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22. Craft into an Earring (7)

“Oh, you don't have to help me like this.” “No. Because I want to.” The old man smiles warmly as he sees the young man carrying his burden.

“I don't know whose house it is,

Would your parents be happy to know? ”“ Thank you.

The young man began to climb the slopes with the old man as he nationalized the back of his head. For a short while, his face looked sad, but soon he was smiling again in the room.


The shadow that was watching him in the crowd was wet with strange emotions.

'I'm glad you're doing well, though.' Han Han breathed a sigh of relief as he grew farther and farther away = 1-0 ⁄ 2012; near zero.

Ever since I became a member of Yeon-woo's family, I have been busy with my mind to reclaim my former life's power for a day and my busy days with Yeon-woo, and I haven't been able to care about my son.

Of course, I didn't care because I saw Yeon-woo giving birth to her son's life as promised occasionally.

However, after seeing it with my own eyes for a while, I felt united.

I quit my medicine, and now I work at a grocery store outside of the tower, earning Genama living expenses.

After walking quietly behind me all day long, I was living a sincere life.

It was a completely different look from the son I had known so far, such as being kind to customers and selling things diligently, or stepping up to help someone who needed to cross the street.

So for a short while, he mistook himself for someone else who looked just like his son.

Maybe he only looks like that during the day because of the reputation around him, and maybe he's planning something different at night. I didn't see anything like that at all.

It really is a rehabilitation.

Although I did not have the capacity as a player, I was still doing my part.

What the hell did Yeon-woo do to her son? Suddenly, Han suddenly thought of that.

But I soon fell head over heels.

Maybe the way I've been doing things has gone wrong.

He wanted to do everything for Hanjin, who had been sick since he was a child. Nevertheless, I wasn't there for Hanbin when he needed me. I didn't even know that those things had made him that way in the past.

Of course, that did not justify what Hanbin had done.

There were a lot of people who were hurt by him, and the 16th floor was a wreck.

But seeing my son like this, it made me feel somewhat clearer in my complicated head.

"Faithless" reminded me of a time when I bumped into Faithless in the palace of the future King.

I never thought I'd see you here! That wasn't Faithless.

Although he was using different faces, what appeared then was definitely one who thought he would die a long time ago or live, but now he would not be able to recall.

'Kim Mu-Sin.' A fist tightly clenched.

'Where have you been hiding? • • Faith has recently been highlighted as six sacred, but he's actually been playing the tower for quite a long time.

It was said that he was famous for various kinds of rides, but he was not that good, so he only had a dull reputation.

Then the red dragon collapsed, and the tower was suddenly injured in an uproar.

However, Kim Mu-Sin became that kind of face.

No, exactly. One was disguised as Faith.

'It must have been swallowed. The real Faithless.' Kim Mu-Sin was an unmanned lunatic who was obsessed with working alone. But then you ignore the other catches. It would make sense to use one of them when I came to the corner where I had learned 0 or 0 tricks.

If you want to avoid various surveillance scattered throughout the tower, you'd better disguise yourself like that.

However, if there is a problem.

'Kim Mu-Sin, it wasn't just one person.

I knew it because I became Death Noble, a spiritual being.

There were many souls in Faith other than Mu-Sin Kim. The problem was that most of them were known to one another.

'Bye-bye, Cadix, White Snow, Sey, Tyler • • • • • • • and Plane.

Only his paws can hold a sword and throw their lives for Kim Mu-Sin. Once, it was gum that made it a purity that belonged to the eight generations' clans.

They were all with the Swordsman.

And one of them was a figure I never thought of.

Shame on you.

Planc, the brother of the King, the one who held hands with the Swordsman and raised his clarity! Of course, there were other souls that seemed to have been collected from all over.

It was mostly the cleanliness of Kim Mu-Sin.

In the end, Faceless was a purity that moved by itself.

However, the body was not functioning after piercing too many souls in one body. Even though I moved a little, I felt like my main personality was constantly changing at that time.

However, Han felt that Faith would someday be able to break that constraint and regain my integrity.

No, maybe it reached higher ground than the Society's Kim Mu-Shin.

It's possible to think in groups that contain so many souls, and with so many mixed memories, it's going to be that much better.

Above all.

Kim Mu-Sin, who was known by Han, did not succumb to any adversity, but overcame himself and got what he wanted like evil.

So in a silent state, I could sit down to the great seat of the Nine Kings.

- I'll see you next time.

Shortly before the cave collapsed, Faithless withdrew to Han Ying Kyung.

And so far. Han had to live with the frustration of feeling overwhelmed.

As long as it goes back to that time, the choice will not be reversed.

But even so.

After all, they are the result of their own birth.

She had already told Yeon-woo everything about Faith.

Yeon-woo didn't have to draw the line. However, I didn't lose my frustration.

Since you saw yourself with Yeon Woo, Faith wouldn't be a fool, but you would have noticed whose hands were sealed with the destruction of Purity.

Ghost, where are you? At that time, the voice of friendship was conveyed through the link.

Looks like it was time to go back.

After he said he was going to return soon, he looked behind his son who was disappearing far away, and then he infiltrated into the shadows and disappeared.

Instead of walking down the street, Hanbin paused and looked back. I definitely felt the cost. Familiar cost.

“What's the matter?” Wow, no. Keep going. ”Hanbin shakes his head, and seven elderly men start walking down the street again.

