Second Life Ranker

3. Disc Pluto (3)

[The manufacturing phase of Guinea begins.] Let's start with the ingredients. The work began under the leadership of the three Cyclops + Yeon pulled out all the ingredients she had brought before Brontes.

And the last time he took out Adamantine Nova, the key ingredient, Brontes clenched his fist.

Adamantine Nova was a substance that extremely compressed adamantium, a rare mineral in the answer. That's why he always emitted a bright light, and even a small amount of it was a miracle.

The problem was that Adamantine Nova was the basic ingredient in Guinea. You need a lot of it.

However, if it was a sheep brought by Yeongwoo, it seemed like it would be a bit left to make a Guinea.

Moreover, the quality of the workmanship by whom it was processed was excellent.

If this is all I have left, when I bolster the displuto equipment, “this is mine.” Brontes is so excited, she suddenly pours cold water.

Brontes regains consciousness.

Before we get started, let's get one thing straight. Everything here is mine. Don't forget. "" Giving Guinea to Hades is just a price for doing what I ask. ”Brontes' work distorts.

What do you mean! It's Tartarus' relief! Titan and gas are the only things that are causing a lot of panic. ”Did you hear me?" ”Yeon looked at Brontes and the other two Giggles with calm eyes. At the same time, I opened the channel to show them as much as I could.

At that moment, Brontes breathes a false wind without his knowledge.

So many eyes were pouring down on him. Intense yet frightening gazes. It was the eyes of the gods and demons, one of the highest ranks. And there was usually contempt and cynicism in it, except for a few.

Only those who are expected to be Gods of Olymposa, such as Aterna and Harmes, are sad. Even Ares is snoring and looking this way.

Only then could Brontes realize their position.

Titan and Gigas were the only people expelled after arguing over the leadership of Olympus. Even if they break through the Dardardardarros, it doesn't give much of an impression to the gods and demons of other societies. It's a different jurisdiction in the first place.

Of course, the first area of Titan and Gas to penetrate the tartartarus was the stage after the 30th floor.

But there were managers in it, and there were other gods and demons.

Even though there was a commotion, it meant that 'Olympus' was not to move his feet.

This is your job after all.

It meant don't force it.


Brontes can feel the soul crushing in the words of the kith.

I couldn't breathe.

It might be funny to think that a dead body is suffocating.

Brontes was really feeling that way.

It felt as if the ring connected to Yeongwoo had become a chain and was wrapped around itself.

If you try to escape somehow, you will get stronger and stronger.

I could not help thinking negatively about Yeon-woo. There is a magical force that forces you to bend your head and follow.

Bow! Bow down! even though I didn't hear anything. I felt like I was crying as I followed my ears.

Like hypnotizing.

Only then did Brontes realize that he was no longer able to resist the Fellowship.

So I thought about it, but it didn't seem to work out either.

If Yeon-woo wanted to practice martyrdom, she said she would kill herself, but she went back to nothingness. His soul was already not his. It was just a collection owned by Yeonwoo.

How is this possible? No matter how violent he was, he was once confident. It would have been absurd just to be locked up by mortals. Or is he a newbie or something? Brontes feels too frightened to look at her.

The target that I had so far thought of as a tool to revive Hades and Nice Pluto had actually begun to look like any beast that could swallow them up.

A beast that bares its fangs with its eyes wide open.


Don't. Brontes was forced to turn to follow.

If that's where the lead is, we have to bow our heads as much as possible.

Steropath, a relatively rational person, has been keeping quiet for as long as he can. As a result of the neurological warfare between Yeongwoo and the big brother, it was so well seen where the victory went.

“Can I push too hard?” Groitz cautiously approaches and asks Yeon-woo, but Yeon shakes her head decisively.

“Rather, this needs to be clearly drawn from the beginning.” Everywhere I went, I had no intention of placing Yeon in charge.

[The first step, 'Refining' begins.] [Current Prerequisite Fair Rate: 2%] • • • First and foremost, dealing with cannabis fire. "Brontes" refers to Adamantine Nova, a brazier that will slowly melt. He had a firm expression the whole time, but now he was only concerned about the process.

⁄ 31941; Is there a reason? ”Adamantine Nova can be melted without loss, because it is nothing but the original fire. “ Is that fire extracted from the adra? ” Yes. Hades saved it a long time ago. A stone of 'Castitas'.. The adra stone is divided into seven main lines, seven generations of sin, and 14 total. One of them is in Hades' hands. Griffithklops Arges was still refining armor based on the fire he pulled out of here.

Despite being outraged by electricity, it was also the driving force that was able to continue disco flutoga.

The eyes of Yeongwoo, who saw the original fire, were strangely distorted.

'If we could know that way, it would be clear. The Cyclops were the only ones who could handle adra properly at the moment. If only I knew how. You can also unseal the collective watch, the same adra.

But we are the only ones who can handle this fire. The fire consumes even the soul when it's wrong. So in the meantime, I'd like you to help me with the Dargle Blade. 0 = Obrontes suddenly approaches the brazier before he finishes speaking. I looked around and felt bored.

Brontes tries to tear it apart, but Hanova goes on ahead of him.


