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7 currency. Midnight (3)

At that moment, a flash of light burst.

A number of activists were shattered and covered the whole world around Yeongwoo and Jung.



My head was too dizzy.

I didn't even drink. Why are you doing this? Wait. Have I ever had a drink? I drank a bottle of soju with my brother on my last birthday, but I haven't tasted it since because he didn't fit in my mouth.

No, it's not.

I drank all night with Valdivich.

I found Hanova dying in a liquor shed, soaking a beer, and I snuck out in the middle of the night. I remember sitting there emptying five eggs because it was so delicious that I only tasted one or two glasses.

Then he fell asleep drunk, and the next day Hanova caught him beating his head with a bear.

It was still too good to bear the right thing. Oh, I'm drooling from thinking like this. How else can you not save him? Looks like Hanova was secretly immersed somewhere else. Why don't you try sneaking up on me? But wait a minute.

Hanova? Who's Hanova? My thoughts kept filling my head with biting my tail.

I had the strangest dream all night.

Strange names keep coming to mind and disappearing. At the same time, there are a lot of memories. There are holes everywhere, and there's cuttings, so we can't really see the flow. They were just as vivid as what had happened.

Feels like I've seen a sad movie.

However, such mixed memories were soon blurred. No matter how vivid the dream was, when I opened my eyes, I suddenly couldn't remember. The scenes all disappeared like sand castles swept away by the waves.

I opened my eyes, pressing down on my temples. I saw books with perfectly placed desks and saliva marks.

There's a note next to it with a pen rolling around. I guess I fell asleep while studying all night.

What were the missing memories?

I thought it was important. I can't remember. But I think if I try to think of something, I'll think of it. I'm looking back. I'm squinting.

Pibique. Pibique.

The alarm clock struck again, pulling the mind back into the real world. In addition, the headache that was pressing down on my head was washed away like a lie.

No, I don't.

I couldn't even conceive of that, exactly.

07: 32 ”School hours are 8: 00 a.m.

I was late.

I got up from my seat in a hurry.

There were no cloudy memories in the dream.

“Hoo! I barely survived," “What, you? Survived?" “Of course. Huh.You 're looking at me like I'm the moon?” “Damn it. This one's discriminatory. Too bad you can't study, Sylvie.” In a noisy high school classroom.

The classroom was still noisy and noisy because it was just full of creepy men sweating.

The Wudang party slips as the latter flies over the sky. Thanks to you, the desk was next to you and chairs were playing a line of dominoes.

I dropped all the books and snacks I had in the drawer in my luggage, and the children cursed and stepped on the fat with their feet.

A den of chaotic beasts.

Chapter 7: I never thought I'd be back here again.

But it's been a long time since I've had a good time. It felt like those memories were flying in an instant. What am I supposed to do with these bloody beasts?

It's been a long time since I've been in a classroom. I wonder what you're thinking. I tapped on Kim Jiro's temples and erased the strange feeling that came back to me.

It was all because of the migraine in the morning.

“What's the matter? Headache?” A friend asked me with a concern. The one who used to have fun picking jokes together until just now. He had been best friends since 1 st grade for 3 years. Name • • • • • • huh? What was it? "You don't have to go to the nursing room." And don't tell your brother. I feel like I'm going to nag you again.

I quickly lost my hand.

Since I was a child, I have suffered a lot from brutality.

Now, I've been getting better, but sometimes I get migraines. I was still cautious because of my family history.

My mother was very sick.

Doctors have always said that the symptoms experienced between our hats are rare diseases that are difficult to diagnose with modern medicine. Should I report this to the council separately? I was getting my mother's hospital bills for a better reward, but it was a terrible disease, “but I told Yeon-woo.“ I know my body better. You just have to hold on to this. And if I bring a guy who's gonna get sucked in front of the gate, I'm the only one who's gonna be insulted. ”Unlike me, my brother was very healthy. He is an identical twin brother who was born with the same traits, but he also exercised well without any rare symptoms. I told him to die fighting.

Thanks to you, I was branded a troubled child, and I was stuck with the teachers every time.).

My personality was so different from the one I was classified as a superior student, my brother was quite famous in school.

It's the same now.

I was more than 10 minutes late because I was scared to run, but I felt the warmth of the teachers (?).

My brother who arrived five minutes later than me was being clubbed by the student master, lying facedown in front of the school gate without such consideration.

Maybe I don't know, but I was sure he was getting hit hard and grinding a lot of teeth.

I knew I was late, but I snuck out because I was sleeping constantly in my room, and today I was going to sneak away from my brother.

Who told you to wipe it out without my Mango Jelly permission from the fridge? Revenge made me feel all better.

Well, at first it was shy revenge.

I don't know what to do.

This is what you do when you can't do it with your strength.

“Well, that's a relief. If you can't stand it, just talk to me. Don't fall down after enduring it like last time. Shit. Yeon-woo beat the shit out of me and now I'm flat.” That fellow grumbles and shakes his head. Turns out he was also a victim of my brother's temper.

It was a pity.

I need you to plow well.

“My brother is a bit like that. Right?" “Your brothers, they're both the same.” The friend frowns at my words.

That's what I said, too.

Still, I'm better than you.

No, it's not worth comparing.

