Second Life Ranker

19. Crafted into an Earring (4)

Queek -- let me out. Let me out, rat.

I'm starving. A boat. A boat.

The eagerness leaking from the inside of the mangrove was creepy enough to hear it.

“As you can see, his ugly pupil made him look like this.” Anastasia frowns, crossing her arms at the entrance of the Man-soldier.

After Adamantine Nova disappeared, she used various boundaries and spells to keep the soldiers and nobles out of the way.

But there was no limit to that. Once the centrifugal points are gone, the pressure will be weak.

Moreover, while Anastasia was not only able to concentrate on the Almighty because of Victoria's work.

Victoria, who was in her seat, turns her head to the side, either speechless or quietly. Knowing that the liver and Doyle were also causes, I looked at all of them with a serious look.

Liver teaches martial arts, Doyle teaches Maggie. They are more sensitive than any other ranker with senses. They can see how serious it is inside the Almighty Intent.

A huge cost was being created.

The evil intentions that had been sealed with yogi and precious objects were leaking out, tangling with each other, enlightening each other's selves. If time goes on like this, it is clear that there will be a monstrosity that will be hard to deal with.

Of course, Anastasia could easily be torn apart if she did it herself. No matter how big a monster appears, you won't be able to resist her unless Gianin becomes a monster.

But Victoria knew.

Anastasia is a huge burden on her own. It was also the reason that the teacher had been separated from the world for over a thousand years.

Gwangcheon. It was always a shackle around Anadassa's ankle.

“But you're going to fix this? How?” Anastasia stares at Yeongwoo, looking at the Almighty Heaven with a fierce gaze, as if to say no.

However, Yeon-woo was still only asking in plain sight.

“That's my job to take care of. Just answer the question. If I solve that, will you give me Adamantine Nova? Of course, I'll give you my price:” This morning, Yeon-woo asked a series of questions where she found Anadassa. If Adamantine Nova is a Seal that catches up with such trouble, what will she do when she solves it?

In fact, this was Victoria's opinion all night.

Hearing that liver and Doyle were joining a party in the rain, she also expressed her intention to participate.

And before I go to Tartarus, I'm reminded that I have to make Adamantine Nova. It would be worth making a deal if we could solve the problem.

Fortunately, Victoria's opinion was accurate. Anastasia accepted the deal. Of course, Hall within was ridiculed.

“Come on. If you can do it, try it. If you do that, there's nothing you can't sell. No. I took care of your troubles, so I'll call you Orabini for that price. Leaving?” Under the mask, the two eyes of Yeon-woo draw a slight curve.

“That said, don't forget: Yeon-woo took a step inward.

An enormous force crushes Soft Rain's shoulders. It was a force that everyone had to endure.

[Power, struggle instinct.]] As the power kicks in, the force that once tried to surround Yeongwoo scatters.

[Struggle Instinct] Grade: Power Skill: 2.5% Description: 'The God of Olympus, the power bestowed by Ares.

Ares gazes at you from the usual moment, who has never faced many enemies on the battlefield.

However, while her sister Athena was sighted, she was impressed with you this time, slaughtering and gaining victory against her own great enemies.

She regrets not finding you before her sister does, and exerts her strong power, eager to become her apostle even now.

The stronger the pressure emitted by the enemy, the stronger the will to defeat the opponent by creating a struggle on the one hand. This will speed up HP consumption, but will greatly increase the Attack Power in return. The longer the power is activated, the stronger the effect.

Enemies who have never been knocked down receive stronger pressure as opposed to the inverse. Steals a small amount of stamina from the target you kill.

[Due to weak channeling with Ares, many of the effects of power are offset [It counteracts the effects of force.] [Absorbs a portion of your Energy and boosts your Attack Power.] Of course, it was you who unleashed all the power. If you do that, the channel linking that we just disconnected with the temporary shuttle will work in mass with over 900 other powers.

However, as it was already fully registered in Sugar Chang, it was sufficient to use some of the effects.

