Second Life Ranker

5. Cha Jungwoo (1)

Thank you again for helping me complete my ears. "Brontes bowed his head in front of the pond.

For a brief moment there was a subtle conflict, but Brontes never forgot that the man who brought the lifeline to grief in a desperate situation thought it was over.

I wish Yeon-woo hadn't stepped up like this. The three Cyclops could not regroup or complete Guinness.

To their brothers, to Tartarus. Yeon-woo seems to have been a savior.

Me too. “I agree.

Steropes and Arges head down one after the other. The short-term monsters were hundreds of meters long, so the cost was awkward.

So just ask me to do anything. I'll do it. "“ This was just a deal. And on my terms. ”Yeon-woo paused and took out the clock from her arms. Brontes' only eyes narrow.

It was to unseal it, right? Can I have that for a second? Yeon carefully handed the Audience Watch to Brontes.

[The target's information could not be accurately determined.] [The target's information could not be accurately determined.] [Retry identifying the target's information with the permissions of Yongsin 'an.] [You have successfully identified some.] [Display the result. "Classification:??? Rating: 922 Explanation: Hourwatch left by Midnight Sunset Wing. It is made of the soul of Luciel, the stone of 'Superbia', and it seems to contain some secrets.

We still don't have a lot of information. Yongsin An, however, was able to expose much more results than Yeon-woo the Woman had challenged countless times.

Especially the phrase "made of arrogant stone" caught my attention.

Knowledge about adra means that if you improve your proficiency, you can analyze the adra. The first step is difficult, but the next step is easy: "Do you know anything about this stone?" “The arrogance of the seventh generation of sins.” Brontes became a little surprised.

Have you already figured it out? Then that's a quick story. The explanation continued.

Like I said, there were 14 soul ceremonies left over after Luciel died. Classified as the concept of good and evil, it is called the Seven Principles and the Seven Sins, respectively. And each adra has its own unique name. The original fire we used was pure so we could make new things. I wondered for a moment what was the spiritual name that made Viera Dun the earthly goddess.

There was a name for it.


Pride, on the other hand, conquers all. Tall, rare. It's so hard, I never know how to bend.

It doesn't break well, so it's perfect for hiding the moon. Looks like it's got a graceful watch on top of a stone. I don't know who made this, but I have a lot of skills. "Do you think you tried to hide the month?” Brontes shrugs.

How should I know? Only the person who made it will know. “However? What's the cost?” Seeing that the seal is incomplete and that there is a life in one place, there seems to be a condition. so that only under certain conditions can you have any reaction. Yeon-woo nodded. There was also this clue.


So I think we need to hit this spot primarily to break the seal. “What do you mean?” "If the originator of this watch had intended, the item inside would have been sealed tightly forever. But breaking a hole means one day you have to unseal it." Brontes' Eyes Shined.

It means "keyhole." & Keyhole.

Yeongwoo sat in front of the brazier and touched the clock with her hands. The brazier gives off the warm heat while the brazier ignites.

- And to be honest, I'm not sure I want to break this seal. No, you're right, I can't. No one has ever solved the secret of adra. If that were possible, everyone with the adra would have been transformed into a new being.

Hanova said that even the three Cyclops might not be able to break the seal completely.

That was the right thing to say.

- But "handling" is another way. Let me teach you about this.

- But if we can figure out what the key to the keyhole is, we can really unseal it. That's too bad.

Yeon-woo mutters a little.

'The keyhole.

It must be a journal.

In that case.

'What is the key?' This answer also came out quickly.

He wanted to deliver something to himself by leaving a diary.

He even said he wanted to come to Clan House and take the Elixir. There were many magical devices left in the diary, simply because that was all.

A number of hidden pieces that he discovered after a long study. The approximate method for each staircase. Skill Tree = = It was too extensive to say just take the elixir.

Besides, the diary was closed.

There's something else here, too. We have to find the original journal.

I opened my eyes as Yeon-woo organized her thoughts. I had already heard all about the structure of adra and its basic characteristics from Brontes.

In that case.

He had to find a solution.

'For now, let's start with the keyhole.

Yeongwoo pushed her magic into the clock. The clock began to flutter. The clock was shaking in confusion. It seemed to be in jeopardy as if it were going to break soon.

I used to think it was going to break down, but I couldn't put more magic into it.

As soon as I realized that the clock was made of adra, I didn't have to worry about it anymore.

The Banger-Vortex clock rises above your palm and starts spinning like a swirl. An enormous amount of magic is directed at you.

The amount of magical power increased sharply. The wind blows along the room, and a horsepower storm erupts.

