Second Life Ranker

6. Cha Jong-woo (2)

His voice was moving like when.

Though he was quiet as usual, he was watching everything.

Yeongwoo is a little irritated, but she pulls out the purple energy at a rapid rate. I was confident that I would not touch myself, as I said, 'I wait for the moment when I am ripe.'

Shoot - carrying purple energy wasn't too difficult. When I pulled it up, it was like a viscous mass. At once, I was drawn to the stone of the sage.

It was so much that I thought it would really be acceptable.

Yeon-woo did not stop.

The Wise Man's stone burns hot: It was so hot that I thought it might explode that even Yeon-woo had to suffer.

And at the end of Bernie's life, enduring the terrible pain that his body feels like it's closing in. I've succeeded in transporting all the purple energy.

No. Rather, the Wise Man's Stone cries out louder as if it wasn't enough.

Where would all those sheep have gone?

Yeongwoo clumped together over which it had been scattered in all directions to form a fluid (― 24189; ). It seemed more convenient to leave it like this to explore adra deeply.

And then I opened my eyes again.

Yeongwoo could see countless bowmen in the Ting Bee Wise Man's stone like a lie.

One day to listen to the journal 0/term.

I've heard so much that now I remember from the sentence in one diary.

• • • tl./No. The baby's chant/• • Strange characters are striking * <UNK> • - • • • • Of course 7//I felt like I was going to lose my mind to the last sentence in the journal. • • • I thought 53187; I was going to lose my mind to the last chapter in the journal.

The voices I heard on tape, the visions my brother left me. I was wandering around like a letter.

'Journal.' Yeon-woo realized that she had reached the core of the adra. A magical journal that enables you to trigger your diary. If so, there must be a power source inside.

I looked closely at the bows.

However, so many of them were busy wandering around as if they were fish swimming in the sea. I made new sentences and words that I didn't know the meaning of.

Yeonwoo himself melted into those bows and hung around.

It was not just words or sentences that were created by the writers.

Sometimes, they were assembled together, and there were many people who avoided Jungwoo's image of what they wanted to express in the diary. He raised his sword, flapped his wings, and looked down at the world, then scattered again and combined into different shapes.

Like watching a puppet show, Yeongwoo was able to find out some rules without limit, looking at the various scenes created by the activists.

As I slowly retraced the flow, I reached the center.

As the density of the typeface became so dark, the world that was pure white was suddenly filled with humidity.

And from the tip, Yeon-woo stumbles without even knowing it.


There were people.

A man wearing no clothes and burying his nets in his mommy's thighs.

I didn't know what he looked like because he had his wings wrapped around his back.

Yeon-woo could feel her heart beating without her even knowing it.

The man was trapped in tangled salvation and never looked up. I think he's in a deep sleep. Despite feeling the popularity of Yeon-woo, I didn't budge.

The more I painted, the more the heart of Yeongwoo beat. even though it's a fluid made up of the concepts that we have here. It was like my heart was beating. I can't breathe. I can't think of anything. My head feels fresh.

I could only follow my ears with one word.


The voice I heard when I left the Temple of Persephone. Why do I keep thinking about the voice that I was desperately looking for?

I quickly regained my senses and ran to the place where the cowardly man was.

Just in case I missed it.

• • • • We have a person • • • • We are constantly running out of time. • • • • We are constantly running out of time. • • • We are constantly running out of time. I also heard a lot of sentences and gestured to Yeon-woo as she danced.

Every word, every word, every word, was engulfed in his hands. There are traces of his lonely moments. There was joy, contrition, and sadness.

7 won/body goes back to the flood of the typewriter. The letters will continue to bump into Yeon Woo's body. Every time, there was a nick and a sneeze in the fluid.

That hurt.

Too much.

• • • I wanted to shout that the lines were twisted and that it was here. But there was no way to communicate in a world where no voice could be heard.

I was too stuffy as if I was mute.

So I wanted to get close somehow.

However, the flood of the typeface was too difficult to break through. It was going to be swept away together if it was squeaky.

• • • • öhEElöh0//I met him alone, but I slowly took a step to get to where he was.

• • • The Emperor is the wrong 7 €/At last it could be different.


Yeon lets out a rough breath.

The man was too close.

Reach out and reach out. However, the sphere that was spitting out his mouth was still cutting off the approach.

I thought there was no way to break the sphere.

It was hard enough to keep the fluid from flooding immediately.

What should I do?

There's got to be something.

If not, even with strength! 'Yeon-woo gripped her teeth.

[Three-way Solvent Awakening] [Power Front Opens] Yeon has attracted all 900 channeling. That's how many bodies are stuck together. For the first time, the purple energy that was drawn from the adra moved according to his will.

The wings of the Huaiak-Fire spread wide. I feel more full than I did during Astrios. Now I was confident that I could stand up to any nine kings.

Yippee! With that kind of power, you clash with it.

However, the sphere was covered with more typewriters and richly bounced off the honeycomb.

Guang, Boom, Guang_Guar! However, Yeon never stopped. You throw yourself away, throwing yourself into the ground with more strength.

Every time, the Wise Man's Stone and Magical Circuit turn out to be infinite. My sense of detail became more intense. Eyes glowing with anger were busy looking for weaknesses.

However, the sphere did not budge.

There were no cracked corners.

The only thing that's broken is the phonemic breakers. However, it was mixed with the waves and combined with new characters.

'This is not enough.

Brontes says he's the key. The only key that fits into the keyhole and unlocks the lock.