How do you compare to a human being like that? “The brother is a bored man, and the brother is always deceiving people. What's the difference?" “Handsome? I'm better, right?” I've had a few confessions from the girls next door while I was still seeing them.

“This dove. Let's not talk vocabulary.

His friend sighed deeply. At that moment, the bell was ringing to announce the first lesson.

I was thankful for always grumbling and plowing my brother at his side.

You're such a dick.

It's like Hanova.

• • • Hanova? I suddenly remembered another strange name. I think I miss that name. I don't remember at all What kind of philosopher was that? Suddenly I saw a friend sitting back in his seat, and I thought,

By the way.

Really, what was his name? You son of a bitch. Years later, really.

(Me) Pow? Why don't you wake him up and go? Fuck you.

Me? The status of our wretched personality. Before you insult me.

[Meowing] Don't use anything weird.

[Me (kitty emoticon with two hands together desperately looking) [My Ugly Personality Destroyer] Let's have a real lesson today.

Meow? [Our Ugly Personality Breaker] Ugh. "I laughed as I watched the chat app as it was smeared with swearing speech.

As the message continued to go up, it seemed like I was firmly hatched, too.

Number one keeps disappearing, and he won't reply, so he's probably too stuffy right now to stand it.

“Ahhh.” The class time is dull enough for yawning.

As with most students, the contents of the senior year's class were a lot of things that they had already learned. I only do it occasionally for the whole class, but even the incoming mastery was mostly being filled with self-study.

The teacher was also not touching the students about studying in another problem book publicly.

Thanks to this, I was comfortably touching my phone. Of course, it was confiscated if you were too conspicuous.

I used to give it back just as soon as I had the right excuse.

That's why it's important to be a model student. I've been learning what to do with my life in this small community since then.

I thought I'd take out the problem book like the rest of my friends and study.

I wasn't strangely impressed.

It's been like this since this morning.

I feel like I'm missing something.

What the hell am I missing? I thought there was something important, but no matter how hard I looked back, nothing came to mind like this.

So all day long, I sat there touching my cell phone.

I feel weird. I studied a lot of girls. Today, I thought it might be okay to have a little fun.

Of course, after lunch, I was going to empty my head and pick up the pen again.

At that time, the smartphone in my hand suddenly cried. I was just touching it in case it downloaded a game.

(Advertisement) The end/end of Obelisk gives aid.

Yes or No? “Here we go again.

It was a spam text that said it was a long day.

I was annoyed when I changed my number after every cut. It was amazing now that I had been coming here for more than a month at the same time, with the same content.

'Obelisk: A monument to God's praise and victory.

However, it seemed to refer to the law in some sense here.

It's a classic game commercial.

The problem was that there was no Ring anywhere else on the right side called 'Yes or N ()'.

If I'm bored and decide to play it once, I don't really have a button to download it. Replace it or not.

It was a person who could not understand English at all.

Just in time, my smartphone started beating again. It was a text again, but the caller's name made a hard impression.

I deleted the text without checking properly. It was obvious without even looking.

Moreover, it was clear that when his older brother found out that he was in contact with this person, • • • • • • Sadal was also strong.

Normally, the difference between a brother I play a mean prank and a brother I'm really angry with was huge.

It was so cold that I felt like someone else. And I didn't want to see what would happen after that. I didn't want to work for nothing.

There's nothing to do after all.

After scouring all the SNS for nothing, there was really nothing more to do.

But my heart was still raw. I wanted to be better than this morning, so I put my smartphone down and picked up my pen again.

Even if it was a month, I had to study.

I couldn't give up my endorsement, my qualifications, my four-year special scholarship to prestige. So instead of going straight to military service, you go into the defence industry, you make money, you bring it home, and you graduate straight out of your military service and you join a big company.

It was my dream future. It was my dream to take care of my sick mother and bring her home. There was no rest there.

So I'm going to get my head together, and I'm going to solve the problem again.

My smartphone rang again.

I was going to turn it off, but I made a call.

The moment I saw the name of the sender on the screen. My heart grew old without me knowing it.

Court “When a patient wants to get better or not, this happens suddenly. But first, the urgent fire is extinguished, so let's try to stay awake.” After the doctor left, I had to look at my mother dazed.

A mother who relies on an oxygen mask to catch her breath. He was excruciating for just a few hours after the big measles, so I thought he was the one who had enjoyed talking.

“I'm going to get some air.” I didn't listen to my brother's answer, and I stepped out of the room with my twisted foot against the wall.

I felt like I was losing strength. From this morning until now, why have I been so dizzy?

Then, the back pocket rang again.

I took out my smartphone and held it in my hand.

(Advertisement) Belize's end/only gives us aid.

Participate? Yes or No? despite the spam texts I've always seen.

When I saw a text that arrived differently from the usual time, I couldn't help but notice it.

Especially one word caught my eye.


I wish it wasn't just a game commercial, it was in a movie or a novel.

So if only we could fulfill our wish. If only I could cure Mother's illness, which I don't even know what it is.

I don't think there's anything more I want.

I looked at the text and tapped the screen with my thumb. I was hoping it would calm me down.

At that moment, the 'Yes or No' part turned blue. It's linked.

I was holding down the 'Yes' button without even knowing it.