Second Life Ranker

11. Cha Jong-woo (7)

“Obviously. This is definitely one of the perpetrators.

Viera Dun secretly examined my body and solidified my impression.

Multiple tests show that they're all red, which means it's urgent.

It meant that over a very long time, he secretly and deceitfully infiltrated and poisoned all my traits.

Artiya is a very closed clan.

There are very few people who accept it, starting with twelve people and becoming a giant clan. It was impossible to join without a recommendation from an acquaintance or a vote from a potential guest.

Then, even though they were absolutely disadvantaged by numbers every time there was a war, there was nothing to say about unity or trust in each other.

There are those who do not hesitate to lay down their lives for the clan.

Sandy closed her eyes like that.

When trapped in an enemy trap, you volunteer to draw the enemy's attention and create a hole for the rest of the clan to escape.

At that moment, I could almost see what it felt like after opening my eyes, when I was stunned by injuries for a moment.

By the way.

Attempted assassination? Moreover, I can't say with my own mouth, but I was the leader and center of the clan.

If it were known within Glenn that I had been poisoned for so long, there would surely be mistrust among the clans.

Everyone's head is dizzy from Kun Hr's departure.

I couldn't put oil on it.

“Viera.” I put my top back on.

“In fact, don't tell the others. If you ask me, I'm just saying it's been a long few days." But I'm begging you. I don't want to cause any more confusion right now. And now that we know about the addiction, we can take it slow. ”• • • A real one.” Viera is stuffy -1-1- looked at me. He had a face that he wanted to say, but soon his head was shaken with a smile. I can't help it. "Okay. It's usually like a fox, but in this part it's like a bear: Don't be like that." Viera Dun smiled and grabbed me. I hugged her with one arm and I smiled without knowing it.

A bear. I thought that maybe I wanted to resemble my brother, so I didn't know.

On the other hand, I was grateful that I was still conscious. When I fell, I thought I was going to die without sin.

No, I actually felt dead.

Relieved that it was just a 'concern'.

I hugged her tighter. We felt each other's body temperature for a long time. I liked this moment so much.

I don't know if it's German.

The peace that had been given for a short time was soon broken again.

“I'm in trouble!” Leonhard's urgent message is that the bombs have been thrown back into the clan.

“Buddy, what's going on?" “Gun flow, that lunatic • • • Leonheart ran so urgently that he couldn't even speak properly.

At that moment, I felt uneasy. I remembered Kun 'hr's face, his head bowing in apology. At the end, it was clear that he had decided on a cost price. Why didn't I think of that? I gave orders to my colleagues before Leonhart could say anything.

“Valdivich, the Dragon Killer Gang! Viera, see how many kimeras we can get up and running now. Bahal, check the client power. Come on, come on, come on!” All clans rush to the same conclusion. But nobody put any anxiety in their mouth. It was because he could be a seed.

Right now, there's nothing left in my head but the idea that I have to save Kun Flow.

However, when the bloodline was plagued on the temporary 7th Han Yeong built by the bloodline,

We had to stay for a long time.

Above the Stand tall.

You hang the head of a raging tide. Underneath, the blood is still dripping.

My heart, which had begun to swerve, was breaking gradually.

From that moment on, the clan members begin to lose their words.

We all had strategy meetings together in our previous lives, and we talked about our enemies. Other times, it was extremely rare for each other to talk about personal history.

You just seem to be moving with the idea of fighting if there is a fight, resting if there is a rest.

Everyone was exhausted and exhausted.

Baldevich and Leonhard try to somehow revive the sluggish atmosphere, but they all make bitter smiles, but they no longer hear joyful laughter.

I wanted to lead Glenn in some way, too, but it was hard for me to do so when the deadly poison that I thought would soon be able to stop him invaded my heart.

I could only concentrate on the war and pressed the seizures right now, so I couldn't afford to take care of my surroundings.

I didn't worry much though, because I didn't know that this atmosphere would return to the way it was someday.

Rather, it's the roots that are making the faithless clan members even more victorious.

Eventually, the atmosphere exploded like walking on a blade.

To the point of origin.

• • • You've moved on to the Red Dragon, right? ”What I said was that the clans were too busy looking at each other and not saying anything.

It's that shocking.

Even though we haven't spoken to each other in recent years, my colleague, who was shoulder to shoulder, has turned to the enemy camp without saying a word.

The problem with CL %, which cannot be shaken, was that there had been no evidence of drawing.

But the change did not stop there.

It was hard the first time, and then it was so easy.

Aether is gone. The host who was blinded by my coin, who tried to assassinate me in the middle of the battlefield, was strangled, and Beijing poisoned me and smiled, leaving me alone. The poison has only calmed down, and now it's seizing and the Dragon Heart is completely destroyed.