[I yell at Ares, "What are you doing?" They're yelling, "Can't we open the channel right now?" [Aterna sighs, watching quietly] [Ares flinches and takes a step back. They argue that they didn't mean it.] [Ares' taste is returning to ashewy color.] [Apollon laughs happily as he watches the two of them. I'm interested in you, [Artemis looks at you in a strange way] as well as slitting his left wrist with a soft masonry, splashing blood into the air.

Blood was originally (besides the residual blood poison that Hanwoo woke up, it was mixed with other poisons and became thick black.

[Power, sir.] 'Homogeneity' has been triggered. [Homogeneity] Grade: Power Skill. 5.2% Description: The god of 'Dilmoon', powered by Nergal, felt great admiration for your way of combat against the painful death of numerous enemies using the venomous monsters.

However, there are still many things missing in the method of using the poison, so I wanted to fix it.

Provides the power to produce various epidemics. Depending on skill level, the area and effect of the epidemic can be increased. The more enemies infected, the stronger the condition.

True death is no secret to the living and the dead. It has the same effect on those who have zero physical damage.

[Channeling with Nergal is weak and many of the effects of power are offset.] [It adds power to nerds.] Machine Kick-Shadow splits into a hundred pieces and rises to the top. The gangsters that blew up more than ever have been able to pass through the ranks at a rapid rate while being influenced by homosexuality.

The option to have the same effect on zeroes helped greatly, even though the channel weakness did not increase.

- What are these? Get lost! And then, when I slept full of malice, I immediately slept full of cries.

[The monster has defeated the 'Fantastic Fountain' sword of Tadasha. Forcibly absorbs force.1 [The nerd smashed the Forgotten Swordsman's Helmet. Forcibly absorb power.] [The Gut swallowed the Gut and Guy Guy Guy Guy's Book of Courage.] Forcibly absorb the power "Anastasia opened her eyes to situations that could not be thought of as her common sense.

The reinforcements and relics she had collected over the years have been shattering too easily.

To simple shadowy monsters! The reinforcements and artifacts were never broken like this. Most of the monsters and magic inside were definitely comparable to monsters, or even stronger.

And yet, he's too helpless.

Not just because it's sealed. It seemed as though he was terrified of the cost price.

Then Anastasia was able to realize what it was that made it possible.

[Voodoo Man's Soul] looks down at the monsters and monsters.] [I'm getting a lot of stiffness.] [The magic is turning back to escape in horror • •, What the hell is that? ”Infernosite was opened deep inside my wife. Anastasia, who confirmed it, frowned. Instinctively, she was also repulsive. A common monster and a magician were almost burned.

Who the hell is this guy? 'Anastasia turned around after nuclear war. He had no idea what Yeon-woo was.

Leah's pet. That's all there is to it.

Deep in the eyes of Yeongwoo, from the strange being that lived in the abyss, Rich, who crushed monsters and things, and the monsters couldn't stand her either.

This was the most exotic thing she had ever seen in a thousand years.

That way, the soldiers and earrings break at a rapid rate, and the "predation" of the monsters is also accelerated.

Eventually, a huge monster who had taken his own identity in the deepest depths encountered the monsters.

Yeonwoo resolved here like Sanon and Hanoi. Even those who were receiving the effects of power little by little from the gods of war had their power augmented so that they could quickly defeat the great monsters.

The big monsters scream and eventually tear themselves apart, claiming to be the food of the monsters.

Even Sanon and Han could enjoy a pleasant meal for a while.

The grim Almighty Heaven became as quiet as a lie.

Liver, Doyle, and Victoria kick their insides. The growth of Yeouido, which had become much stronger than when it hit the Archbishop, was now unbelievable.

And as Yeon took her family back into the shadows, she turned to Anastasia.

Anastasia sighs.

It was refreshing to think that the soldiers and nobles who had suffered like this had been cleaned up, but something was too worthless.

But a promise is a promise. She looks at Adamantine Nova with a somewhat regrettable face, then gives a snort and throws it to Yeong-woo.

