Second Life Ranker

10. After the King (10)

[Athena is silent.] Yeon smiles coldly as she watches a relentless message.

Open the dungeon.

This opportunity opened up a dungeon that had never been opened, but had been prepared through wealth.

And the results were much better than expected.

Based on the void Nemesis has drawn, the enemy panics as a group, and the monsters roam and fan the fear even more.

Here's another dungeon. It was as if a big bomb had been dropped on top before.

Skeleton soldiers slaughtered and killed while pushing their enemies at the shovel.

The negative energy emitted by mercenaries coming down the cliff is melted into the Ghoranhi Void and loaded with the energy of wealth.

Wealth draws out more Skeleton Soldiers and overwhelms enemies.

Even the most worried child was dealing with the Bone Dragon diligently. Above it, Sanon mounts, followed by an army of soldiers, adding more and more each time they ran out of magical power. This was an advantage if they went to Earth War.

'I was worried that it was still incomplete. This is a lot better than I expected.' [Ghost acquired.] [Ghost acquired. ⁄ New ghosts grew at the speed of the number of commanders I consumed.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to see the entire battlefield on the palm of a wealthy hand.

He dug this trap because he had a hunch that the Alliance, including the Kid's Bay, were after him. The fact that he had not shown any proper skills was also effective.

'The list of powers has increased. Did most of them come from the God of Death and the Devil? We'll have to take it slow later.

He already has four powers, but his level of proficiency has risen to this level, so it's time to explore more power.

In fact, Yeon-woo has been reluctant to accept power beyond this. That's why I didn't pay much attention to the increasing number of lists.

The reason was simple.

I didn't have the stomach for all of them. And I didn't want to be constrained by my actions because accepting the power could make the interference of the original owner worse.

But that's when the talent got deeper and the body got stronger. I thought it would be okay to accept more power now.

Powers contain the identities of gods and demons. Accepting it and using it can bring about much greater growth. Although there is interference from the original owner.

'Maybe it's not so bad to embrace more power and make other gods and demons resist each other. "The God of Death and the Devil are already interested because of the existence of the King of the Seven Hundreds.

Whether he had power or not, he had some constraints on free behavior.

Then, it would not be bad to accept all those things in the yard of Zarri.

If one of you wants to step up, the other gods and demons will step up and stop you.

It was, in a sense, a shift in ideas.

And while you're at it, looking at over 500 lists of powers,

• • • • • • was wise to wear shoes on this side. He sighed calmly.

This is why he rolled his tail as soon as he saw the kite.

In fact, the King of Ice didn't know that it would be any different in terms of skill than Yeon Woo. But I was only guessing what would happen if I turned my back on the enemy. That's exactly what his master, the King, did.

'No. I'd say it's worse than the King of Society.

It was fortunate not to be an enemy. I can't believe I just dragged a woman around like that.I can't even handle ghosts and skeletons. Especially the Bone Dragon, he opened his mouth.

If you're right about your expectations.

Those Bone Dragon tablets are • • • • • • •! I had no idea that far ahead, but the Ice King bowed his head. It was better not to go any deeper. It was the truth I learned all my life as a mercenary.

Victoria looks at the cavern with a quiet eye. As Adamantine Nova turns, you see the swift death of mercenaries across the field.

The problem was that the massacre wouldn't stop here.

The three hundred people that are currently deployed are just the tip of the iceberg, given the number of players who are stuck on the stage.

If you think about the extra people in the second and third place. Most of the mercenaries on the stage now had to assume that the players, including wizards and bounty hunters, would all be divided.

When this is over.

What notoriety do you think will stand in front of the monopoly? We have time for this, but it's not all over yet. When Yeon-woo opened her mouth, the eyes of King Victoria woke up and went back.

Victoria. English. From now on, Victoria, who is going to find King Xu, recalls a vision of the liver and a conversation she had.

_I didn't want you to do anything for me.

Whoo! Doyle.

The vision of the liver pauses and speaks in a strong tone.

- Save Doyle, rat.

The conversation that started with him contained details about the position of the liver and everything that is happening in the cave.

And there are a lot of horse soldiers stationed in the palace of the future King.

- There are five bishops in the middle of the palace.

I'm just waiting for the time.

- Their objective is to complete the challenge.

- Beyond this joint, it's a vessel to build a deep-seated barrier and to contain the late king's faults that have been dormant for so long. And I intend to take with me the Dragon Warrior who is of the Thousand Horses.

- Ingredients are pieces of lady's staff. That's why you've been bringing it to me.

- However, in order to place the impurities in the bowl, we needed that ritual to perform the artifact throughout the mountain. Sacrificing the dead players. I gathered the pieces comfortably.

The contents were not easy to believe.

Bowls. Wrecks. Consciousness. Humanity.

But in a way, it was natural for the horsemen to act. It was a religious group, or a cult group, that believed in the existence of ~ 1.-De-Maw.

Even if there were such sacrifices, it was not strange.

- Doyle's in there. Out of his mind. Once the rituals begin, I will stop the Kindred scum. In the meantime, save Doyle.

After all, asking for help in the letter meant asking for Doyle.