Valdivich disappears without a word, and Lient digs a trap, stabbing me in the heart.

Leonhard tried to calm me down, but he couldn't help but enter the sea of poetry.

The other clans that showed me favor turned their backs. The places I helped, the places I pledged allegiance to, the places I pledged allegiance to.

When I was glowing in splendor, everyone looked at my wings, but when I fell into the darkness, I treated them as if I had no idea.

They all resisted desperately. Why are they leaving? Why are they turning their backs? Why, why? Trust returned to disbelief, betrayal.

In the meantime, how many times have I had to die?

How many times have I been revived?

My determination to get the elixir somehow was only to fulfill my command.

Then one day, when I regained my senses, I was left with nothing but Viera Dun.

Everyone's Loved One. With you, the whole world would be okay to abandon me. • • • • • Gwangpik! “My beloved has always been like a shining star in the sky. You're arrogant, arrogant, but warm inside. But I don't want to see this ugly mollusk.

I just want to remember you, you were gorgeous.

You're okay, right? "The wound that barely sealed was more painful than the blade that Lient drove into my heart.

But what hurt more was the bitterness of the lover I believed.

And then I realized. Whose hand was the poison that took my body from?

“I love you, baby.

I whispered so much in Viera's ear that I hid myself.

The sky was falling.

“But • • the sad look in my eyes. I wonder what my face looks like when I'm caught in that city. Are they distorted by pain or irritated by it?

Or is he suffering from grief?

“Don't you ever look at me again. Again: a grateful woman who tried to keep me from being ruined to the end.

I knew I was in love with her, but I kept rejecting her. It was because my feelings for Viera Dunne were more important to me.

It was foolish of me. Idiots who don't even know how to look.

That's why I had to let her go even more now. I was hopeless. The surroundings were darker. I couldn't bring such a beautiful and good person into it.

Ananda stopped several times and hesitated to look at me.

A face full of words. It was filled with sadness. Then she bites her lower lip as if she was determined to do something and said with a firm look.

“Somehow.” The power in that voice pierces my heart, as it sounded. I thought it was broken a long time ago. It was still functioning a little bit.

“I'll take care of it.” I sneezed and said something I didn't know what it meant at all. I hid the fact that I was Ananda.

On that spot I sat down.

Without sound, I burst a fever.

How many times did I want to shout?

Stay with me. I'm so lonely.It's freezing in here. It's hard.

I wanted to say that, but I had to suppress myself every time.

- I'll take care of it.

But Ananda's words made me move again.

I didn't know what she was trying to lose, but there was something I had to protect, too.

I put my hands in my arms. A glass bottle wrapped around one hand. The blue liquid inside shines like a jewel.


A potion to heal my mother's illness.

It was a drug that forcibly broke through the 76th floor of the Red Dragon and was transferred to Allfoone on the 77th floor.

- Is this the fourth time you've been here? Time, yes. You're much closer than you've ever been. But that's all. Not much has changed.

Does the hearing of Sookmyun's soul, too, not change? Olfowon was still covered in darkness and fog, but he stroked my head as if it were strange.

- Brainworm in a bowl. He's been in a bad mood a few times. Please let the sun come out of this nightmare, so that one day you can see your way.

I still don't get it. It's easy to know that you're cheering me on. Even when everyone had abandoned me, there was only one person who supported me.

Allfowon gave me the elixir in my hands after all the hard work.

even though I didn't ask for it. It's like everyone understands. And back where I came from, I looked up at the glittering galaxies in numerous constellations.

The night sky that followed him was so beautiful.

The Milky Way, which runs through the middle of the sky, and the stars that glisten around it. I was staring at Abne at 0 to 0 degrees for a long time.

And I don't remember, but I think I had tears in my eyes. When I woke up again, my eyes were so wet.

And I returned to the Hidden Stage on the 50th floor with Clan House.

Despite breaking through the Red Dragon siege and confronting the Summer Queen, the body was already damaged beyond repair.

However, seeing the cheer and the Milky Way that Allfowon gave me, the joy that I had just tasted made me move again.

Throughout the time I touched the elixir, I was also urged to try it a few times.

But I already knew that Elixir was incurable, so I bowed my head. I didn't want to forget when I was first in the tower. I will give this to my mother at any cost.

But there was a problem.

How the hell are we supposed to get back? I had to speak Reader to get to Earth. You won't be able to underestimate the tower again, but it was the only life left, so there was nothing to underestimate.

However, the problem was that those who noticed the disturbance on the 76th floor and chased me suddenly filled the 50th floor with enemies.

In order to speak the rider, we must break through their siege. But I didn't have the strength to draw.

How am I supposed to get through to Earth and give my mother the elixir? I've been thinking about it for a long time.

