Second Life Ranker

13. Sky Wings (1)

“What is this?” My tears hurt like a pink stone. That's why I'm asking.

Warak-kun hugged me tightly first.

I don't think I'll ever miss it again.

“Never again.” I feel like my shoulders are getting wet.

“Never leave the house without saying another word. 'Cause then I'm really gonna kill you.” This is not going to happen again, is it? Oh, my God. No, it's Anderre now.

Of course, I didn't say that inside. I think I'll get my back kicked again.

So I held my twin brother in my arms, too, for a long time.

I'm back, bro. ”Yeon opened her eyes slowly. Not a white world full of typography, but a real world. Abraham and Hanova look at themselves with furious eyes.

"Are you all right?" “You! Instead of touching the clock, why the sudden loss of consciousness?” Abraham wandered around to make sure there was nothing wrong with Yeongwoo's body. Hanova's face was filled with anxiety.

Yeongwoo calms them down, turning her head to Brontes, staring at her.

“How long have I been like this?” It's been three days. Yeon kicked her tongue. I thought it had been a long time. But in a certain way, it seemed to be flowing that much. I needed a lot of concentration just to organize the adra energy. Moreover, if we put together what we experienced in the white world, it was actually three days fast.

First of all, I told your other colleagues that you were paying attention and were paying attention for a while. "Thank you.” Handebrontes narrows his eyes as he blurs his words.

Apparently, it seems to have unsealed the adra. Is that right? "Yes.

"Huh! Is that even possible? " Fortunately, there was a useful tool.

It was Brontes who studied adra for a lifetime. I had some kind of reverence for the Yeouido brothers who proceeded with adra stones and dealt with it.

"Then can we use that power? Yeon shakes her head.

“There's a big difference between handling and using. But I think it's going to be okay if we keep working on it.” Yeon senses the Wise Man's stone near his heart. The shivering stone of the sage seems to have absorbed so much energy. I didn't notice any changes.

The adra looks like an ordinary stone. The Wise Man's Stone seemed to have changed as well.

However, the story is different when you use the Wise Man's Stone as your core to operate your magic.

Magic power is much more powerful than other times; the mere flow of magical circuitry alone awakens all the senses. Deep into the cell, the three factors of Park Hyun-yong, Ma, and God were also actively activated by stimulation.

It was evidence that the quality or depth of the magical power was unparalleled.

Can we call this magic? Sticky as if plunging up darkness in the void, deep enough that purity and density cannot be expressed verbally. It was different from what I've been dealing with.

Thought I'd give it a different name.

'That's later.

The grin was a pale smile while collecting the magical power with your fingertips.

'That's enough.' Yeon-woo organized his thoughts and said while looking at Abraham and Hanova, who are still doing worrying work.

“There's someone I'd like you to meet. Would you like to meet him?” The two chuckle, wondering why this is so vivid. Hanova has a short arm with a slight crumple on her forehead.

“Arnie, do you have a fever?” “It's not like that.” “Then before the end of month • • • • • Kuhanova.

The phara-young pushes the magical force gathered at the fingertips into the pocket watch. Then the clock, which had stopped, began to quickly return and tremble.

Then, the archers who walked on the glass curtain came to mind.

Inside the journal, the journalists are finely tuned into phonemes! The user protrudes against the target and draws a vortex.

Then, as it sank inward, it slowly blurred into a human form.

The clearer the color, the more prominent the eyewear becomes.

Many emotions passed in the face of Abraham and Henova, who were looking at this as a costly expression.

At first, questions followed by curiosity, doubt, awe, certainty, joy.

“You, you, you, • • particularly Hannova were in such a state of agitation that I thought he would collapse like this.

And then finally, when the archers were in the shape of a complete person, He looked like Jungwoo, circling around to make sure he was confident, checking on Hanova later and laughing quietly.

Old Man, how long has it been? Lingrand-Hanova drops the hammer in his hand. A very small teardrop flowed down the wrinkled tail of the snow.

There was a face that I hated, but missed.

“Really, really, are you right?” Since then, my old man has come. What if you don't get it right with Bee? No, my face would never forget that. So, my old man, you really are the one who made fun of me. ”Hanova hugs Jungwoo with a short arm.

"Phew, what's so gross about this? Hanova is pushed away 0: Neo Ga - 1.-while smiling and hugging Hanova. He was also the one I wanted to see.

The only person who has never left his side in the reel of a recurring dream. He was such a thankful father.

Abraham looked at the two of them with slightly reddened eyes. It was the same with his heart. At this time, the body called homunculus insisted.

Then, instead of looking at Jungwoo, Abraham tilted his head to see if he felt anything strange. Then it opened its eyes and looked back at the pond.

He asks a question through the hook so that Jungwoo and Hanova can't hear.

Yeongwoo's head rests firmly across.

Say nothing. For two people, never. In a moment, Abraham's eyes trembled. Soon, he nodded, biting his lower lip as if it were a fixed price.

I see. Remember. I'm so sleepy.

Can I really sleep? Jungwoo glanced at Yeon-woo as he yawned. He pretended to be spontaneous, but was full of affection.

He also drew, Jung was a soul-worn and worn opponent, repeating the privileges indescribably.

It meant that it might collapse into units of spirit.

In fact, it was a miracle that we didn't live in these subspiritual units, but just maintained our selves.

Even if Yeon-woo grants black energy to fill the gaps, there was a limit to restoring the disfigurement.

