Second Life Ranker

14. Sky Wings (2)

Jungwoo's gaze at Yeongwoo was as hot as it would be.

“If you want to come back to life, it's not like him, right?” Eh. Jungwoo nodded quietly.

"In fact, you know that's not the case with Abraham. I want to feel the soap in my hands." Abraham was a form in which the existence of the original god arbitrarily made flesh and hardened it to the lower heaven.

Of course, even if he used a body called homunculus, he only moved it from this vessel to that vessel.

But Jung Woo was different.

He was originally human.

Even though I had this ego, I had to miss the time when I had blood and flesh.

Besides, Yeon-woo seemed to know what the breeze was.

'You want to spend some time together. I know Jungwoo has not been able to do that so far, and wanted to share the warmth with the sacrifices. I wanted to enjoy the same time while smiling, chattering, and being happy with them.

That's it.

'It was the happiness Jungwoo wanted the most.' Mother, Yeon Woo, Jung Woo, The time when three people were together. It was the happiest time of my life, poor but always full of laughter.

Jungwoo glanced at Yeon-woo, not like him. It was because he knew that he was doing a ridiculous request.

The resurrection.

In fact, the person who did this almost never did. It was almost a mythical event.

There's been a magic unit that can summon the souls of the dead for a while, or take control of the recently deceased.

Jungwoo had already died a long time ago, and it was almost impossible to resurrect him because his body was cremated and scattered all around.

Furthermore, Jungwoo is in such a slump that even if he goes to the afterlife like this, his resurrection is unclear.

'In fact, it is easy to manipulate the soul like this, even though it is a ridiculous power.' Then Jungwoo said his wish, but his bitter smile did not leave his mouth the whole time.

In fact, it's a miracle that you woke up outside the world from a clock like this. You were too greedy.

Maybe it's been a long time since I met my brother, and I didn't even know that the coagulation I had pressed on so far had popped out.

By the way.

• • • Maybe, maybe even possible. ”Uhh_2To the soliloquy of Yeongwoo. Jungwoo's eyes slightly widened.

Is it possible? Is it? Yeon-woo nodded.

“I'm not sure. Maybe there's a way, or maybe there will be.” Yeon-woo said so, bangles and shackles tied to her hands and feet.

Jungwoo's expression became stiff. He was familiar with the power that Yeon-woo gained as she climbed the tower.

Repeating the privileges countless times, one can hardly predict its existence, even though he has almost uncovered the secrets of the tower. It meant to push the power of the Dark Lord.

“The only thing left in the King of the Seulks' set is a restraint around his neck. And to get it.” You said you had to get an earring, right? “Yes.

But Hades won't let you enjoy it. Yeon-woo nodded.

“We must make a triumph and take it as a reward.” [Agarez watches you and your brother. [Agarés' work frightens me] [Agarés roars through the streets, excitedly whistling whales. [Message from Agares] [Message: You're here! Finally! Finally! Your brothers! So now [Agarose's message has been cut off during rush hour by the power of other gods and demons.] "Agares, what's wrong with that guy since morning? " Leave it alone. He used to be like that. "[Agarez has unblocked by his own authority.] [A message has come from Agares. [Message: What's wrong with me?] [Agarose's message has been cut off for a while by the power of other gods and demons.] [Other gods and demons vote on the agenda for Agares.] [As a result of the vote, we unanimously remove the right to speak from Agarash for a few days] [Agarash goes on a long run saying that Agarash is unfair.] [Bimagildara is interested in what your event will be like in Tartarus soon.] [Chernunos blesses his spirit who is suffering in the harsh environment of Tartarus. [All the gods of death watch.] [All the demons of death watch. All the gods of war pray for victory.] [All the demons of war shout," Hurry up and run! "]] By the way. Jungwoo shook his head as he looked at Agares, who did not hide his greed for now or now.

I thought I had something to say to myself desperately, but I ignored it because I thought it would be useless like the second time around.

I used to feel confused, but there are so many dirty things. Then, I shook my head as I looked at the gaze around Yeongwoo.

Though he has been attracted by many gods and demons, he has also received a Love Call. But it was the first time he had seen so many gods and demons together.

Given that there are a lot of players who are eager to get attention from God and demons. I couldn't say anything easily.

The problem is, God and demons are the only ones who are desperate here.