[A god watches you quietly.] Then I suddenly came to my senses. From the tutorial until now, if you want to forget, you can see the livers. Even though he was interested in me, he was watching me die without revealing his identity.

I was not able to find any features that made me stronger, so I was unable to identify myself or my identity.

But it wasn't the message that inspired me. It was his doing.

Should I break through the siege? If we lose Elixir, it's all over. If you can ask someone you can trust. 'But there was no one I could trust in this world full of enemies.

There was only one.


'But it's dangerous for you to just come here.

It's been too long since I left Earth, so maybe my personality has changed that much. Still, the world of the tower is rough and difficult. Even for my older brother, it took me a long time to get here.

But if only you could see the way I've walked.

If only my brother could see the same path I walked, just as a prisoner of God and Satan on the 98th floor can see the Summer.

We should be able to get here faster.

I organized my thoughts to that point and immediately pulled out the crowd clock and spiritual.

If the object that contains my brother's memories is a reservoir that contains enough memories and thoughts ("36015"; "") to be a mediator of arrogance.

No, it shouldn't end that way. so that it's not just a diary.

From now on, I had to be a guide for my brother. But I hope the path I took failed. I could not suggest such a path.

Then I had to be able to show them a more efficient and right path.

How do we do that? [A god watches over you. Again, I was deeply troubled.

[A god cares about your decision. .


'I also acquired it a long time ago, but I didn't know how to use it until now.

[A god nods satisfactorily to your decision "The perk, 'Dreaming of Dreams', was a kind of simulation. Taking the same situation and jo7nin, and assigning a few variables to get the optimal results, the answer was able to have some impact on reality and push the results.

But I've never used it before.

I didn't know how to act at first, and I needed too many conditions after I found out.

No, it was a privilege that mortals could never carry out. Applying the results of a dream to reality means that it has an even greater impact on causality than the laws of physics. It's untouchable to the gods and demons.

It was beyond the realm of character or personality, and I wanted to try something cosmic that was considered to be "omnipotent."

So I haven't even been able to try.

However, if we were to limit it, this child would be different.

If only we could replicate the tower's information and build a small tower in the reservoir, and continue the simulation in the form of a dream.

Data will continue to accumulate to yield the most efficient and successful optimal results.

The result could be of great benefit to my brother.

and the world that was built in it. Unlike me who failed here, I didn't know there would be a 'success'. I thought so and smiled at my mouth without knowing it.

At that moment.

It opened my eyes.

I looked around.

A world where everything is alive and real. But all of a sudden, all of a sudden, it felt empty.

I realized what my secret here is.

It was all a dream.

In the meantime, there are memories that have been floating fragmentally in my head. Every moment of joy, sadness, loneliness. It was just a dream or a debut. In fact, it was real. at least as much as in "this world," and that means one thing.

'Eventually, I was tired of touching the clock. I smiled bitterly.

'In this dream, I never had one last smile.

• • • Stupid pups.

Yun woo gripped her teeth as she hugged Jungwoo as she watched a number of scenes drawn by broken cheerleaders.

There have been many incidents.

There were a few things in common.

There's friendship at the center of everything.

It was that Jungwoo died for many reasons.

Jungwoo, who rely on his shield but cannot pierce the arrow rain and dies from excessive bleeding. Jungwoo dies fighting Gavinser in front of the tutorial.

If there are friendships who die fighting with Allfowon, there are friendships whose magic circuits rush while trying to take adra forcefully when they lose all their strength.

Sometimes at the end, when I take the elixir, I realize the reality and feel lonely touching the clock.

Yeon-woo looked down at her brother in her arms, and in fact, during that time, she had often wondered.

Hidden pieces in her diary were all precious and precious. Something the other giant clans would soon learn about.

Typically, there were reports of Vampire Vapors and Olympus. I wonder why no one's been drinking in all this time.

It would make sense if he could find the elements by repeating his dreams indescribably.

In the end, Yeon-woo walked the path.

It meant that his brother was cut up dozens and hundreds of times, maybe even thousands, in a myriad of repetitions and obtained by dying.

Only to keep you from walking the same hard path as yourself.

No matter how much he was hurt, he was okay.


All she had to do was look at her sister and say she was stupid. No matter how many times I repeated the dream, the remaining memories remained unconscious. Then the soul must wear out and wear out. And yet he never finished.

It's the same now.

Jungwoo was still unable to look up. I was still lost and lost in my dreams.

[There is a god looking at you with sad eyes.] Yeon raises her head in a sudden message.

A message I've been following since Jungwoo first entered the tower. Jungwoo didn't know who he was until he died, but it wasn't Yeon-woo.

It was too strongly channeled with Yeon Woo.

“Have you been looking forward to this since Jungwoo came here?” [Some god is silent.] Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.