, because he just said that, keeping your neck cold." Yeongwoo's new brother suddenly went down. instinctively pulling the twin swords inward, trying to back off.

Squish-puff! Your right arm looks hot, but it splits from your shoulders and bounces up into the air.

“Kuaak!” A short sigh emerges behind Jonathan, who collapses, screaming, and then plunges back deeper into the Iron March, spreading the wings of fire.

'Even on the side of the liver, it will only get in the way now.

We need to cut the power. 'Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-wire.

He was always proud of his nickname. "Jill was strong," "Lion," and I could command the battlefield. Iron lion. Loss and stubbornness were the symbols of him all his life.

By the way.

• • • What a mess. ”Aiman laughed in vain at the sight of his eyes.

Ten days since I gave the order to grab my bad boy by the throat and bring him here. When I urgently led the first stage to the message of an emergency situation, it was the army that became a wasteland.

Two of the five groups that were dispatched to the 20th floor were annihilated, one half-wave, and most of the remaining members were severely injured and were in dire need of respite for a while.

Apparently, not only here; each headquarters of the 'Union' along the mountain ranges was ambushed and became anti-Semitic. He said the damage was more than enough.

The defeat that was so despicable and hateful is before our eyes.

I'd be angry if it were just a defeat. I was not angry when I suffered such a terrible defeat.

“Kill me, shorty.” Jonathan kneels down on one knee and heads down. The Straggler grips his teeth.

He calmly lowered his body and tapped Jonathan's right shoulder while adjusting to eye level. Bandaged shoulders. Seeing that, he seemed to have a fever rising from within.

Jonathan is someone. He's been with me since he first grabbed the sword with nothing, nothing. No, he was my partner, my family, my only friend.

That person became like this.

“Wake up." “But • • •“ wake up. Will you continue to embarrass me like that? ”Jonathan barely woke up with the help of only a child.

However, his lower body was trembling from the injuries.

The child's face was stiff.

“You're a stand-up guy, right?” “How dare you get in my way, and touch my people?" I've heard of arrogance and dishonor. I didn't know he was this cheeky. ”Aiman glances back at the figure, his head bowing quietly.

The investigator leads the herd, always revealing fierce teeth when the herd is attacked. And when his teeth came out, he hunted the pirates with all his might.

And now...

“Send men to each headquarters of the coalition immediately. Let's meet head to head. The wire wants to see us.

Right now. "It was time to reveal those teeth.

“And if you see the speck of falling while you're doing the aesthetic,” The fangs came out of her lips.

“Tell him I'll rip his head off first.” I came to the main camp of the Iron Legion, which was united by the demand for the summoning of Aiman.

Lunatic, Stray Childron, Founder of Five Stars, Night Run •,,, • • Clans fighting together. There was also an assessment that Triton could be included in the four emerging clans that disappeared: however.

Everywhere I looked, I didn't like the look of it. A brutal defeat. It was caused by a heavy casualty in Yeongwoo.

Those with grave expressions, no, there were only four who couldn't read them.

Only the wire boy.


Dr. Doom.

Melted down.

Aiman was the leader of the most heavily damaged Iron Brigades, but he did not find it at all as if he were the savior and host of the mercenary community.

No, the size of the wire gang is the best in the imaging army.

In fact, I was able to take that much damage. Rather, he was circling the streets with rumors that more troops would be brought to the 20th floor.

Faithless couldn't read his face because he had bandages on his face, and Dr. Doom was concerned about his participation as a representative of all the horses and wizards, as well as Necropolis. And the 'Heaven Sword' melting, which had recently begun to emerge as a Class S mercenary, was usually an expressionless expression.

“Is that how you're holding up your form? Looks like everyone's in their seats. At the quiet meeting hall where the crabs that floated at least now noticed, the first time he opened his mouth was Faithless.

He shouted in a sarcastic tone like a chatterbox, and urgently bit Hagay by the sudden blade that flew to his neck.

Chaaa-ang! The child's sword stops shortly in front of her neck. With a firm grip on the tasty bandage, Faithless' eyes glow fiercely.

“What are you doing, wire man?” Faithless gripped his teeth and roared. A fierce speculation spills out. It was that of a disgraced warrior.

A sudden change in atmosphere. However, as if he were familiar, he picked up his sword and did not forget the warning.

“It was you who were holding the form, not me.” Koo-Aiman glances at the left with his fierce eyes. The fierce force fills the air.

