Second Life Ranker

1. Disc Pluto (1)

0 0 Astrios vomited a long wail from the stubborn female staff.


7: District

Astrios settles into black smoke and disperses, sucking into the Female Beak.

The golden glow shed brighter light.

Then the letters slowly engraved on the tip of the female staff.

The statue of Astrius is inscribed like that, and the staff disassembles again and falls into the hands of Yeouido.

The face of everyone who was watching the situation was stiff. Some did not understand the situation at the moment.

What Yeon-woo did was an unimaginable act.

Blade! It is only then that power that made the gods and demons of the past regard the heavenly host as the most evil. It seals the spirit of the gods and demons by forcibly tearing them apart in a prison called the Woman's Rod, and absorbs the Divine Bounty [God's Mercy] that robs and transfers the power to its owner.] [Absorb the divine factor.] [The Awakening of Dramamine will resume.] Overwhelming, overwhelming, the so-called killer killed Astrius, and gained the title of newcomer, and I could feel the divine factor rising from within the letter.

The soul was raised to perfection. Cells are tingling. My senses are tingling.

[Be aware of external shocks.] But even in that situation.

The people who were watching the battlefield couldn't leave quickly.

Despite the shocking conclusion of the new assassination, the agreement was concluded in just a few minutes because it was even more ridiculous.

Hades and Nipon are each serving tartarus. The arrangement between them had enormous implications that could have an impact on the character of the person.

But that deal was broken by an egg, not by a mortal, not by Nice Pluto.

I had to be shocked.

Moreover, Astrios was said to be classified as the weakest of titanium, but it was still 'curious' to have the personality.

It was so easy for the transcendent.

Necromancy was a rare event in Tartaros where all sorts of bizarre things happen.

No, there was hardly anyone who thought it was possible.

However, the "just in case" happened.


The families of Hades quickly turned their gaze toward Hades. With the treaty broken between the opposition parties, Hades was to be saved.

If Hades is truly at stake, this could be his chance to lead the remaining gases to the invasion again.


“Hahaha! Just like Emperor Xerxes and Olfowon, there was a madman!” Hades laughs as if it were funny, unlike what he said. It looks completely different from my usual attitude.

Moreover, he did not get hit at all.

At that moment, the quick-sensitive bundles quickly realized what was going on.

The treaty between Hades and TiVon is, if you look at it, between Dis Flutowaniphone-gas.

But Yeon is no affiliation.

Even though I fought for Nice Pluto, it was not Hades' speed and had nothing to do with the sanctuary.

So even if he suddenly got in the way, there was absolutely no compromise to the agreement.

"What an incredible coincidence. 'Ana, this. It was too subtle to say.

'Maybe the behavior in the calculation is not • • • •?' They suspected that Yeon-woo's sudden actions were a precursor. And I'm trembling. It would have been great if it was a real calculation.

This was not just a calculation. If the system had considered him an ally of the Discover Pluto, it would have been a big Pannee.

It was something we couldn't even try unless we had the spare breath and guts.

“What are you all doing! Don't protect him!” At Hades' slow furan command, Dis Fluto stands together and starts to move to protect the moat.

Once the negotiations are concluded, the Titans may be forced back into the fray.


Truly • • • • • • Funny • • • • Nifon is the same idea as Hades1-- ~ Again, his eyes opened up between the clouds.

His eyes were clearly smiling.

Turfon disappeared quietly with the last remaining words of "very funny." The pillar of light surrounding the Titans disappears, and a silent silence settles in the battlefield.

Everyone's silent.

They stare blankly at the standing alliance alone.

The arrival of the liver was a day after all the fighting was over.

When Abraham heard that he was trapped in the siege of the Temple of the Kings, he came running with all his might.

But what they saw was a battlefield that had become dizzy, after all the fighting.

Soldiers are sitting on the ground, breathing roughly.

I vibrated, each one full of dead things and broken pieces of magic all around the powerful frozen field. I couldn't erase it.

Particularly since the walls were half broken, and the seals were mostly broken.

The group has no idea what kind of struggle this place was in.

Only Abraham, who was once a great believer, knows his troops and is small.

“That's more fucked up than I thought.

Abraham thought the situation with the tartartarus was more serious than he expected.

Half as bad as it was, I could tell from one sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a place where the will of God comes soon. It was the only house in the summer where God could be completely unspoiled.

If such a place is so threatening, it was a different situation. It was obvious.

“You followed Cain?” Then, someone quietly approaches the group. "

A woman with a short short-circuit coming down to her shoulders. However, my eyes were wide open between my tangled hair like a lion's mane.

The party is surprised for some other reason, although the aftermath of the battle still lingers.

'Cause it smells just like they do.

I've heard that there are players who leave for Tartaros from time to time, but I didn't expect to meet them so easily.

“Indeed.” Abraham nods quietly as a delegate.

The woman looks at the group and speaks in a dry tone.

“Hades asked me to bring you here myself. Follow me.” She just talks about her business and turns around and starts walking somewhere. You notice that the party doesn't care whether they follow you properly or not.

1- I-I need to know what to do. I look back at Abraham.

“Come with me. I think I sent an apostle from Hades."

Abraham nods and silently follows behind the woman.

You follow the group, looking at the woman with a slightly startled eye. An apostle of Hades? That means he's as good as Bentice, the apostle of Poseidon. No, as long as you see the vibe.

