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Vaporizer Crafted into Earrings (6)

Yeon-woo's expression is brief. There were a lot of questions and words in my head. Then I asked with a trembling voice.

“Did you know • • • • • •?” Hanova casually asks the guards in her mouth instead of answering, as if she were going to pill the lotus.

“I made your armor and mask. And if you don't know, he's an idiot.

Yeongwoo's eyes widened. Both the arena and the mask were made specifically for him by Hannova.

By his words, he even made armor and mask mean he had a modest understanding of the opposing team's size. It would have been impossible if Yeon-woo had previously shared her information window, but it wasn't picking up even the most delicate parts that couldn't be captured by itself.

No, even if you leave all that behind.

In retrospect, Hanova clearly knew him well. The eyes and attitudes of God were mixed with warmth.

“At first I thought the dead child had returned. At that time, I thought it was a good thing to hide because there were so many eyes around me, there was nothing good to see.

“But then I kept talking and I realized, It's not her. I have her face, her body, her eyes, her voice.

He was a completely different guy. Speech, personality, "Hannova's gaze was fixed in a palace that only sparks. Dadaq.

Da. I hear the firewood approaching gradually.

“That's why I felt like someone was playing a prank on me.

And then it made sense. Heheh. I said something like I used to say before. Old man.

The voice of the dead man echoes in Hanova's ears.

When I was beating the iron like crazy, I came into the workshop without my permission and I saw the chatter.

- Why are you so cranky? If you're gonna hang around here, go over there and ruin it! - Do you have a family? - All of a sudden, you sound like a dork? - Just answer the question.

- Hmph! I'm a black dwarf who never blinks his eyes elsewhere in his entire life, only prides himself on running away from his blacksmith life! There's no way that could have gone wrong.

This anvil is my son, and the hammer is my wife. It's not funny.

- This one? - It's better than your boring life. His smile was still painted.

- I still have one lousy brother.

Hanova's gaze was firmly fixed on the swallow's waist. A sword that sprinkles cool energy.

At the time, the beating iron was in the hands of the 'older brother' who said like he was passing by.

“I was actually waiting for you to tell me when. There's nothing good about me digging. I thought I was still working on it.” “But now you want to draw a little bit? No, there's a price tag, but I have a conscience, so it's a strategy to lean on compassion.” Hanova narrows her eyes and stares at Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo shakes her head firmly.

“Absolutely not:" “No, it's not what? I'm at the top of your head. Don't you usually know where you're going?” I think our old man knows his master's personality better? Because you've been through too much. "The sound of Sadan's laugh resounded in my mind.


"Ugh, please shut up.

Hanova inhales deeper into the bear pack. There was silence between the two.

Yeon-woo thought for a moment what to say. I'll say I'm sorry for hiding it in the meantime. Or else.

“What did he say about me?” Yeon-woo did the same job as Cha Jung-woo and asked.

“You said he was a jerk.

'This bastard • • • “Drag. Now that you think about it, that's a good point. Don't you think?" Hanova bursts out a smile that will make you feel good. There's no place where annoyances have been mixed up. Your weapon looks good.

Yeon-woo also looked at him like that and smiled, then slowly opened his mouth.

“Earlier, you asked me why I should make a Guinea.” “I did.” “To find Jungwoo.” At that moment, Hanova's lips hardened with a calm smile.

Hanova opens her eyes in words she had never thought of.

Yeon-woo began to talk about her situation. A set of Question King brothers that can only be made by Crafting a Guinea. A promise with the three Giggles. And some kind of secret society watch.

“Can you show me?” Yeon gave the clock to Henova. Hanova watches carefully for a long time. Then I frowned and gave it back.

“The seals are too strong.

Metallurgy isn't the only way to fix it. Besides, you said it was adra. ”“ I'm pretty sure it's in there somewhere. It's hard to touch even for me. And perhaps it was hard, but Mohanova didn't give it to the hind horse. But Yeon-woo knew if she was going to say it. 'The Cyclops might not be able to break the seal.

Not speaking openly is a courtesy of the three Cyclops, called the God of blacksmiths.

Also, it was not that easy to deal with spiritually.

“Yes, I'm guessing I might.” “Then why?” “But if there are three gods attached, and Victoria and Abraham help us, there will be a solution. Besides, there's no need to worry about Henova.” White + Do you know how to make bread? ”Hanova snores, but still feels good and has a slight smile on his mouth.

“And even if it fails, then we help Hades and get Guinea reinstated. •“ Then we can awaken the power of the King of Chilhog and find a new solution, is that what you're saying? ”“ Yes.

Yeon-woo nods.

If only Lord Zero and the demons were so fearful and could grasp the power that Poseidon was so wary of. Yeon-woo thought the road would open by itself.

Hanova crosses her arms and nods heavily.

“At the end of the day, you have to start with the earliest," and then move on to Tartaros? "Yeon-woo smiles silently.

Hanova frowns slightly and bites the bear stand in her mouth.

“You've had a hard time meeting strange brothers in the last year.

