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Tue 17: Crafted into an Earring (2)

Darkness in the night.

“As I was warming my campfire with Twice, who was literally moonlighting here, I suddenly turned my head to the voice behind me.

“Brother, can you come? I was the one who warmed up the liquor. Haha! You're just in time.” Twice smiles happily, jumping out of his seat and extending his arms to hug. In one hand is a bottle of wine.

Ice King looked at the bottle of wine with Twice, and instead of hugging his tongue, he pushed his forehead to the index finger.

“Wipe that disgusting look off your face. How many times have I told you that if you squeeze your voice like that, it really changes your voice?” “did. You're such an old-fashioned bitch.” Twice pouted his lips as if they weren't. It didn't look like it mattered at all to a strict middle-aged man.

Overwhelming, overwhelming - soon the oysters and skeletons turned small and small. One day, with dark wrinkles turned into a young woman with flawless skin.

Do I have to catch a lot to be in my mid-twenties? It was a slightly elevated look. The impression of a middle-aged man was not suitable, but now it looks cute.

How many of you know that Class S mercenary Twice, famous for her cold skin, is actually such a talkative woman? “It's not funny.

“I'm the one who's no fun. Why are you walking around with your ugly face like that?” “Hmm! Because it's dangerous for a pretty girl like me to walk around alone.” Ice King shakes his head as he looks at Twice, who gives a short answer. However, the smile did not leave my mouth. Twice, a skillful and tender personality, sometimes felt like a granddaughter.

“Welcome?” With a proper seat, the meltdown bows.

Ice King is about to nod, but Twice sticks close to the side and starts chattering.

“Grandpa, grandpa.” “What's the matter with you?” “Please teach the melting man a lesson.” What a modest sight.

The ice king gives you a big smile: “Did he take you with him again?” “That's right. I don't know.” I don't know if the battle ended and they just left. It was because of that, he told me to go around with strange men and die because of them.

After the Workshop of Valpurgis Night is over. The mercenaries of Artran have all been scattered, but the three of them started clumping together strangely: all three of them are private mercenaries who are not affiliated with anywhere and don't have much work to do, so they don't have to fall.

Moreover, my personality was surprisingly well suited.

He was an elder who cared for others well, and without melting his words, he was a person who cared deeply about what he had to do. Twice was a little off, but he didn't do any harm or harm to anyone.

In fact, they were able to get along well with each other without interfering.

He loves to travel, and tasty 7 _0- Gu0 1- ^ Geunjo is a foodie = 0 1- '71 Because of the dots, the bond is even better.

The evidence was that Twice, who had not been well exposed to his identity, showed his true colors without hesitation.

The team came to 20 floors for the King of Ice when he deployed the towers.

Suddenly, the King of Ice was with Yeon Woo, who insisted on fighting the melting force and left Solo Play.

It wasn't hard for Twice to whine about his injustice.

He said he had suffered without saying anything, because he had committed a sin.

Though he didn't like it, Twice sputtered a little and shut up the soup.

I think the king smiled without knowing why.

Twice glances at him, hoping for some reaction from Meldon the whole time he's talking bullets. But Meldon was unresponsive to the end. So I'm annoyed.

Nothing rots like a man who doesn't notice. The King of Ice laughs as he grunts.

But do it or don't.

Meldon waited for the two of them to finish their conversation, then looked at the king and said,


“Still haven't figured it out?” Meldon nods heavily.

“Hmm. That's true. It's hard.” Ever since Meldon left town after hearing the proclamation from his teacher, the King, he's been holding the void in his mind.

'That's why I was looking for stimulating things.

Enjoying a good meal, or exploring tourist attractions. And he fights hard to find the strongest.

If there is something stimulating to the peripheral nerves, I would like to reconstitute my empty mind for a moment.

And Meldon had never felt satisfied with anything.

“I thought you said you were an orphan?” “Yes. which I don't remember exactly.” Meldon had no memory before the age of ten. When I came to my senses, I was in front of the one-horned village, and I became a disciple because of the curiosity of the king who stumbled upon me.

“Then why don't you look into the past? If you know where you grew up, how you grew up.

And wouldn't it be better if I knew who you were? I don't think you've ever thought about that. ”“ It's a world like that. ”I don't think so. So does he.” Ice King, you were an orphan yourself. In the world of the tower, there were a lot of people with that past.

“Tell me your story instead.” “My story? Oh, you want me to talk to your priest?” Meltdown nods.

I heard that an old teacher had a new disciple. And I saw it as a touch. At that time, I felt 'He only comes out on death row.'

Kim Mu-Sin, the executioner, was driven out with greed and emptied himself because he could not catch the ribs. And the new apprentice? You burn. You throw yourself into a pit of fire, burning vigorously by yourself.

