Second Life Ranker

8. After the King (8)

Instead of running forward, the liver suddenly went backwards as the cost price in front of its eyes became nuclear.

At first, I thought it was an enemy attack. "What appeared was a fabulous blend of black fur in the red basin that would soon burn, and you could see it on the 11th floor.

But unlike the way it looked, he was very young in speech.

I'm Niche. Nice to meet you! Owner • • No, no, no, no. I have Cain's message. Do you want to see it? Unexpected Name. The liver's pupils grew on their own.

“They say the training for the pulmonary duct will be a little longer.” “I see.” Kreutz nods as if he'd drawn the answer back from the first stage.

I knew how important the regimental commander was now.


That one gyro can attract tears of joy from many players, or experience frustration and shortness. Some people pass easily, and some people close their eyes without ever crossing it, even if they hold it for a lifetime.

That's what the wall looked like. Groitz tried to jump a few times, but he never did.

However, the great 'Nine Kings' surpassed once, many times, three or four times.

'Branches = -1 1 = 1-0 1-That big.

So the regimental commander retracted his previous remarks that he thought would be able to finish the training of the closed tube soon, and sent word that he would need to stay a little longer.

He may have managed to staple the clue, but he hasn't been able to reach it properly.

“You sent this in your reply instead.” Thank you.

“I do.

The player from the first stage sends a letter to Groitz, head down and quietly disappears.

Groitz carefully folds the envelope, pulling out the inside paper and filling it up.

As you never could.

The answer I received after waiting a long time is too short.

Groitz makes a fool out of himself.

“You still are.” But thanks to this, Groitz was able to sort through some of the complex thoughts he'd been having.

In fact, Groitz asked the battalion commander a question.

- Do we have to keep following our own agenda? From what Durkroitz saw, Yeon-woo was too dangerous.

That's how the fight against Bentice was fought. The neurological warfare between the emerging powers was characterized as a power struggle. First things first, Bentige and Triton.

But then it was a problem.

After going through the Hidden Stage on the 30th floor for some unknown reason, I finally did something strange to meet Tadara Hades to Dartharos.

He met with the Food and Drug Emperor and made a pact to wage war with the White Dragon.

It's the same now.

While he was away for a while, he was making a big commotion on the 20th floor.

Where there's always a commotion, there's always a monopoly. I felt that such rumors were never nonsense.

Of course, I was able to draw so far.

The emerging power that comes naturally is Maran, who gets many hindrances from his surroundings, and a player who seeks strength usually fights without standing still.

The problem is' the power he has.

Kreutz is able to glimpse a glimpse of his power as he continues to follow behind the stream.

The ability to cast strange shadows and deal with ghosts.

A superhuman talent for teaching martial arts from no king and achieving a prestigious skill.

In addition, the possibility of an apostle receiving affection from multiple gods at once.

Monarch, superman, apostle. Among the three characteristics that must be pioneered in order to 'transcendent' 0 0, he simultaneously possessed all the possibilities.

Especially in it; there was a power of death that had never been seen by Kreutz. The power to make sure that the mortal player can really be different.

It's too dangerous.

Groitz's eyes sank deeper as he approached.

'And that's not all I've seen. A monopoly, dangerous.' The regimental commander said that his best friend and savior were his only friends, and asked for positive support in what he was doing.

Kreutz thought that the alliance would be a great alliance, if not a great alliance.

But as long as you know who she is.

When we joined hands with Yeon Woo, the pressure or damage of the phantom regiment was too great.

Why have you stayed in the lower section without going to the higher section?

Escaped from Glenn's eighth generation; solely to nurture power in secret. I couldn't break that aura because of just one person.


The Hansung regiment was a group of forces centered on the battalion commander, and Groitz absolutely trusted him. If I wanted the commander and told him to go into the fire, he could really do it.

So, last time, I asked for an opinion, and put in touch with the commander who is obsessed with training the pulmonary canal.

And that was the answer that came back. As you wish.

It meant that he would not force his opinions. In a sense, it is respectful of the opinions of colleagues and may be a little irresponsible to postpone their responsibilities. It was the same battalion commander that Groitz used to see.

So Groitz grabbed hold of the letter and thought deeply again.

If it was the way it was meant to be, we had to stop supporting Yeon Woo.


