Second Life Ranker

4. Disc Pluto (4)

“Just in case. Still, • • • I don't want to bring it up so fast.” Aedysh has been deceived into laughing nonsense. A smile that spills when the luck that was not expected suddenly comes.

In front of him is a helmet I've longed to see for so long.

In the ear.

Once upon a time, when I was at war with the Titans, I was tired of allowing Kronos to fall.

'Death has expressed its myth so well that it comes silently. Likewise, when it was broken, the body that had been smashed like a sand castle and disappeared without a trace resurfaced.

"Let's touch it. Brontes, Steropes, and Arges also bowed their heads in awe.

Hades nods and brings the sequence to his ear. A black light bursts from your fingertips and seeps into the helmet.

Holiness. It was a job to engrave traits and imprint the owners.

The black energy echoes along the ivory-throne. It was not a bright light, but it was a sight that matched so well the expression that it was sacred.

Ah • “Finally!” The three Cyclops trembled with excitement in their old memories.

Yeongwoo slowly read the changes surrounding her ears with her deep sunken eyes.

The second pupil was opened longitudinally as the eyes sank deeper.

[Yongsin 'an] Grade: Power Skill: 6 1% Description: The use of power derived from the dragon 'Calatus' can be seen as it grows. Among them, the other side of the truth that can never be observed is embedded, allowing us to explore a lot of knowledge.

You can explore and observe everything 911- l—1- 1_and quickly learn information about objects or objects you encounter.

As a result, it is possible to determine the flow of grain and blood, with a higher level of proficiency leading to greater awareness.

The polyp predates all beings from birth. The user dares to make contact with the target's eyes, making it overwhelmed by the target's bareness.

'The door automatically accepts multiple skills or abilities.

- HUMAN HUM Jing: The King's Eye. It partially pushes the power of the Emperor to open the genus.

- Wise Man's Eye: The old experience of King Asura of Bimachildara--1: 0 011 becomes unique.

-222 At the first moment Yongsin 'an opened, Yeon realized that she had finally opened a new path.

She used Yongmaian, which is actually used by polyps from infancy and childhood, but the polyps usually don't use Yongmaian in maturity. It was because there were already too many people who lived for more than a thousand years.

But not as different as Calatus the dinosaur. For a long time, after organizing knowledge, he was rebuilt and owes it to power.

Those eyes came down to Yeongwoo.

[Unknown target writes you *.] Yeongwoo was on the 50th floor, in the Temple of the Dragon, thinking that maybe the Dragon Calatu had lowered his 0 for her growing self.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to easily enlighten a power without an owner.

[View the information in the 'Ring' instead of the skill effect of 'Yongsin'.] [On Ear] Type: Head Defense Gear Grade: Replacement Description: The god of Olympus, the god of Hades.

He has the same brotherhood as his symbol, who played a great role in Titanomagia. However, the character has not been individualized because it has not been granted divinity yet.

Currently, divinity is being granted.

You have permission to use the road 'on your ear'. Be careful, however, that you may incur Hades' wrath when exercising permissions.

In Yongsin's world, the ear was connected to two solid lines.

One to Hades.

The other one is Yeon Yeon, on her own.

Maybe this is what the info window says it is. Whether it was still less sacred, of the two links was still clearer on the lotus side.

You can see that if you focus your righteousness on the link, Yeon-woo will react immediately to your ears.

And the consequences of that.

'Soon the black king's set will be completed.' It was not that Yeon-woo was not tempted.

Once the Black King's set is completed, you can get close to the power of death you so desperately wanted. We have one more clue as to where to find him.


'That's where it ends.

Can you handle Hades and Nice Pluto's wrath? I thought no pity: Even if I was obsessed with the war against Titan-Gigath, there were plenty of jewels and distractions that God could give me when I was angry once. No, I never thought I'd make it out of Tartarus.

Moreover, even if I could find all of the powers of the Zealot King, there was no guarantee that I could use them completely.

'Even when I got silk, the options were not immediately open. The third type of templates might have to be given different conditions.

That's why Yeon-woo wanted to work hard.

The message that the quest has not yet been completed has not yet been posted, but the three Cyclops will help themselves as they promised.

'Firstly, unseal the Jewelry Clock.

There was a way to win the Guinea prize for building a ball in the war against Titan-Gigas.

As long as there was an apostle named Ram, it didn't seem easy either.

So Yeon-woo decided to think slowly. Well, that depends on the situation.

A day or two of the sacred work isn't enough.

There was still enough time.

[Current Process * 99%] Hades sighs quietly, taking his hand off his ear.

The moment the brothers-in-law set their eyes on Hades.

“This is where you will stay.” Gan and Doyle, Galilee and Groitz are visiting Dis Fluto according to Hades' Apostle and Ram's instructions.

Unlike Yeon, who participated in crafting as an artisan. They were not very good at it because they were badged as combat agents.

