Second Life Ranker

11. After the King (10

Arrrgh! Your cheeks twist in agony, but you don't fall too close to setting things right. Luckily, the pieces in your hand don't spill onto the floor.

Kindred laughs at that liver.

Do you think that makes a difference? You think I don't know what's inside of you? You misunderstand • • • • • • Misunderstanding? Misunderstood, the dress smiled.

You slap the other cheek hard. This time, my throat was so sore that my liver was numb. My mouth was torn open and I bled out.

I hate that word. or not. Kindred's eyes glow fiercely.

You can put it anywhere. It's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, etc. With that word, it's a plausible excuse whether to decorate it or not. Isn't that right? You're mistaken. Really. What a universal word. Kindred clenched his fingers. Then the pieces of the female staff that were on the palm of her hand started drawing Bangor vortexes as they bounced up into the air.

"Yes, do whatever you can. Shouldn't you at least try something like that? Perfect for entertainment." The man standing behind Kindred quietly stepped forward and held out what was in his hands. A golden sphere ( ).

Jiaying-sphere began to glow.

Then the pieces that drew the fan settle quietly into the empty places around you.

Good angle. Good grip. Good grip. Hundreds of pieces came together and became a 'vessel', which is no longer a sculpture. That's how it looked.

The liver grips its teeth and looks at it.

Some of them were originally owned by the horsemen, but four of them were handed over to die.

Over the past few years, he's actually had to live like a veteran. What the Horsemen have found out about their descendants by visiting them, killing them, and putting them at risk of death.

I didn't even want to think about how many people got killed in the process.

But every time I drew it, Kindred was even happier. A piece of blood can make a grudge that strong. It's an excellent material to complete the challenge.

He was a demon himself, but the Kindred in front of him was a bigger one.

You see why the divine presence they serve suddenly takes a deep slumber and doesn't respond to their responses.

Who would like a place like that for a lunatic? The Archbishop was a former Archbishop, and he swept away the dawn and many bishops at once and said he was a man who sat on the constellation.

Regardless, the authenticity was weak, and I had no choice but to rely on the Emperor. No matter how heretic he was, if he was favored by 1,000 horses, he was authentic.

But the Emperor did not listen to such an Archbishop's epilepsy.

So the Archbishop had to use a different method.

If the Emperor doesn't respond, why don't you take him to find the other members of the Emperor? The liver is nothing more than a simple sword, yet I don't know the exact doctrine of the Horseman.

However, I knew that Heavenly Horse showed up every time a new seven years (- ) were opened through the previous life, giving a great lesson to the world or making an impact and gaining a big understanding of the end and completing the soul.

And with those "looks," the horse army calls them "other faces."

For example, it was a term used to cover up Thousand Horses' past lives.

He is considered to be strong enough to be within three fingers of many such past lives.

Of course, the Archbishop would have wanted that.

However, since the real King Mi-Hu disappeared with a thousand slumbers, it was the wisest choice for them to bring down what was left of him.

And the attempt to do so was this ritual.

The preparations were already in place.

The offense that refused to leave Hansako Palace was a tightly bound opponent of Shinjin Iron by the magician's tricks, and the offering for Strength was scattered evenly throughout Mount Pentecost.

The altar is secured. The bronze painting is ablaze with the flames of the existence of the first face of the thousand horses.

From bishops, parishioners, high priests to plainclothes, and honorary followers. Most of the horsemen, except the Archbishop, were gathered here.

Now it's just a prayer ceremony.

The moment your courage into the bowl succeeds.

They can go straight out of Mt. Five and burn down all the bugs that have ever desecrated the sanctuary.

And after that, let's not think about anything else.

The liver closed its eyes for a short while.

Their prayers won't work because they make them. It would be a big commotion in its own way, but I didn't intend to think about it afterwards.

You said the bugs that came into the sanctuary had nothing to do with you? "Kindred opened his mouth one day, watching the protest of a bright light once more.

The liver lowers its head while opening its closed eyes again.

Yes. Holy Land. It meant here, the palace of King Mihu.

Those who dared to set foot in such a sanctuary, the group and the pursuers were the worms they had to get rid of.

"Then erase them all. Only then can you get what you want. Kindred's shimmering gaze shifts toward the altar.

In front of an altar with bronze cauldrons to the left and to the right. The man who turned the robe upside down was praying on his knees in a godly manner. I can see the slightest visible look on his face between the robes.

Following him, he seems to see a saint who is often said to have a faint glow.

7} Er 0 1 Near and deeper 1- 1-waist.

Thank you for your trust. Follow the three of you. ⇥ four, five, six. After the liver were three apostles: The liver left the central cavity with them.

Kindred smiles slowly as he looks back at the liver, and moves slowly with his completed objection. The third bishop who remained silently followed.

"Why do you keep her alive? Isn't the Hunting Dog already useless? Although it was obvious, the horse army never intended to keep its promises, even if it carried out its directives. Doyle was the key to the new age of the Cult.

So if it's going according to plan, we need to do it quietly now.

Who said anything about keeping her alive? Kindred smiled lightly.