“Uncle! Are you going back to work? Bad!” Yeon-woo's groaning raised her high.

“I'll be right back, this time." "Done. I've said that before.

Moreover, this time, Abraham also smiled softly because he knew that this was the gentle struggle of Cesar. It is because I am disappointed that Abraham, who plays as usual, is also empty.

“Merona, when you get here!” “My uncle made it for me last time! Make me another one!” Yeon-woo didn't even know it, and it burst into laughter. And he patted me on the back, saying he knew. In addition, I eagerly wished into my heart. May the priests bring news of a bright smile on the way back from this trip.

“Don't worry about Cesar. I'll take care of her. No, actually, I don't think there's anyone in town who wouldn't take care of her already.” The blacksmith repaired his glasses and handed over the librarian. The village boys' nerve wars surrounding Cesar were already growing differently every day.

Yeon-woo shakes hands with Caesar and returns to where the group is.

Hanova stands with her head nailed down, staring at Caesar.

“That child is • •“ Yes. This is Jungwoo's daughter. ”Hanova nods heavily: I saw her coming and going when she was making the Wise Man's Stone, but I didn't notice her at the time. Even though I followed Yeon-woo around calling him uncle, I thought it was just a title.

But it wasn't.

“Would you like to hold her?” Henova hesitates for a short walk and carefully hugs Caesar. Like if you hold it wrong, it breaks. However, only Caesar, who didn't know the language, opened his eyes blindly.

“Uncle! This little grandfather is a strange little grandfather. Yeon-woo had to endure the urge to smile without even knowing it. The rest of the party turns their heads, blushing.

Hanova comes back, sighing softly, touching Cersei with her short arms. Then I looked at Yeongwoo with the axe's eyes.

“Looks like your brothers have a family history.” “I think so.” I looked back at the group. Liver; Doyle, Victoria, Kreutz. This is Ephraim, Galilee and Hanova, eight in total.

Suddenly, it was a crowded party.

If you think about what you committed to pursuing Solo Playing just until you got to the first answer. It changed a lot even though it was different.

“Then I'll clear a path.” Abraham tore the scepter in his hand. Then the red portal opens wide beneath their feet.

It was a portal scroll created by tracking coordinates of a single sweep of Dardardaroth to the Vadang.

Beyond the portal, you see the gray sky of Tartarus.

I'm crossing over like that.

“My Lord? Why don't you come here?” Suddenly, on the rooftop of Abraham's hut, the King was sitting quietly gesturing to this side.

Yeongwoo opens her eyes, not knowing why the teacher showed up, and asks the group to wait for a moment before approaching the King.

“What's the matter?” “You gotta clean up your mess, right?” As Yeon-woo stares at me, the King gently throws his inner air onto the paper he was holding in his hand as if answering it.

Yeon-woo grabs a piece of paper and reads the page. Soon, my eyes sank deep.

The horse has declared war on you. ”In the previous name. The practitioner of mitigation shall proclaim: Wuro/ka/s, the helping pagans, the relevant money/Y/sled/s to be enclosed/new.

“As you can see, all the people who help you will be stripped of their limbs. This is bullshit to me, too, right?” The King was a monologue of annoyances.

“And the scavenger cub will quietly eat out of the corner, and then suddenly he'll make alliances with you and beat the hell out of those black lizards." ”The Black Salamander seems to be talking about the Black Dragon and the Haman Lizard.

“The Horse Towers have been shot in the head or coalition, and they're pointing a gun at something weird.

You think of Dr. Doom and Negropolis, whose rope melted into the hands of Yeon-woo's wealth.

“Elohim, these bastards want to keep the women quiet, too. They want to talk to me?" Even mercenaries are gathering, "Four of the eight Kleese move.

The sorcery coalition was not as powerful as the Women's Faction because it was divided. Together, it was no less powerful. If the Iron Brigades could stand up and rally the mercenaries, they would be well equipped.

There could have been a Great War.

“But all of this was centered on you. What kind of mess are you in?” The King narrows his eyes. His mouth is smiling, but his sensitivity is as intense as the air.

“Thanks to my disciple, our town is in trouble, too. What should we do?" But.

“I think that's all we have yet.” Yeon-woo was troubled.

The King's brow frowns.

“It needs to be riper, and that's not all I want.” “You • • • • • • don't expect 'Great war' to happen?” “If possible.” Ha! This faggot carried his forehead with an expression that he did not pray.


Great Top.

The tower has been at war for thousands of years. However, there were several wars in which almost half of my population flew away.

A typical war is now a legendary second war.

The road to the 98th floor is a battle between the polyps who want the heat to rise again and Allfowon who stayed on the 77th floor and stopped them.

And the result led to the destruction of the dragon that ruled the tower at that time. If there had not been a summer queen as a child, it would have been completely desolate.

Since then, there have been a few wars, and each time, Tom was hit by a completely reversed power outbreak.

But Yeon-woo was mentioning it.

As a king, I couldn't help but wonder. However, Yeon-woo's eyes were more serious than ever.

“Just be prepared. War is not so easy anyway. because they're not going to be able to rush in much bigger than they thought, but they're going to be busy looking at each other. As long as the power lines don't catch fire, we'll be busy traveling under the Cold War system for a while.” And you're the one pulling the fire in the ignition? ”Yeon never said anything.

The King's eyes sank deep. The tip of one lip dries up. "Is this the picture you've been hoping for?” My apprentice, your painting skills have come once.