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18. Crafted into an Earring (3)

Alternative monthly price for all/none.

They're all: transcendent. 98 floors?

Weekends are like people 0/to write down 7 questions. It was always a challenge for the main business to have slept with an oral answer.

However, only %/one is 98./Spotted-Months Ago/Many Previouss % MadeleÖ/Lives in various places.

It was the fact that temples leaning toward other birds * called Ö/gi/<UNK> 20763; etc.) sometimes knock on the door here.

The secret of the gods and demons that are being held prisoner on the 98th floor was never solved.

The only thing I've learned is that Allfowon, who is cutting off the celestial system and the underwater system on the 77th floor, has a secret. There is no more information about the God of Multiverses that has not entered the tower.

No, there is one more thing. 'Yeon-woo remembered that the faint link ring was becoming clear again.


A doppelganger who, through a demon named Mephistopelles, wanted to make an Emerald Tablet out of the Badlands and make a Wise Man's Stone.

It meant that it was the player who first made contact with the god of the other system.

However, he was aware of who he was, but most of his memories have not come back yet.

So he had no idea how he made the deal with the other gods.

However, I hope I'll be able to recall it soon because my memory is being restored at a fast rate.

But there was definitely something like that in the message that the other gods approached. I felt vague, but foreign. 'Then, did the god of otherness approach himself through wealth? Then why? Anastasia was staring at Yeon-woo with an unknown glance. The Fox Fire left in a frenzy.

Looking at it like that.

Yeon-woo had to speak frankly.

“Don't you know?” The news that Yeon-woo opened her eyes soon spread to the group.

“Hey! You said you woke up.” “How are you feeling?” The liver and Victoria emerge, rushing to the door, rather than sleeping. Groitz followed quietly.

“Thank you. Really. And I apologized on my knees, facing Yeon Woo. Victoria tries to lift him up in shock, but the liver shakes its head and does not straighten its bent knee.

“If it wasn't for you, we'd be here right now." Doyle? ”" Huh? Doyle just woke up. He's conscious. We'll figure it out. ”“ That's fine. Get up. "“ But • • “you can keep it that way. Victoria, is the old man gone?” Yeon-woo speaks in a fatter tone and turns her head toward Victoria. I was going to say thank you and apologies to Yeon-woo in slumber, but I had to stay tangled like a sack of barley.

Victoria is a little embarrassed; she realizes Yeon-woo's prey and smiles back.

“Y. He left first. There's nothing for you to do here anymore. Instead, he asked me to tell you to be nice when you get up.” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

In fact, the King of Ice was prone to forced entry.

But he was a thankful person who did his best to help himself to the end. I felt like inviting Glenn, who will be there soon.

'If we are destined to meet again, the world of the tower seems very large but at the same time very narrow.

At that time, the liver still did not come to itself, and I woke up in the middle of the dance while looking around.

“Hehe!” His face flushes while he coughs for no reason.

“But Cain," I suddenly heard about your situation, “and this time I wanted to help. Can I get you anything?” The liver gazes at Yeongwoo with a deep sunken face.

You look up at Niche, resting on his shoulder as he makes his move. Nichenne winces noticeably, turning her head to the side and whistling in a quirky tone. Cold sweat settles on the jugular bone feather.

I could see where the information came from and what he might have said.

Yeongwoo looks back at the liver and nods.

“There's no need to rush it. Even if I didn't want to do it, I was going to make a fool of myself.

The liver became dumbfounded.

I used to think it was natural to help each other out at times like this, to tap each other's shoulders, to unite, to reconfirm friendships, to have a drink with each other, and to go to that touching repertoire.

The more I talked to Yeongwoo, the more I felt like I was drying up the cost.

Then I suddenly thought that Yeon-woo was doing this on purpose.

They are afraid that they will feel anxious.

“That's what I thought.” Uh-huh. Liver smiles and approaches Yeon-woo.

• • • Don't come. ”“ Shame on you. ”“ It's not like that. ”“ There are times when the only one in the whole world does this. "That." “Even if it's not!” “Tell him the truth. You're Red Oyster, aren't you? Take off that mask." “Go away!” Yeon-woo smiles nervously and pulls her liver and butt back. Starting with the liver rushing, the room quickly became noisy due to a struggle between the two bodies.

Victoria looks at that and shakes her head in horror.

“After all, men are like • • • age. Just like that.

Still, there was a smile in her mouth.

I wanted to see it someday.

The peaceful aftermath of the war between Yeouido (?) Eun Yeon Woo ended up winning.

• • • Asshole. Do you really use your fists to do that? ”The liver mutters, rubbing its eggs with its seemingly bruised eyes.

My plate prevented me from trying to stop it, but I already had no idea that I could be beaten by another millet's fist in the High Ramker class.

Yeongwoo fixed the twisted mask without saying a word. This mask was his trademark.

The liver looked like that and thought, What about the inside of that mask? Is wearing a mask just as ugly as the excuse surrounding Yeon-woo, or is there another story? Maybe it had something to do with the story of getting my lost brother back.

In fact, while Yeongwoo was being treated for a high fever, it was Anastasia who stopped Victoria from taking off her mask.

There must be a reason not to take off your mask, because I thought it was right to let it go if I didn't allow it.

