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9 currency. Midnight (5)

I don't know.

The dream was repeated many times.

“My friend, I'm so numb. You look silly.” The sudden rush of work wakes me up.

“Blink! Hey, blink a little and come in.” “Friend's face, it's so funny.” Oh. It's not for you to say. ”“ That's exactly what I'm going to say. ”“ You see this guy? ”I felt a moment of grief, and I was about to react, and then I started thinking about what I was going to do later.

He's been kind to me. It was hard to get close to him from a physical.

Incredibly tall, roughly up and down to three meters.

Muscles that seem to be able to be pressed with one hand as a manager; most of all, nasty ones. One by one, each one of them is drawing a force that is difficult to approach.


He called himself the descendant of a distant old nosebleed. A Rebel? But I heard some jokes about the Giant's blood being so faded that Humans and Giants aren't even Giants.

If someone said that, they'd just snort and pass it off as a joke.

It's short, but you stay here for a few days because you know how ridiculous the world of law is. It was easy to know that it was the truth, not a joke.

It was a coincidence that I met Valdivich.

Sector A's mission is to get through a tunnel full of metal arrows.

It was too harsh for me to study in a corner all my life.

I'm thinking this world might be half a hallucination. However, because all the senses were so vivid, I couldn't stop my chest from turning stiff.

Besides, what if this is real? If one of them got hit wrong, it was the end of the world.

So I thought I'd just use the perks and leave the tower.

I couldn't take my foot off.

The words Ifuke assured me kept ringing in my ears.

There is hope at the end of the tower.


I could not help but notice Mother's frustrated appearance.

I hope that he will give our brothers a bright smile and give them a big hug. I kept buzzing in my mind.

'Yes, let's do it.

So I moved forward with all my heart.

The first weapon I chose was a skutum.

I hid behind the shield as best I could, thinking that I could move on slowly.

But the thought and reality were different.

I couldn't help but notice where the arrow was coming from. As soon as you hear the sound of 'anger,' you hear the sound of 'pick.' And every time, the skutum crumbles. Many have lost their balance, and the left arm holding the shield is stifling frequently.

However, the biggest problem is t] 0 + type.

If it was an arrow flying up and down, we could have stopped it with a skutum. There's nothing you can do to fly at a subtle angle from the back.

At the end of the day, an arrow flew out of the back.

I pierced my left shin while I didn't even notice.

You fall screaming.

I have a feeling I have to rebuild my shield to protect my body, but it's too painful to get up.

There were two thoughts I heard at that time.

One is, "Am I gonna die here?" It was.

The other one says, "Strange. Why is this familiar? I felt a strange déjà vu like I had the same experience in my dreams.

At that time, it was apparently pierced by an arrow baptism and died of excessive bleeding.

Then I opened my eyes and the alarm went off.

The problem was that I felt like I had felt that reality 'just before.'

Of course, the Gran Zhuma Lantern was all for nothing.

Someone saved him right before he died. Valdivihi.

I still couldn't forget what he looked like. Even though he was an arrow target because of his big size. The shout that I heard as I was running toward the entrance, carrying a large sword with one arm, made my heart tremble.

It seemed to me that there were no two saviors.

But when I saw Baldevich's work, I was shocked.

He turned bitterly to look at him and thanked him for holding on to his wits.

In exchange for a few words, Baldevich could only draw an impression, but in fact, he was too pure.

Nowadays, no one was able to get close to the black powder he was emitting, but if you really knew his personality, you'd be running for it, too.

These fumes need protection. It's a terrible world.

I'm gonna have to step up and help, too, cancer.

It's hard to find anyone better than me. Of course, the bus in return. I was going to ask for a captain.

Tsk, tsk! “My friend, you look hideous.” Valdivich narrows his eyes.

I laughed.

“Hot, by the way. You know what you said yesterday?” “Ungi.” “Yi. You said it was magical, right? What do you do after that? The horsepower.

A metaphysical enige that couldn't be embraced on my Earth. However, everyone who entered the tower was essentially calm.

So I was being taught a special lesson by Baldevich to make an entrance. Without it, section A never would have made it through.


“No.” Valdivich shakes his head.

“Friend, it's still more than seconds. Neither 'accumulate' nor 'lucky'. But teaching the expression phase is to chase the vultures. It works?” I spread my hands wide. Like Saehaan Azrang on the palm of my hand, I swirled my belly as I climbed up.

“Friend, I was deceived.” “Magical power, I knew.” Ana. Seriously, I didn't know. ”“ But how can it be so easy? "I'm good at everything.

Baldevich stared at me in suspicion.

“Oh! You're the one who said my body was trash!” Valdivich shuts up if he remembers anything he said yesterday.

When I asked him to teach me magic, I looked at my hands and feet and said, "My friend, my body is really rubbish. At this rate, you'll just die. I said," It's okay. Do you know how hard my heart is for that? However, it was very easy to deal with this magical power once I started to feel different from what I was really worried about. It was quick to invest one day in what I felt.

Baldevich clearly said it would take years to feel magical without talent, and it would take twice as long to deal with it.

