Second Life Ranker

15. Sky Wings (3)

I just had a sudden thought. Yeon-woo stared at Yeon-woo, wanting to say something else.

"Will you make wings of the sky and absorb me with the Vampire Sword of the Battery or not? At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes widened.

“Was there such a good way?” Jung takes a step back.

I meant it as a joke.

Somehow, Yeon-woo said it and it felt real.

There were two axes that made up the wings of the sky:

And Ring Jungwoo with Calatus began to explain the components of the wings of the sky prior to crafting the skill.

Yeongwoo's eyes narrowed slightly.

“They're both unique to you.” Eh. This is probably the most difficult way to build a skill. "All Pain was a trait that allowed Jungwoo to achieve rapid growth.

With the effect of receiving blessings from all mana and being able to accept it freely without any pressure, I was able to use my natural talents in the field of magic.

And in addition to that, the Ring of the Dead Dragon has replaced the most important computational process for dealing with magical powers.

Using them appropriately, there was no choice but to make major advances.

"Links maximize the possibility that the Dragon Factor possesses, and each one of them acts as a branch that stretches out from here and brings skill and magic together. So simply activate the skill, and the effects will follow. “ Then we need to find these two substitutes.

Yeon-woo paused and thought about what her unique traits were.

There was one thing that came to mind first.


What if it's a trait that allows us to find coolness and make rational judgments in any immediate situation? Sometimes, when I was really excited, my traits didn't work, but during that time, Yeon-woo used to tox on the help of cold blood.

In the early days, it was derived from Sigza Gourdy, the most useful skill in obtaining resistance or immunity.

When various powers, skills, magic, beefs, etc. are triggered, the body is bound to shake. I was very distracted at the time. If you can get this fixed just right. 'Though it may not be as effective as the pain that brings skill and power together, it still seemed to play a fixed role.

In that case.

What would replace the link to the dinosaur calatus? Luckily, there was also a quick thought about this place.

& Wise Man's Stone. 'It was precisely the stone of the sage who swallowed adra.

The purple aura that Yeongwoo had peered at was so varied that it appeared to be of various forms of magical power. If we can pull this off, we'll be able to embrace all the powers and connect them together.

Yeon-woo had this baby about this idea.

Jungwoo nods, his eyes wide open. My head starts to spin fast.

So, is the process of skills in order to start with characteristic actions, trigger factors, awaken the body, contact with power, and effect? "Precisely 'the order of ignition - cold-blooded - wise man's stone-dragon, horse, god's factor activation-likelihood maximized-3 solvent Awakening-magic armor-power contact-control-effect issuance.

It's so damn complicated. Jungwoo drew a process blueprint in his head and kicked his tongue. Since Yeon-woo has so much on Wina, the process was too complicated: she didn't have so much complexity.

Yeon-woo was different in many ways. The particular concern was that the computational processing process required at each stage would be complex and energy would be consumed.

It was all inefficient.

The problem was that none of these were discardable.

First of all, I think it's the most pressing task of building algorithms and securing multiple patterns to achieve these processes efficiently. “That would require a lot of data.” The more samples and data you have, the better. From then on, I began to focus on horsepower operations in order to collect data.

You hold the scaffold and focus all your clothes on the Wise Man's Stone.

1: The stone of the radius muscle twitched.

The stone, which was filled with purple energy but still remained unchanged in its appearance, vomited its magic line in fear of accepting the veil.

No, I think it's magical now. Not only did he have dragons, horses, and divine transcendent factors, but even adra was hard to express in words.

The honeycomb began to circulate its magic along the ferromagnetic pores, rotating 360 cores at once.

By the way.

I didn't even think about it.

Too fast. 'Even when things have happened and the evolution of the milking solvent has entered a new stage, when it has continued to embrace new factors and added many powers, it has never been hard to think that there is a problem with the use of magic power in the body.

Every time I changed my constitution, I found a more efficient route.

But now it's different.

The hardware varied greatly, and the software was added several times and the quality completely changed. However, the changes that caused the smart stone to function as an engine were different from those of the resources. We have to say that the fast sports car has now moved to aircraft level. It was different.

Of course, it is difficult to follow the existing routine.