And Yeon-woo listened to you and thanked the liver.

It was deep, even though it looked desperate on the outside. He did/did as I always thought he would.

However, it took a little while to become qualified to Pantna Edora • After that time • • Would your feelings disappear then? 'During the tutorial, the people who were cautious of the liver and Doyle were Panthwadora. I was a little curious about what paintings would be drawn if I put them together.

'The liver has become that strong.' The 72nd technique of the liver was so deep that it was hard to keep up with the flurries.

Yeonwoo also deepened her understanding of the arts by devouring the guilt of the late king; however, it was always a battle specialty. With his tactics varied, the stages of his liver were different from his.

The liver replied with an uneven voice.

The egg is still rolling over the globe.

“Do you have any idea where I'm going?” “Once you enter, you never know when you'll return. It's dangerous.

It's a battlefield where the dignitaries fight.

That's not the answer.

The liver realizes that Yeongwoo's voice is serious, and looks at him quietly, lowering the egg and narrowing his eyes.

“What do you want to say? What are you gonna do about Doyle's care? Shouldn't you be the one to defeat the Horseman's Tactics?” Even though Doyle regained consciousness, he has long been used as an Archbishop's vessel and deeply eroded by Magi.

To defeat it, a liver tactic was required.

“Oh, please help Victoria with that! I was about to answer something, but the door suddenly opened.

Yeon-woo looks back at you and opens her eyes wide.

Doyle stands. It was a bit of an earthquake, but with clear eyes.

“Let me in, Brother Cain.” You're awake now. ”“ Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much. "Say that to the liver.

“My liver brother did what he had to do. Wouldn't it be rather upsetting to the people around us to be so disturbed?” Like liver, Doyle remained. Yeon had no choice but to laugh.

More than that, like I said before. ”“ No. ”Take me with you to Tartarus.” "Hey! You're going to do it now, even though the liver woke up in a hurry to dry Doyle out of shock.

Pazzi-liver had to step back, barely approaching. Following Doyle, Black Magi splashes like a spark.

Doyle stretches out his right hand, not enough. Margie, who was bouncing, draws a fan and is sucked into the palm of her hand to form a small sphere. It was a skillful Margaery control.

The liver looks at Doyle with surprised eyes. I kicked my tongue noticing what happened to Yeon, who looked at the sphere into the dragon horse.

“A remnant of the Archbishop.” “That's right.” There was Margie all over Doyle's body. Margaery, who had been in the Archbishop's bowl, was thrown out and left behind.

“There's also a significant remaining knowledge of the Archbishop.” Exactly what the Archbishop would say. His thoughts, thoughts, knowledge, etc. seemed to remain in pieces.

In a way, it could be an act, or a telephone consolation for Doyle.

I'm sure the Archbishop will be very helpful in the future growth. Besides, there's a pile of high-purity bishops.

There were enough ingredients.

“Actually, it's all thanks to Mr. Percy,“ Percy? ”I never thought of the answer.

Doyle nods.

“He tied me to this world when I almost got pushed to the other side by the Archbishop's Zero Cancer. He told me to eat comfortably because I could wake up soon. • • I wanted to know how I was able to live while avoiding the Grand Bishop's senses.

"But it's hard for God to intervene so directly if he's not an apostle." "I've been a doctor for a while now.” Liver and victoria- That's what happened. Yeon-woo has too many surprises. Maybe they already have an apostle. It was also a famous racer. Recording body.

“I don't know much about you. However, according to Pycelle, she became a spirit, and her mind quickly turned around. Regardless of what happened, Persephone erased the existing apostle and placed a new rainfall on Doyle. Given that the appointment of the apostles was also very burdensome, it was also a sign of my intention to actively intervene in this matter.

I wonder if she wants to meet her husband as soon as possible and end Tartarus' turmoil.

Otherwise, when Yeon suddenly brought a letter from Persephone, she remembered the bitter smile Hades had made. His cynical, fatigued feelings were the first thing he revealed.

Then I shaved her head.

The swift judgment was prohibited. The acts of the unknowable gods were nothing but trouble to him.

Above all.

It was too complicated in my head

'So it's like playing with the wrath of God and demons.' Yeon-woo closed her eyes quietly. From Athena to Percellene, all the gods and demons had already guessed how this army would return.

Athena looked sadly at the man who had the case, and Percy stepped up to make Doyle his successor more directly. The Archbishop's ritual would have been dangerous, but in the end, her gambling had succeeded. An apostle who deals with the power of the Heavenly Horse. It's an achievement that no goddess or demons have ever accomplished.

I felt like I was a long-term mate on a chessboard with the gods and demons.

I've felt the same way before. Indeed, the Summer was only a good stage for pranks in the heavenly world.

[Athena crosses her head to say it's not like that] [Phycellene is silent] “And Persegni1 asked me to give him a message.” “What?” I will ask you as soon as possible. 'Yes.' It was an urge after all.

“If you just give me a few days, I'll restore my body. I also clear my heart.If you have Fercelle's strength, it will help even Dardardardardardardardaros. Will this be enough to help you with what Brother Cain is trying to do?” In the end, Yeon-woo nodded her head.

That's it.

A party for a new journey has begun.