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12. After the King (12)

“What, those eyes? You want to die?” His guilt growls and wrinkles.

I flinched inside because I knew that Yeon-woo and I had crazy thoughts, but I went out because I wasn't caught inside anyway.

I don't know what you're talking about. “All I can think about is this and that. Phew.” The fault is so annoying, I sigh deeply.

Why did you become like this? “Yes. I'm so embarrassed. Hey, we'll talk later.” Yeon-woo suddenly wanted to say hello, but felt the cost coming this way and quickly cleared her head and hid herself with the back corner of the fault.

Soon, someone walks into the cave.

Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened, noticing who he was.

'Kindred,' said the second bishop of the horse army smiling nervously as he looked at the cute boy.

“I came to greet you again today, another face of Thousand Horses. How have you been? Have you been sleeping well all night?” “I'm sure it'll be a relief not to see your face.” “Oops. Sadly, I would like to help you, but there are very few people who can come here and take care of the other face of 1,000.” His transgressions show the chains that bind his arms and legs.

Scenic, Scenic! Every time I pull it with my hand, the chain attached to the wall snaps and rattles.

“You said I was one of your gods. Do you worship God like this?” I wish I could help you. ”Kindred rolls his lips.

“You're going to kill me, aren't you?” Ana. Why would I kill you? ”Are you sure?” “Of course. I just don't kill. I'll rip it to shreds.” The eyes of the fault are sharpened.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... No matter how hard you try, the fault is yours. A spectacular speculation left by the Great Horse.

Kindred's brow is slightly sweaty, but he doesn't wipe his smile.

“Look at that. I can't do it if I want to live. I just need you to be patient. It doesn't change anything.” “Nothing's gonna change?” “Yes. Don't you just have to stay for a long time and think about moving to a new home where you're going to get irritated?" “I should rip your mouth off, too.” “If that offended you, I apologize.” Kindred bows politely.

“I wanted to smash that skull, too, but all I came back with was the snoring and the killing of impurities.

But Kindred was not. Since I had already made King Mihu's transgressions look like this, or, rather, the first time he met me, I had already been prepared for this since I was incapacitated.

It was hard to feel loathed by God as a priest, but it was not enough to break Kindred's zealot who had spent much more than a decade searching for him.

“So you didn't change your mind until the end?” “I told you. When I get out of here, it's for one thing.” One lip twists the tip of a fault.

When I ripped your throat out. ”Kindred has made a solid impression. Eventually, persuasion doesn't work. I felt compelled to do so.

“The ritual is about to begin. We will do our best to avoid any inconvenience, but please be prepared, as this may be very difficult for you.” He suddenly disappeared into smoke.


The world began to rumble. Just like Margaery's cult.

As the world goes up and down, the tumultuous bells are conveyed calmly in the air.

And the tremors are getting worse.

The room is distorted.

This was asked as Yeongwoo came out of the corner.

“What do you think? Those killers are starting a ritual. Crazy people.

You don't know what the gods who serve you think, do you? Ridiculous. ”The look of King Xerxes' transgressions is overwhelming. The space that seemed to be distorted soon had come back intact.

They're probably fighting external pressures to force a seal on the underworld.

However, I felt that Yeon-woo would win this fight eventually.

When I first said the horse army would make a move, I thought only what you allowed. “Me? Why?” The fault smiles lightly.

“I'll tell you one thing. That's why they never wanted that. He's worse than me, so he doesn't like that kind of stubbornness. Yeon-woo heard that the horse has been emptying the horse for a long time.

PÖ//Joe/case where the transfer price would not be 7//</), was very twisted Ö/. On the day of the fall, all nine bishops, including the Archbishop, were brought into the world as new figures.

Because/only people I know know know. Ü//The bishops of the household were 24/unable/unable to accept the talent of the transfer./

I know exactly 7//for holders/side.

That's why they told me not to do any other tuning of the transfer, leaning back.

In the diary, there was some information about the horsemen.

It's true that the novelty they used at the time was a fragment of the Woman's Rod, even though the honeycomb wasn't late.

'And now the Archbishop who defeated all Archbishop and Archbishop Asok without power is a real monster.' There is also a sequence within the nine kings. Of course, the best were the King and Queen of Summer. And it was the Archbishop who was judged to be comparable to them.