This place is in front of the sacred altar. I've been given amplitude, but where is the need to keep the dirty blood close? Rather, the amount was only mounted Thoughts were short. The third bishop later realized Kindred's thoughts. Once we get rid of all the bugs, the other bishops will clean up the liver immediately.

It wouldn't have been so big back then.

"Then let's begin the ritual." FiHarkindred took the solemn steps to slowly climb five steps and mount the completed altar.

He is not the subject of this prayer ceremony. His role is merely to help the ceremonial proceedings go smoothly. The subject was separate.

The man praying in front of the altar slowly takes off his robe.

Doyle raises his head with only white eyes as Kim's pupil disappears.

And I slowly opened my mouth.

Please answer. Another face of a thousand horses. Power. Are you okay? "The way out towards the entrance.

The liver hears Nike's voice ringing in its head and nods very, very small. As it was a minor act, the other bishops beside me did not notice at all.

'Yes, don't worry, it's fine.' Niche had infiltrated the liver's body and remained silent. He was pure and kind.

I wondered how a beetle like you met a kid like this.

The wounds in the mouth that have been torn and torn are healing rapidly.

I wanted to thank you, but you spoke carefully.

But you know what? A friend named Doyle was cautious to ask a friend Niche should not have asked. However, the liver smiled lightly and replied without hesitation.

'Hateful bastard.

Unknown attitude. I hated it, but why did I ask?

The laughter of the liver became darker: 'Yes. Hate it. Don't listen to your words, talk to your brother. I can't get caught. Whew.' That's how he introduced Doyle and started telling his story.

Would you like to hear it? "Yes! I love a story like this." The older ones will love it. That's what the liver thought and went back to the old days.

I first met Doyle when I was 14 years old. At that time, the liver was an opponent of the dramatic conflict with the father wire. Then I stumbled upon the 'Red Swallow', a ranker who came to me as a client. Doyle was a ten-year-old boy who followed him.

Red Skull? '. A very nasty inspiration.

Third bishop, that's him.

Niche was surprised. Does that mean he gave his son to the Archbishop? Does that make sense? "No. For those fanatics. Rather, if you could sell your children for God's grace, it would be cheaper. ' Nonsense. It was unimaginable for Nickero to have such good memories with Mother Phoenix.

It's a world where decoration doesn't work, this place. 'The voice of the liver was mixed with self-help.

A day filled with anger at my father and the anger of my family. It can never be a coincidence that the two children met by chance and joined hands in just a few hours.

And the paper told me not to look for the two children, so I left home with just one.

Everything all right? 'The liver smiled lightly.

But Nike shakes his head. No, I felt like it.

It's like looking at me and the owner. 'You guys?' The liver was in a strange mood.

We were similar. And by the way, you look just like the owner. "Me? With him? You can't compare me to a parched human being like that. Don't you think I'm more handsome? 'The liver was practically joking.

Ana. Similar. Ignorance "said Nigi1 decisively.

The owner is just like the liver. All I want to do is save him. I envy that. I couldn't save my brothers, and then my liver stopped.

Anything? Why the sudden stop? The bishops who were following the liver quietly frowned. However, I couldn't hear their voices in the liver's ears - so I felt the camouflage passing by.

What do you mean by that? '' No. Cain. 'The voice of the liver is deep.

Did he have a brother? "Oh, I shouldn't tell you this," I hesitated for a moment, but I began to explain Yeon-woo's situation while hiding the part that I had to hide.

A brother who would be trapped in a dungeon. A lonely journey to Tartaros to find him. But then I found an important clue to get my brother back, and the things I was doing in East and West to get it.

The owner came here later; he received a letter from the liver. My liver trembled. I felt like I was hit in the back of the head with a big hammer. You're here to save your brother? Suddenly, everything that had happened with Yeon-woo passed through my mind.

- I envy you guys sometimes.

In the tutorial work, Yeon-woo used to look at Jigsy when they talked about things like that. It was hidden in the mask, but it was clearly sleeping as well as the eye. And miss.

On Mt. Five, when Yeon hears that they were torn, she gives a sad voice. And he told himself that if he was going to tell me something, he told me to tell me something.

I didn't know until now.

It was just that this place would have a story. He never talked about his personal life. I just kept my mouth shut.

But what were the emotions in the way you looked at yourself? Miss or regret? Whatever it was, it would have been in his mind.

And all of that would have hurt Yeon-woo.

By the way.

You forced him to bring a clue about his brother. 'The same thing.

Shock became guilt. Guilt drenched my whole body and drove me right before I drowned. It soon became self-destructive.

The liver looks down at its hand.

It didn't look like it was closed. His hands were clearly trembling.

What the hell did you do? "Why did you become like this?" King Miw's transgressions in the memory of Yeon-woo were overwhelming.

I was always so full of confidence that I felt like I was bluffing, and I was showing off my presence that I surpassed Harmesh.

But now, with all the blood, I feel faint of existence again and again.

What the hell's been going on? What are those chains that bind the limbs?

“I don't know. Fuck. Don't ask.” Still, you grumble, turning your head to the side. Seeing him like that, I suddenly thought of another idea.

'If you are now.' I looked down at my left hand.

Do you think the vaporizer will work? '