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9. After the King (9)

Victoria hurriedly jumps in front of the Warachan. But her body passes through the liver as it is.

This is • • Welcome. After seeing her fading liver, Yeon-woo whispered in a small murmur. It's a 72-line illusion. So did the tree in the letter, and it seemed that the livered achievements were much better than the honeycomb.

The vision of the liver lowers, smiling bitterly, to match Victoria's eye level.

Are you okay, sister? I'm sorry I just walked by like a touch at that time. But am I really a natural prostitute? The words I asked you to help me with, and the words I gave you after I took off my feet. The liver burst bright like the usual guy, then looked back at Yeongwoo.

First of all, Kindred should be able to notice soon, so let me just say a simple matter. Yeon-woo nodded.

The details are through Nike, right? Yes. "You were now with the liver.

Yeon-woo, through such a needle, about the humble situation and the lining = I could.

Presentation. 'Multiple fights surrounding the bowl. Doyle's being held captive by the Horsemen, and he's been running his ass off trying to save him.

Due to unspeakable circumstances, the liver has been experiencing too much trials.

So Yeon was the one who had a few plans with Niche.

I can't help but ask you to welcome me. What is it? I opened my mouth quietly.

Here. Aiman stands at the entrance of the cave and narrows his eyes. A place where you can suck everything out like an Abyss and feel nothing. There was nothing I could sense even if I shot him.

Yes, he is definitely in here. Jonathan nods heavily by his side.

The coalition reorganized its lines by pulling all personnel who were scattered to the area under the command of Aiman.

And I waited quietly for Yeongwoo to appear at the location of the liver.

Knowing that the purpose of Yeonwoo is the liver, it was right to rush in when the two of them met in one place and secure the recruits.

Faith, Doctor, etc. had no objection to this. They had no intention of stepping up and leading the charge anyway. It melted as well.

He frowned at their unyielding attitudes, not to cooperate, nor to say otherwise.

Then, we enter. However, I could not hold myself responsible because I had not yet worked for the book. No, I could have done as much as I wanted after it was over. Now I had to focus on catching both Yeongwoo and the liver.

It was easy to catch them because they were confined to a narrow cage on their own. Following CEE Eye's instructions, more than 300 of the most elite players stepped into the cave in line.

That's pretty ominous. Was there such a place? Players frowned as they looked around. As a virtue, I couldn't feel anything no matter how much I looked around, but there wasn't much I could sense except for a colleague nearby. It was like walking in the deep darkness.

For some reason, they were proud that they were strong enough not to feel fear, but they began to feel unexplained anxiety from the humidity.

Are you sure you want to do this, Chief? At that time, the wizard who pressed deeply behind Dr. Rhythm calmed down and opened his lips.

Currently, many of the elite children alone were among the wizards.

The most powerful wizards of Negropolis, as well as the ones from each tower.

But that makes them wizards! The surprise, the weakness, was not even strong until close combat.

It was forbidden to move on a stage full of darkness, which is completely unknown.

Now that the wizards have seen this cave, which appears to have been filled with condensation and livers, is full of mysteries.

The path is crooked, and no matter how much detection magic you cast, it just disappears from the air and you can't find anything.

Furthermore, the deep caverns occasionally caused my heart to tremble. It seemed like I would be sucked into the soul if I kept firing at him.

As wizards explore the origins of the world, they knew what it was.


Or a space called nothing.

No, it couldn't even be space. There's nothing there. It's just a place to swallow.

I couldn't figure out why Yeongwoo and the liver went there. However, it was clear that they could continue to approach the void and become dangerous.

There was no bad luck in today's gospel. But that doesn't mean there was a retribution. Dr. Doom's eyes sprinkled a strong glare.

After all, the joy of today is what we have meant. And without tactics, there will be no such elevation. C • • • • • Yes. I made a statement. Apologies. "The magical discipline repeats its fragmentation and unification according to academic discipline. According to this, the place to receive the light is reborn as Madab, so they did not doubt that each one of them believed that the path of truth is the path of their own way.

Recently, however, the horses have been longing to put their thoughts aside and their powers together. In various incidents at the root, it was the result of the magnetic voice that the tower had to be transformed into a new power while continuing to be heavily damaged.

That's why each of the towers created a new organization of their own.

That's Negropolis. And I sat Dr. Doom, who had mastered all the magic at the head of the table.

'But it is more dangerous now to try to develop a new one.' It was never easy to combine magic that had already been broken down into one. The system, knowledge, foundation were all different. That's why even the co-conspirator enchanted the main magic.

I needed new knowledge to cross this threshold.

When Dr. Doom saw it, it was a trick. A new card that will allow you to take your magic to the limit again.

'Maybe if Faust comes back.' A system said to have opened up a new horizon of magic with the Devil of Deroy.

Evil One, even Mephistopelles, has been swallowed up by the Monster King, but now he suddenly disappears with one exaggerated legend.

It was also a circle of thought, which Dr. Doom frequently checks, and a grudge that he was determined to one day fulfill.

"Even if I miss my diarrhea skills, Dr. Doom can't give it to them. He's been alternating between a smiling face that will look like a screwdriver since before, and a meltdown that is still hard to imagine.

Players who were usually in the coalition wanted to practice or pursue honor, but they had no idea what they were coming for.

So I had to be more vigilant.