What if the Archbishop doesn't even use his powers? At that time, no one knows what month will come.

And that's why the Horsemen did it. If we can properly awaken the future king through his transgressions, then we can gain power by bypassing them.

'And if we can change our bodies, we can also lift the curse.' Moreover, the Archbishop is now a person cursed by the Emperor of Heaven.

However, if you change to a new body, the story changes. Doyle was a tool for it.

In the past, Kindred attempted to hijack Cesar, but in fact, it was a ploy to provide a great candidate to the Archbishop.

The reason I came to Valpurgis' Night Workshop to acquire the Wise Man's Stone is also an extension line for that purpose.

That's why, in the beginning, I wanted to break the case somehow, and I was forced to confront them in the beginning, starting with the involvement of many times in the work that he was doing.

"How did you end up like this? “ Don't you see? Because I got caught in the damn thing.

King Minhu's transgressions reveal the chains in detail with his arms raised. Yeon notices what the material is and swallows her saliva. He was too well aware of the iron.

"Shin Jin-cheol?" Yes. To be precise, it's a long orphan. "I was confined to the head of the heavenly host and forced to be bound.

After carrying out all the missions of the Celestial Realm, I took off the Longorphan, but how did I get it and force it to overlap? “And I call Danny Long Goa. Shit, there's gotta be something we can do.

In the end, the horseman decided to finish preparing and try to catch King Mi-Hu's fault.

Even if he did, he could still redeem himself so strongly. I did not even know what I could not do because there are simple constraints in the underworld.

“Thanks to you, Seong-goo bounced off the roof.

The exact inner lining is unknown, but it is said that Yongsin can no longer interfere here.

“Well, whatever. What are you doing here? Seems like he's out there having a good time. Did you come here to do that?” Did you know? ". This is my palace. If you don't know what's going on in your front yard, you're an idiot. Where is everyone?” The fault bounces off your fingers.

Then, the surrounding space around the pond became so orderly that various sights began to shine in sequence.

- Why do you look like this? It's a joke. A hunch.

Just this. Dr. Doom was out of his mind because of the magic he kept shooting at and the void that was deflecting space. Most of the Anifacts were down.

Most of the wizards he had already brought were brutally slaughtered by a pile of Skeletons.

They were admirably oxidized in the horse towers, and the soul naturally absorbed into the wealth by the permission of Yeon Woo and automatically boiled the lack of knowledge.

- How could someone like you take on a single human being? What is your destiny? In the meantime, Dr. Doom wails in a bloodshed, knowing who he is.

Faust, the scene's changed.

- Death Row on the Bone Dragon? What the hell is this? One-in car! Don't be a coward and come out! Give me my son! Aiman shouted with a bunch of crooked faces. But the Bone Dragon held his feet as he stretched Poison Breath across the sky, handcuffed to a series of strikes of life that began as he crossed the shadow.

However, the name of the lion in the battlefield is not a waste to butter.

The more he does, the more he doesn't stop attacking. Since the Bone Dragon is still incomplete, I can't do everything I can, so he had to be more aggressive.

Meanwhile, there was a time when Sanon fell backwards.

Suddenly, it was because of a figure who appeared in the dark. Aiman also frowned because he didn't know what his enemies were up to.

- Long time, Dad.

My son appeared soon, and his face became stiff.

You're quite the marvel. I'm familiar with it. But is this what it looks like when it's dead? In the next scene, Pace and Hanoi are having a fight.

Faithless fights around in bandages, shaking his head to see if he felt anything strange.

And I let go of the nine blades and stiffened my voice as I noticed the suspicious appearance of the cost-price, even though I came into battle.

I never thought I'd see you here! My dear friend! Then Faithless suddenly burst into laughter. The voice is blunt but full of flesh.

It was a voice I had never heard before.

At the same time, the air surrounding the faceless was also deteriorating. There appeared an absolute person who had been hiding, as if he had become someone else entirely.

And the speed of the bandage became more sophisticated and sharp.

If I had been free to say what I had seen, I would have been a fine prosecutor by now. Ivan never seemed to be able to keep up.

You push the sword away, and it echoes like a hunk of flesh.

- Did you swallow Faith's body? Other sights passed in order.

