Second Life Ranker

16. Craft in earrings (l)

• • • Cutting edge hem. ”“ Are Nihees allies or foes? ”Groitz and the welcome knights led a group of non-dragons across the sky on the 20th floor of the stage and found a group of Stragglers.

A crowd of wounded together. The armor was all shattered, and the players were barely moving, relying on each other, just like they were on the other injured.

I thought I didn't have to deal with them because I've already seen so many of them all over the mountain of misery, so I was just going to pass by.

Later, I could see their feet flapping powerlessly over their heads, and see who they were.

The Iron Brigade, called the Supreme Mercenary Corps, was a mess.

The power they have is hard to cope with even the phantom limbs. If their leader, the wire, had determined the nature of the organization to be a clan, rather than a mercenary, there would have been a place that would have been considered an emerging giant clan.

And yet you look so miserable.

Given the fact that he's taken quite a lot of troops. The number seemed to be about eight. It was a level of annihilation.

Aiman, the wire keeper, stared at Roquette sharply. A woman tends to swing a knife.

Groitz swallowed the moan. The beast seemed to be a predator, no matter how stubborn. The life of the child was still unprecedented.

'No, it's more sensitive now that you're that strong.' Then you don't have to touch me.

Kreutz politely replied to Ivan, who was also a respectful senior.

“I was supposed to meet the enemy, but I don't think I need to fight.

“I've heard rumors that the phantom regiment wants to be with their own. Is it true?" “I don't think we need to tell you our directions.” Kreutz's answer was - on-site. It was a great way to impress people who always wear it.

“Yes. Then I have nothing to say. Just know this.

Looking at Kreutz like that. Ivan growls with sharp eyes.

“From now on, you too, are my food.” The fierce speculation spreads.

The eyes of a beast that stares at anyone who crosses its realm.

But Kreutz may not be as good as Ivan, but he's a warrior on the battlefield. It was okay to live like this. But there was a question.

“Don't your hands and feet sag a bit when you say that?” “I understand the stance of the Iron Brigade. I'll pass that message on to the regiment commander as it is.” Only the child doesn't like something, so he's going to squirm and yell something.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrr - Suddenly, over that distant ridge, there were dozens of thunders bursting at once. The sky was soaking yellow.

“Something's up. I should probably get going. Yes.” Groitz begins to fly again, pulling the strings of the non-dragon.

The welcome knights immediately followed.

It is spectacular to see more than a hundred Wyvern forming a company.

Aiman looks at you and changes it, urging his henchmen to return.

“We want to get back to Headquarters as soon as possible.” When Groitz arrived on Mt. Five, what he found was a ruined mountain trail that he could now call a training ground.

It was a sign of a violent upheaval and a faint stream of thunder.

Cain! Hey! Wake up! "Victoria and the King of Ice rush toward Yeon-woo urgently. The liver was wandering, unable to make a moment's judgment about what to do while stockpiling Doyle.

Groitz leaps straight down without landing his non-dragon.

It's dangerous to mess with the wrong ones. Excuse me for a moment. Victoria, who was about to trigger the healing magic, suddenly hardened her face against Groitz's intrusion.

The ice king rises to his feet and stands in front of Kreutz. The cold energy follows him.

Alerting Groitz, who suddenly appeared with an army. Maybe it's a time-traveling alliance.

What brings you to the Fantasy Fellowship? There seems to be a misunderstanding, but this is not the United Nations. The battalion commander and his only son are brother and sister. Have you not heard? The Hallucinogenic Captain and Cain? "Of course, you couldn't have heard of it. Yeon-woo was a person who never told others his story. In the end, when the Ice King looked more suspicious, the frustrated side was Groitz.

I'll explain the details later. It's only a matter of time. It looks like the sole proprietor is suffering from a fever, but if we don't catch him now, he's in real danger! Step aside, please! Groitz was impressed by the heat in Yeonwoo. The above sparks along the stream are getting worse and harder for Victoria to get to. The heat from the derivative was enormous, so my body ran red.

The Ice King couldn't stop her any harder, knowing that her troops were in danger. He glanced closely at Victoria.

Ha-1- 1- 1: nVictoria shakes her head.

It meant that it was hard on myself.

Eventually, the Ice King withdrew to his side while gathering his strength.

Kreutz runs to Yeongwoo at once and starts looking for details.

Oops. The price of accepting nine hundred magical powers at once was too great.

Power is not just a skill.

Accepting power means planting faith in the body: one of those things is hard to contain, hundreds of them? It was never a mortal thing to do. It was astonishing that my soul wasn't squeezed.

If Yeouido hadn't greatly enlightened his potential while absorbing the future King's faults, he never would have tried.

So I managed to get Buddy anyway.

But he didn't go all the way to the sequelae.

Leave traces where the gods have touched and passed. Seeing those traces tangled up, my body became full of hatchlings.

Blasted kidney fever in the body was reaching not only the visceral organs but also the magical organs.

If he could not control his fever quickly, he could lose his magical power forever, or he could suffer considerable injuries.

Kreutz unplugged Julpicar and put it on the floor. Then he lightly kissed Park Hyun's jewels in the middle, closed his eyes and began to cast a spell. The jewels turned into amber with a light yellow glow.

The symbol of amber is health. As the sacred power settled on Yeon-woo's body, the hot springs slowly sank down.