Old school! The forge where Yeongwoo used to be was full of it. If anyone saw it, there was a war and it was a terrible earthquake.

The flame in the brazier blazes, and all the armor from the wall falls to the ground powerlessly. The anvil is swept to one side. The atmosphere even bends.

“What's going on?” Hannova, who was waiting for the kite to come out after he finished talking with Brontes and the like, opened the door. And I was surprised.

It was a magical storm centered on a rainstorm and it was destroying everything.

It was not only the forge that was going to stay like this, but also the temple of Hades. A huge bomb falls in the middle of the sanctuary.

Abraham realizes the seriousness of the squadron and starts building a profound boundary along the pond, pulling Hanova straight back. Victoria quickly placed her hands here.

The magic circle appears in turn, overlapping the boundaries, and the space around the pond is free.

In the meantime.

Yeon-woo did not stop looking at the clock.

[Yongsin 'an] [Golden Coin] [Black Gubidara - Wise Man's Eye] Calatus' eyes open and glow golden. And here, the eyes of Bimagildara, the king of Assyria, continued to dig deeper and deeper into the skyscraper that was making the clock.

All the gauntlets were being drawn to you.

I continued to peel off a few layers of surface. Like peeling off an onion, I went beyond the surface of the pocket watch, through several teeth, to the nucleus within.

The adra was shining bright.

Shine that looks sacred or sinister.

Radiance is circling the adra, but it originates at one point.

A very fine life form that is too small to be seen unless you pay attention.

It was a key life.

Yeongwoo pushes the gown towards you.

I don't know if I'm delusional, but I think Yeon heard something like that for some reason. Sounds when a key is engaged to the right key life.

And turn the key completely around and open the door completely.

Yeongwoo's consciousness was sucked into the hole.

It is connected to the adra (arrogance) of Myrcel.] [Synchronization is done.] The interior of the adra was vast.

The purple glow that flowed along the outside was nothing.

There was so much radiance floating around the world. Too many to count.

Every single one of them was magical.

It was divine, it was Magi, it was powerful.

In addition, he was strong, spiritual, spiritual, and spiritual. However, I started to develop various other traits, such as turning into an inner airplane.

There is a lot of energy in the world of towers.

Energy that can be anything. It was acceptable and could be swallowed anywhere.

I had too much energy for that.


Is this Luciel's soul? 'It seemed that Yeon could see how Viera Dun was eating the Mother Earth.

If we could just wait infinitely, infinitely, infinitely, what would it be--? And if only one adra holds this much power, what if all 14 of them come together? God and the demons were also afraid. I also had a hunch that Frost Luciel had become the property of gods and demons.

'The problem is I think we have to get rid of it somehow.' Yeon-woo was troubled for a moment, seeing too much energy. There was something Brontes said about this.

- What's in it is the only way to pull it out slowly. And that's where the fire of the Great Canyon came from.

- But don't touch anything. You'll explode with energy. He's as fierce as Luciel in mythology. The whole process has to be very elaborate. If you don't, you, all of us here -- and, uh, one more problem. Where should I put my energy? Purity is often said to be a brazier, but I don't know why. I don't know what it's gonna be. And even if I did, I wouldn't be able to accept all of it.

The Pure Stone held enormous sheep energy to provide Nice Pluto with cannonball fire for over a thousand years.

And they say it draws out the energy like a spring that still does not dry. The three Cyclops were not using it as a brazier at all, but they were barely able to conceive of handling the stone.

A stone of arrogance wouldn't be any different.

Brontes was concerned about this.

Even if I find a keyhole in the stone of arrogance and put a key in it to open the door.

It was because if he could not bear the energy behind it, he could not break the seal that would be hidden beyond it.


Yeonwoo had something the three Cyclops didn't know.

'Wise Man's Stone.' Another heart that can accommodate everything in the world. I don't know if I can contain it somehow.

Yeongwoo suddenly remembered Maestro who was asleep in the Wise Man's Stone.

I was going to try for a while.

It may have the consequences of bringing tremendous power to his son, Maestro.

If the Wise Man's Stone could contain all the energy of adra, it meant that he could achieve such remarkable growth.

'I've been wanting to be powered by a lesser demon lately. Maybe it's a good thing.

It can match a new power source.

So the way Brontes taught us to do it.

You draw the purple energy out of the stone of arrogance slowly, as you extract the original fire from the stone of purity.

And very slowly, he began to lead them to the Wise Man's Stone, which was sitting next to his heart.

• • • After. You're doing something funny.

I thought I heard Martha laughing somewhere.