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25: Craft into an Earring (10)

Astrios breathes his vain breath into the force of his violent push, and it rolls away.

At that moment, disbelief firmly settled % in her eyes.

You look at your right hand. As black as it flies, one hand is automatically repaired.

And it's reflexively moving around.

The ground is turned upside down and the atmosphere is overheating. What if the right hand doesn't settle? It was a one-time thing that part of the body might have flew away.

How can this happen to a player who is only mortal? No matter how many times I crawled, I couldn't believe the bugs that lived for a hundred years did this to themselves after tens of thousands of years.

Even a strong player in Dis Pluto has never done this kind of damage to himself as Titan.

No, there was only one.

Auricular eardrum.

He was an exception.

However, as an apostle of Hades, it was absurd to compare a player in a stream to one who was preparing for demoralization with active support.

No, it didn't make sense to leave something like that and hurt a mortal transcendent.

It means we have the power of new kills in our hands.

As long as I could not handle the power of the abominable Emperor Emperor Castle properly, it was impossible.

That's why Astrios thought he'd made a mistake.

It's just the hazing that happened when Deneb broke up and got his mojo injury.

I thought I could solve whatever I won.

So, once again, I reached out my hands in front of the 'Star Curse'. It was her power to force the target to use her powers, leaving them as an indestructible poison.

I thought this would tear that annoying fire apart and shatter the female staff and strange fears so that even the annoying mask could be smashed to pieces.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrr - Yeonwoo pushes forward once more, forcefully.

The centrifugal force generated by the twisting of the spear firmly compresses the flame inward and increases its explosive power tens of times with a single blast.

[VATEX] The signature skill that Bentike, the First King of the Pearls, once pushed the honeycomb to its limit.

The god who hides his name watches over you with the help of Hastia, the god of Olympus.] [The god behind the name rises from your seat in awe of your necessary skills.] [The god behind the name reveals his name.] [Message from Poseidon:] [Message: how! How can you use that cell?] [Messages from Poseidon have been intercepted.] [Message: Would you stop this at once! It's a power I gave to the Apostle! The channel between Poseidon and Ni [Tartaros], which was temporarily connected, was cut. "Yeon knew that she had followed more than 900 gazes while opening her power completely.

Perhaps the gods and demons who gave them power paid for their schedules, and channeled them randomly.

But I didn't really care because the more gods and demons I was interested in, the more power I had to add.

But it was also a mixture of Poseidon. Hasnia, the goddess of bronze and protection, was also the god who empowered Yeon-woo to call her the wife of fire.

But luckily, Poseidon lost his channel when he was angry. It was thanks to the application of Dardardaroth's environment that thoroughly streamlined the channel of the celestial world.

'I hope I never see you again.

[Channeled gods and demons begin discussing your agenda.] [Voting will take place.] [The journal has passed an agenda that prevents Poseidon from approaching you.] [Poseidon's channeling has been blocked permanently.] Channeling gods and demons, just as I thought, immediately stopped Poseidon's approach as a guardian.

Perhaps they were also deeply annoyed by Poseidon, who slandered them. Agaresso sometimes bothered them, but he only held back because he was kind to Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo stabbed the female staff with a smile on her heart.

Roll, Nose} Light! Every time the overworked-vortex raged, Astrios had to be pushed back.

In the second collision that he was determined to press, his right hand was smashed again, and he felt threatened by the attack for four consecutive times.

However, Yeon-woo stabbed the persistent crane as if she didn't want to miss her chance.

[Black Gubidara - Wise Man's Eye] [Dragon Eye] [Ultra Sense] Using the golden eye, the clearer dragon eye plunges into the delicate senses of the supersenses, running through the turbulence depicted by Bimagildara's power.

Then Astrios had no choice but to stay on his toes.

Beagrid's fierce place immediately threatened his immunity.

In addition to that, Bimagildara's snow globe's maiden rods and hazelnuts are the highest among the demons of war.

Swordsmanship at a prestigious level.

And it also adds a sizable array of precision computations.

There was nowhere Astrios could be avoided.

