Second Life Ranker

2. Disc Pluto (2)

The party has left according to the banquet order.

Only Hades and Doyle remain in the great hall.

Hades smiles bitterly, seeing Doyle reek of Persephone's scent.

Doyle's expression, on the other hand, did not convey any emotion like wearing a mask.

Hades' bitter smile grows stronger.

Even Sugi is buried very heavily 1_. Eventually, he stepped up and broke the silence. “All is well, Fercello's body is boiling.

Although there was some heat that the body was experiencing while trying to revitalize, most of it was caused by the reactions of more than 900 channels that came after the battle.

That's why Yeon-woo was in a position to control heat and focus on the Awakening work.

[Harmes watches you with interesting eyes. [Ares says men are power and clenches their fists] [Chaos watches quietly. The message of Agarose was temporarily blocked by the authority of the other gods and demons.] [Athena rolls her feet back to see if there's anything she can do to help.] [Tanatos watches.] [Nergal watches.] [Osiris watches.] [May Bimarzilla find her way into your affliction.]] [Kernunos is silent.] Many messages kept coming up to distract Yeon-woo, but this moment of Yeon-woo was so much fun. It was just as good to be strong.

After swallowing the Summer Queen and King Mihu's faults, it was also a good opportunity to finally see the end of the potential so deep that I didn't know how to use it.

Ho} Awe_Scary that Yeon-woo's thoughts ended, steaming air flow along her body and golden radiance mixed together to create a strange sight.

They hung out with each other and drew three flowers, and immediately turned into a red snake and dug into the head of a pond.

In the one-horned tribe, the landscape was very finely divided according to the theory of shamanism.

Samwha test followed by a red eye tube.

It is said to bind the several fissures of the inner airspace together and make the Elixir of Body and Soul advances by swallowing it back.

It was a proof that the level of prestige, which was obscure, had reached completion.

And as the soul deepened, the body followed itself into the final stages of the Awakening process.

When the divine factor was embedded deep within the cell, and a strange balance was made with the preexisting dragons, the magical factors.

Until now, all Awakenings were over as soon as the shape of the three-legged earth that the dragons tried to eat each other to take over the dominance in some way.

[God's Factor is Awakened. Evolve [God's Argument.] [God's Argument has been successfully positioned.] Blood of the horse and dragon is added to the bloodline.] [The bones of the horse and dragon are etched with a divine form.]] [The Divine Factor has been successfully combined with the Dragon Factor.] [Character conversion has been successful. The characteristic 'Mage' was changed to 'Mage'.] [This is the first body that was born. Nothing has been revealed about the limitations and qualities of the flesh. Learn about the flesh for yourself [You have accomplished a great feat that no one can easily accomplish. Provides an additional public domain [100,000 public values have been obtained.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [We have obtained clues about 'Holy' and 'Transcendence'. The demons of death watch over you. [The Gods of War Bless You] [The Demons of War Discuss Your Violence] Need more time to review "Yeon-woo slowly opened her eyes.

A small space that ends with a single body.

The walls, ceilings, and metal bars were all there. Where Hades asked me to come in because I didn't want to be disturbed when my body wouldn't listen to me with arousal and renal fever.

Fortunately, there are no obstacles at all and the Awakening is complete.

Among the messages that filled the retina, the word 'first' was trampled upon.

I heard there's no such thing as a dinosaur that has ever traded with God here. I guess it was true.

Anything different? 'When I first achieved the dragon, I was so drunk with the power that my body would burst. Thanks to this, we were able to reach the three-way Awakening point in the flesh in one fell swoop.

However, the drinking dragon was much different from then.

Obviously, the system messages have changed a lot.

Yeon-woo had no idea how different she was.

It was just an ordinary body opponent.

Ana, his fever's gone down.

Then I realized that my kidney fever, which I thought would make my body cooperate later, was completely gone.

But that didn't mean that channeling was completely gone.

Yeongwoo was able to clearly detect more than 900 gazes surrounding her. No, I was able to capture more clearly than ever: where, how. Who's watching you.

“This is Hermes, this is Athena, this is Gernunos. And here's the bimarmalade.” Yeon-woo mutters, fingers pointing in turn.

[Harmesh nods satisfactorily] [Athena wept moved.] [Kernunos quietly looks at you.] [Bimachildara delivers blessings to you for your hard work.] [Agarez is unhappy about not nominating himself ()] [A message has come from Agarez.] [Message: Why am I not • • • • • • • •!] [With the authority of the other gods and demons, Agares' message is temporarily blocked.] [Against your authority, you have removed the cut.] [A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: These are beauty • • • • • • •!] [With the authority of the other gods and demons, Agares' message is temporarily blocked.] Yeon-woo found herself channeling one by one, ignoring the street-racing agares. Each of the transcendent beings connected with power felt wonderfully confusing. Like I'm right next to you.