Even though I estimated it roughly, there were over 3,000 dogs.

"A Few Authorities Accepted" Wait a minute. ”Yeon opened a window to check the number of powers.


3,704. "No, 3,703. Yeon-woo was now taking it for granted, but Jung got tired of it.

Isn't it hard to have that many? “Bigeese. Fortunately, the body is holding out. But," If you really want to fight, it's hard. Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

When there were about 900 channels, it was worth drinking dragons. That's why I was able to catch Astrios.

However, now that the number of powers had grown four times closer than then, it was difficult to express in any way.

The increased number of powers was not just the increase in the number of channels.

Because there was a pressure to bear the attention of God and demons, it was not just arithmetically difficult to quadruple, it was only difficult to multiply by dozens.

If there was no body called a drinking dragon, or if the spirit was even a little lower. The identity of Yeongwoo may have been overwhelmed by the existence of the transcendents.

So it was hard to look good on the battlefield with this body.

No, you seem to be in considerable danger from catching Astrius: Even on the battlefield, you won't be able to make that feat. Yeon-woo nodded as if it were so.

Taking part in Tartarus' war was already a matter of mind.

Yeon-woo also wanted to revive Jungwoo like a chimney.

Like now, I didn't just go out for a few minutes or hours a day to talk, but I wanted to walk the same path even though I drank alcohol all night long. I also wanted to give myself the freedom to walk around freely.

Above all, I wanted to see my precious nephew, Seth, smile brightly.

Ananda wakes up and joins Jungwoo.

But in order to do that, I needed to organize everything that I have now and make it my own.

Good hardware, good configuration software. There's too much of that good software, so it's going to work. Jungwoo correctly identified the condition of Yeouido and kicked out his tongue.

The drinking dragon's hardware was originally as good as Jungwoo's. That limit is so deep that I can't even imagine the tower. But a lot of software and programs that go around and around has to shut down the hardware.

Of course, if you are still a little used to it, you will be able to process some calculations with the knowledge of the dragon. • • • "It is not easy.” E. Looks like it. "Jung scratches his back head with his hands.

In addition, the skills surrounding Hidden Pieces are also read in Secondhand Heating. When Yeon-woo realized the duck, she cleaned it up once with a fabric porcelain, but it was not enough. Skills such as Yongsin and Wind Path have already crossed the category of Cherry Blossom.

"That's why you said you needed my wings. “ Yes.

Yeonwoo was identifying her Spring opponent in much more detail than Jungwoo had, and concluded that there was only one solution to this.

The operating system was required.

A system that effectively manages various softways that are busy chatting to each other under the system, and automatically adjusts data operations and work plans to make the hardware work. Operating System.

In other words, it meant that we needed an automated system to efficiently manage powers without projecting them separately, so that we could maximize the functioning of drinking dragons.

Fortunately, such an operating system did not have to go far.

The wings of the sky.

If this is a signature skill of friendship you've already experienced on the floor. I wanted to be able to use it as an operating system.

The wings of the sky were a skill that combines traits, power, and skills to maximize the limits of the Dragon Factor's original ability. 'That's not all. Magical enhancements, physical enhancements, and magical effects have led to the highest peak in the Beaf family's skill set.

So the numbering granted 002.

Although I was now pushed to 003 by the waves of fire, it was still an outstanding skill - it must have been.

No, actually, it was funny to compare it to the waves of fire.

Multiple and beef skills are in different directions in the first place.

It's funny to say which one is superior.

If only we could get wings like these. No, what if I could get the wings of the sky enhanced to fit a dragon? Then you can really spread the wings properly.

And Yeon-woo didn't think it was impossible.

In the beginning, the wings of the sky were a Jungwood-inspired skill, and they could be remodeled as long as they were together.

Perhaps, but compared to wind paths and accidental waves that blend with their qualities and have a more powerful effect, something will never be traced back to them.

And the other skills, abilities, and traits will be enhanced.

to achieve overall growth.

Not just that growth, but explosive growth.

Chi Are you conscience-free? Jungwoo looked at it with the expression of boredom. Not one or two deceptive abilities right now. It means that you are not satisfied.

Both then and now, my brother was very greedy.

“Of course not.” Yeon-woo's arms crossed and she snorted.

“I must have all the good things 77k" Sass shook his head.

I knew it.

He was a few places ahead of himself.