Second Life Ranker

23. Craft into an Earring (8)

The King kicked out his tongue.

“My policy, you know?” “Yes. I know,” The King has always put three principles ahead of his time in running a one-horned tribe.

No interference. No intervention. Zero tolerance.

Do not accept interference. They don't intervene. However, if any of these two things fail, it will never show tolerance.

So, the one-horned tribe could stand alone in the fierce feud between the eight generations and continue to grow in stature.

But now the rainbow is making a big blue noise in the tower.

Even the one-horned tribe could be swept away like the background of Yongwoo.

Especially since the Horsemen and the Magic Alliance have not hesitated to say anything about targeting the one-horned tribe.

The League of Mercenaries was also burning with the will to fight.

If you want to intervene in the fight against the monopoly, even the one-horned king, you will be spared the rebellion.

In addition, the Blood Country and the League of Black Dragons made a wish that the King would give it to them.

No, it was easier to know than a fool that we would join hands with Yeon who had no power to do this in the first place.

But the king had no desire to set foot in such a place.

What happened in the battle with the Red Dragon was simply because he was caught up in the battle while chasing after the culprit who had harmed his clan in accordance with the principle of zero tolerance.

He was always in a position to laugh at the scoffer who said he was famous to each other.

The place he looked at was not that kind of mud.



It was his only interest to stand over his head and drag him down, looking down arrogantly.

The King came to remind us again.

He sent out the two disciples ahead of him, and now he's barely found them. Then there was a slight chance. I don't like accidents that happen on fictitious days, but I haven't seen them since I was a child.

But if you go too far and try to fry yourself some dirt, I couldn't stand it.


It nodded, knowing Yeon-woo well. Before he was a teacher, he gave up his brother for his family.

He couldn't have known his place.

No, even if you leave it at that.

“This is my job.” Revenge had to be done with his own hands.

“I think I've said the same thing before. Well, never mind. Have a good trip.

It must have been hard. ”The king once again hides his mark in admiration.

Yeonwoo bows her head to the teacher who is still watching her, and returns to where the portal is.

Immediately, the swarm of light filled the world and reversed its vision.

i've entered the Hidden Stage, Tartarus.] “The air is so precious.” “Zero pressure is fading. Is it because of where the priests live?” “This is where the Tartaros party frowns as soon as they enter the Tartaros.

Dirty air. Creepy feeling. To the weight of the shoulder compression.

The living are an unwelcome place, and for those who had not mastered martyrdom, they immediately felt that their body and soul would disintegrate without placing the forbidden land or the right spirit.

While both the liver and Doyle quickly practiced their tactics and escaped the pressure, Victoria set up a round shield where the group was, triggering the artifact Anastasia had given them. From here to Groitz, Julpicar was plugged into the floor and memorized the axle door or added another protective shield.

When I first slaughtered it on Tartarus, Hanova, whose face was blue, was finally able to take a breath.

Then he looked around and asked Yeon-woo.

“But they immediately went to the temple of the king. Where are you?" Yeon-woo looked around and couldn't find anything. Only the strangest remnants of the hostiles told me that there was a battle a long time ago.

Yeongwoo looks back at Abraham, who made the scroll. But Abraham didn't know what was going on either.

“I took the coordinates you gave me.” Yeon-woo tries to reproduce if the coordinates she captured were wrong. But there was nowhere to be heard.

[Bimachildara smiles satisfactorily at the sight of the familiar battlefield.] [Kernunos watches you quietly. Purcell will soon find her husband.] When the message of the gods connected to channeling frowned slightly.

“You said it was the last remaining realm of Hades?” Abraham glanced at the sky and asked, “So that means sanctuary. Well, in that case, there's usually two. What is" “?” First, while you were searching for materials, Hades ended up crashing - this. "[Persephone grunts] When she hears about the woman, she suddenly grabs her head and kneels on the floor.

“What's the matter?” The liver is startled, and I'm about to lift him up. At that moment Doyle gives me a glimpse of his liver.

Immediately, Doyle's energy spits out, and the group takes a step back. The shield that surrounded them was shaken.

Doyle's eyes were glowing in dark green.

“How dare you discuss my husband's death? What kind of good company is that?” An angry voice that echoes loudly. It was full of mystical powers. Personally, Persephone was adamant about Doyle's body and was making a statement.

