Second Life Ranker

13. After the King (13)

Yeon-woo put his palm on King Minho's fault.

The fault closed my eyes quietly.

Like a puddle-like wave swept through the sand.

The faulty particles begin to be drawn into the Vampire Blade of the Battery as the mountain shatters.

The King Ahjussi's faults fade away, and the restraint falls to the ground powerlessly.

But I never heard from Yeon-woo. It was the immense amount of power flowing from the wrist.

'I knew there would be a lot, but I didn't think it would be this great.' It was natural to have a huge amount of factors. But I can't help but try to make it whole.

Dedd = - You hear the groaning of his flesh already. The Wise Man's Stone was furiously turning, opening up all possibilities, but the sheep poured out so vastly that it couldn't accommodate them all at once.

The storm drained the dam to fill the water supply. It was a good thing it didn't break.

Fortunately, while absorbing the Summer Queen, the possibility of being a dragon was wide open.

Transcendence that once stood alongside God, even though it was tied to the Summer.

It was a great help to Yeon-woo just by obtaining some of the possibilities.

Following the particulates that made up the confusion, I have now been swept away by the vortex as it collapsed to the underworld. The underworld was originally a part of the body that made the mistake.

Contains Drinking Dragon.

92, but the hard didn't go away, so Yeon somehow activated the skill by holding on to the wobbly spirit.

[Liza Ghost] In a slow world, Yeon-woo grips her teeth.

'You can't do this either.

Just because accidents are accelerating doesn't make physical pain go away completely. Rather, I felt even the parts that I did not feel when I was overwhelmed by mysticism. But the mind is clear. It was killing me.

However, Yeon-woo quickly rolled her head in butter like a bad joke.

'It's hard to absorb the fault completely. • • [00: 01: 29-68]' I would do anything if I had enough time • • [00: 01: 29-68] 'I only have one minute left to make it. We have to swallow the fault somehow. In that case.

Yeongwoo sharpens her eyes in a vast flood of ideological information, 'taking only the nucleus of the fault and discarding the rest.

It may be too bad to spend the remaining eight halves drunk enough to make two.

In fact, it was an enormous amount for Yeon-woo, who had not yet transcended.

Perhaps many of them, like the power of the Summer Queen, 'should be put on one side of the soul by its potential.

Ouch-Of course, it was almost impossible to select only the nucleus that constitutes the 'existence' of a fault in this much Sanum information.

However, the lotus absorbed information by fine-tuning its senses while maximizing its time velocity without giving up.

It contained the sins of the late king, or the life of the late king.

The one who became the king of the monks, became a god, rejoiced, and became a Buddha.

I fought against the heavenly realm and fought against the Demon Kings with my brothers. Then, as he laughed and cried, King Mi Hui's growing phase, which was right next to his colleagues, came to his head.

Yeon-woo could feel a lot of emotions vividly as if she were the true future king.

And there.

Yeon-woo was able to revisit the 72 techniques she had been practicing.

He didn't just use the 72 spells he learned from his master's barley research.

Sometimes with magic, sometimes with projection, and sometimes without holes.

It was mixed, combined, and twisted in various ways and fixed in new directions.

Thanks to this, Yeon, who still lacked a deep understanding of the 72 skills, was able to see and learn a lot.

And I was able to learn a little bit about the legacy of the heavenly host, the current that I had kept in my head and hadn't thought to open properly.

Yeongwoo was swept around in countless graveyards and put in her head what she needed. It was zero degrees of famine until I thought I could fully master the 72 lines in January.

No, to be precise, Yeon-woo was slowly becoming King Under the Hood. Without even knowing it, it was becoming a fairy tale.

At that moment.

Yeon-woo suddenly hit hard on the cost price.

I was furious, so I held my head up.

Athena was standing there much bigger than she had ever seen. With sad eyes.

“Don't get eaten.” Athena said so, reaching out her hands and hugging Yeon-woo tightly.

“There is something I must do for you.” Yeon-woo was only able to see herself. The dragon scales that had risen up along his torso suddenly glowed golden, and his hair was white and he had down to seven opponents.

I don't know, but I felt like my eyes were glowing golden.

The golden and white symbols of the late king.

Apparently, he was trying to swallow the fault, but instead he was being eaten. He was completely drunk with power.

What would have happened if Athena hadn't shown up and helped?

Yeongwoo feels her spine getting smarter, and raises her head to say thank you.

But Athena was gone for good.

Where did he go? No, how did she manage to stay here for so long in the first place? [Athena is silent.] I suddenly thought of that.

Yeongwoo examines her condition as she hairs her head. The golden scales and gray hair that had been married to King Minhu disappeared.

Instead, I felt a strong force that I had never felt in the fluid.


It was a massive rise.

Maybe I just got it by devouring the Summer Queen's soul, and I thought that all the possibilities of not digesting properly had been fully revealed.

Above all.

I never thought 72 would be this great.

[I have a deeper understanding of the '72 skills'. Proficiency has increased significantly. The] number (7k) attribute has become deeper [The gold () attribute has become deeper.] [Deepening of the neck attribute [The parent attribute, 'Five ' has been given an understanding.] [The title "The progeny of the future King" is changed to "The progeny of the heavenly host."] [I met several conditions and got a clue about the Emperor's Legacy.] By reassembling 72 skills based on her high understanding of the future king, she was able to properly open the legacy of the heavenly host city.