I opened my eyes as if Faithless were a surprise. Even though Aiman is classified as the top ranker, he has been recognized as a few steps short of the nine kings. But now, it only seems to be half the difference, and you're close to the nine kings, meaning you're only in the top 100.

“Faithless. I hear you've been stepping on the back of a lone wolf, and you didn't intend to help a fallen ally." ”P1ISIS whistled softly, turning his gaze away. To be fair, he was disadvantaged. In Ivan's words, he only trampled behind Yeon with the dead man's ship. To see what habits he had, what souls he had.

Aiman frowned and looked at Doctor Doom and Meldon as usual.

“Dr. Mum, I heard you took the wizards right away, and the melted ones were hand-written.” Dr. Doom clasped his arms and closed his mouth, and the melted eyes narrowed.

I felt young for the first time on Meldon's expressionless face. I couldn't hear anything else in his ears. It's just how strong the child is. Meldon was a hyena seeking only the strong.

“All I ever wondered about was the artistic depiction that you claim to be the most powerful here, or the whereabouts of my son. I didn't care what happened to the others. And,” Aiman pauses and looks around at the others. They trembled as soon as Ivan's eyes met, or bowed their heads in haste.

“That goes for everyone else.” Ivan said as if to chew it.

“This is the only good alliance. It's not really an alliance.

I'd rather be ripped to shreds than eaten by him! ”Aiman smashes the table with his fist. The roar of the lion makes the hot air tremble.

“So I will never allow you to act alone again. If you don't like it, leave. However, when I opened my eyes here again,” Aiman opened his lips instead of the hind horse and showed sharp fangs. It is clear to everyone what it means.

Follow me.

Otherwise you will die.

In fact, it was a declaration of war that the 'Union' would be in his hands.

Each clan's henchmen rushed to look at the other three. Faith and Dr. Doom are divines. Of course, he would have hated who was up there in advance. And it was either melted or what they usually saw.

But Faithless shrugs his shoulders, and Dr. Doom nods without a word.

He stared at the eyes of the only child in Meldon, but other words did not go into his mouth.

Eventually, the alliance fell into the hands of the child.


The burning eyes of Aiman did not know what they were thinking, so they did not fall firmly against three people who would not protrude anywhere.


Suddenly, the door opens and someone rushes forward. A mercenary of the Iron Brigade. He draws everyone's gaze toward him.

“Breaking news!” “Anything?” “A small owner • • • • • • No, the blood biopsy liver material is identified!” All the Suzannes were reflexively on their feet.

At that moment, he did not miss. Faceless glare shines strangely through the bandages.

Son of Cain, what the hell is going on? The liver opened its eyes wide as it sensed various scenarios throughout the stage.

I was on my way to defeat the relentless pursuit of densely read enclosures and descendants, and I thought something was wrong with the sudden enclosure.

I stood at the top of the mountain peak and looked down, and something unexpected was happening.

Yeongwoo, Victoria, and the Ice King were grabbing the stage and tearing off the perimeter.

You can also see the Iron Brigade collapsing at a rapid rate in the distance.

The liver smiled unknowingly. Even after turning back for a long time, it was a place that was once considered like family. Especially since Jonathan was such a sweet uncle to himself. I just hope I don't get hurt badly in the collision with the storm.

"Nevertheless, I'm glad she didn't get hurt. The liver let out a deep sigh of relief. I've been worried sick about Victoria ever since. Luckily, Yeon-woo came to help on time.

I accidentally exploited them. But I felt so grateful and sorry that I clenched my fist.

We don't have much time left to save Doyle.

That was enough, and my hands flew wide. Several pieces of the Woman's Wand came up and merged into one.

Fragments gained by buying time from Yeongwoo and others. Much more than I gave to Kindred. The little ones are gone, and only the thick ones remain, and then they grow like this.

And then there's this. You will be able to complete the challenge.

Kindred already has a target in mind. All he had to do was go there.

The liver begins to move again, collecting pieces of the female staff. The destination is King Ahjussi's palace where his faults lie. It was a place I had visited a long time ago with Yeon Woo and others.

I've always wanted to go there, but there were too many eyes around, so I couldn't get close.

If this is the moment when Yeon Woo will draw the attention of the siege. I felt like I could move enough.


Peek-a-boom. I found a red birdshed and cried aloud.

Owner! Liver, I found it!