Extra pursuit forces and undead forces trampling them in overwhelming quantities. And the monsters tried to continue strengthening their muscles while chewing them up with a soulless grip. When the constraints of the black sphere were lifted, it began to grow again.

You can also see Victoria and the Ice King guarding the body of the kite from the void.

The scene ended there.

Yeon-woo heavily nods, wanting to hide the matter no longer.

Yes, as he said, I came here to fight. King Mi-Hu smiled as if he had no one else to blame.

“I've felt it before, but I'm never outmatched by that little bitch.

and personality. ”Thanks to you, I was tied up here and I wasn't bored.

King Mihu's transgressions were added to that, and he asked.

“So how do you want to play the game? Even if I look like I'm relaxing right now, it's gonna be hard for me to die.” From now on, I will take King Mihu with me. The tip of the lips that were covered in guilt dries up.

“That means you'll end up just like them, right?” The world was once again in chaos. It means that the consciousness is accelerating [00: 04: 21_36] even counts left over from Yeouido. Given the time to go back, we have less than three minutes.

"I won't deny it. But at least it's better than them. “ On a monthly basis? ”You know their prey, right? They will take King Ahjussi with them. They want to be the new face of 1,000 horses." Why did the Horseman need Wise Man's Stone? "He repackaged the new King, but it was not necessary to force the fault like this.

In fact, the best plan was somewhere else.

Successful exploitation of the future king. The Archbishop was going to wake up with a new personality.

He frowned to see if King Mihu's faults were aware of it.

“Does that make me your pawn? I have no intention of that.” But even so, King Mihu's transgressions had no intention of giving themselves to Yeon-woo.

He was keeping an eye on the despair and grief of the Dark Lord wearing a kite.

“The restraint of the Black King. You think I don't know what" moon "means?” This time, Yeon-woo clammed her mouth. In fact, before the Horseman could use his hands, he was trying to ensnare his faults to his brothers. Just like he did with the three Cyclops. But their faults were not as pleasant as theirs.

The vibrations of the world have now begun to turn into turbulence. The spatial refractive plotter grew. I didn't know when it was going to go away.

[00: 02: 56 081What should I do? 'Yeon-woo seriously thought about it. The transgressions never seemed to be convinced. Shouldn't we be restrained? But no matter how clever.

It's hard without consent. So it's really absorbed by the Vampire Sword of the Battery? But I was wondering if the skill deployment could be done properly against the fluid.

“So here's how it's going to go.” At that time, the reluctance to stare into the air breaks the silence again.

Yeon-woo quickly regained consciousness.

How, exactly? “Just be. What a surprise.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

But when it does, • • • “it will disappear. Of course.” The look of falsehood was stronger than ever.

“But I have no intention of being dragged around like an ox being dragged to the slaughter. I have a strange destiny.

I make my own decisions. ”A stone monk who was born in the world under the sun and the moon. He was born king from the beginning, and finally gained his dignity by overcoming various constraints.

And I came to the world as a Buddha.

Destiny was nothing but a target for him to destroy.


I was going to draw it again.

“It's the same now. I decide where to lie. It's an extra life, isn't it? Nothing is unfair or unjust when you die.” I felt overwhelmed by the outpouring of Yeongwoo's transgressions. Is that what a real king and a mountain looks like? I suddenly felt like resembling it.

“However, there are two types:” King Minhu's transgressions put two fingers on his head.

Speak. “One. Those bastards who made me look like this, step on them all.

Yeon-woo nodded.

I didn't have to ask.

“Two. Wake up later." "But • •“ Yes. The existence is gone, so it seems impossible. I told you I'm not retarded about dying; but I want to live if I want to live more! So think about it. I won't be able to call you back.

Yeongwoo recalled the options that were added to the Black King's frame.

Summon Lion.

What if there was a way to rain on the dead Korah? “Can you do it this time?” Yes. “The person who speaks.” His faults burst into laughter for the first time.

And in the wrong position, he said with his arms extended.

“Good. Swallow.

Yun bowed her head in gratitude.

“There was a smile on the mouth of the dishonest man who spoke as if he could not see for the rest of his life.

Yeon-woo approached him and widened her right hand. Along the black swamp, a tooth pops out.

Reflection, Reflection- [Vampire Sword of Good Vacuum] has been opened.