Left-handed - Vigrid, who was eventually as obstinate as a snake, chased Astrios up in a single, oblique direction.

Astrios instinctively pulled his head back, but Beagrid had already crossed his left eye wide and passed by.

“Gaaaah!” The screams echo loudly.

The god of Bandan, Astrios, has been successfully planted with bloodshed!] [You have wounded God.] [You have inflicted a fatal wound on God.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Areas are available.] [You have earned 20,000 Public Areas.] [You have gained 30,000 additional Public Lands.] [Title 'God has been added.] [Adifact' Vigrid_??? You have achieved some hidden conditions for ". New information is available.]“ How dare you! How dare you! ”Astrius screams. I tried to repair the broken left eye while the mystical force was in motion, but it just kept getting strangely agitated.

No, every time I did, I was followed by worse pain.

Then Astrios realizes later. From his own point of view, the strange cost has reached bloom and self-esteem.

It was the Devil's Seed without a terrible tooth.

Bloody flower.

The Black Goblin is engraved on the soul.

A long time ago, a mythical age long before the towers could grasp the current order, they terrorized all gods and demons.

Why is the power of Bimagildara expressed here? Bimarzilla, as she knows, was a hard-working creature who didn't care about the Summer.

No, he was strictly consistent with disdain and contempt of the weak.

Her eyes are so high that she hasn't had an apostle in a long time.

You gave the best powers to a contractor, not a player, not an apostle? It was one.

It means that the forbidden covenant between God and the demons was given to Pilmul.

A weapon too dangerous to kill was held by him.

It's dangerous as usual! 'Astrios felt crisis for the first time in his life. Similarly, Ram, Hades' Apostle, threatened me with similar precautions before. Now it was more dangerous than ever. It was a threat to 'life' that I did not feel when I was trapped in Tartaros.

However, the body does not move easily, unlike her wind.

Guvidara, who had just invaded her personality, was greedily gnawing at her soul.

Like a poison that slowly seeps into your body and quietly kills you.

Suddenly my body was too heavy.

And as powerful as the Gubidara swallowed. Yeongwoo cuts off Astrius' right arm while holding a stronger beef.

Phew! When the right arm is separated from the seven, the fountain splits open. The scattered droplets of blood were so shiny that they felt unrealistic. Astrios, on the other hand, is now grumbling.

I can do it. 'Yeonwoo gained a strong confidence that it might kill Astrios.

Now that I'm convinced of this attack,

Astrius was weaker than the Nine Kings in the past, when he fought with the gods of Olympus for power.

It was only because it was very aggressive to be able to look at female players.

But the moment a weapon comes along that can break the gap. They had to fall at once.

I didn't know why.

Maybe they were too lazy to train with confidence, and they didn't know that they had other secrets they didn't know in the beginning.

But Yeon-woo thought it didn't matter + catch God if you can.

That's all I was looking at.

So again, as I tightly grasped the female staff, I deployed the vortex as hard as I could. You didn't have to worry about magic exhaustion. He said, "The boats were enormous just by divinity.

Hunt the Aborigines with your magic? What a sweet thing to say.

So Beagrid vomited the black error again and pushed him back into his corner.

The left arm was behind the right arm, then the left leg, and the right leg were cut off in sequence, rolling on the floor.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah."

How long have you been in this state? Astrios only remembers when he was banished from Olympus and imprisoned in the Tartarus. Hades has been keeping tabs on them ever since, but even a thousand years ago, Titan has always been the dominant force, and everything has become dizzy with Yeon Woo's intervention.

All the monsters that tried to invade the sanctuary got swept away and became like this.

And Hades suddenly started chasing after the others.

The victory leans toward the temple of the king at once.

The war that I thought I had won.

Now the battle for Tartarus is in ruins.


The wedge-begrid and the female pole again rose to the neck of Astrius, raising a ball. To finish what we started.


Astrios had no choice but to utter a name he did not want to utter.

“T, T-bone! I accept your offer! So, me! Rescue me!” Astrius screams, looking up at the sky.

