Second Life Ranker

10. Cha Jong-woo (6)

In fact, there was no other way for him to be without a king.

Friendship is all I've seen a few times, like in the King's Lotus. So it was actually quite rude to come to this town.

Just meeting him like this will make him endure a lot.

Suddenly, he mentioned Olfowon, so he must be angry.

You knew how deeply King Wukong was hostile towards Allfowon.

And it was the same for me.

Allfoone wiped out all the polyps in the tower.

For me, Calatus, who was just like his father, suffered so much to the end, in fact, because of the sequelae that Olfowon left behind. Luckily, he died in the arms of nature now, but the last time he closed his eyes at the Dragon Temple was still clear in his head.

“Please.” But that's it, that's this. As me, I definitely needed to meet with Allfowon.

For thousands of years, he has never been stuck on 77 floors and has ruled as a barrier to many of the players. I broke my hope to reach the end of the tower.

Then all that's left is the elixir.

The problem was that Elixir could not be saved. The Elixir was an elusive potion, despite the fact that Arnia had grown up to compete with the Nine Kings.

I could see why later.

'Cause Allfowon has it.' I didn't know why he had it. It was just a coincidence that the clue I found was handed to me hundreds of years ago, and it might have been used in the meantime.

But even that little clue was very important to me, so I had to yearn to meet Olfowon.


The problem is that meeting Allfowon is absolutely necessary.

I only saw Allfowon twice.

There was a time when the rebellion between the giant clans came to an end just before the Great War broke out.

I just felt overwhelmed at the time. I didn't know how big it was because it wasn't ripe yet.

But it was different the next time.

After a long chase, the adra was stolen. The stone of arrogance and greed was tied together in one set, like Margie Yunridge.

I was filled with joy to think that I might be able to learn of Luciel's power, but as I cut through the space, he came out.

Surrounded by shadows, not revealing themselves properly.

- Again, it's you.

It did not foster. Completely unknown phosphorus. It was hard to know whether it was a man, a woman, a child or an old man. But strangely, I understood what he was saying.

But he seemed to already know too much about me.

Like you're used to it.

- Was it nine or ten? I thought I had the strength to come all the way back here without coming. But how did you get here? But, yeah. This time, luck was wrong, and the name was short. It hasn't changed at all. I have failed many times and I will fail many more times in the future.

He was rambling on about the unknown. However, the content was clearly offensive.

Or destiny. That's the word I hate the most.

So I was annoyed, but I couldn't get it straight.

Olfowan's "being" reflected in the dragon's eyes was so large that it could not be expressed in words.

Greater than the dragon calatus, greater than the nameless god who has given me warm blessings since I was a rhetoric, and 1 - more glamorous than the useless devil Agarash.

I can't fill the stage, so if I just give it a little bit of strength, I can crush myself with tremendous energy.

And there seems to be only one Orlot between heaven and earth.

He was too big to be a 'like' mortal.

I had not met so many gods and demons, but I assure you, no one was comparable to him.

The world was him, and he was the world.

All the laws surrounding the answer were being run around him.

It's as if planets and satellites are circling along a shining star. It was the central axis of the world.

He was pursuing the yearning of all the polyps to explore knowledge endlessly and to make all the laws of the world mine.

Only then could I realize.

Why all those great polyps collapsed on him without so much as a scratch.

Over the millennia, many players have not climbed to the 77th floor.

Even though the gods and demons on the 98th floor were projecting their power into the stream to somehow escape, they had to be caught and torn apart by him.

If such a thing exists in the middle.

Who's going to stop him? And...

The moment my eyes were hidden in the shadow that hides such an expected presence.

I had to feel as if my body and soul were completely disintegrating.

But you've made progress. Now you can see me? The dark shadow and hidden door in the fog were clearly smiling.

- I have the right eyes, but I can't see my way. Maybe that's why you keep dreaming. To find the path hidden in darkness. But you still can't find the light. Poor kid.

Among the words that Allfowon threw, the word 'dream' struck my mind.

It reminded me of a privilege I haven't been able to use because I haven't been able to interpret it. Did Allfowon take a peek at it? - Luciel's fire should be a torch to illuminate your path.

So far it's just a candle that vanishes in vain wind. Lean on it. Somehow. If it continues in the same way, it will come again several times and again, as long as there are countless other ways, it will eventually be a milestone. Every step you take, you're the only one who can fix it.

Olfowon adds a hint of sadness.

- May his light illuminate your path.

Olfowon disappears, chattering all he has to say from start to finish.

I didn't mention it to anyone else, but I kept it buried in my mind the whole time.

To know exactly what that means.

