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15. After the King (15)

While I was asleep, I suddenly heard a strange sound and opened my eyes. So much for messing up. Doyle smiled bitterly, looking at the messy surroundings. Thousand Horse's Curse ended up ruining many things. If he hadn't fallen asleep for a change. The egg wouldn't have been so messed up.

By the way, it cuts every time I see it, but I really want to do something about the dragon's eyes. Unavoidable. I thought it was wrong to want to see the daughter of Haven Wing. At that moment, the atmosphere behind him was reversed by 180 degrees. Heavy, intense wavelengths spread out everywhere.

It was clearly Doyle's face, but it wasn't Doyle. It was someone else who wore Doyle's pharynx.

Following him, Black Margie begins to turn, and her hair gradually turns white to zero. Eyelight flashed a red glow.

Where's Doyle? "The liver gripped it and looked at the Archbishop. He was forcefully forcing his desire to rush in right now.

Sail him like that.

I don't know. Where is it? "The Archbishop smiled.

At that moment, the cost price dropped in the liver's head.

Son of a bitch! Lung! The liver flew to him.

Blood was spilled along the palm of Beijing's hand and the shape of the knife was 46572;

The Wave of Blood. 'It was his signature skill, better known as Blood. Many precognitions were combined and ended not simply with the shape of a sword, but each swing produced wavelengths in space to amplify its attack power and shoot down distant enemies, but only illuminated by the child's pranks in the eyes of the Archbishop.

He grabs the back and rolls his feet.

Guwoong - but the results were never valid. The entire mountain ranges up and down, and the upper gate spreads as it is drawn on the ground.

The liver bounced back and rolled by itself. The Ice King and Victoria who were watching the opportunity were swept away at once.

The dust spread, and there was not enough to make the space curve.

Inside, the Archbishop was touched with a grouchy hand and foot.

That's why I needed the strength of my transgressions even more because "the flesh has not become accustomed yet, and my strength is not easily restored," The Archbishop kicked his tongue: what he hoped for was more than just an acquisition of character. It was the power to remove the curse that was engraved on the soul.

But the preparations have become a bubble all at once. If there is anything that can replace the missing faults, which remnant should I look for now? I've been troubled. There wasn't much time left for him.

'Or do I really have to draw their strength?

Then the Archbishop will realize that none of those who were bounced off by foot clouds have ever faced such a scourge.

I grabbed my backpack again and raised my head up.

As the air moves again, it removes the cloudy dust oil and reveals the rising pond, flapping the wings of fire at its lowest height.

Then, the Archbishop suddenly found hundreds of pieces of female staff circling around him.

Things that were broken and shared.

The owner had just been turned into a pond.

Will you seal me up with this? Interesting! "The Archbishop lets out a smile and takes another step forward. Despite the small Doyle body, Margie's enormous presence was revealed.


Chuckle! The Archbishop stopped walking while trying to crowd Yeon-woo.

Blood pours down your mouth.

• • • Oops. What a sight. It's a flesh and blood journal. In the immense spirit of the Archbishop, the vessel Doyle is still incomplete. And yet he forced himself into it.

No, it was Doyle. He must have survived this long. It was never easy to obtain a body like Doyle, whose spiritual ability had developed abnormally.

Whispering - At that time, pieces of the staff surrounding the Archbishop began to whirl.

[72Tactile_Wand, Phosphorus] Overshining! Excellent pieces pour out. Various tactics were combined, and wealth suddenly opened up the space and added magic.

Countless bombings have been fired. I was shocked to think that Mt. Pentecost would collapse like this.

The Archbishop unscrewed one of the hands holding the back and waved it to the side.

Then, as if moving the curtain to the side, the pieces that caused the bombing floated to the side and were small elsewhere.

It was a ridiculous wonder even to see it with my own eyes.

Like this. And curl up your other left hand.

This is how you do it. I stretched out into the air.

Grrrgh! Margie snaps at the end of her fist and bursts. The explosion happened right before the storm.

The impact of crushing the body.

After protecting the body with the wings of fire, Yeongwoo was able to barely endure 0F. Dozens of layers of barriers made by wealth burst as well.

The Archbishop was strong, but too strong.

How is it possible to use an unfamiliar body like that? Immediately, the face of the King and Queen of Summer passed through my mind. As expected, he was strong enough to match them. If it were real, what would you be like now? And on the other hand, I thought about it.

