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20. Craft into an Earring (5)

• • • Taking together five answers and 125 scholars' opinions, the Magic Alliance will declare the monopoly Cain public, and will form a chase party to vanquish him from this time forward. ”The moment the 1 st, 0, 0, 0 barrels beat, all the wizards in the conference room rose as if they had promised.

Their faces felt as tense as one.

Proprietary Declaration of the Magic Alliance.

The meaning of this was never small.

Originally, the tower and various academics could never be fused.

It was because they walked differently from each other.

But the beginning of the Balfurgis Night Workshop began to talk about the Union, and it was Necropolis that launched as a demonstration.

And Negropolis' annihilation brought a new sense of crisis, adding a little oil to the United Nations' growth rate.

It was so shocking that the player who was less than nine kings was defeated by Essong.

And this became an opportunity for the elders of the academic community who had been arrogant to understand their position calmly.

However, the process was never smooth.

It was because of the existence behind the proprietor.

“Rumor has it that if you are destroyed like Mu-Sin Kim, the relationship between monopoly and monopoly is very good.” “We get along well with Cheongram's brothers and sisters who are said to be candidates for the next king.” That must be the big blue one. ”There are no kings or one-horned tribes.

If they turn their backs on the Summer Queen and the Red Dragon and are told that they are the strongest within the towers they have ever dreamed of.

Will the Wizards be able to do it? So there were many discussions and conflicts. But the court was beaten, and the agenda was concluded. There was nowhere left for them to turn.

The five heads of the tower, who were looking down at the clumsy meeting hall, slowly got up and headed for the exit along the stairs.

Their work was also rigidly fortified by a battle to come.

“You son of a bitch, come here!” Yeongwoo's prediction that the hammer would fly when she visited the forge was favorable. There is an anvil that flew in place of the hammer, of course, although Yeon-woo shrugged her head very gently.

“Isn't that expensive? You're going to fix it later because it's so messed up. You'll overdo it again. Then you can't see the shape. •“ Shut up and make it 7! ”Hannova squeals and growls at the words of Yeon-woo.

As expected, Hanova is the same now. When I thought that, a bloody smile leaked out.

“Split what up?” Hanova frowns more as if the attitude of such a pitiful ally was unwelcome.

“Anyway, excuse me.

“Anybody who wants to • • • Hanova yelled again, but Yeon-woo opened the door and stepped into the forge. Following up, the liver, Doyle, and Victoria carefully said," Excuse me. "Groitz looks around with a strange look and enters last.

This zero-hanova has a red face like a date. Those fists holding the hammer are trembling. I was going to throw it away.

“First, let the anger settle.

He's very old, and then he collapses from hypertension. ”“ It's because of you! ”That's a shame.” “This son of a bitch got over it.

I felt like I wanted to hit that head with a hammer because I was stubborn.

But then again, he's gonna die skillfully avoiding it. The more I looked at him, the angrier he got.

Liver and Doyle looked at that pond and Henova face in shock.

"What is this? You think that Kain guy makes jokes like that?" Wow. Unbelievable • • The Yeon that you two have been through has always been cold and hard. Like a sword dangerously embedded in the battlefield, it is filled with blood. It stands sharp, but doesn't look strange when it is broken at any time.

Of course, unlike the cold supercollider, he knew that there was a lot of cruelty in.

However, seeing this different look, I felt like my existing image was running out of my head. It's a little surprising. I also felt closer to Yeon Woo.

The same was true of Groitz. After returning the welcome knights he had brought back to the headquarters, I was pleased to see a new face of Yeon-woo, who had been following silently like no one else.

Is he related to the regiment commander? Hmm. Groitz is as clumsy as a kitten, smiling as a kitten.

“But what's with the tail? Have you been hanging around like that all month?” Hannova looked at those three people with his axe eyes. Considering the occasional commotion between Fant and Brotherhood with Yeon Woo,

He seemed to have added four more troubles to his eyes.

At that moment, Victoria smiles slightly and steps forward.

“Henova, it's been a while.” “Another year • • • • • • huh? Victoria?" “Why are you here?” As five masters alike, they had occasional, if not often, exchanges.

“Ah. I wonder where his runes of magic came from.

That was you. ”Hanova slept with her tongue when she made the Wise Man's Stone. Then I narrowed my eyes.

“Do you want me to say something for you?” “I'll think about it, if that's what Hanova's saying.” “That guy, move. There's a lot of rhinoceros in his head. If we don't get out of here now, we're gonna have to make it through this.” Victoria bursts into laughter.

Hanova shakes his head and kicks his tongue.

“Looks like you've already stitched it together.

Anyway, well, yeah. How's your teacher? "“ Thanks to you. ”“ That's fine. ”I was slightly surprised to hear the conversation between the two of you.

“Did you know Anastasia?” Hanova throws a hammer on the floor and stares at Yeongwoo for a moment with a fat expression. A conflicted face who wants to answer his questions. Then he lifts up the bear stand he left next to him.

There was smoke pouring out of my mouth.

“Didn't he use a bear stand like this?” “I did.” “That's what I made you. She said she was pulling the trigger when she saw me smoking, so she made me one.” At that moment, Yeon-woo remembers the bear squad that was frozen in Anasdasa's hands.