Five techniques, breeding, that King Minhu earned the title of "losing the war," and completed all his realizations behind the silver.


Flow Through.

New Movement.


to separate the misconceptions that underlie the 72 precepts, to implement laws that go beyond the realms of the art and aesthetics.

Yeongwoo was able to open the five skills of the genus, but it was still a little obstructed about how to approach it.

It was difficult to deal with the knowledge lines that he still knew. However, based on the knowledge of the dragon, I felt that I could make good use of it if I slowly approached it.

Yeongwoo was moulded in gold and I lifted my eyes up.

[00: 42: 11-25] A little rush.

But if we hurry, it was time to go back quickly.


I suddenly thought that Yeon-woo could do a different cost than just go back.

There were still a lot of debris left around. It was too much to just blow these things up. Maybe there's a better way to use it? Yeongwoo quickly organizes her thoughts; she slowly turns the fluid in the other direction.

[Current Awakening Rate. 98%] At last, God is coming • • • • • • •! Right here! "The central cavity of the palace began to rattle violently.

With the cheer of Kindred, the surplus of other bishops and parish heads who shared the same words grew.

Mahalvad Tamaha • • • • • • • Mahalvada, Tamaha • • • was actually Gingoazu. The power to completely raise the King Ahjussi's guilt in the deep.

In fact, it was never easy to deal with long orphans. Kindred, various bishops and parish chiefs, etc. were the only ones who were able to move.

The collective unconsciousness is pulling on the long orphans.

Perhaps by now, in the underworld, the pressure of the Gin Goa tightens tightly to receive the faults will be enormous.

In fact, the content poured out on me was enormous.

That's mysticism. Kindred shudders in excitement without even knowing it.

It was the reality where they could not even dream of becoming bishops without the permission of female power.

But I'm so glad to see the 'real' power.

Each and every one of them was traces and footprints of the future King.

I'm overwhelmed by just a peek, but how intense would it be if I looked at it properly?

Above all, it was an offense, a kind of shell. Then, will the real future king be strong? And he once again confirmed that all the things on the 98th floor were fake, and that the real god was only one thousand horses.


'It is the Archbishop who will accept that faults and be born into a new clan. • • • • • • He will be the permanent king of our horsemen. • • • • • • • •!' Kindred's eyes were filled with frenzy. His fanatics were all about the Heavenly Horse, but only for the Archbishop.

If there was a thousand horses in the heavens, there was an Archbishop in the stream. And the honor of the two will be yours. Just thinking about God's blessing that was about to be poured out, my body seemed to tremble.

By the way.

Why isn't it over yet? 'Kindred narrows his eyes: the contents of the spill are still crude, but the nucleus of the fault is invisible. Is the resistance bigger than I thought? But with that kind of injury, there's a limit to buttering. It wasn't a good thing that it took so long.

I can't help it. 'The dokin dress narrowed its eyes and contacted the consciousness to the group unconscious. I was going to help them myself and pull out their faults.

By the way.

"What?" The group's unconsciousness is too quiet.

It wasn't always like this. That's when it's supposed to be pulling him hard, memorizing him. Kindred saw a different cost. He turned around to see if he felt a miracle, too.

I was going to visit you soon. I guess you couldn't resist that bird. "He who has the masks, clothes, and wings of fire on his back. It was a docile thing-- a few notes from Kindred! The face I wanted to chew.

However, there was a difference.

Through the mask.

Both eyes were golden.

Hwang Jing Jing Hwang.

Among the future kings, only those who have mastered 72 skills and have the title of 'successor' can gain it.

Kindred was frightened at a moment when he had no idea.

Yang Yang! Suddenly, his consciousness bounces off the group unconscious hard.

Kindred barely holds on to his dizziness. And I tried to step forward to see what the hell was going on. A violent storm was raging around the central cavity. It's hard to balance, hard to see.

Suddenly, I could feel the cost price pouring into my business. Sticky, yet unpleasant. Reflexively, I stole it and checked.

"Blood?" was precisely the point where the filthy blood was mixed. The moment I looked around for anxiety.

The bishops burst like fireworks as if they were waiting for Pufferpyeong. Kindred, for a brief moment, did not understand the unrealistic sights in front of him, then later realized the situation and cried out.

The power of the offense that was trying to incite Cain! was causing a backflow. I don't know what you've done, but as the nucleus faded away, the lost forces were raging.

Of course, the group unconscious who was trying to control the power was immediately hit, and the followers who did not do so were swept away and exploded.

Bishop, Parish Head, Senior Priest • • • • • • •. I didn't need that class to die.

If you don't, you'll die, and butter will become contaminated by your powers, and you'll have to be mentally panicked.

Then the explosion finally erupted, and the pieces of the broken female staff scattered to all directions.

Cain! The spirit of Lincoln Dread exploded just like that moment. It was hard to believe that the moment I had hoped for for the past decade had suddenly become a foam and disappeared in a fanatical moment.

But there was nothing he could do. In the turbulent force of the turbulent force, there is only one body to support. He was also a ragged opponent.

King Mihu asked me to. in front of such a guy. Suddenly, a mistress appeared like a lie. Smoking a lot of money.

If you go out there, I want you to rip your throat out first. "Hi Yi Yi Yin! Yeon-woo put a burial mat in the mouth of the shouter and turned it around.

Puff! Shhh!