“The only thing that hurt was snoring anyway. Take whatever you want.” But Yeon took Adamantine Nova and shook her head without much joy. Anastasia frowned again because she didn't know what was going on.

“I'm afraid I'm out of words.” Yeon-woo said in a blunt voice.

That • - 2 `Muscle “brother?” Anastasia's day is stiff as you call. Then he remembered what he had said.

“That's just a joke." Anastasia seems to be the one who just abandoned her promise. ”Anadassa?” Anastasia's grip on the bear stand trembles. My face turned red with resin. I could have just refused. The problem was that she had a major predisposition to desertion.

Lying could have a detrimental effect on the growth cE and in her character, I couldn't easily reap = -nu = 00 2 `O once in front of so many people.


Anastasia called Yeon-woo that way.

“It's so small I can't hear it very well.

Well, that's far enough. ”The bear squadron Anasdasha was holding was split in two.

[The bar's growth has reached its limit. Starts a pervert to emerge as a new being.] [The growth of the 'young' has been pushed to the limit. Prepare the pervert for desertion "[All geeks start perverting. You will not be able to execute any orders while the pervert is in progress.] [Watch out for external shocks.

If the pervert fails, the presence of the pervert may disappear.] Goose01, who has swallowed numerous yokels and gangs, has begun preparing to be reborn as a superior being.

Hundreds of monsters all went into the cocoon at the same time, making the cow happy. Swelling protects the shadow from injury, while continuously injecting nutrients to ensure a smooth pervert.


[You won the last ingredient, Adamantine Nova.]] [You have successfully completed the 1st requirement for the sub-quest (Hemlock Helmet).] [Begin the second requirement, 'Crafting into your ear'.] Once Adamantine Nova's ownership has been fully acquired, it reminds me of Edgy's request to start crafting.

“I hate you.” Anastasia suddenly said that. Yeon-woo stared at her silently.

Anastasia realizes why Yeon-woo looks at her like that and frowns. The promise was now progressive.

You can see Victoria laughing at the country from afar.

My stomach is boiling.

Above all, I didn't like the look in the eyes beyond the mask.

I wanted to smack his cheeky face because I felt like it.

He's fucking zero. How long do I have to do this?

I don't want to! Too! ”Anastasia stares at Yeongwoo and is filled with shame, but even more murderous.

“First it was a grudge to crush the wretched disciple, and second it was a bluff to hand out the fake stuff. Then he kept harassing his disciples, and now he's trying to wipe his feet and take the one who wanted to come home again.” Yeon could understand Anastasia a bit, cE but did not try to change her mind. The grumbling didn't go away so easily.

“They'll be watching everywhere.” Anastasia just said that and turned away. The nearby starters quickly catch up. Then she stands in front of Victoria, snapping at her hesitant disciple's broken head. Caugh! The screams echo out loud.

Anastasia was only just a little deceived, 'she snorted and went back to her home. Victoria had to touch the hump for a long time. With a bitter smile, the liver became tired of the hump with magic tricks.

Doyle shakes his head, tucking his tongue aside, quietly approaching the kite's side.

“Brother Cain, what's your plan now? Are you going straight to Tartarus?” “No. I plan to gather them first.” “Members?” “I have to make a guinea pig. We'll have to gather some skilled masters first.” There are three Cyclops, but I had no choice but to build one on my own instead of Yeon's. Besides, we're running out of time. I had to borrow my other hand.

'The men who studied the Wise Man's Stone should be enough.

Fortunately, five masters, Victoria, participated in the party, and Abraham had just heard the news about Yeon-woo and said he would be happy to help. As Ananda's symptoms improved, she was able to leave for a while.

I had enough members for now.

I wanted to add one person here and one more.

Hanova. 'In the field of metallurgy, none of the players could catch up to him.

However, the concern is.

'I haven't searched for too long.

As soon as I visited, the hammer flew in; Yeon-woo was already starting to worry.

How do I get her up this time? 'Of course, the direction of concern was much different from that of ordinary people.


The length of Yeon-woo's hands, stuttering the mask, trembled slightly. Tension.