When I tried to make a decision quickly, I remembered the short time I had. From the River of the Dead to Tartarus. His trajectory was something that made him sweat in his hands.

Above all, there was a strong cost price for attracting and capturing people: the so-called "king".

However, there seemed to be some unspeakable story when he longed for Guinness in front of Hades.

A man with a fire.

I want to follow him and see his back.

Even if it burns like a firefly.

A person who is afraid to get close, but who wants to get close to be far away.

Such an expression would be correct.

'In that regard, you are creepy like the regiment commander.' No, maybe this wasn't even the goal of the battalion commander.

After finishing all his thoughts, Groitz folded the letter gently into his arms and called out for the hand outside.

“Yes, did you call?” The man waiting outside comes in and bows.

“Is the monopoly still on the 20th floor?” “That's right. Gather all the Knights. Proceed to the 20th floor.” That's it. The phantom regiment moves.

Bloody mountain ridge.

There were scattered corpses and signs of devastation all over the place.

• • • Monster. ”Players did not seem like the same person they were looking at.

They nod as if they agree with the word monster. Fear even lurked around my eyes.

Hanoi breathed harshly with his blood covered in molten metal. You tl) • Against the e-frayers - Main - 1 ⁄ 1-- As it turns out, physical strength and magical power are almost discharged.

However, the strength surrounding him was overwhelming.

I feel like my neck will snap if anyone comes within range of me. And because we know for a fact that no one approached Yeon-woo despite boasting overwhelming numbers.

No, even if it's not. The dance that Yun showed was already sealed in their heads and tied their feet tightly.

How many Glenn have been injured in the swamp of the moat, and how many have fallen. Moreover, during the pursuit of several mountainous mountains, the Hundred Hundred Hundred Players had to fall with blood sprayed.

Moreover, the creepy monsters occasionally open their shadows and push them into a corner.

Perhaps the rumor that the monopoly was already a 'monarch' turned out to be the truth.

It is said that a lone army is easily overwhelmed by some clans, and that the only one who is a disciple of the King is said to be aiming for the rebellion of the "superman."

Whether we fought one-on-one or not, we couldn't cope.

Above all.

'There is more cost • • • • • • •!' They were intuitive. That Yeon-woo didn't reveal all the power of her nature yet.

Even if you have to hide three talents of skill, if you're sure you hid it after fighting like this. There are disadvantages to continuing to fight.

In addition, the red bride and ice king who help Yeouido are among the strongmen. I don't see how we can penetrate them.

They don't attack like that, they don't retreat, and they keep their opponents on the ground for a long time.

“If you don't come.” Yeon-woo's eyes widened.

“I'll go.

I took a step forward with a slightly comfortable voice to see how much breath had returned.

Then the players who were building the siege circle retreated behind their reflexes without their knowledge.


When he saw it, he smiled softly. More like a sad smile than a joke.

The players standing at the forefront of the game are all puffed up. Somehow, I tried to scream out loud to make up for it.


Phew, Phew_Suddenly, a firework erupted along the sky. Red fireworks. The players' faces are hard. It was a retreat order.

Leaders have to leave like this, but they are in a conflict for a while, realizing that there is nothing left to see. They order a retreat.

“Everyone, evacuate!” Players retreated at a dry pace, not neglecting their boundaries in the hopes that the lotus lamp might run.

The ice king sees them all retreating, and tilts his head with a curious look.

“Hmm? Why the sudden retreat? It's nice to be able to rest now.” The king glances down at his trembling hands. Hands full of blood and small wounds. I couldn't even remember if I'd ever been in such a violent fight.

Apparently not since before he retired, or when he first met the King.

You're working on the old man. He smiled bitterly thinking that way. I took Yeon-woo's side by crying and eating as a journalist, but I felt refreshed by this frenzy. It looked like it was unmanned even as it aged.

But on the contrary, it was also true that I was exhausted as soon as I got older. What if there were more fights here? I guess I was the first one to collapse.

And Victoria didn't look so good, either.

With her body still less injured, she had no choice but to continue her runic magic, relying solely on Adamantine Nova.

I was already fighting with my magical strength running low and pulling up the 7th power.

So, even though she was fortunate that she was suddenly their successor, I had no choice but to wonder. They're really dangerous if the fight gets longer.