'That's so cold.

The liver kicked its tongue while following Ram.

I felt it the first time I guided you. Ram considers himself unwelcome.

Or is it right to be vigilant? Like a cat wary of other cats invading its territory.

'But we still need to get along to make life easier in the future.' However; it seemed that it was not the time yet. I felt I needed to approach slowly to clear my boundaries.

Then the liver straightened its spine without knowing it. For some reason, you can see Victoria's angled axe.

Ash, well, he's not with my grandmother. That doesn't mean I want to seduce the Hades Apostle.

The liver quickly turned back the direction of thought after making absolutely no excuses.

'By the way.

The liver glares at the interiors of the camp.

“I never thought there'd be so many players.” Doyle sneaks in and takes a small fasting.

The Hidden Stage, where Tartarus is neither present nor known. It was also very difficult to access.

But sometimes I've heard that the 20th floor mountains are unsatisfactory, and some people are looking for this place.

But when I came to see him, it was much more than I expected.

Many of the soldiers were players. Some of them have been hidden from the tower for a long time! I saw some radicals, too.

That was so amazing.

'In fact, there's no place in the tower where there's a fierce battle.

With the exception of Day11B, where the rainfall pushed the day and continued to grow, most players were often delayed for a long time after a certain degree of growth hit the wall.

The easiest way to break it was in combat. It was because there were many things to get the cost of living and dying in a fierce battlefield.

So it wasn't hard to find Tartarus.

However, given the collisions of spiritual beings, it seemed that the historical rate would be too high because sometimes it was impossible to resist as a player.

But despite the risks, there are so many players.

'It means that Tartarus has such a positive influence on them.

Doyle's thinking about that.

“Shithole.” The liver suddenly brings its hand to its breath.

Doyle frowns, wondering what's wrong with this.

“Say the same thing I'm going to say“ is not how you get older. No. ”I hear most people change their cost after they've been through something big. When I saw the same liver, I was sighing on my own.

The liver grins and pounds Gran Doyle's back hard.

“Why is the child sighing so much? Let's live with a smile.” Doyle shakes his head. Then I smiled. With a brother like this, you saved him without giving up on him.

That's what I'm thinking.

Suddenly, one side of the camp begins to fall apart.

Liver and Doyle turn to you. Galilee and Groitz follow you, then look a little stiff.

He was either just in the middle of a battle or he was having a hard time keeping it together.

But it was as ugly as both eyes.

• • • Elohim, why are they here? ”Among the eight Glens, Eudale Elohim was noticeable. All but themselves are inferior because of their arrogance and presumption.

Those who stood out there did.

While many players gather to celebrate them. They were taking it for granted.

“I think the woman in front of me is the co-owner of life and life, while the other one is the owner of the frenzy. But the photo-worthy family looks like • • • •.

The leader of Elohim's herd was Panes, the woman who cut her short.

Aether was right behind him like a slutty dog. A long orphan is tied around his neck like a dog necklace.

Saffanes' group leaves Tartarus briefly to gather supplies for Guinness, joining Nice Fluto to take action.

They left their expedition, invaded Titan's territory, destroyed the castle, and built a revolutionary war against the jaws of magic. They are now the center of Nice Pluto.

It's the same now.

While Titan was invading the sanctuary, they rather plotted a counterattack. They wanted to hunt Titan down alone, aiming for a relatively weak defence.

And the result.

I give you a new blessing, rejoicing in the title of 'The God of Olympus, Poseidon the New'.] [Hastia agrees.] [Demeter is with you.] [Hera is with you.] Titan Megara's head rests on the cart she brought.

“Astrios followed by megara and soon to Guinea." ”“ Maybe. Maybe we can win this war. ”Deputy Hades, a lowly figure, was excited.

Pannes nods calmly as he hears the situation on his way here.

However, Aether, who was following her around like a dog, could see that her mind was very uncomfortable, unlike what it seemed.

She should have all the glory and praise for vanquishing Megara in the first place.

Before that, there was a cat thief who gained the title of the new murderer and took glory and praise.


He came back.

Panhes has changed his teeth. I was someone I was supposed to meet someday. I was annoyed that he made his balls so colorless.

But she wanted to be self-respecting.

We didn't have to expose our enemies here for nothing. Moreover, she was destined to confront the monopoly anyway.

[A message has come from Poseidon.] [Message: As promised, tear them apart. Don't let any of them live. All of them.] Farnes told Poseidon and the other three goddesses who were watching him in the dungeon.

“If so, we have received a message from truly • • • • • • • [Poseidon.] [Message: I promise again. I, Poseidon and Estia; in the name of Demeter, Hara.] [A message has come from Poseidon.] [Message: if you complete the trust.

I will give my family a harvest for generations to come.] A promise to bring back the fate of a corrupt clan.

The trust Barnes received before he left with the expedition was only beginning.