“Fiirscellaneous.” Abraham narrows his eyes and looks at Doyle, who has thin hair. Despite hearing his contempt, his eyes sank deeper.

If you don't watch your mouth, what are you gonna do? Are you trying to punish me? Trapped on the 98th floor of that prison? ”Brahms laughs as if to do something despite the ferocity of Persephone."

In the meantime, he only showed kindness to the tax collectors. In fact, he had lived a cynical life with the nickname "exile." The cynicism of the transcendents, especially the 98th floor, was much worse than it used to be.

“If you're worried about your husband, you should sit back and look at him.

Abraham puts his hands on Doyle's head as if he didn't want to deal with him anymore.

Then, the thin, fluffy hair sank like a lie, and the green glare on my eyes quickly disappeared.

Doyle opened his eyes wide, not knowing what was happening during rush hour, and immediately said to Abraham with a bitter smile.

“You've said a lot, Abraham.” Why? Is that what's bothering you? ”Doyle didn't say anything.

Even if he hadn't been there, he was an apostle of the Gourcellenes.

But the opponent was once confident. He had already been brief on Abraham's story from Yeongwoo, so he could not treat Abraham lightly.

“Ignore it.

Abraham nailed Doyle like that, kicked his tongue lightly, and turned to Yeongwoo.

“I'm usually known for my quiet demeanor, but my husband's story doesn't make me an axe's eye.” Yeon-woo looked different today.

“What's the second thing you haven't told me?” Oh, that? Simple. Hades randomly twisted the coordinates of the sanctuary. ”Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“What do you mean?” “You mean there's a battle going on in Yiddishan? Maybe they didn't get the coordinates because there's a shrine.” Yeon-woo urgently summoned you to the sky.

You flap your wings wide and soar to the top. As it circles around you, you see a dim, blurry darkness from afar.

Master! There's something there! Yeon-woo immediately shared Niche's vision.

The Tartarus sky was always dark and gray, making it hard to gauge the streets.

[Yongmaan] However, after examining the grain, Margie's entire space seemed to be implying something.


Several Titans, similar to the ones you saw when you first entered Tartaros, were battling something big.

The darkness cracks, lightning strikes, and the ground splits open, and a pillar of fire rises. And as the space split apart, it was those monsters who were strangely unexplainable.

It's hard to imagine what's happening on the market. It was the battle of the Great Wall.

The problem was that we had no idea where the victory was slowing down.

If only it were for Zari Hades. Yeon-woo felt uneasy for some reason. If victory is this way, why are the coordinates so twisted?

But it's too far! You weighed the streets roughly and frowned slightly. It was only noticeable because it was a newcomer himself, but it was too far away for regular players to reach after a few days.

Turn the magic circuit as hard as you can to narrow it down by any means.

[porator] [magical circuit- total output (32317; )] “Please come slowly.” Without listening to Abraham's reply, [Wind - Gust - Guayang-Yun] flew away on the quickest route of the wind.

In the background, you hear the sounds of liver and Doyle screaming, but you don't hear them being buried in the explosion. Even so, I wasn't worried about it. Abraham would have known what was going on over there through the connection, so he could explain it well to the Paniwan.

Above all, Liver, Doyle, and Victoria were all skilled practitioners of magic and witchcraft. Those who could chase after Yeongwoo would soon chase after her.

On the wedge, Yeongwoo runs along the wind and develops a bling. The wealth in the shadows fills up with beaves.

I wonder how long it ran.

The rains could see Nedan spilling all kinds of monsters to the ground in dim, distant halves.

One, two, open the groove if you can't.

It was shocking to see a giant running for miles, but the way they tangled up and moved around made him lose his horse.

I didn't feel bored with fear.

It was so overwhelming that I couldn't even picture it.


Hades appears to be in great danger as he moves between the Guarroung-EI tans, swung his sword.

Every time I swing my sword, darkness splashes like blood, big arms and legs fall off like mountains, and I'm showing my presence and my divinity that overwhelms Titan.

Somehow, Hades shines like a shipwreck on a furrow in the snow.

For a very long time, I could feel the fatigue accumulating by stopping Titan alone without any help.

Yeon-woo also quickly looked around.

Under the skies of Hades' battle, there was a great siege in the middle of the Great Wall.

Disc Pluto's various low ranking personalities struggle against the monsters that Titans have driven.