The King of Ice and Victoria stare at the mysterious-looking scene with their solemn eyes.

Did you go? The fever is sinking. "The ice king tried his energy to drown the fever of the kite.

Victoria next door also tried a healing spell.

However, the more I painted, the worse it got, rather than healing the fever of Yeongwoo. However, I was surprised that he was recovering from this strange power.

She looked at it quietly and replied, "It seems to be holy power."

"Sexual Strength?" Example. Grass means honest power, you know. Make it a big boost to your gums and vitality. Contrary to Magi, is it similar to Divine Power? Similar, but slightly different in concept. because Divine Power is the power to be gained by the gods, and Divine Power is the power to emit. Margie and I seem to have similar strength, but they're different. Ice King smiled bitterly.

I don't know anymore. "The power that he knew in detail, who was a natural dancer, was actually magical. Auxiliary forces to impart attributes and develop dance.

The fine division of power is actually mainly dealt with by wizards and alchemists like me. However, objects with sexual properties are rare. Victoria recalls the earrings and yogi trapped in Anasdasha's Man-Man's Throne. Things that can turn into monsters at any time.

However, Giuseppe Zulpicar, who was held by Kreutz, had properties and characteristics that were entirely opposite to them. What would Anastasia look like if she saw that sword? We put out the urgent fire first. At that time, Groitz slowly slapped Yeon-woo and looked back at the side of the ice king and Victoria. But his fever did not sink completely. I need a place to rest while I rest. Do you know of any high earthquakes? Victoria recalled first the wealth of Yeon-woo. Wouldn't it be possible for him to use Adamantine Nova to treat himself if he wasn't the owner? But I haven't been able to show myself since before. Was the wound inflicted by the Archbishop 7?

Then I thought of someone else. Anadassa. If you're a master of all kinds of magic over a thousand years, maybe you can do something for me. Then, Kando Doyle's provisional treatment was concluded. It looked like Doyle was sleeping comfortably.

Follow me. Victoria started at the forefront: I think if I hit the dot this year, I'll be told that my pupil is full of trouble. ”Anastasia deeply sucks in the bear squad, frowning.

While I was having a good time with the pupils because I was stressed out for a while, the intruder is now forcing me to stop looking like him and the strange horn staff.

I wanted to yell at you to get out of here.

“Teacher +” When I saw the disciple kneeling down and lowering his head, I couldn't shout anymore. No matter how pathetic he looked, he was still a disciple.

“Student, please listen to me.” “What qualifies you for another year? • • • • • •!” “I'll pay for it.” Presia said, watching the situation quietly. She's still hanging around Anastasia, not returning to the Buy More table.

Anastasia narrows her eyes.

“Do you know what that means?” “Faith is the life of a merchant.

“Hmph! I think I broke it once. Maybe.” Anastasia reaches out to Victoria, smiling softly.

“Me” “Yes.

Victoria gives Adamantine Nova a a simple hand.

Anastasia frowns at the contract of attribution still held in Adamantine Nova. It would have taken me a long time to undo this.

When I lightly touched the outside with my palm, the contract of attribution disappeared by itself, even after one layer was shaved. It was forcibly removed.

Adamantine Nova, powered by Anadassa, vomits a shimmering glow. She quickly began to spin, radiant beyond what Victoria had covered.

Ouch! The radiance of Saehaan sank over the head of Yeongwoo and Doyle lying on the floor side by side.

Anastasia watches the progress as she bites the bear stand. The smoke from Haran filled the room.

The liver bows to Frezia.

Include a “Thank You • •“ thank you.

Like the liver, Cain is an important sponsor for me. If he's wrong, we're just as much at a loss. And we've been keeping an eye on Foxdale, so you can think of it as an investment.

Anastasia smiles softly at you.

“Hmph. I do the trick, but you do the harp.” “So the usual desires are important.

Frezia smirks at Anadassa and looks back at her liver.

“And in fact, we did something wrong.” I don't know what the liver is talking about, but she doesn't answer. I just have a slight smile on my mouth.


Doyle begins to turn slightly.

The liver quickly approached Doyle.

Anastasia's explanation follows.

“I don't know what happened, but this opponent has been in suspended animation for a long time.

Once you have recovered, you will find a cure in the direction you have seen it, so know that. ”“ How long will it take to open your eyes? ”“ Hmph. If I knew that, I'd be doing fresh garbage in this godforsaken place. ”“ Master! ”Victoria screams, blushing. After all, Anastasia had to answer with an annoying tone.

“Five days in length. Two days if it's short.” Then I left the room for longer.

The liver also thanked Anastasia, and grabbed Doyle's reddish hand. Be strong. Like I'm supposed to figure it out.

Victoria said it was a miracle Doyle was still alive.

It's amazing that the soul was squeezed or didn't bounce off the body while the great spirits of the Archbishop were occupied.

But the liver realized it was Doyle's target.

Foxy Dale. Nicknamed Fox Tail, Doyle has been a very smart boy since he was a child. Perhaps he had been preparing for the moment since it was occupied with the Archbishop's bowl. You knew someone would save you one day.

Does that mean he trusted you that much? 'Beat it. That's all the liver can say to Doyle now anyway.

And I looked at the pond lying side by side. The whole time I see him feverish, his eyes flutter.

“Come on, get up. So, be it four species or not, just like your wife found your brother, you need to go find her.

I wanted to say that.