Second Life Ranker

14. After the King (14)

Due to the current fluidic state of Yeongwoo, it was not a physical contact that killed Kindred's breath. It exploded by forcibly shoving the power of the fallout that was still in flurry.

Another self-immolation? Not amoebas who divide cells. Yeon watched the body of the dead Kindred scatter and lightly slept with her tongue. Every time I met him, I felt like I had no time to lose myself.

[00: 26: 49-78] As soon as I looked at the number of the mildew, I turned around.

There, you see Doyle, still bowing with a cloudy look in his eyes.

Let's go back. "Earthquakes that began in the Cooku Gu-central cavity soon spread throughout the palace.

The emptiness grows stronger, and from the ceiling, the excrement dust begins to pour out.

It looks like it's going to collapse soon.

The first thing I was nervous about was the mercenaries who kept going into the palace.

"Damn! Uhh!" The mercenaries sought to get away from this dangerous situation, but the only escape was in a situation where they could not discern back and forth because they were free from the air.

Meanwhile, the undead are pushing back and forth, and he-- he says, "Hey, let go of my dog. In the place where the elephant passed, it was the same country where the ants were trampled.

[The God of Olympus, 'Tanatos is glad of it'] [The God of Relatives, the Royal Family of the Crown Jews, watches over the dead with silent eyes. Nergal nods satisfactorily. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that he is mortal but is better at handling power than he thinks.] [The god of Deva, Gsitigarba, shakes his head and watches the situation carefully.] [The Devil of Niflheim, 'Your feet wet your lips with red tongue. I'm delighted.] [Verify that' Ishma-Daiba 'has no soul to be distributed to him. He said he felt sorry for not being able to use his hands for this much harvest.] [The gods of death nod. They all say it.] [Message: Him.] [The Demons of Death rejoice.

Enjoy the festival and send a common message.] [Message: successor.] The god of death and the demons have not stopped revealing their message, as if this situation would gladly die.

The mercenaries were devastated by the fact that their deaths were merely amusement to gods and demons, but they were desperate to find a way to do it.

[Athena looks at the battlefield with sad eyes, and there is only one God looking at the battlefield from a different perspective: % ICE.

With that in front of her, other kinds of gods and demons began to shine their faces.

[The god of Olympus, Ares, nods satisfactorily.] [The God of the whole school, "Nathaja" came to hear the news and quietly investigate the situation "The gods who made deployment battles and fighters as gods began to shine one by one.

There was a war going on here with death spreading.

If it were just a fight, they would tell you it's one of the many wars in the answer, and they wouldn't pay much attention.

[The god of Asgard, Nyr, slowly lowers the code. Keep an eye on things fairly.] The problem was that Yeon-woo is now dealing with this many troops alone.

Of course, technically, the Yeouido factions are fighting, but even so, many of them. Acceptance, positivity and overwhelming volatility were things that no monarch could easily do.

Has the Vampire Monarch Battorina shown off like this in a very long time? Seeing that, it wasn't hard for the gods and demons involved in the war to look at it with an interesting face.

Ever since he was king, he was the first to take their attention.

[The Devil of the Bridge nods, saying he likes' Bimachila '.

Praise be to the player against this many troops by himself "[Bimagildara suggests power," Gubidara suggests "] [Agarass advises against being distracted by what he does.] [All Gods Ignore] [All Demons Ignore.] [Kernunos is silent. The number of powers in Yeouido has risen at the same rate.]

• • • These mindless gods! Yang Yang - Dr. Doom, with a huge explosion, it bounced off. The barrier that had already protected the body had already reached its durability, so it hit a hard wall and crushed the spine with impact.

He can no longer vomit blood.

After keeping the disclosure from going public, he was unable to stay conscious.

All around him were the bodies of the wizards who followed him. Despair swept over my eyes.

The appearance of the gods and demons, who keep spreading the message while greening, made his outfit explode.

Originally, the wizard pursued the law + so there were many atheists among them. The new and devils on the 98th floor became more ferocious, gaining transcendence, and, in fact, they believed the theory that they were no different from regular players.

Dr. Doom was one of those climbers.

So it couldn't be better to feel like a zoo monkey.

However, there was an old friend who he regarded as a god.

Founder of magic and founder of demonology with De Roy. An absolute person who made an Emerald Tablet with access to the Wise Man's Stone.


The problem was that I met him as an enemy.

"Perseverance. Force." Two zipped infli1Renault sites in the air frowned as if they didn't like it.

The more I did, the more dark Dr. Doom felt. In fact, Pound was not as strong as Faust he knew, who once stood against the Summer Queen. His magic was not only this level, but the level at which miracles could be performed.

There was definitely a lack of memory.

However, there were parts that could not be built.

Overwhelming and crushing power.

It's not like the Devil will swallow anything. Not even the low-altitude 1-Signature.

"For Owner. Become. Fertilizer. D." As the void opened, a huge hand appeared and covered Dr. Doom. He had no strength left to resist.

I just didn't understand why Faust was just a slave to the play.

And, on the one hand, it was those thoughts. Something that didn't come out this morning. Maybe it was because he didn't have a future assigned to him.

Dr. Doom's thoughts ended there.

Wealth, which still lacks knowledge and memory, slowly turns its gaze to the other side while devouring Dr. Doom's soul.