In fact, the operating speed of the magical force that the body of the dragon, called the dragon, was so fast that it could not be controlled by the honeycomb.

This was when the body was shaken before pulling out the pattern.

'First, I have to fix all the tear pores.

Magical operation is the most basic and essential part of creating process paddles.

From here on out, everything gets messy.

The new bowl also needed to contain new contents, so I decided to think it was good.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like much to renovate the Cherry Blossom.

In the meantime, he gained a deep understanding of the power management as he rose to prominent ranks. He also gained a strong hands-on experience, a description of the late king gained by acquiring the zebra, the knowledge of the added dragon while absorbing the queen of summer, and a worldview gained by robbing Poseidon of its factors.

Apart from that, we were able to get some data from Jungwoo, some knowledge of Bimachildara connected to Yongsin.

There were lots of things to refer to.

There was never much knowledge of Yeon-woo. Even the nine kings, such as the creation of Wise Man's Stone and Guinness, were able to incorporate the insights and knowledge they had acquired through many different events.

It was never that hard to decompose and apply in his own way.

[Sighs] 'It's full of fixes.' That's what the original system message said.

Drinking dragons are the first event in the history of the tower. Then we'll have to rethink everything there is to know.

In fact, many parts were forcibly torn out.

The limit of the amount that can be output at once has multiplied several times, and the circuit has been opened and reinforced so that it can rotate smoothly. I could change some of the topography of my muscles when I needed to.

0 dd = = Replacing old parts. Despite touching his body, he felt no hesitation at all.

You might want to reinforce this a little more. Gore are spinning abnormally fast this way. Maybe we should turn it down and get some cooling around here. Jungwoo opened Dragon Eye to examine the body of Yeon-woo and to point out or assist in the modification.

Leading to the connection, it was much more helpful to know what Yeon-woo was planning and what she was thinking without saying anything.

Jungwoo, in particular, had deep knowledge of the adra so much that he could make an adra watch. It was very helpful for Yeongwoo.

Each of the 14 adra stones has a different name and is unique. So, in order to make the cost price, we had to focus on this, and the tip of the sunset brought a very sharp pickaxe, and we sat quietly next to the crescent on the crown and began stabbing him.

There were no small bruising marks when the elastic fleshling pushed away the fangs.

Rather, Jung pushes the awl hard with his spiritual strength. Blood splits in a slight tear.

One by one, I smeared blood on the body of the pond in such a way.

Homan's trait is that he wants to dominate everything. I want to crush everything I see and put it underneath me. "The bloodstains gathered and slowly became tattooed. About the time I almost filled my right arm with tattoos, I suddenly appeared with a peculiar light because of the skin on the surface.

There are runes with magical armor that were engraved on the bones because Yeonwoo asked her to make a fortune long ago.

But ironically, because it's all downward, it seeks equality in hierarchy, except for itself. "Jungwoo" combined such tattoos and letters to create a new scheme.

A barn that has never been opened in a lifetime.

There is a 'legal margin'.

A design he had devised for a very long time from the head of a dinosaur calatus crab, but he couldn't finish it, so he couldn't melt it in the diary.

But when I saw Yeongwoo's dragon body, I had a flash of inspiration and was able to engrave it as if it were drunk at the cost.

So it can all be handled equally: It's all about helping your brother's magic flow smoothly. Concentrate on the Philosopher's Stone, putting all magic circuits and physical functions, power; magic, skills, traits, and even mental thinking all on equal lines. The magical marble sank down again, giving a partially complete spectacular light to the tribe.

And in conformity with the magical circuitry, it was quickly reconstructed around the sage's stone.