Victoria and the King of Ice turned their gaze to Yeon Woo.

Yeongwoo was tired as well, sitting on the floor and choosing to breathe. The stone of the overheated sage supplies its magic as it sinks.

And what he said surprised the two of them.

“They're retreating, looking for livers.” “You found the liver?” Victoria rises from her grave in horror. Bang, bang. My heart began to beat roughly. A face that had to be touched for a short time. I grew up wanting to see his face again.

Yes, for now. ”“ Where are you, there? ”“ Victoria knows it well. ”Me?” Victoria laughs at you for wanting a place like that. The mountain itself was a very familiar place to her. But where would Yeon-woo speak? “No way?” Somewhere in her mind, Victoria's complexion pales slightly.

Yeongwoo nods heavily.

“Yes, this is the palace of the future king.” Jiyoung, Jiaying_Adamantine Nova is in Victoria's hands. Adamantine Nova trembles for a long time, but Victoria has no time to worry about it.

What had happened at that time passed by like a master's lamp.

Movement of the giant statue that was overwhelming.

Rebecca's death. Escape from the liver, and leave me alone.

The place that gave her heart was her destination.



Victoria fixes the trembling adamantine Nova again.

I'm still afraid to go there, but if I can save the liver. I had to go somehow. A firm conviction, something in her eyes.

Yeon-woo nods, thankfully.

In fact, if I saw her shaking again, I was going to do it without going. He was also thinking of taking Adamantine Nova.

But after several battles at the women's college, she was doing her part. It didn't look like it was going to fall apart.

However, only the Ice King, who could not keep up with the topic of the story, laughed.

“The Palace of the Minhu? What was it again?” He began to give a rough description of the Zero Needle Palace. Hearing all the explanations, the eyes of the ice king sank deeper.

“This is where the 72nd technique came from?” “Yes. This is where I got the Piece of Woman's Rod.

It's like the shrine of King Mihu. ”King Mihu's shrine? Yeon-woo questioned the king's solitude. The king smiled and replied.

“There is such a place. It's a shrine outside the tower. It was technically the Temple of Massacre, but it's just what they call it among the descendants.

Usually it's sealed shut to keep outsiders out. ”Yeon remembers the place where she first found traces of her liver.

“Are you referring to the humble place where the statue of the Great Wall stands?” “I see. Do you know where it is?” “Yes. But I couldn't feel anything. It's famous. There won't be much left. Even so, I thought that King Bing is bitter for some reason because of the law that is open only to the Son of Man. Half-breed progeny. It seemed like a sense of self-esteem.

On the other hand, I thought about it.

'As expected, he didn't leave his home in one or two places.

That's what I thought when I left King Mihu's palace.

I don't think this is the only place to receive King Mihu's legacy. He didn't say anything wrong.

King Mihu secretly has his hands all over the place to keep his heir.

I thought I'd stop by the shrine again later. When I first came by, it was like I was being chased.

There could be something missing.

“By the way, back to business, if there is such a place, why would blood be there?” “That's why it's simple.” “That must be the headquarters of the Horsemen who did this.” It's a pity she moved so secretly. It is because it is the final destination.

And, uh, maybe there is.

'This must be where Doyle is.

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed sharply.

The group takes a short rest and heads straight for Mt. Five.

It was to prevent the Alliance from arriving first. Fortunately, by the time they arrived, the siege was still in place.

No, it's hard to build a siege. This place was hardly accessible to rankers either.

A place where all the senses are shut down and you have to open up.

Yeongwoo opened all her clothes wide and began looking for the entrance to King Mihu's palace.

The entrance I had previously found was a new one because I had taken the inheritance from Yeongwoo Palace and deliberately knocked it down so that people could never access it again.

The personality that was then returned to this trouble. Yes, of course. "Shut up.

The Cannons were shouting at Sanon, but they were able to find the entrance with the help of Nyge, who was chasing after Yeongwoo liver.

I entered the chattering stage, "The Palace of the Fuhrer", not the dungeon stage, but Hidden Stage.

It was around the time Yeon-woo opened her eyes to the renamed name.


Someone walks out quietly from inside the entrance, as if waiting to be met by a group of allies.

Long time no see, Cain. The liver welcomed me.