But nothing happened: “Please! Niphon!” As Beagrid's blade pierces Astrius' throat, a beam of light suddenly descends from the sky and envelops her.

Rrrrrrrr_The Black Orb has been slammed aside by something hard.

I raised my head while stiffening the image of Yeon-woo. Something unusual was about to appear.

The heavy pressure that Yeon-woo has met so far is considerable. Harmesh, Athena, and Hades.


The battlefield is silent like a lie.

Even Nifluto, who pushed his enemies to the end. I had to be stiff for the first time, too, with all the horseshoes going around and around.

In a silent silence, as if time had stopped.

Truly • • • - Beyond the cracked black clouds. A giant eye looks down at you.

It was as if Zone 1 was so big that it couldn't hurt him that it made a small hole in the perforation and brought its eyes.

It rolls its eyes down through the battlefield quickly: monsters that have turned into undead. Humans with their limbs cut off like crazy. Even poor Astrios, about to die from mortality.

They said they would try to do it on their own. • • • • • - Just to show the appearance of a cut, Hades frowned as he lowered his sword.

The two new people who have been messing with Tartaros have been Titan and Gas.

But Kronos, the king of Titan, had already left a volcano to kill, and the king of Gigath was still alive, notifying them all.

The king was a half-human monster, with the upper half of the human body and the lower half of the snake. He had a tradition that he surrounded his head with a hundred lightning striking snakes, and that his shoulders were too big to reach the sky and spread his wings to cover all the light of the ocean and darken the world.

Once upon a time, even Zeus sealed it and severed its tendons.


The king of Gigas revealed himself for the first time.

[Harmesh swallows the moan. Athena is silent. [Ares grips his teeth.] [Hastia turns her head to the side.] Even the gods of Olympus, who were so arrogant, remained silent for now.

Boniphon turned his gaze from Astrios to Yeon-woo and narrowed his eyes.

The young emotion in the eyes of the Nippon was' interesting '.

Only then could Yeon-woo realize. The fact that Nippon was the owner of the gaze that had been chased from ten gates and thought it was simply Titan and Gigas'.

But Tiffany says no more. He turns his eyes back to Hades.

It looks like it's okay to end with • • • • • • • • • • • how • • • • • • •? • • • • • You don't think it's enough to • • • • • - take these miscellaneous things with you? • • • • Everyone's gaze turned to Hades.

Hades twists the day slightly. He was involved indefinitely in a situation where he could try to reverse it.

But he nodded.

Nice Fluto, already on the battlefield, has a long history of seismic activity. Fighting any longer may cause great damage to Titan, but it seems unlikely to prevent it from entering the forthcoming Gas War.

Hades finally shoves his sword into Kim's house. It meant to do as you please.

It was a truce.

Unlike cowardly Zeus, you always have faith. "Finally, Nipon closes his eyes again." Kim fills the void with clouds again, and the pillar of light that had been cast down on the Astrios began to fade.

The existence of the threatening giants was blurring. The reverse summons will take place. It was also infused with astrios.

At that moment, Astrios sighs in relief.

I could barely save his life. Though this has led to Titan's complete surrender to gas. However, it was not until I survived immediately that I could have a future.

'Let's see, when the next human • • Astrios came back, he pledged to tear himself to pieces.

By the way.

Shortly before returning to the sanctuary, I looked down to capture the face of the detestable lotus.

Yeonwoo was blowing up the cost price this way. Just like when you smashed Deneb, he threw a harpoon in a javelin.

But you saw Niphon and Hades' truce just a few minutes ago. Break it so easily? The only mortal thought was the last thing Astrios had left in the world.

[Congratulations! You have accomplished a martyrdom.] [You have accomplished a great feat that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [You have earned 100,000 Public Values.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [New rewards will be awarded. It takes a long time to calculate rewards.] [I obtained the title 'The Dead Killer'] [All the gods who were watching the situation were appalled.] [All the demons that were watching the situation smile.] [A handful of gods give you a negative eye.] [Present new opinions on the particulars of a handful of demons to you] [The truce between Nipon and Hades has been broken.]