The cave is collapsing.

I was delayed longer than I thought.

As the Great Master commanded, I had to follow the last remaining orders.

Language. Country. "As he called out, all the undead connected to wealth cried out in unison, looking up at the sky.

The wealth disappears, clearing Dr. Doom's body as the void lands again. Falling rocks poured down on it.


[Osiris inspects the battlefield.] The cave collapse has accelerated.

Players who remained to fight until the end now had to feel crisis.

The liver and child were among them.

The two of them exchanged their shots so fiercely that they were sure to get hit by a rich man. Then, they turned around with a loud metal sound and fled to another place.

Spoon-suppository! The two bishops, who were watching the liver, were strangely strangled and settled on the ground. Suddenly unconscious, their minds are also momentarily driven towards them, and they will only be left unconscious.

The liver turns away, picking up the Blood Sword in its hand.

That's it for today. Aiman shouted out in a cold voice of his son. But what came back was the cold glare of the liver.

Don't use that disgusting mouth to imply my name-don 't imply it. You don't deserve that, do you? Still • • • - Do I resent you? A grudge? There's no way that could happen. His liver smiled as if he had no one.

You must have something to look forward to in the beginning. The child's voice, calling out the name between the s, was filled with sadness. He had always been a wire tycoon and had become famous on the battlefield, but he was a wretched father who shrugged his shoulders constantly before his son.

But that's the way it looks. The liver was just unpleasant.

Do not postpone. Since the moment you emptied your mother, you've been ready for this. It is offensive for an offender to pose as a victim. The liver spit it out and took another step. He hides his tracks as he lands in the void. Sanon and the Bone Dragon quietly retreated.

Aiman had to reach out his hand in front of him without catching his son who was disappearing, and then he had to turn around and walk helplessly. Then I started running. There would still be a lot of water in the caves.

I had to save a few.

The liver pauses in the dark and looks back at Ivan as he disappears.

Indefinitely small shoulders. Crooked lanterns. In the early days, I always became a big umbrella to protect him, and the appearance of my father on the stage was invisible 1 = 0.


And as if he had guessed the mind of such a mischievous liver; Niche gently hugged him with two wings. A warm flame calmed my confused mind.

How could a guy like Cain have a kid like you? The liver was busy making jokes. I wasn't afraid to get lost. Ridge, another family under the swamp, is sending a message, and the escape route is secured.

How far has Cain grown? It must have taken a little time to cultivate this many undead.

Is he after the Awakening of the Monarch? But it also seemed more likely to be superhuman. Moreover, the messages of the gods and demons that had filled the cave before were calling him an apostle.

'It's amazing in so many ways.

It felt so strange that suddenly the air disappeared, and there was a bright light. At the same time, the cave sits still and hides its tracks completely, as if waiting.

In the middle of a rippling ridge.

The liver could find a pond that had already arrived out there. And maybe he's sleeping quietly to catch it.

Doyle! The liver quickly flew to the location of Yeon Woo. Victoria finds him, shakes his head, and hugs him, but the liver reaches Yun without even knowing it.

victoria, who was hugged with nothing in her sleep, screamed.

The liver looked at Doyle without a care for such things.

He is quietly asleep as if he had no idea what had happened to him.

The liver quickly recalled the 72 techniques it knew. Doyle was also made as a deserted person, a puppet opponent, because he wanted to be able to undo it with the same technique.

Far-right then, Doyle's eyelids suddenly trembled. And as it drifted, I put it in perspective.

The liver hugged Doyle.

My heart was empty. I'm sorry for all the trouble you've been through, and I was grateful for opening my eyes again: "Oh, my God, what is this gross, all of a sudden? Doyle turned his back to try to push them away somehow after such behavior was too low.

The liver never lets go of the hug.

Victoria, who was still smiling, suddenly approached and smiled warmly. The Ice King nods, thankfully.

That's it.

All the commotion is over.

No, it looked that way.

Haha! Thank God! Yes, the text IQnicke steals tears from his eyes with its wingspan and turns his head toward you, strangely seeing no reaction from Yeon Woo.

Yeon Woo's gaze was fixed in the air, not in the liver and Doyle.

[Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] There were many eyes of the gods and demons looking this way.

Again, the God of Death and the demons were gradually positive about him as the successor of the king of queries, and the list of powers was increasing to over 800 when the gods and demons involved in the war began to favor him.

But there was only one distinct point of view among them. Why are you so sad, not greedy or greedy? Yeon-woo thought so. The one-man horseman was bitten, liver and doyle tools. Now that we have everything sorted out, all we have to do is head back to Tartarus and circle Hades.

But why is Athena's gaze unchanged? Has there been another altercation in Dardardardardaroth? But since Tartaros is blocked from the sky, Athena won't know what's going on. Then I suddenly had an idea.

Thoughts you'd never want to assume liver. The liver calmed Doyle, who was still confused, and looked around the pond, smiling. Strangely, Yeon-woo's voice was cold.

Stand back! Stand back! Yeon-woo shouted loudly like him. The liver awakens unconsciously and falls from Doyle. Victoria and the Ice King take a step back, feeling something unusual.

Doyle sits alone and stares at Yeon-woo. I'm smiling at my mouth, but strangely I can't feel anything.

Like a doll.

How long are you planning on acting? Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes and stared at the work.