Second Life Ranker

8. Cha Jong-woo (4)

[You have focused on Obelisk.] [Confirm your personal information. Please wait. - What is this? ”The world was born when I wanted to be a little bored.

I had to be stunned for a while without knowing where I was.

I must have just been in a hallway full of walls in Saehaan.

This was the entire black brick locker room. A narrow compartment with a thin stone luminescence on the ceiling that can only be seen inside.

Moreover, there was a strange hologram floating before my eyes.

Obelisk or your personal information? They were utterly incomprehensible. It looks like it could be from a movie.

I wonder if he's having hallucinations because his condition is getting worse.

“Anybody? Anybody?" Anybody? "A voice that made the echo chaotic as it hit the brick wall.

Then I came to my senses.

This was one of the two.

Either I'm really cramped.


• • • Reality. ”If it was our grumpy, tough-looking brother, he'd be wandering the streets asking where we are.

I tried to judge the situation calmly, once I calmed down.

In fact, the more realistic judgments among the two assumptions were the former.

I had a rare disease that was hard for doctors to determine yet, so there was nothing strange about the symptoms that followed the hallucinations later.

It shouldn't be weird for her to have any effect on her being stressed out all of a sudden.

So if this is really a hallucination, it's not something I can do right now.

Until I can judge my symptoms externally and treat them.

If this isn't a hallucination.

Really, if, nonsense, something divine had listened to my wishes and listened to my wishes, like in a TV movie or a novel, as I longed to hold onto my cell phone.

What would you do then?

“Let's do it first.” In the end, I was thinking of embracing this reality of hallucinations. If my hallucinations were real, I would have to adapt to them and find a way to solve them, and if it were real, I wouldn't have to go back to where my mother and brother were.


[Player: midnight woo] [Do you want to continue connecting until the characters in the hologram have changed and new content has been printed. In a way, it looked like a guide phrase or a message commonly seen in the game.

You nod first.

[You have approved access.] [Prepare to evolve as a player from now on. Unlike current multiplayers, you have received an "invitation to the future" entry. I'm just going to briefly walk you through the level difference.] [Please select one weapon from the list below to ensure a smooth progress.] [List] 1. Blades - E Sod-Sabre 2. Dagger 3, Styrofoam 4. Strike 5. Thrower 6. There were six categories of exceptions.

There were dozens of weapons listed in each category. In the Blades category, there were such things as Longsword, Shortsword, Sabre, and Dagger, Antenny Dagger, Basslead, and Doug.

It was also something that could be seen in the game together.

I pressed with my hand what was at the top of the liver, just in case.

[Longsword] Pointed edges and blades 10 - Go-Ugh-Ugh\ n- 0 Sword. A most basic weapon.

Centimeter, two kilograms of weight.

[Do you want to select 'Longsword'?] [Attention! Once you select a weapon, it cannot be returned and you cannot select another weapon "[Do you want to continue?] I quickly stepped off the hologram. Then the message that I was about to choose Longsword disappeared by itself.

You have to make a good choice here.

If this were really the case, I'd have to fight back. We don't know what's gonna happen after this. It is a place where you send an advertisement text and immediately press' Yes' and throw it in a strange locker room. I could never call it normal. Perhaps not, but the weapon you have chosen is most likely to be in direct contact with Survival.

So I carefully checked hundreds of weapons in the category list.

There were a lot of weapons that seemed to be useful in the Middle Ages, but some of them were curious.

[Crystal Ball] An artifact that helps cast magic smoothly. White temperament.

Magic orb? There's magic? But when I think about it, there was nothing strange at all. It's a place that summons people by text. Maybe it's magic. Of course, this was an idea that we could do with the assumption that this was real.

How long has it been?

[Checking list of invited players for the longest time.] [A discreet personality can be a great help to climbing the tower. This will be recorded on your achievements.] [Attribute 'Reflector Obtained.] [A god looks at you with curious eyes.] Trait? God? The message was also chattering about the unknown. But I didn't really understand what that meant.

I decided to ask if I could meet someone later, after a long time of thinking.

[You have selected 'Scutum'.] Scutum, otherwise known as' Tower Shield 'in the game. Two meters long, 80 centimeters thick, 15 kilograms of weight. The center is made of multiple layers of wooden panels, and the surfaces and upper and lower edges are compressed and fixed with metal.

In history, it was said to be a walking turtle shell, and it was also a shield specialized solely in defense.

Even in Korea, if I was a gymnast, I could suddenly awaken like any other cartoon I've ever seen, saying that I had a strange weapon.

As long as I don't know what kind of danger is out there, I have to focus on protecting my body.

So at first, I thought I'd make a bigger shield. If it was too heavy, it would be useless to move quickly, so I chose it this much.

Suddenly, the skutum appeared in front of me as the flash of light bursts, with a rowdy crest in the middle.

Crossed in the middle, flapping wings to the left and to the right.

I didn't know where the sentence was used, but all the scars and traces on the surface told me that this was in deep trials with someone I didn't know their name.