Power has slightly different characteristics. Is this sacred? 'I have enjoyed using the power of breeding, but have only focused on each characteristic and effect. It was only used as a tool.

But as more detailed detection became possible; it became clear that the depth of power was not the only one.

The depths of power were endless.

Not only the approximate stature of each god and of the devils; but also the holiness he fills.

'Even if it is the same god who deals with death, as Tanattos and Nergals are different from each other.

Although the categories that made up each of the powers were 'death,' the details contained in them were completely different.

Now that I can feel it, it was natural for me to be able to differ more deeply in power.

Perhaps this was the result of having God's mercy on us.

Or as the body gets tougher, the vessel can accommodate a lot of that.

Of course, that doesn't mean that more than 900 powers have yet to take place. There was still a twitching part, but I didn't think opening the power to the front would cause me to collapse or do anything like before.

This is a huge improvement.

Yeongwoo opened an information window to find out more in detail.

[Characteristic: Drinking Dragon] Explanation: polyps, demons and gods were faintly descended from the distant past and were the zeniths of the world.

The possibilities of having these factors all at once are unprecedented.

'Your path to the highest achievement will be the path of the drinker who will be born soon.

The power of the polyp and the devil and the gods can be gradually evolved.

Depending on whether or not you are eligible, you can declare your own territory, 'Bina,' to be able to exert your maximum power over a certain range.

Depending on eligibility, you can see the "Hogma" explored by the polyp and the "Nezaro," which is composed by the devil, the "Yesod" established by God.

Depending on eligibility, it is possible to express the 'Ki1ter' of polyps and the 'Tifereth' of demons, God-built hashids'.

However, little was found in the information book. It's usually the first time, and it seems like the limit is what you can do.

Yeon closes the info window and lifts the crown. I was about to get an accurate picture of my condition.

Moreover, we need to confirm that it is sacred and transcendent, and all consciousness sank down deep.

That night.

Hades has ordered Yeon-woo to recover her probation and produce Guinea as soon as possible.

Since Yeongwoo broke the treaty, Tifon doesn't know when to re-invade with titanium and gases.

So before that, I wanted to complete the water, reorganize the army, and prepare for the upcoming battle.

The sanctuary was still full of strong luck.

“Here. Call me back if you need anything." ”Ram led the group to the forge: I would never have done it if Hades hadn't ordered it." He stares at the kith once before returning.

Yeon-woo knew very well why Ram did it.

The current view of him within Nice Pluto was dramatic and dramatic. Staring, cheering.

The former was angry because they had broken Hades' pact, and the latter rejoiced at killing Titan.

Of course, Yeon-woo didn't care.

Right now, it's all I have left in my head is the idea of making earrings quickly and unsealing the clock.

It's been a long time. "Ahh! I never thought I'd be back like this! Kiklops Brontes and Steropes were deeply moved by their exploration of the vast forge.

Arges, his youngest, touches his eyes with cold hands. He never thought the day would come when the three brothers would be able to hold the hammer again. It was only in my dreams.

But unlike those who are touched by emotion,

“I think I have too many places to be.” “How could a woman smelt swelling in a place like this?” “That must mean the situation with Nice Pluto was pretty bad. He survived the battle with Titan.

Abraham, Victoria and Hanova sigh deeply.

Everything was a mess even as I looked at it roughly. The brazier that was maintaining its function didn't look like a few braziers, and the anvil and hammer were worn out and quickly broke.

There was little iron left in the armory. There are all kinds of broken spears. I didn't even think about repairing it.

The warehouse that the Giant Clans of the Zarri Summer possess will look much richer.

Hades once accumulated enough wealth to be rumored to be the richest of all gods and demons.

But now there's nothing left to throw away.

Arges is either speechless or bitter. Even Hafistos of Olympus was once said to look down, but there was no blacksmith left.

“This fire seems different, though.” I looked at the fire that remained in the brazier as a strange sight. A fire that looks no different from what it looks like. However, there was a lot of grain in the world that looked at the dragon horse.

Arges nods as if it were natural.

“Of course. It's the first fire 'from the light that was first revealed, when the universe was in darkness in the first place." It's what Prometheus was stopping the edge of. It's also the only thing left to boast about at this forge with all its disappointments. ”At that moment, Yeon-woo's gaze turned toward you. The rest of the group are surprised to learn the meaning of the word.

“Then I7nin • • • • • • and” Arges heavily nodded and replied.

“Luciel's and. It's a fire that was drawn from the soul ceremony.” Yeon-woo took his hand to the pocket watch, which he reflectively put in his chest.

Secondly, at the fingertips, the clock was shaking nicely.

Like a flame in the wind.

Now let's make some Guineas. Brontes, the eldest, opened his eyes wide as he rolled up his sleeves.