Second Life Ranker

24. Craft into an Earring (9)

The greatest characteristic of the genus that Yeongwoo acquired while devouring King Fu's faults was that it could be different.

Hauntings are the force of nature.

Without the use of a medium called witchcraft, it was able to draw out the forces of nature.

This means that the greater the amount of magical power administered, the greater the power of nature.

It can artificially cause a natural disaster.

And if we can incorporate this into the many skills and powers that we already have,

What will happen then? The dark red trail extends lengthwise across the air.

Astrios, the green-haired woman, was unable to cope because it happened so quickly.

No, I didn't read it exactly. I could feel something flashing from somewhere, but I felt as though I was just a mortal as any of the players at Dis Pluto.

But when I read the strength contained in it, I realized that I couldn't ignore it later.

It was filled with the divine powers of the heavenly realm that you would never feel in Tartarus.


Above all, I can feel the power to hate any outrageous transcendent.

Emperor Shenzhen! Why does that lunatic's power come out of nowhere? But when Astrios tried to respond, it was late.

The dashed, dark-red trajectory pierces his essence, Deneb. Originally, there was a barrier that could be easily bounced off, but the female staff surrounding the myth even smashed all the way to the high sky.

Spread out! Deneb explodes and scatters the broken pieces everywhere. At that moment, various objects that were born under Deneb's summoning ritual forced to open the Darkness were in chaos. The channeling that's been pulling them all along has been cut off.

Grrr! Right? And-and the attack didn't stop there.

The waves of fire never cease to erupt. The scattered fireseeds were magical and had a characteristic of destroying the surrounding area by causing a two- or three-way chain explosion.

But what if it could contain the intense power of the heavenly bodies? It was a disaster at that time.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Intense lightning that condensed hundreds of lightning strikes around the sanctuary, pouring in succession.

A tartarus filled with dark darkness and gray air, no doubt. This moment was shining brightly with a flash of lightning. And the subsequent thunderstorms and massive winds swept away the magical objects.

[Sublimation of Sword] [Evil - Construction] The lightning was mixed with Beagrid's options.

The thunderbolts never faltered. While the moat was already in use, it landed precisely on the targets designated as hostiles.

In addition, the ropes melted in the comfort of the horses because they were excellent in Pasadensis and Football Bowl.

Unless Denebro Astrios was still under the blessing of God, otherwise he would have had to be the law.

Once the target is dead, the curse spreads back around.

According to Astrius' orders, the horses that were in league had to undergo a large-scale division under a curse, even if they were not targeted.

In addition, various powers, such as homosexuality and fighting instincts, were applied together, and the damage continued to spread in a chain of actions.

Like a snowball rolling down the slopes, the dying monsters rise and rise.

[Agaresgada.] Blow up the optic gym. [Vimagildara sends her compliments for your performance.] [Let Bimagildara show her affection for you, reclaim the power that has already been unleashed and grant you greater power.]] [Power, the 'Black Gouda' is created.] [Black Gubitara] Grade: Power Skill: 0.3% Description: 'The Devil Without Belonging, The Power Gifted by Bimagildara.

Asura, who had lived only for the sake of struggle in her youth. Since she became King of Kings, she has not yet surpassed & '93; Hoang &' 94; her sword.

Then, one day, while he was resting a little bit, he stumbled upon you and was deeply impressed while looking down at the stream.

Because of this, he returned to the life of a man who had been disgraced as king of kings by becoming part of a cult.

So instead of dealing with him, all the gods and demons were overwhelmed with fear that the object of terror was moving again.

I am also thankful to you for allowing me to reclaim the beginner name Bimagilda, giving me the key powers I never gave to the apostles.

Plant Bloody Flowers at a 35% rate when attacking enemies in the area: Bloodshed causes 30 damage per second while eating the target's soul and body. At this time, the damage taken cannot be recovered in any way, and the caster's magical power is restored by 1% per blooming.

You gain an artificial advantage over the targets you target. The target is weaned with fear and continues to gain Attack with each attack. Get up to 10 times more destructive power over 15 consecutive occasions.

While power is being expressed, it brings the eyes of bimachildara. A sneak peek at the knowledge of the devil who's been fighting for years and has gained access to the shores of the battlefield.

Vimagildara's new Black Gubbida actually had an effect on Vigrid's options in terms of content.

Content that will apply a large debuff to the designated enemy and give the beaf to the caster in proportion to it.

The more targets there were, the faster the recovery speed of the magical power was, and other connections were possible.

Moreover, I like the phrase 'it eats away at souls.'

Depending on its use, it also artificially created a force to fight the spiritual being.

It was like giving a very good weapon to Yeonwoo who might have to fight against the spiritual beings in the future.

Moreover, the third option, 'Sage's Eye', could be a big indicator for Yeouido, who needed several attack routes.

It was okay to think that Bimachildara had created this power for Yeon-woo intentionally.

Grrr! After all, the monsters in the thunderstorms and storms were each covered in bloodshed, blazing with pain.

Chain attack leads to 'Dragon Killer-Firewheel Volcano-Brainwall-Blessing-Conduction-Black Gubitara'.

Yeon-woo felt a sudden rush of stamina and magic, but the various forces drawn from the deceased were able to replenish her body, almost restoring her balance.

Moreover, the attack was not just there.

"Axis. To the enemy. Blessings." As the Inferno site opened in the midst of the air, wealth appeared, opening a large code.