[Skill proficiency has increased dramatically due to the response of 'Rainbow' and 'Magic Circuit'.] [Pneumatic pores: 71, 72, 73 • • • [Magic circuit: 80, 81, 82 • • • 99 [Congratulations! You have achieved up to MAXIL skill proficiency in 'Turmeric Pores' and 'Magical Circuits.'] [Improve all stats related to skills] [Increase Strength by 20.] [Increases Agility by 15. 1 [You have gained new realizations related to skills. Two skills are combined and integrated into a new skill.] [Parent Skill 'Mana Operate' has been created.] [The skill level of 'Mana Operate' has increased dramatically to reach MAX Paper quickly.] [Calculate your Talents to explore new skills.1 [Open the parent skill 'Zagra Mastery'.] [Jacques Mastery's skill proficiency is considerable. [The effect of the 'magic magic wand' carved on the outside has been applied. ⁄ [Some of the 'transcendence' obtained through the 'new kill' event applies to explore new skills.] Drifting - [Parent Skill & Artman System 'has been created.] [Artman System] numbering??? (Measuring) Skill: 0.0% Description: Breath () ⁄ 30336; 0 is the most fundamental act of life, and it will serve as a ring that connects me, the outside world and the inside.

At this time, the flowing air contains the magical power to bring & '92; Me &' 92; to the universe and nature, and to be transformed into a transcendent self when exceeding certain limits.

Based on the mental and physical functions that interact, energy is rotated along the endocrine system. It operates freely along 6 large and 88,000 small collections, creating physical and magical changes along the interlocking nervous systems.

Exhausts processed energy to reveal its outstanding effect. There is no significant time to mental and ex vivo expression, and the effect depends largely on the type of energy and understanding.

There's only one of them. If you succeed in transferring the item to someone else, the unique item will disappear and you will instead be given an additional benefit option to the creator.

However, the potential branches are high, so complete them to achieve a higher rank or numbering.

Magic operation made by adding the natural pores created by magic circuits and honeycomb that only polyps have.

Of course, it was completely different from the existing system that had been used in the tower.

[God's society, Asgard, bursts into elasticity as it looks at you.]] [The Divine Society, the Bridge, is deeply interested in your magical method of operation.]] [The malicious emotions of God's society, Deva, begin to turn favorably. [Demonic society, Le Infernal] once again postpones discussions and agendas about your rage.] [Many Gods are engrossed in thought.] [Many demons that have only been at the level of female interest seriously examine you. Do not hide your greed for an apostle "[A few gods express deep concern about the use of adra (arrogant stone)] [A few demons consider the treatment of you.] Yeongwoo was able to feel the anglers being plunged in, as if their physical and magical forces were intertwined.

'Once we find the right horsepower for the body, we'll pull the data we've lost.' Feeling the magic as much as I can.

Yeongwoo has awoken the factors of transcendent species that have been asleep.

The power surged vigorously as the solvent awakened automatically.

And at this very moment.

Agni, the God of Talking, Tiring - [Yeba], shows interest in you.] [The Devil of 'Bridge', Pants, is of deep interest to you.] [Currently possible number of powers: 692] The number of powers was growing vigorously.

Since the establishment of the Artman system, Yeongwoo was able to extract data at a rapid rate in January.

Open three persons in turn to check for changes in metabolism.

Despite the physical changes behind the evolution of solvents, the Artman system has made little improvements to allow the system to operate naturally without momentary delay.

There were some bad situations, including running a root force that I had never used before, and then rotating my muscles, and then the Gore broke, and the magical force caused a backflow, and even had to cut off my limbs.

Whenever it did, Yeon did not blink an eye and restored her body with a regenerative skill.

And I recorded all the physical changes with Jungwoo.

At this point, I was tired of the people watching me because I was so focused on my research that I couldn't feel a thing.

You can't even find a man who wears his own body like that.

It felt like someone was touching the specimen from the test table with a dry hand.


Thanks to that many observations, we were able to quickly figure out the secret of honeydew.

With the addition of Jungwoo's idea, the skill level of the Artman system also rose rapidly. Now, the horsepower operation was' so easy that I did not envy the characteristics of dumplings.

When he thought that all the necessary data about the body had been extracted, he began to turn the excess that had been confined to the body in a different direction.

His gaze surrounded him had suddenly surpassed 5,000. Consequences accepted by the insiders of the continually added reserve powers. Fortunately, no matter how much channeling was connected, my body was no longer burdened at all.


It's another story to put it all under control.

Many of the transcendents who would be beyond knew that Yeon Woo was going to go on a monthly basis.

They asked me to do it together. Some were cynical, but also curious about how Yeon-woo would do it.

It won't be easy.

Yeon-woo intended to devour all of these powers.

Under the wings of the sky.