Is this so hard? Baldevich still taught me how not to hate and stuff.

From expression, which is the next step in horsepower operation, to imparting, seating, manipulating, strengthening, and transforming properties.

The whole step was fun. It feels like a new world has unfolded that you didn't know. I kept badgering Baldevich to teach me more.

In just one day, I was able to learn all the basic effects of magical power.

• • • That's ridiculous. It took me 10 years to get here. But I did it in one day. ”“ I told you. I'm a genius. ”You lift your nostrils a little and lift the moss.

Baldevich stared at that day and said,

“Friend.” “Sucks.” Ceremony.

I smiled and answered.

“I know. Me too.” “But what can you do? I'm going to sleep too well" “friend.

“Why else?” “Can I lose with this?” Valdeviri raises his big knife without a word.

Since then, Baldebich and I have become so famous that no one in the tutorial work knows about it.

A peculiar combination of half-wits who can only wield a sword when they are ignorant of the 'Horseman' of Magic Power. Do I look like a pile of tombs to anyone? Every time I raise my shield in front of me, Baldevich swings his sword back and throws an arrow at me, making his way slowly.

Though I've made progress towards other players who are slow and skillful like turtles.

However, we were increasing our distance diligently every time we tried.

This time, we were trying to compete to get to the middle.

Suddenly, someone spoke to both of us for the first time. She was a really, really pretty girl. A child of my age, like an idol on TV.

“Are they the ones who support you? Holsie and Tonton say," Whatever, that's a bad name.

“I was just saving a party, too. As you can see, I'm pretty, too. Why are you all looking so nasty? All I can do is magic. What do you say we hold hands together till the end?” He's also severely ill.

I like it.

I gave and received silent eyes with Valdivihi. Baldevich looks at me as if I wanted to make my own decision.

I've been making decisions at our parties. Unlike Baldevich, I was a little more quick to think and judge.

Otherwise, he needed basic magic such as searching and tracking to get through compartment A.

No matter how sensitive Baldevich may be, there's a limit to catching all the traps in advance.

Moreover, there were times when some traps had to be blown to pieces by magic themselves.

In that sense, it was true that the Wizard needed to exist.

The question is, can he be trusted?

But I didn't think it would be bad to hold hands and judge just until I passed through compartment A.

“I'm Cha Jungwoo, this is Val Devici.

You? ”“ Viera Dunshe smiles brightly and greets.

“The First and Last Witch.” The strange combination that started with me, Valdivich, and Viera Dun, surprisingly fit the feet well. Beyond the mid point of our goal, we were able to get right through compartment A.

It's relatively easy.

Although I ate a lot when I was walking through a boss room full of scarecrows.

Even so, Section B gave us the confidence to 'do it. The makeshift party has been tied up with a strong teammate.


I made a decision.

[Do you want to give up the 'Dreaming Up' perk?] A privilege that allows you to travel to and from Earth and Towers twice a day.

I've been coming and going to the tower by day and Earth by night. It was possible because the time axes of the two worlds were different.

But still, it wasn't time consuming at all. Even while on Earth, time in the tutorial has been wasted rapidly.

If you missed this, you might regret it forever.

How many times did I want to tell you?

I know what I'm going through.

I did work in this crazy, fantastic world, but at the same time I also thought about it.

If you talk about it. It was too much for my brother to do it himself. I couldn't leave the danger to my brother every time.

So in the end.

[You forfeited privilege. You will no longer be able to log in and out.] [New perks available.] I cut off my way back to Earth completely.

'By the way, it was a mastery tomorrow. Everyone will be worried.' I didn't even leave a letter at home.

I didn't want to get high. And this way, I thought I'd hurry up and go home.

[Perks' Dreaming Obtained.] [PROPERTY: Dreaming] You can draw the world you want in your dreams. In the past, present, and future, the answers you get there can also be obtained in reality.

A Poetry Perk. You cannot change to another perk.

Unlike previous privileges, it was difficult to understand what was said, but this was clear.

Now you're in the gutter.

We couldn't go back to Earth until we got what we wanted.


There is also a mysterious potion in the tower called the Elixir. Even if you can't get to the end of the tower, if you can only get to the Illusionist, it's all over.

I have seen here my deceptive character and talents of 'Mantong.' Now I was confident that I would climb to the top, even though I was less skilled than other players.

'Half a year.

He tightly clenched his fist.

'Get an Elixir in there, or we'll go back.' Time like that.

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Team Arjuna, which started with only three, became a clan of nine and then twelve.



Aeterbay d 'Aleonheart.

In addition, Sadie, the host, Kun 'r and Janne were injured by the giant clan less than a year ago, and I vomited the salt that settled in ninth place.

The fastest growing case of all time? But the more I did that, the more my insides kept burning. The elixir, which was supposed to be half a year old, was nowhere to be found. Even if I tried to go back, there were too many colleagues following me.

Above all.

There were many enemies around.

How far can we go through them? Anytime.

On the other side of my chest, I was secretly having a meeting.

Eventually, I had to find a new way.

“So what? You want me to open a path to Allfoone?” The King looked at me with a look of no one.