Fire! “Too much fire. No matter how high the boiling point of Adamantium is, if you don't disperse the heat evenly, you're more likely to get impurities mixed up in the future. Isn't that right?" It's not like that. “I'll look at the iron. Even if it's good quality, you have to raise as much impurities as possible to melt the sacred.” That's what Hanova said, and then she sat down in front of the brazier and started furnacing. Every time I draw, the flame rises and sinks again. He didn't seem to be struggling much.

No, it's more comfortable here than out in the rough, even with a slight smile on its mouth.

Is it Blackwarp? Brontes looked at Hanover with a surprised look, and he coughed up other ingredients. It was a 45-page scale of Apodiz.

It must be finished inside to soften the flow of divine power. But the ritual was too complicated, and the engraving was, “I'll take care of this.” “I'll help you.” Before the words of Brontes were finished, Brahms took the scales of the Apodix first. Victoria follows right behind you.

Brontes tears the two cowards apart.

Do you know how to carve a ceremony? If you can hear it, everything is diagnostic for him! "The End of Days"? ”One of Abraham's eyebrows dries up. At that moment, Brontes rolls his tail, reminiscent of Abraham's identity.

Abraham laughed.

“Why don't you mix the blood extracted from the Cartran liquid and the Heart of Hardys in three-to-one ratio, then mix Trajan one-on-one and use the boiled liquid for three days at 190 degrees? And then we can draw out the resonance with the main axes of the two Horseradicals. You got it?" “I hope you don't get to act all smart with me next time. I'd still be better at this knowledge than you.” Abraham took Victoria to one side and started drinking.

In addition to the Refining, the necessary processing operations have grown faster in the hands of the allies than the three Cyclops.

Because of this, the three Cyclops and several blacksmiths who were there to support them were stunned and had to watch their work.

Brontes, who at least knows the order of work for the Guinness, is almost all that stands in the way of the work.

Sometimes the details were better this way.

In particular, there were times when the other ways that Henova proposed were more efficient, and when Abraham added his opinions, the direction flowed to a completely different place.

Some were surprised by the most knowledgeable steropines.

In terms of skill or speed, most of the group were much better.

It was ridiculous for those who had been mortal and despised them.

Have we demonstrated our skills, or have we fallen asleep 2-Doaa0 1 •_0 1.-1-- has the world made that much progress? "Maybe both." ”Steropes and Arges had to keep an eye on the process with a strange look on their face.

[Crafting is happening fast. ['Limit is over'] ['Refining' has been processed 34%.] Forging has been performed 19%.] Much faster than the Cyclops thought.

It was thanks to the work done.

Hanova; Abraham and Victoria clean up their parts, and the pieces fit together perfectly as if Margie had done it.

Arghese's disciples were always busy with their hands and feet. Brontes' hammer, which deals with key ingredients, has also been busy moving over time.

One of the three great myths of 'Olympus' in the land, land, and tai-eung. Of course, it was only a matter of time before it was made. Perhaps there will be another invasion of Titan and Gas between now and then.

But the process is happening at an unbelievable rate.

But in a certain sense, it was natural.

Abraham was already profound in his knowledge of Mado.

I don't know why they used to call me Brahma in the Storage. He also worked with Hanova to create the Wise Man's Stone, a collective of alchemy.

In addition, he added additional opinions.

Now that Faust's knowledge has been somewhat regained, his opinions on recovering Emerald Darlet have been helpful, and occasionally he has beaten Victoria's deep coastal process speeds.

Besides that, the three Cyclops are busy running around hammering them without rest.

Of course, the overall process operating speed was forced to rise.


In the meantime, I wanted to open Yong Ma 'an wide and concentrate my work.


[Yongmaan's skill proficiency is substantial 82, [Hogma's access is expanded 83, 84% • • •.] ['Nezakh' is reconstructed. ["Yesod" is established and has a system.] [It is linked to 'RMB'.] [The characteristics of the drinking dragon apply.] [A clue of transcendence applies. ⁄ Dragon Eye, who had already completed the Wise Man's Stone and had greatly raised it, made substantial progress while making water instead.

With the addition of money coins, I had a higher understanding and was able to apply transcendence.

The transcendence gained in the capture of Astrios was actually nothing different from its magnificent name.

[clue of transcendence] A clue to the plot. It is applied little by little to various places. The more it builds, the bigger the effect will be and it will affect the growth of the soul.

To put it simply, it meant that it could be used as an accelerator for skills or encouragement to be learned or used in the future.

No, to be precise, the phrase "drinking dragon" was correct for the new body, playing a role in rearranging existing abilities.

Thanks to you.

Yeongwoo was able to grow dragon cattle at a rapid rate.

[Increased skill proficiency of 'Dragon Eye'. 98, 99% • • • •, • • 100% [Congratulations! You have successfully achieved the skill level of 'Dragon Eye' to Maxil.] [Improves all Talent Points related to skills.] [HP +15.] [Magic Power +20.] [You have gained new realizations related to skills. Opens the parent skill "[Opens the parent skill 'Yongcheon Eye'.] [Yongcheon 'an's skill level has increased dramatically to achieve MaxÄl quickly.] [Calculate your stats to explore new skills.] [Open the skill 'Yongsin 'an'.] Yeon has succeeded in gaining a new higher skill because of her supersenses.


[The 'Refining' process is complete.] [The 'Forging' process is complete.] ['The folding process is complete.] [Last job' Sacred Buaman Remains.] [Overall Process Rate: 98%] When the process reached 10 days.

He had the last job right in front of him, in the right shape.