The three most commonly known skills of Allfowon were Mainland, Immortal, and Gentile.

But Calatus told me a few more things.


The power to see not only what it means once seen; but to see the present and the past at once.

If he had that kind of power, he certainly wouldn't have said anything.

But I still couldn't figure out what that meant.

So I wanted to ask.

With the whereabouts of Elixir.

What was the meaning of your refusal then?

How many times did you say you failed? What does that mean?


There was no way for me to get up to the 77th floor where Allfowon lived, because the Red Dragon on the 76th floor never gave me a path.

She said she wasn't bad with the Summer Queen, but it wasn't a good relationship either.

If you touch Trauma One, she will shoot Bress first without hesitation.

The king, on the other hand, is different.

He knew of a bypass that could reach Olfowan's territory on the 77th floor.

Problem is.

“Do you know what Allfowon is?" It seemed that the King had no intention of doing so.

“I know.

“No, bitch, I don't know. Who he is.” “He is the apostle of the tower. The law of answers, per se. You can handle that? Nonsense.

I ended up biting my teeth.

“Then, won't you open it to the end?” The king twists one lip and asks.

“Why would I? There's no reason to grill. Why bother?” “Then I spread the wings of the sky behind my back. The dragon slayer is suddenly in your hand.

“We have to get them to open with force.

“What, that face?” I don't know. Don't ask. ”Leonhard pointed his hand at my face, but he grumbled, covering his face roughly.

Goddamn inspiring bastard. Even so, as soon as it really started, it started snowing. Thanks to this, I had to return to Clan House as a one-eyed panda.

In fact, this must have been a lot for the King. But it was unfair.

'There is something.

The relationship between the King and Allfowon. I didn't know what it was, but eventually it became clear.

There was only one thing I couldn't squeeze in.

I kept going up with my strength, so I felt like I was going to meet Allfowon and my head was already spinning. I've been running for so long, but I don't think I'm going to be spending much time here. I was also worried that my mother's condition had gotten bigger because of my child. He's probably worried sick, too.

However, we could not return to Earth. If you do that, you will automatically be recognized as a zero 'drop' and you will not be able to enter the answer again.

“By the way, Sadie and Kun Hurghao” were the last members of the clan to join. Areya is currently under a lot of scrutiny.

I was preparing for war with my blood country because of the emperor who wanted to "eat me."

I was visiting each of the giant clans as an envoy looking for allies to defeat this.

I thought you said you were going to the sea with the Horsemen this time.

Though the Horseman may not know it, the sea of poetry is highly likely.


“Empty hands.

Leonhard shakes his head bitterly and adds a hind word.

“No negotiations with the bloodlines. Let me have you." Leonhard was a brilliant prosecutor, also known as Zimo.

If he said & flammable, it meant there was really no way.

In that case.

• • • After all, it's war again. ”I leaned down on the chair and sighed deeply. It was only a matter of time before the war was over, and it was another war.

I wasn't afraid.

But all it takes is time to climb the tower. They were all lying and gone.

“I'm leaving the clan.” The bombing declaration that Kun Hr has thrown since morning has left Arnia in chaos.

“Hey, what's wrong with you? You drank well last night.” “Is this about Sadie? So let's think a little bit more. This concluded overnight. If you want to punish me, I will be very sweet.

Kun flow seemed to have already hardened his mind. It was probably because of Sadie who died a while ago. Sadie was in a relationship with him, so at the end of this war, the two of them were deep enough to think about getting married. War ruined it all.

“Yes." “Yes! Jungwoo! If you send it like that,“ Take care. Edie, don't get beaten up. Or I'm gonna chase you down and beat you up? ”“ Thank you for all you've done. ”For a long time, I ducked my head and left the clan.

The rest of the clan is in disarray. It was because of the cohesiveness that the war continued to endure.

However, if one of them sinks, he must lose his strength.

After all, he was the one who tortured my disciple. I felt more betrayed.

He was also soaked with guilt until the end. But I wanted to let him go smiling.

I wasn't the one who had to get wet with guilt, it was me.

“Come on! Is everyone crying that much during the month? We just need to be good at what we do, Wall.” I don't want to feel depressed. I'm about to get up in a big clap to get everybody together.

I wanted the world to go round, but I didn't know it was leaning to the side. You try to balance, but your legs don't work strangely.

I see the clan members rushing towards me calling my name, but I hear no ringing in my ears. The world was still spinning, and something poured out of my mouth.

A blood clot.

Kim Eun Mixed with Ginseng.

The poisonous stench pierces the tip of the nose.

From the inside of my heart, I felt something slipping.