Was it self-destruction, or was it glowing? Or would he have been all of them?

Anyway, Meldon's impression of the new priest was very strong, and even when he fell away, I accidentally looked into his news.

The story of becoming six divines. He was curious about the war with Triton, and about the time when King Ice was with the priests. Who they are, what they think, how they live.

Because he had something he didn't have. I thought it might help.

“Cain. What an interesting friend.” The king smiled as he thought of the kite. We were together for a short time, but he was as impressive as my teacher. 11: 00 Destarvation 0 tools.

Though I had to leave without seeing him awake. I knew he would wake up soon.

The Ice King suddenly smiled at Twice, who was melting away.

I slowly started unpacking the bag.

[Advise Nergall to take care of himself. He advises that death can only be dealt with in its own way.] [Osiris pushes out his hand. I urge Ares to be his servant.] [Amon looks at you and swallows his cough] [bimachildara whispers.] [Kernunos is silent. The God of the nameless Patriot desires you.] in an unrelenting flood of messages.

Yeon-woo couldn't help herself.

[A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: Don't fall for any temptations. Years. You are mine.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Me, the Duke of the East! Destiny will be Agarash's heir! Answer] Something so big that you can't even imagine the size of it was whispering in my ear.

Accept me. Be my slave. Some tried to lure him in because it was too foreign and too forceful.

Too many voices are ringing at the same time. And I could hear everyone's name as if they were in the middle of a loud commotion.

There was nothing I could understand.

The interference of the gods and demons coming through wide-open channeling was hard to bear.

If it weren't for the cold-blooded nature, it would have even broken down the remaining minds. But even so, it was so small as fireflies in front of the ocean that I didn't know when they would crumble.

The fever that was burning the flesh of Yeongwoo was also caused by it.

As many gods came and went, the wounds accumulated and were eating away at the flesh. No, I was distracted.

Is this all you have to say about Hae Bon Wing's brother? And you swallowed me? Ha! That's funny.

If we're gonna do this, we better just die. At that time, the voice squeezed through the tinnitus.

It was a familiar voice.

But I did not easily think of who it belonged to.

Who is it? Could it be the King of Summer? Sheep. Wake up. Don't get up? I like to play, but can't it be a bitch? Should we keep our promises? "The next voice was clearly the voice of the late king's falsehood.

But what about these two? Obviously, there are beings that have vanished from the world and have absorbed themselves. I could never say.

Is it just a hallucination? Or else • • • • [Someone without a name begins to mutilate the voices of the gods in midterm heating [Many gods protest.] [Someone you don't know will snore.] [Someone without a name blows a stop on the demons staring at him. [The Unknown Devil Threatens,] [If someone tries to seduce you, they provoke you.] when multiple channelings are forced to terminate.] [Currently connected channels: 4] 1. Harmesh (God, Olympus) 2. Athena (New, Olympus) 3. Agares (Devil, Le Infernal) 4. Chaos (Devil, Bridge) [Bimagildara reconnected, (Devil, Unaffiliated)] [Gernunos reconnected. (New, unaffiliated)] [There are currently 6 connected channels.] I could feel her sinking in an instant like a splash of tearing headache water.

His fever slowly subsided as the divine factors that were shaking at their own pace became calm: and his mind gradually became clear.

'Who?' Yeon-woo could see that someone helped her. From the content of the message, it looks like there's two of them. Who's got the potential to force a broken channel? At that moment, I remembered the protagonists of a vague voice. My curiosity became bigger because it could never happen.

Are Vimagildara and Kernunos the only ones connected right now? 'Even at the crossroads called Bimachilda, he was the Demon King within three fingers. The king of Assyria, a tribe that only strives for life.

Even the most famous god of lightning in Deva, Indra, had a myth of war.

Recently, I started to show interest in him and even reconnected with someone who was forced off the channel.

But if there's anything strange, Previously, when it was clearly marked as a 'crossing,' it was now classified as a non-affiliation.

If you are isolated from an existing society, you will be easily eaten by your enemies. Why is it suddenly better? And so was Gernunos.

After holding a deep grudge about rebecca's resurrection, he looks away for a while, then reappears.

Even with a direct connection. What does Rebecca have to do with the recent disappearances?

Yeon-woo with such thoughts.

Whoa! I started to open my eyes.

In front of him, Anasdasha happily smokes a bear squad in a bad posture with one knee up.


Behind your back, lighting nine foxes.

“Shh. Everyone's sleeping. Don't talk.” As Yeon-woo tried to say goodbye, she realized it was a late night and kept her mouth shut.

“By the way.” Anastasia narrows her eyes.

“Who the hell are you?” I wanted to ask what Yeon-woo meant, but Anasdasa's sharp question came first.

“How can there be so many gods and demons? Not even a god of another world you'll never be able to access? ”