'I think it's higher. How much is it? I've never heard of him.

The liver quietly mutters, looking up and down at the woman.

Suddenly, the woman stops on her way and stares at the liver.

“I'm warning you. You'd better not do anything unnecessary. I don't have anything to say here that'll make me run for my life.” The liver strokes its neck without even knowing it. I felt a strange feeling all around for a short while.

She just said that and walked again. The liver had to stand in cold sweat for a long time.

Maybe • • • Nine kings. "It's been a long time, Hades." A fierce glance pours out from everywhere. The person who called the owner's name carelessly was overwhelmed with flesh that would rush right away.

But Abraham was not flattered at all.

He was also one of the three Lord Jesus who once represented 'Deva'. Although I hated the world, I lost most of my power when I came down to the spiritual body, and I was finally defeated by Agares, and I was only defeated by the player.

But it didn't go away to the last personality. It was obstructive. It was one of the few people to interact with Hades Braham.

Hades, too, had something in common that despised the heavenly world like Abraham.

Hades, sitting on the throne, raised his hand high to calm the murders of the high priests. And I smiled as I followed him.

“The shepherds haven't been very excited since the battle ended. I hope you understand.

"I understand." “Yes. It's been a while, Brahma. I'm here because I look ridiculous.” In a way, it may be regarded as a laughingstock of Abraham's position, which is no longer mortal.

However, Abraham knew that Hades' tone was originally sinister. It was as cynical as it was cynical.

However, unlike himself, who had changed slightly when he met Cesar, Hades seemed to have become sharper and sharper.

So he shrugged his shoulders.

“You look ridiculous, but you enjoy it even more.” “Pleasure?“ Ohhee, "then. I've been such a pain in the ass for so long, it's just so gross.” Hades glances at Abraham with narrow eyes. As if trying to dig up the cost, he suddenly snorted when he saw the widespread smile on his mouth.

“I can't get used to seeing that psychopath who's been abusing Shiva.” Why don't you take that burden off, too? In fact, unlike the brothers that used to fuck around all the time, you're too sincere to say, "Thank you. But I want you to avoid useless talk.” Abraham kicked his tongue in. In fact, unlike what he also said, Hades never thought he would be able to take off his duties and responsibilities.

Hades had such a strong sense of responsibility.

The responsibility of Olympus' eldest brother.

The obligation to stop Titan and gas, who don't know when they'll break out of prison. The sincerity of having to match the afterlife.

All of them were the driving force behind Hades today.

'The problem is that they are eating Hades now. "The man who suffers with so much responsibility, even if he tries to stop the rebellion of Titan and Gigas alone, it must fall.

'But does it cost you • • • • • • to keep it a secret from your wife, Persephone, without making any requests to Olympus for support?' Abraham thought about it there, but he didn't really open up deep.

God and Satan are tied up into social groups, but there are those who have a very strong personalitarian disposition one by one. It was uncleanness to ask Hades such a choice.

No, even after leaving that, Abraham was only interested in building Guinness for a day and getting clues about Midnight Crew's whereabouts. You don't have to pay for it.

“But where did my master send you?” The connection with Yeouido continued. But it was strangely so faint that I couldn't pinpoint the exact position. I kept talking, but I didn't get in the way of anything.

“The word 'master' came out of Brahma's mouth. Ha! It's a long life ahead of us.” “Don't rush into anything.

Where is he, really? "Hades points to the ground with his index finger.

Abraham frowns.

“Underground?" “In jail.” ”“ If he breaks my pledge too easily, he puts his hand on my forehead.

Apparently, his owner has some kind of personality.

I looked around and saw that the Hades didn't look so good.

But it wasn't bad. A cheap-looking face. However, some of them also said that they were classy.

“Looks like our master has struck again in another elaborate way.” “Very subtle loss. I caught Astrios.” This time Abraham was surprised, too. However, the rest of the group, who don't know who Astrios is, just look away.

“Cain held onto a • • • • • god;” the new killer's achievement was a legend among players.

Yeon-woo did what was rumored to be the right thing to do on the 77th floor? “He's actually a lot less than Titan, but he's still amazing. Fahar says," Abraham also deserved to be his master, and he blew up a huge façade. The more they did, the odder the look on their faces.

Then Abraham suddenly laughed quietly. Then I opened my lips.

The magic of the message pierces Hades' ears.

A secret related to self-destruction can leak out into the stream, is that okay? "Hades lightly snorted.

Unlike Abraham, he replied in a physical manner.

“I don't think I can handle that. I don't know what they can't handle, I don't know what they're talking about, but my eyes are wide open.

“I knew you were you. It doesn't change that easily. Okay, back to business, then.” Abraham smiled once more and asked with a serious look.

“Is my master underneath?” I wonder if they've already made it into their ears.

“I don't know." “What was that? • •“ It was actually him who asked me to throw myself in jail - I've committed a sin, so I'll take the blame. C-H Lock me up.

Hades remembers Yeon-woo, who came across the soldiers standing in a daze after everything had been done.

Hades saw that Yeon-woo was never a pleasant person to turn herself in.

There must be some other plot going on.

What else is he gonna do? Hades smiles in the dining room without his knowledge. I felt like there was a stimulant for the first time in my boring life of Tartarus.

In the dungeon.

[The Awakening of the Drinking Dragon has come to an end. Start configuration tasks.] Overwhelming, overwhelming, is reassembling the body in terrible pain.