Inside the skutum is a revolution that can harden your arms.

After keeping your left arm firmly planted, you leaned down and took a slow step, hiding as far inside the skutum as possible.

At that moment, one wall, which was tightly blocked, opened to the left and to the right with a loud noise.

Beyond that lies an elongated passageway.

A much brighter light was shining ahead, but I was careful on my feet the whole way.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho. Oh-ho! You're so thoughtless, you don't even have to be afraid.” A strange laugh echoes along the hallway. It's overwhelming.

As the footsteps became louder and louder, the cost came this way.

Slightly over the edge of the shield, the target is identified. Then my heart sank.

"What's that?" Less than a meter and 50 centimeters. Horrible lips with crunchy skin that ripped all the way to your ears.

A sharp fang. A creature that fits the word "monster."

Nevertheless, the neatly dressed virtues or one-eyed one-eyed sunglasses seemed to fit well, giving a strange impression.

Still, 'If you received an invitation, you would have received that talent from the tower. You don't have to beat your stone legs that much. ”The monster rolls its mouth up, fixing its glasses. Laughing and smiling on the slab, but it looked too ugly to me.

I wonder if this place really is a hallucination.

“An invitation? What's that?” The only intelligent creature I've encountered in this monstrous place right now was that monster over there. Then we had to make the right decision from here on out.

“Oh dear! If you have accepted the invitation and are completely unaware of what it is, then it is not useless?” “So what is it?” When you 'logged in' here. Have you received anything? ”At that moment, my mind went crazy on my smartphone.

An advertisement text that can fulfill a wish when it reaches the end of Obelisk.

“No way, this?” I took my smartphone out of my back pocket and showed it to him.

The creature smiles satisfactorily and nods.

“It looks like you've come from an advanced machine civilization. First of all, it's the future."] [Manager, Invitation 'Confirmed' Successfully met 'Evike' [Privileges are provided. Is that the monster's name? Play gives Midnight Wolf a special • Oh Hyo Hyo! Wonderful. Dreaming.

It's usually hard to get out. You won. ”[PROPERTY: Dreaming of Dreams] You can log in and out of Obelisk only twice a day if you want: If you give up a privilege, you get a new privilege along with a certain amount of money.

What the hell is that sound?

From one to ten, there were many unknowns.

“You seem to have a lot of questions. It is also my duty as a manager to correct the players who are experiencing chaos.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. As far as authority is concerned, I can explain everything. The explanation of the nine streams was very simple.

This is the tower.

Foreign resources located at the intersection of worlds and universes.

They visit tens of thousands of intellectuals a day and crave to climb.

“Top? What the hell's in there?” “Yeah. God. At the end of it, there's a path to God:" “That's a circle clap, like a • • • God? There's no fucking way.

If it were, our family wouldn't be in such a rough place right now.

“Oh Hyo! It's Jungwoo's heart if I don't believe it. In fact, God has achieved the transcendence of evil because they are merely fragments of fiction. Oh, you say that, send me a cold gun. =“ G1- 1: 3 = 01. There's really nothing for everyone to do. ”W-well, I muttered, watching the air with nothing. It's like someone's looking at him.

I thought he was crazy. I thought about it while I was distant from him. Can I really trust a monster?

“Let's just say I find that hard to believe. Okay, here's how you're going to deal with it. And at the end of that is hope.” “A wish that can accomplish anything. Isn't that in the invitation?” I checked my smartphone again.

Knuckle Knuckle/ZQ's end/Choose one and you'll have a foreign currency, just the one who brought me here.


“Anything?” I looked at him and asked.

For example, he grinned as he laughed during the day.


“Anything's impossible?” “God is referring to them. Devils are a freaking place. There's no way that's happening.

And if you can't see it, would you be okay to check it yourself? ”Check.

Yeah, that wouldn't be so bad either.

“What do we do now? Pass through this corridor and reach your destination.” Iblke pulls back to his side and pulls the corridor behind him by his hand.

The fire goes out, the darkness comes.

Like a monster trying to eat me. It was scary and hideous.

Normally, I would have stepped back in fear.

I gripped my teeth.

If there's a wish that can be fulfilled at the end. I didn't think I'd ever see my sick mother smile again.

And that's what I thought.

What would you have done when you had the chance?

Of course, I almost looked at it without asking.

He must have pushed his head without looking back.


I took my first step into the darkness. Relying heavily on the big shield.

And that day.

I died once.

Cubbivic, Picvik-open your eyes to the loud alarm clock.

All you can see is a book and a pen full of saliva marks. I think I caught it while studying.

Even though Miri was hurting like a needle through a noodle, it hurt too much. I was distracted.

I had the strangest dream.

What was he dreaming about? I can only remember so many arrows.

I felt like I was still standing still because of the trembling horrors, but that horror disappeared quickly.

I thought we had some weird friends. A friend who can be a gigantic 3 meters, or a beautiful woman who calls herself a witch.

I think I've had similar dreams before. I couldn't remember.


What was he dreaming about?