However, Yeon-woo did not immediately answer about this. Instead, I asked another question.

- Why do you have Doyle, anyway? The vision of the liver hangs up for a moment, then says in a sinking voice.

Doyle is the new archdiocese's physical candidate.

The vision disappears. It seemed that the main body was hidden in the void as it went deeper into the cave.

Yeon-woo was deep in thought for a long time. I'm thinking about the cost.

And some time later, he said, "Let's move again." Preparing to stop the Alliance's pursuit soon.

Do you think he's going to month? 'Victoria thought that Yeon-woo had a plan. But I didn't know what it was.

Then protect this place. Yeon-woo says so, sits quietly on the floor and closes her eyes: As Yeon-woo asked in advance, Victoria sets up a boundary to prepare for an external shock in case.

The ice king's gaze is sharp as he stands in a bundle.

The wind hovers over their heads, and Rebecca suddenly appears and disappears.

At the moment of JO 0, Yeon-woo deepened her consciousness. I turned all the clothes that I was releasing into the outside, and I pinpointed my senses.

Yongwoo could feel a lot of complex readings from numerous companies, centered on assets.

I erased all traces or beliefs when I came out of the palace to retrieve the Emperor's Heaven and the 72nd Blade. There was still something small left. Something evil.

I grabbed hold of what I felt most clearly.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's body was mistaken as if it was floating in the air.

[Fluid Escape Successful. Out of the constraints of the flesh.

Different opponents restrict your ability.] [Opponent is currently unstable. You are a living person. You may die if you do not return to the body within a certain time or if the distance is too wide "[00: 30: 00] [00: 29: 59_99] [00: 29: 59-98] [You have a deeper understanding of the soul.] I actually looked down and saw Victoria, the ice king, playing a scaffold with herself under her feet.

'It's a wonderful experience to see me like this.' Possible because it is a unique terrain close to King Minhu's fault. Yeon-woo then turned her head away.

You have 30 minutes. I had to do something about it and come back.

From afar, there is a price that cloudlessness calls for itself.

Like a fairy tale sister climbing up to the sky to avoid the tiger, Yeongwoo grabbed the signal and climbed up: And more things began to come together beneath her feet.

As he wanted his place to become smaller, he saw an alliance fighting wealth and so on, and he saw several channels that had been read like an ant's den and then he began to enter the entrance.

Like looking down at everything in the sky, the entire palace of King Mihu was in plain sight.

Then I felt like the fluid was seeping somewhere else. And the world around him is turned upside down.

Huaa! The place where the kite reappeared was a familiar place.

A mountain full of fruit and myrrh trees. Warm sunlight and cool windy deserts.

It was a volcano.

King Mi-Hu! King Mi-Hu! Are you there? Yeon-woo began to look for King Mi-Hu's faults: The liver said it would try to stop the ritual. In the meantime, get Doyle. He proposed a bilateral motion.

But when Yeon-woo saw it, it was dangerous.

The horse was not so pleasant. Above all, the operations the liver proposed could be staged based on his sacrifice.

Sacrifice the liver to save Doyle? It may be a natural sacrifice for the liver, but it was no different from telling Yeon-woo to just get rid of the liver.

So Yeon-woo tried to reverse her plans.

'The best thing is to make the original ritual incapable. "What if we could take away King Minhu's transgressions before putting them in the bowl? The horse becomes the dog that chased the chicken.

Then it would take less time, not only Doyle, but also a way to save the liver safely.



Yeon-woo's impression was solid.

Where did he go? 'Yeongwoo searched all over the volcano with the wings of fire, but she could not find her fault anywhere. There was no trace.

It was as quiet as a vacant world.

But this is definitely the underworld that said the fault was made by itself.

If the substance's fault disappeared from such a place, the world would surely collapse.

Then where the hell did he go? Are they in the bowl already? Ana.

The ritual hasn't begun yet.

If so, Niche would have contacted me urgently.

'I don't see any blue dragons.' It was originally of the heavenly horse, Yongsin. I still haven't forgotten my pride that was too strong for a simple family. He was also invisible.

[00: 12: 29_41] The count has been going down at a rapid rate.

When I thought I'd have to go back quickly and find another way if I didn't want to look a little more.

Suddenly, something big burst in front of Yeon-woo, and a small sphere flashed. The power contained within him was unraveling. Familiar power.

The power of dragons.

The sphere trembles as if it's right. Suddenly, it moves quickly somewhere.

Yeongwoo chases the wings of fire behind the sphere with no birds to catch. The wind is going too fast - we can only catch up after the wind and the Blingg have spread.

The sphere arrived in a small cave far from the volcano.

You want me to come in here? "The sphere once again widened and quietly disappeared. Yeongwoo narrows her eyes and enters the cave. It was a damp place in a different sense than King Mihu's palace.

However, the passageway was so short that it quickly reached the tip.

“Oh, I don't do that! Keep bothering • • • • • • “? What was that, you? "There is a king who sits on the floor with his limbs bound in strange chains.

No, I think I hit it off. Unlike when we met for the first time, I looked like this again and again.

King Mihu's faults creak after discovering Yeongwoo between the limp rocks.

“That's a dog. Shame on you.”