I pushed them over the wall somehow, and I kicked them in the neck. The young will to somehow defend the last sanctuary on their faces was powerful.

However, unlike their wishes, the situation was not good.

Already there are numerous monstrosities all around the walls that cannot be counted. And yet, in the sky and on the ground, monsters of open space were pouring out.

They wanted to get over the walls of the upside-down wall somehow, without letting their comrades' bodies fall apart. Sometimes the corpse was used as a shield, or full of magic and thrown into the sanctuary like a catapult.

Nice Pluto, on the other hand, has been struggling for a long time. Some eventually fall outside the walls with the monsters.

However, what was unusual was that even those who did not have the personality of Nice Pluto were mixed together. Even in the enemy's eyes, those who seem to be players like Yeon Woo.

We didn't know how there were other players here.

Yeon-woo quickly starts rolling her head behind a small question.

[Sighs] It's too dangerous for me. Is there any way to stop the monsters temporarily? 'Yeon-woo spread his cognitive area widely. Fortunately, I didn't even care about Yeon-woo, who was weak compared to the statues full of people here. It was a good opportunity for Yeon-woo.


Damn it.

A poisonous creature was captivated by the supersenses of Yeongwoo. Surrounded by Titans and too small to see very well, but still as strong as Titan.

It was a woman with long green hair. With a dull expression, I was only focused on the boundaries around the sanctuary. The black glow surrounds the crystal sphere of the woman. The same energy as monsters. It seemed like the crystal sphere was summoned.

Yeongwoo repeated numerous assumptions and operations in slower time. But every time the answer comes back, it fails.

Or at least nine kings. I couldn't deal with my personality with the power I have now. No, it's more likely to be scraping and scraping.

Maybe it's the power of a martyr. However, there were no new kills among the 900 powers that Yeon-woo acquired.

In the early days, gods and demons never let anything that could harm them descend upon the streams.

Eventually, Yeon-woo had to change the direction of the operation.

What if you were aiming for the crystal? 'But there's a 5% chance of success.

The difference between the Pokémon and the opposing Pokémon is too great.

I needed to fill it.

"Pretending to be crazy and awakening all your powers? 'Even though the fever that had only subsided was at great risk of seizures again, I didn't have to worry about it right now.

The results were quick.


'It's gotten a lot higher, but I can't. What if we did it the way the dragon killer did?' If I wasn't afraid of being damaged by using regenerative skills, I would have increased my chances a lot, but still not enough.

At that time, Yeon-woo came up with an idea. You have a weapon that frightens you of gods and demons.

Shin Jin-cheol is tired of forcibly sealing the transcendents.

If it was a piece of the female staff, the '= • • • • • membrane' = was widespread. The pieces that were obtained after defeating the horse army turned golden and smiled at the mouth of the cow: '30%.' Tak! Yeon stopped walking as she was running. And at the same time, the external time has slowed down again.

[Three-way Solvent Awakening] [Powerful Front Opening] Overwhelmed, the flesh began to twist around without suddenly being able to butter and stretch, regenerative skills triggered, correcting the body, and forcibly burning 900 channels that had been cut off.

And Yeon-woo poured all of her expanding power towards the piece of the female staff.

Hwaaak - [Hwaeun Jing] The pieces of the female staff responded while vomiting bright and beak.

As resonant, the eyes of Yeongwoo also had a golden light. HUM HUM Jing. His eyes are on top of Dragon Eye.

And the pieces of the female staff danced in the air and began to assemble in sequence.

A new golden weapon was caught in the grasp of the vision, the vision - soon after. A pole that looks roughly two metres long.

The beeswax was unwilling to pull out the beagrid and secure it to the end of the spear. The handle and groove of Beagrid's pole fit like a lie. And Yeon-woo grabbed it in reverse, and got into the javelin position.

In the meantime, my body has been turned upside down. The Wise Man's Stone was overheating.

[Dragon Killer] [Siege] [Zephon - Firewheel] The flame rises from the tip of the beagrid. The martyrdom, which is said to have been used by the heavenly host to burn the heavens, bloomed greatly, and mixed with the sacred murals to create a dark red myth.


Yeon-woo throws down the spear in her hand as hard as she can. Beagrid's options were already working to pinpoint the target.

“Grow, Woman's Rod! ”