Particularly forcibly embedded in numerous personalities, Faith was the most cautious person that Dr. Doom could think of.

Ugh, Dr. Doom thought about it, and then opened his eyes as he tried to develop magic as a means of exploring the cave again.

There was nothing.

Around, everywhere.

A ride like this would never have happened! Obviously, the person we were just talking to disappeared. All it senses is darkness. A void leaking from the inside of the cave was circling his surroundings.

At that moment.

Dr. Doom unwittingly turns to reflexively turn around. With a magic circle drawn in the air, you destroy the attack that flew in from the darkness.

It spreads - but the shock wave is too great, and Dr. Doom bounces off at once without stopping the damage altogether. Blood spills out along the mouth with the pain of crumbling.

The magic spins quickly, the ribs clinging, and the arm that turns around and returns to its place. Dr. Doom's work was frightening. Where on earth? "Did you read it? Fair enough. At that moment, two lines of oblique line are drawn in the middle of nothing, and the blue eyes are wide open.

of the sputum. Seam. Intestinal Imprint.

Sephiroth Gavala. Mythology. Bell.

The Origin of Heaven. utilizing. Zero spears. That. Acceptance. Could be. Dani, the world. Progress. Did you? "Dr. Doom's eyelids trembled. All of the things mentioned earlier were compositional principles that enabled his signature skill, a zero-formal margin. And you knew about it all at once? Moreover, the moment I encountered the Inferno site in the sky, my head started to turn white without knowing it.

There is "it."

When I entered the battle of Yeouido on the 30th floor. His magic, his margins, his eyes that forced him to restrain his mind! That's when I realized.

It is not that the creature who threw more than 300 people into the void and now isolates himself is the monster. Go. Right. You, mutant. It's you. "I discovered the secret again. The Doctor Doom forcefully flicks his fingers while holding his trembling hands. A splendid effect erupted and made me think of dozens of marshes around him.

But do it or don't. Inferno sites mutter as they narrow down. Like a kid trying to have fun at the ant house.

Who wants to imitate me. Toys. There you go. Funny. Cocky. "Losers"? Imitate who? "Owner. For interfering with his work. I was going to ask you. That presumptuous.

Even more. "The inferno site burns roughly and exponentially.

"Let's take a look." Violent - Dr. Doom suffered as if the space surrounding him was forcibly torn out.

By the time I woke up, my imaging was all twisted up and bouncing off. The margins surrounding him were shattered and turned into tiny particles.

No, he noticed who he was, and then Dr. Doom was struck more mentally than he had ever been in physical pain.

Similar sights were happening all over the cave.

Dream • • • low. Depending on the start of Nemesis on board.

As the air settled deeply, you destroyed all enemies and quarantined them separately to attack each other.

This is the palace of the future King. From the entrance to the central cavity, Yeonwoo was the only one who was able to see everything through his palm.

It was a trap because I knew the emptiness was always hidden here.

"Grrrgh!" "What the hell!" Aah! Help me! Players who wandered into a sudden quarantine were unable to recover from the darkness and the crowds of monsters pouring in.

Overwhelming, overwhelming - players began to die in an instant. Even if I tried to resist, there was no way I could sneak into the void and catch another creature who was cunningly aiming for a blind spot. The moment he was injured, he died of addiction.

It wasn't just that.

Dark-dark-dark-dark-snap! Suddenly, the Abyss began opening everywhere. The gray mist seems to be coming out of Smurf Mill, and the cost price of drinking later reveals itself one by one. Many undead made of skeletons, ghouls, and zombies. It was also a legion of lions armed with sturdy spears and armor.

[Dungeon Opening] The Dungeon of Wealth, which has been hidden all this time, has finally opened its doors.

What the heck is this- • Persistent Haiman forcefully tore apart the sticky, sticky, damn darkness. But what appeared afterwards was a sleepy undead hayride filled with weirdly crazy geeks and untold numbers.

He tried to trigger the error by making an impression on the unusual situation.

At that time, the fragments of the torn void clumped together and swept it up into a huge shape.

And his appearance was shocking to Ivan, who had fought on many battlefields.

Bang! The cave grows rougher when the forefoot, covered in black and red spots, slams the ground hard. The fierce venom spread out everywhere as the long wings, which consisted of several bone joints and torn capsules, spread widely.

Although it was a humble skeleton, it resembled a lifelong pill.

The Bone Dragon, for the first time in the world, roared. The Dragon Pier has spread.

[The surrounding area has been designated as a zone.] [Current Status: Void (Nemesis)] ['Curse: Guard &' succeeded.] Curse: Successful Achievement.] ['Curse: Madness' has succeeded.] ['Curse: Welcome' has succeeded.] [The Power of the Martial Arts Act has been enacted.]] [Chaos is pleased with that.] [A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: Also. A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Try mine. You'll get a better picture.] [The power of "The Necromancer" has been triggered. [The curse has been strengthened.] [The curse has been enhanced.] [All the gods of death nod, looking at you.] [All the demons of death whistle at you.] [Demon society, 'the bridge reveals its deep favor to you.] [The Devil's Society, Le Infernal, rejoices] [' Bimarzilla of the Crossroads watches you closely '] [A handful of devils begin to overlook you again.] [Much more demons give you power than ever before] [The list of upcoming powers has been updated.] [Currently Available Authorities: 512]