"How did you fight this guy in seven countries 0? 'As I was falling to the ground, I managed to rebuild the wings of fire and rebuild them. And...

It triggered Blingh and appeared before the Archbishop. At the same time, the clumps exploded the error.

The destructive power of the waves of Guarruh-uh made the Archbishop's intoxication even cooler. Surprise spreads in his work as he turns to get away from the explosion.

"A monopoly, a monopoly, and much greater than I've ever heard! How can I tie you to such things? Yeah, well, at least this much, you deserve to be in my way. By the way, the Archbishop spread his fist gently to make a hand blade, then bowed his torso forward.

"Edie, let's see if we can stop this, too. The hand blade quickly crossed the air. Every time I drew, the space was cut off and all the things on the extension line were wiped out.

Goerffing-Yeon reacted with the Black Duck and blocked the Archbishop's hand.

It was an attack as fast as it was hard to catch up with with the fuselage vision, but the dragon's eye, supersenses, and poet's gait filled some of the gap between the two.

But the advantage was on the Archbishop's side. Swallowing faults made me stronger than ever. But I had no choice but to limit it because I still hadn't studied the 72-second mythology and zebra.

That's when the tension started.

Pod! As the shadow unfolds behind the kite, the bundles protrude.

Sanon climbed to the top, riding on the Bone Dragon, and sprinkled Poison Bress. Ghost and Levi 1 car each aimed at the blind spot and aimed at the Archbishop's loophole.

And as he flicked his swollen finger, he drew all sorts of magic bars along the air. Along the wide open void, a magical bombing erupts.

That power that turned the coalition into a wasteland.

Appreciation- "What a funny thing to do. However, the Archbishop was relaxed as if he were better off.

As I rolled my foot again, I suddenly soared to the ground and blocked the Bone Dragon's path of approaching.

While he was staggering for balance, the Archbishop stroked his palms wide and hammered the air tightly.

Bang! The right wing of the Bone Dragon explodes as the atmosphere shifts.

Gruh-when the caste loses balance and falls to the ground, Sanon leaps high to catch a break.


Archbishop Is It There? blurted out lines in the air with only the detection and stop. Then a single layer formed along the space, and the discussion was cut off.

That was the end of Mado. Sanon becomes a shadow, clear and scattered.

"First of all." The Archbishop smiled with a satisfactory smile, and he snapped the beagrid from his throat with his right hand.

In a fixed position, the left hand reaches back as you rotate to the side. Then two swords aiming for his side are drawn into the palm of his hand like a Margie magnet: Rebecca and Han's expression stiffens.

Add two and three. I clenched my left fist.

The steam is broken, like a spreader-sharp sword. As the debris splashes into the air, Margie blows one car and the other one to dust.

He said he was unfamiliar with the body and had already removed three bundles.

And finally. "The Archbishop flicked his finger toward the last remnant.

Tak! As the space crumbles, the atmosphere of the infernosite disappears. He painted all the surrounding spaces and cut off all the interventions from the outside.

Though he seemed to have good folk, he still smiled as he looked back at the pond still struggling with his right hand in front of such overwhelming power.

Isn't that right? In the end, all the skills that the Archbishop held in his new fist were shattered and had to be pushed away.

There is a long furrow left to be swept away. The palm of your hand, holding the beagrid, is torn, and blood spills out.

It's too big. It's too big.

I could hardly sense how great the Nine Kings were.

I felt like I had met a huge wall: Give it all up. You can't beat me. But I have a proposition for you. I'll give you the bishop's seat. The Archbishop of Doyle smiled and was backpacked.

No. If you help me become another part of Heavenly Horse. This place will be yours soon. It's a shame about the dead. If you fill their void, this is also a great blessing for the Church. "The Archbishop liked Yeongwoo and the liver that he had watched while holding the ceremony. Seriously, if things had gone as he intended, he would have given up his Catholic Church to them.

Of course, there is no reason to be tempted by such words.

What the hell is that maniac talking about? "He is the leader of the Cultists. The opponent is too strong, by the way. The only growing monster among the Nine Kings. I guess that's true." Sanon and Ahn muttered that they were coming from behind Yeon-woo. The undead did not die because of their temperament, but the zeroes have been heavily blurred to the point of extinction.

Rebecca, who appeared quietly in the air, doesn't say much, but is a solid worker.

'If only we could collect the zebra. If we absorb the power of the fault, can we catch up?' Yeon-woo quickly checked the gap between himself and the Archbishop. The Archbishop is swarming with his unfamiliar body. I thought there might be a way to target my weaknesses.