[Chaos Blessed.] [Power, the 'Declaration of Independence' is triggered. The power of Emerald Tablets is added.] [Chapter 1; Breadcrumbs opened.] The other day, after absorbing the souls of Negropolis wizards and regaining their knowledge, he was now on his way back to retrieve the Emerald Tablet.

The Chaotic Decree was still at the heart, but this was a tremendous improvement of the elderly.

The first chapter was opened as the law swiftly rotated.


2. The gray fog covered the ground. There were many ghosts in the despair of the king of questions.

Ghosts enter the corpses of the magical objects everywhere. Immediately, the corpse began to fester.

Language. Country. "In accordance with the order of wealth, the corpses rose like puppets one by one.

Their eyes dim, their limbs twisted in a strange direction, and they turn away, rushing towards the nearest ones.

Giant sheep_As if covered in bloodshed and wrapped in chains around ankles, the suffering objects had to eventually fall because of the stuck hammock.

Bang, bang! The horses that acted like they were about to invade the sanctuary fell in line. The dead soul is returned to the despair of the Black King and has given wealth as much power as possible.

The Bone Dragon appeared in the sky and sprayed Poison Bri1s to the atmosphere.

[Kernowns' blessing comes down, and the spirit awakens.] [The Blue Spirit, Rebecca, was exposed to the western lights as she passed through the air as a gust of strangulation.]

Sanon and Ghost each burst their signature skills, bringing the blessings of several warlords and defeating the horses at a rapid rate.

Although the gangsters could not add to the power locked in the cocoons, this alone was already surrounded by the power of the moat.

No, it was covered with the power of the King of Questions.

There was all this war and death.

[Ares knees greatly for your accomplishments. Nergal smiles satisfied with countless deaths.] [The Gods of War laugh loudly.] [The demons of war are beginning to judge you.] Assessments of the landscape are underway, and the results may provide a variety of benefits and favors. The gods of death sing praises.] [I wonder if the demons of death have more power.] [There is a discussion going on about you. The result will determine whether or not the prize is awarded.] Seeing the absurd sights that Yeon-woo had made, I remembered a conversation with the king one day.

- What's the difference between a 'king' and regular players? At that time, Yeon-woo was unable to catch up with the ridiculous power of the King.

Of course, I don't want a grand answer.

Every time the King asks a question like this, "Well. 'Or' by yourself. I used to say yes. He was too far away to keep up with the talented allies.

But that day, the king was deeply troubled and replied, "What are you thinking?"

- It's a disaster.


It meant that it was an overwhelming force that could never be artificially counteracted, such as a storm, earthquake, or volcano.


It's a disaster in a way. 'Yeon thought that the sight she had just unfolded would never be lacking even if it was the "disaster" that King Ahjussi said.

Though a lightly clenched fist still lacks a chin compared to a king who blew up half the city.

With this, we could see that Yeon-woo was halfway to disaster.

When he reached nine kings, he finally stepped forward.

Wheeling, she took a spot in the middle of the sky and squeezed the female staff that came back.

Beagrid was black, and the Vigilante was weeping a lot of gold. The two contradictory colors mixed and resonated even seemed glorious.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes met Hades, who was looking this way from afar.

Hades gives you a slight nod, looking at the kite, and then turns his gaze back to Titan.

Five of the titanium bounces off at once, with the space being confused and plunges into the foothills.


“Nooom!” Deneb and the summoners all seem to be lost, and Astrios bursts into flames.

The wedge attracts a frostbite and sways this way.

The other foundations reconciled to the dead Kronos as monsters. Astrios, on the other hand, considers it a foolish thing to do with his head and body, keeping the corrections in Deneb. The Summoners were all forged by Kronos' correction.

But the fact that it was broken means it lost all its power. I was angry because I didn't know what other brothers would despise me for.

She was the one who grabbed Yeon-woo's head somehow.

Yeongwoo grabbed the beagrid and its staff, which were bound to the length of the sentence, while pulling the magic power back up again. The personality was flying in here.

• Unless there was nowhere to run, I was forced to run head-on.

1- 'I don't think I'm going to lose.

I felt strangely confident.

Was he raised by those disasters he caused?


It wasn't just like that.

[A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Hmph! Those idiots stuck in the world are trying to pay for what's mine well.] [A message has come from Agares [Message. Wake me up! Then I'll help you punch that idiot in the face.

At this point, it shouldn't be too bad for you, but apparently, when you first arrived in Tartaros, you met a lower rank named Reyra as Disruto's deputy.

However, when I saw him, I felt 'surprisingly weak.'

The Divine Truth never reaches the King or the Queen of Summer. Therefore, for Yeon-woo, it was too much and too high. God was too stubborn, such as Harmesh, Athena and Agarash. No, the Titan I met when I first fell in Dardardardardardaroth was just as strong.

But Ray could never say that he was clearly superior to the King.

It is true that he has a similar aura to King Ahom, but he is falling behind compared to the Queen of Summer.

I don't know how to put this into context.

I knew they weren't all the same, but I thought, how can they be weaker than mortals?

But that's exactly what Astrios looked like.

He looked a little stronger than Ray or something.

Currently, Yeon-woo has 900 gods and demons connected by channeling.

[Psychotic Achilles' heel] One of the many powers Agares has chosen. Then, as the former boil boiled all at once, the nature of the hungry beast protruded.

[Black Gubidara - Wise Man's Eye] You dragged Bimagildara's coast here. The world that Dragon Eye and Hwaseong Jing painted turned into a new world full of white light.

Huaiak-Yeon takes a step into that new world.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I At the end, the fragmented black flame spreads out in all directions as the black error erupts.