What have I ever done to rebuild my life? "

Hannova's eyes were burning like a flame in a brazier, hoping that he might see his son again.

The Archbishop slowly opened his eyes and raised his torso. I could see the familiar sights.

A room full of solemn feelings.

I could see from this that all the plans had gone wrong, but I looked down at my “muscles" in case you were wondering.

It was also a wrinkled hand. Hands that look dull and dry with blood and bone joints. I even straightened up the dark mushrooms and didn't look strong enough.

In fact, he had very little strength left.

Magical organs are dry and muscular and can no longer be repaired. It was possible to stay like this because he was able to walk in the flesh with great spirituality.

However, even if the body completely collapsed, it would be useless. No, before that, if the curse invades the soul, it's over.

That's why I wanted a new body.

As a higher being, I intend to overcome all adversity.

• • • Will it fail again? ”The meaning was not fulfilled.

“But this time, I thought I was close to success.

Damn it; damn it.

As a priest and an apostle, the Archbishop was saying something he could never say.

However, even after seeing this blasphemous child, the god who had no interest in the earth was just a silent answer.

I wish I'd put a thousand bees down in Zari. I didn't follow him.

No, I don't think he needs to be punished. Or is it just a nuisance?

Whatever the reason. As Archbishop, it was a fool's errand.

If only I'd known this would happen.

"Zari, why didn't you wake up? 'Archbishop Kim had the ability to leap to the top of the tower once with the bloody sage of the one-horned tribe. And I heard that the bishops who followed him were the greatest.

But the problem was that they were not as bad as their dogs.

Under the notice of the dark dawn, the horsemen were hell indeed.

Ma. With the declaration that the word alone is the true identity of the Church, the congregation continued to die saying that the day was far away.

There were a variety of reasons.

There's no reason to say God doesn't like you. Because God wants to. Because God wants to. Whenever God, God, God, and God made them triumph, they gladly died, saying, "What do you want from me?" like a gazette, and the faithful thought it was really the word of God.

When he saw it, there was nothing up or down but crazy people everywhere.

It was originally said that the horsemen were fanatics from the outside, so they would be fingered, but it was a society with warm cruelty.

The teachings of Bondi chumma speak of peace and love = () '. It was the true content of the doctrine that Mara chased the light away from the darkness.


He turns everything upside down because he doesn't want to see the churches all covered in darkness.

During the bona fides ceremony where they sacrificed to the Heavenly Horse for 10 years, everyone got up on their knees and prayed, climbed the altar alone, and tore apart the Black Whale Throw and the other nine bishops.

He also wrote on his own head a blood-soaked ornament and proclaimed himself the new Archbishop.

All the congregation blew up the ship, but I couldn't resist the man who killed the Black Dawn, etc.

Eventually, the service ceremony ended like that, and the curse was engraved firmly on the Archbishop's soul.

That was when all the heavenly power that had always led the Church was shut down.

It was also because of this incident that several high ranking bishops died of seclusion.

Since the power of the Heavenly Horse is not permitted, there must be a limit to the power the priests can have.

The power cut is unbelievably low compared to the previous generation.

It was unknown all these years because the Archbishop had great power over Wina and suffered from the immigrant, Kindred, but now he was willing to risk it.

The curse began seizures and consumed the flesh.

From that point on, the Archbishop had no choice but to be bitter.

He had never cursed a thousand horses before.

Rather, I tried day and night to establish a doctrine that had been broken by the black dawn. Thanks to this, even though the cruelty was weakened, the life of the congregation became better every day.

In addition, I eagerly hoped that I would change my mind from the seventh mother while holding my hands in prayer at dawn for decades. But even then, even now, there was no answer.

'I am not afraid to die. It's a long life after all.

However, if I disappear, what will my future teachings be? 'In a tower full of wolves. After the Archbishop is gone, what if the realities of the Church are known to the outside world? At that time, the peace that was barely built up collapses. Peace was only built on the foundation of solid power.

So the Archbishop thought that if the Emperor did not respond to the end, he would have to force him to respond.

If you become part of a thousand horses.

Then, even the churches who do not know when they will be destroyed will be able to work again. So I went ahead with the plan. Everything has gone wrong now.

Of course, I didn't know that there would be a thousand horses or other traces besides the King Ahjussi's faults at the top of the tower. It was a piece of the Woman's Wand that was scattered so evenly that we couldn't identify the entire Horse Warrior position.

However, the problem was that the Archbishop was running out of time.

And the bishops were barely stacked up and the parish chiefs were swept away. There was very little left for the Archbishop.

'This is the only way.

The Archbishop thought it was time to finally take out the last hand he didn't want to do.

"If our gods are rejected, we must find another."


Maybe it's locked.

The Archbishop's eyes scattered. In the middle of my foot.

Kindred emerges as the quick-door opens. I looked down at him and asked, as if I didn't have a face.

“Kindred, get ready for mercy.” “" But • • • Kindred opened his eyes to the treacherous Archbishop, but soon bowed his head again.

“Where are you taking me?” "The shrine of the King of the East and West. ”