And soon it came to a conclusion.

Yeon-woo tried to get back into a position to fight the Archbishop. I heard that my whole body was sick, but I forcefully raised my sword. Then I had to question the fact that I wasn't empowered.

'But I can't contain the zebra right now. Then what if you activate the power? Can we contain it?' The answer came soon.

What if we took all the other powers and temporarily amplified them? The answer can be:

At that moment, the gods and demons who read Yeon-woo's thoughts began to send a message together.

[I look at it with the eyes that Tanatos hoped for.] [I encourage Nergall to take a look at his powers.] [Osiris is thrilled. Ares is looking forward to it.] [Attendant is expecting you.] [Vimagildara has a proposition for you.] [Agares yells at the whales, saying, "Don't let yourself get caught in the heavenly plazas."]] [All divine societies ignore.] [All demonic societies ignore. I urge you to make a decision.] I can't stop thinking about the message of the gods and demons who have been offering power to Yeon-woo.

[Current Number of Powers: 925] I could see more power than before. The rocks are coming up one by one at a time. If you accept that, I feel confident that I can gain the power to deal with the Archbishop temporarily.

Then there was no time to delay.

Hua • • Yeon-woo awakens the senses of the flesh while greatly choosing her breath.

You heavily grasp the beagrid while breathing heavily. And I opened up God's mercy. Just like when I dealt with Poseidon, who tried to toughen up Beniger. Opened all the channels I wanted to connect to or connect to

At that moment, I will reach out to Yeonwoo as if countless and huge beings were waiting for me, reaching out to more than 900 individuals.

You have gained the power of Tanatos, the Night of Harvest.] has gained the power of Teegal, "The Differentiation".] [I obtained the power of Bimagildara, 'I obtained Gubidara', the power of Thadda Tai, 'King of the Almighty'.] [You are gaining too much power. Your body can't take it.

I advise you to terminate the preliminary apostle agreement.] [Warning! You are gaining too much power. There is a Concern about Body Collapse "[WARNING! Too much power.] Power symbolizes the name of God and the devil or the divine.

If you accept those things, you will have no choice but to contain the Divine Power.

Overwhelming, overwhelming_mystical forces collided throughout the body. The greedy Divine Spirit, who wanted to be more self-reliant, took up his courage. A lot of voices rang in my ears.

But I filled it with that much power. The bead cries like an infinite amount of beef.

On top of it.

Yeongwoo opened up her power as a polyp and mixed the confusing electric current.

And I will try my best to get Beagrid down.

[Three-way Solvent Awakening] [Powerful Front Opening] [Fire Swarming [Cheonhae - Retreat] Guerreung - At that moment, a massive amount of spiritual power from the sky condenses into the place of the Archbishop.

It changes the nature of the vomit during the travel cycle, but it is released by the property 21128.

The power of the Archbishop was hard to bear.

Eventually, the rebirth crossed the Archbishop's body and completely shaved the back of the mountain.

"Incredible • • • • • • The Catholic Church was able to release as much spiritual power as possible and move sideways in response to the wall tax, but he had to suffer serious injuries covered by burns from Graceful God.

• • • You heretics! How dare you! "The Archbishop gathered a bunch of twisted puppies. At this time, I was worried about the prospect of the body that I had only liked, but I couldn't bear it without killing the person who made me like this.


Strangely, my strength didn't penetrate my body. The Archbishop is staring at Yeon-woo with his big eyes because he doesn't know what's going on.

Yeon sat on the floor, exhausted all her strength, and laughed at the Archbishop, "I'm sorry, it's over."

The Archbishop reflexively touched his back. There was a deep wound, though it was very small when I was born. Wounds that wouldn't do any harm to the body.

The problem was the area of the wound.

A transmission line. It connects the body and the soul. It's broken.

The Archbishop looked back.

There, the liver sighs and stares this way. Blood dripping from the right wrist soaks the floor vigorously.

Blood 24392; >. A skill that throws blood in clumps. While the Archbishop had become distracted by the wall, he quickly cut off his wrist and blew away the jar.

Was this what you were after in the first place? The Archbishop had a lot to say, but he couldn't say any more and collapsed. Since the line that barely held the body was broken, the soul bounced back to its original place.

Fluffy-and, after watching her for the last time, she was barely able to fall.

Parker, Parker_Along his body, a mystical yellow spark bounced up restlessly.