It's what happened to him when he was dying. I didn't mean to say it because I thought the hammer would fly. Victoria saw a glimpse of Yeon-woo.

“It's a full-grown magazine. It's a hobby of collecting strange weapons, and it used to give me a place to store them. I used to repair things for you if they were damaged.

The Almighty Heaven fell into the hands of Yeon Woo. Needless to say, all the weapons were destroyed. Of course, I did not mention it this time.

“I used to build her a vacation home or something.” Yeon reminds me of Anastasia's home that she blew up.

How many masterpieces like that have you destroyed? It's all about the money. He used to say he was like a father.

Even though he blew up his work like this.

'I decided to shoot a word into my heart, and to be consistent with Morse until the end. At this time, it was good to be wearing a mask. Victoria rolled her feet in the sand.

“Well, think of it as an old business. Turn it off. Whatever. So, what are you jealous of this time?” Hanova frowns and asks Yeong-woo. As much as the steam, NASA 1 Ha 'an smoke hovers around him.

“He only comes when I ask him for something.

I'm disappointed. "“ Of course you were, weren't you? Don't talk nonsense! What else? "Yeon grins bitterly. Hannova, of course, knew himself too well.

But considering this, it was also very important to Hannova.

My eyes sank deeper.

“I want to say something seriously.” Hannova either read Yeon Woo's mind or groaned softly and flipped the bear squad to the ground.

Tak! He shifts to the inner room, but Henova is a chubby face.

I have no choice but to have a heart ache after one who has never thrown his face out.

Even then, it was noisy outside.

“Wow! What is this? I think I'll get a veil if I keep my hands on it. How did you make it?” “Also 'Iron Master' • •. That's what I've heard.” “Can't you just ask for one?” “Wouldn't that be upsetting?” “Or a little • • • • car” “Please grow up.” The liver and Doyle were busy going around inside the forge and looking at the rearranged weapons and weapons.

“Amazing. Really. That's a new skill you've developed. This is another month, isn't it?” Victoria looked at the workshop and admired it.

= 1- 0 It's been a long time since I've had a gun full of sparkles. The new technology that Hannova introduced has caught his eye.

And Kreutz.

You find a hidden liquor shed in one of the stalls and stand still.

Just looking at the egg can already made me drool because I used to enjoy making fun of him with my usual servants. Above all, it's a price to call a Dwarf-stained pearl.

I'm sleepy enough to build a forge (?) Hahnova, who was occupied by them, yelled at the crowd as heat lifted her face off the road.

“Shut up, you bastards! Hannova closes the door tightly, slamming back into place.

“How can Ehana, like the one you carry, have the same concept, zero to one?” “How did that happen?“ They said there were more and more of them. Just like that. Hanova presses her temples with her index finger, whether she's already in pain or in pain. I still couldn't understand why my forge became an apartment such as Yeon Woo.

The outside, which wanted to be quiet for a while, became noisy as if it had been again.

Hanova didn't think they would listen anyway, so he asked again with an unspoken expression.

0 0 “Yes. I don't want to talk about it. What, and, like, a Wise Man's Stone or something?” “similar.” I also brought you something that really hurts. "What you need to do now is to make it in your ear.” “In the ear?” Hanova frowns and tilts her head. It's a name that a lot of people have seen somewhere, but I can't remember what it is. Then he could recall Park Hyun's name deep in his memory.

“Are you talking about Hades' substitute? A helmet worn by the prince of Olympus?” “Yes.

“Ha! Now you're really leaving. Why did you make that again?” Hanova's expression is that she's not praying. It was never quiet every time Yeon-woo brought something to do.

Yeon-woo didn't say anything here for a moment. A lot of thoughts were going through my head.

In fact, how many times did he have to worry about coming here? Whenever he needed something, he borrowed Hanova's hand, and whenever he did, he quietly helped him without asking anything.

You must have a lot of questions. I always believed in him.

Likewise, even if I asked why, I knew that if I answered 'because I needed to,' I would roll up my arms and ask out.


Can we really do that? 'Maybe I've been leaning too hard on Hannova's consideration and convenience.

Besides, it's not as easy to talk about as it used to be.

It was about getting Hanova to pay for what he was doing and exposing him to the "danger" he was worried about.

It also led to the whereabouts of her sister, whom she missed so much.

Asking for such a thing and not telling the general intention. Hanova says he's fine, but he's deceitful.

So after a few years of Yeon-woo, I thought again and again. Eventually, I made a decision. Let's leave it to Hannova's choice.

“Done. The hardest thing in the world to make, I suppose, is a tool to open your mouth.“ So, you're asking me to help her? Don't tell me you want to go to Tartaros or something like that. ”Henova had to blur her tail instead of talking. Suddenly, Yeon-woo took her hand to the surface without any foresight.


The glance-green peels off the mask that was covering the oyster. It's been a long time since I've been friends, so I feel a little strange. At the same time, I felt nervous and it resounded.

When I saw my man cave. I had no idea what Hanova was gonna say. I don't blame him, or I don't feel depressed. I was also worried.

Hanova either didn't realize that Yeon-woo had taken off her mask, or she was surprised for a moment. And then his face came out. The two big eyes slightly narrowed.

You make the sound of a fainting groan. Like it's ridiculous. But he was smiling.

“That was quick. Naive