So I thought it was over when I unsealed the soul ceremony and came inside.

But there was a real lock.

Lots of them.

The diary, it was a lock.

• • • The Emperor's novels were filled with regrets.

Maybe he's got his thoughts buried all over him.

It would be nice if Zari could think of a happy memory.

Why do I keep thinking about things that don't help me?

'Goddamn it.

Yeon-woo looked at him and said something nasty.

It was like this every time I was on Earth. He pretended to be bright on the outside; but he was depressing on the inside. I think he might have been hurt by one of his own words, a shy one who was always 1-1-0.

If you say something about it, you say, "Do you know what month it is?" He was like a follicle.

So my body dies, I'm in this diary, and I keep regretting it.

And they're making themselves this hard.

~ Because you trust people so much? No 55182; I'm trying to put myself/myself to sleep without caring for the members of the listening team/I just want to do what these damn writers do.

No, how did this gloomy bastard get to the top rank? Besides, I heard that Artiya is ranked sixth in the Clan. I thought my personality had improved since I climbed the tower, but it wasn't like that either.

• • • or else • • • • • • • 7% good or 31932; 7? • • • I felt that Yeon-woo should not be like this.

I needed more power.

To destroy it all at once.

Anybody want to help? 'Yeon holds her head up high.

More than 900 channels that lead to you. Beyond that lies a much more divine and demonic gaze.

Guys who want to get a peek at themselves somehow.

There are some transcendents who became curious while conducting a new assassination event.

[God's Society, 'Dil = > ni' ta- 00 'peers at you with Nergal's help [God's Society,' Thor 'in' Asgard] watches over you for a fee to Bimagildara.] [God's Society, 'All Out', has a conversation with the Crown Prince about you.] [The Demon Society, Citri of Le Infernal], watches Agares approach.] [Current number of powers: 711] Much more than when you accepted more than 900 channels at once.

But since they were all held back by a wall called Tartarus and unable to observe Yeon, they were already approaching the Channeling connected gods and demons for a price and sharing their vision.

Perhaps the price is very high.

Not even close enough for a mortal.

It was proof that the person called 'Yeon' was receiving considerable attention between God and the demons.

And Yeon-woo was going to accept all these powers as well.

No, I was even thinking of getting a copy of Jo Jo 1- -1.

'I don't know if I can do this on my own.

Yeongwoo thought that she would be able to accept power properly even in fluid state, not in the flesh, but not at all fabulous.

All he needed right now was a lot of firepower.

[You obtained the power of 'Adad', Fairy-Carkara. '[I obtained the power of Thor, the Moron's Hammer.]] [You obtained the power of the' Rangoon Army ', Kyongryong Dynasty.]] [You are gaining too much power. Your body can't take it.

I advise you to terminate the preliminary apostle agreement.] [Warning! You are gaining too much power. There is a Concern about Body Collapse "[WARNING! Too many [god arguments work. Accept the power of God" [The Master's Son works. Embrace the power of the devil.] [The dragon's argument works. Strengthens Solvent.] [Enhanced Wise Man's Stone.] [Enhanced Drinking Dragon.] [Enhanced Drinking Dragon.] Even at that moment, the writing around him kept changing.

• • • The cocoon started to rush to kill me • • overload, overload - if I wanted to attract enough firepower, I blew myself up again.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr_I wonder if all the bows are burning like this. The world is under heavy fire. The reactions were so strong that the middle half of Yeon-woo's upper half flew away.

However, even after the explosion, the sphere didn't move at all. There was not even the soot.


But I survived.

• • • It doesn't give in to reactions everywhere. As I continued to develop my regenerative trajectory, I restored my body at a rapid rate and reached 1- toward the sphere.

Fortunately, the fires that bounced off of the waves of fire were shaking their spheres relentlessly as they ignited a chain explosion.

That's why I was able to confuse the archers. And I reached the end.

• • • then h. • • • • • • I/side have the talent to work on 17 parts per mill • • but how can I get rid of the damn sphere that lasts until the end.

Even if I pushed hard, I wasn't pushed. No, but there was a small crack that allowed me to put one finger in winter, but I didn't even know when it was going to close.

If only I had a little more strength.

As long as someone pushes you.

I think we can get to him somehow. I felt like I could wake up somehow if I did.


• • • • • • But it didn't give them a g//look • • Yeon-woo was really mistaken as someone pushed his back. Not one, but two.

Who's here? He looks back in his surprised face. A familiar face looks over here and smiles brightly. No, he rolled one lip up and laughed at me.

[Someone else without a name looks at you and pout.] being a jerk. So your wife will be satisfied in the future? It was definitely the King Ahjussi's fault that had been absorbed and even existed.

And next to that [someone without a name looks at you and smiles.] A woman with long red hair that looks like it's burning, said with a stiff smile.

I don't like you. I have something to say to that guy over there.

He must have vanished like a ruin and not be here.

Then Yeon-woo was able to recall a memory that remained cloudy.

Two beings who appeared suddenly and cleared up unnecessary channeling when they were suffering from a high fever. It seemed like they were there.

But both men and women pushed Yeon-woo's back as hard as they could before she asked any questions.

Thanks to that, I was able to reach him even though I felt the pain of the tearing of the soft fluid several times.

to a baby bird-like brother who was scared and hid with his wings while trembling.

Yeon-woo stretched out her arms and hugged her as hard as she could.

Even in that moment.

The report continued to show the diary.

Search for the content • • • So here 0/diary.

0/If you put the diary, anticipate 0/In Jego will come here 14//Octopus/• ~