You could still force a relationship or a freak to rank up if you wanted to. If I did, I was more likely to call another risk.

Jungwoo knew his opponent well. I was even more frustrated.

I've only just begun to meet the ones I miss.

I've been waiting a long time for this to happen. I didn't want to close my eyes again. But now that I've become worse than a ghost, there's nothing Jungwoo can do right now.

“Don't worry.” But Yeon-woo stroked her head gently.

He had a blunt look and a tone.

However, Jungwoo was relieved to see that.

Jungwoo nods with a brighter face and closes his eyes. As the zeal drifts with the sound of a phat and a bow protrudes out and seeps back into the clock.

Yeongwoo stroked the clock, looking back at Hanova, etc.

“This watch is the same concept as where Jungwoo lives. Whoo-hoo! You have to restore this book so you can go along with Jungwoo's healing.” “Got it. He needs to actively help.” Henova rolls her willful cuff and asks what to start with.

While the three brothers of Abraham and Brontes were busy moving.

Under the guise of Yeongwoo, the clock was divided so that it could be broken down and inspected for structure. The group covers different ends of the deep, replenishing the missing and repairing the broken.

Fortunately, the arrogance of the stone takes away the purple energy from the stone of the sage. It was very smooth to look at the clock while the high performance stopped.

“The design itself is based on 'Sutra Bass.' That should be easy to get out of.

Abraham smiled slightly at his mouth, looking at the structure of the pocket watch.

Sutra Bathya was the alchemical knowledge system he built. I was delighted that I had upgraded and developed it to a high level.

Moreover, after several peeks at the privileges of Jungwoo, he had already learned most of the secrets of the community watch, so the restoration speed was faster than when he made the ears.

I like the outside, too. And whenever I had a chance to fix it, I left the clock and wandered around. I was so excited that I thought he would really wake up again.

Even Hanova, who was trying to understand him, finally couldn't stand it and blew up.

“Get out of my way! I'm losing my mind!” Of course, that didn't make any sense at all.

It was a pity he couldn't get away from the clock, otherwise he would have wandered everywhere in the sanctuary.

After such a short commotion.

The clock has finished restoring.

Tick-tock, under the glass membrane replaced with tick-clean, the needle and minute pointed to the correct time of day. I let him know that the second hand was working just fine.

The number was still only 'XII'. It was done on purpose. I don't want you to lose your first appearance completely.

I miss this. Jungwoo grinned as he stroked the fully restored pocket watch. Then I saw my finger pass through the outside of the watch and smiled.

If you consume spiritual energy, you can touch it somehow. However, there was a very large man who felt physical touch and lively touch. It became clear that he was really dead.

However, Jungwoo turned the clock upside down, smiling brightly.

I saw familiar characters.

J. W. CAH When I saw this, I wanted to make a human. Yeon-woo frowned slightly.

At this time, I didn't really have anything to say. I didn't need to know anything at the time, but it was too much. When I tried to study late, I did not have such a hard time.

That brother went to Africa and was in the multinational army.

Things have changed a lot, haven't they? When Jungwoo came out, he often talked with Yeon-woo a lot.

Thanks to this, Jung was able to go back to the times he had not been confident. With the twin brother's gaze and experience.

Things seemed to have changed a lot.

Five years on Earth has never been shorter.

It's also fun because what happened to Yeongwoo in the tower is just as exciting.

In fact, Jungwoo didn't think that Yeon-woo could find herself.

The structure of adra stones was so sturdy that even if you found out the secret, you could never easily unlock it.

It was surprising to him when he heard that Yeongwoo used the Wise Man's Stone in his heart.

Apparently, the Hidden Piece he left had nothing to do with the Wise Man's Stone.

Other than that, Yeon-woo was a person who made a lot of things on his own.

For example, Vigrid and drinking dragons were all pioneered by Yeon Woo. I thought that Yeon-woo would grow on her own even if she didn't have anything left behind.


'That's my brother.

On the other hand, I also felt that it was tender.

Maybe that's why.

"I could barely answer the question that I had never asked before.

"Mother • • Even if Ne2Yeon finds herself, I thought I would be a long time behind when I reached the 50th floor and got the elixir.

After I thought that I had already returned to Earth and healed my mother, the question had to be delayed.

And the whole time I was waiting for an answer, my heart thumped.

“He went comfortably.” But Yeon-woo did not give the answer that Jungwoo wanted. I was just saying it in a calm tone.

“But he trusted you until the end. One day, when you come back, you shouldn't be having a sad day. You said," Yes. "Jungwoo clenched his fist tightly. I couldn't read his face because the shadow had fallen on my face. Yeon-woo didn't even look at her brother, but turned her head slightly ignorant. Jungwoo's shoulders were trembling.

Then I lifted my head again, holding my heart. I didn't look sad anymore. Stronger eyes decided something and fixed firmly on Yeongwoo.

I heard I have a daughter. "Did I hear it from Abraham just now? When I heard the story about my daughter who had never known her, Jung Woo was not confused at all.

No, I think he's got it in him. Although I couldn't save him from what I hoped for, I was rebuilding Jungwoo's will to save as many children as I could.

I was an ugly child. I still want to be like my mother. "There was a mother who loved her children indefinitely. Jungwoo wanted to resemble him.

I felt empowered by Jungwoo's voice.

I want to be revived. Yeon-woo looked at him quietly.

That's why I want to hug her with my hands. Just like my mother did to us. - Can I do that?