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16. Sky Wings (4)

Now that the operating ledger is stabilized, we just need to build the OS. "That's the hardest part.” It sucks more than it sucks. Jungwoo kicked his tongue. He also knew too well. How arrogant the transcendents of gods and demons are.

How do they react when they are so arrogant without compromise or denunciation that they can never bend their will, and they wonder how they are building up their own mythology, when mortals control their own power? Jungwoo thought that they would not be offended. Rather, if I try it, I'll just smile and try it.

So it was never going to be possible for me to cooperate.

Moreover, in the case of the gods and demons who gave us power, it was their main purpose to make Yeouido an apostle.

'Rather, it would be fortunate not to interrupt.

Jung shakes his head. I thought it would not be easy.

So I wondered how Noe would solve the biggest obstacle to creating new wings of the sky.

Have you thought of a way? "About.” Oh. What's it like? "“ Maybe it's not like you.

Jungwoo frowned.

Do you want to keep moving forward like that? "It's the same whether you look at your opponent before or now and only do what you need. You said you'd help yourself, and then you're doing the same thing to your brother.

Yeon-woo smiled faintly. It felt good to go back to the old days when things were raging.

On the other hand, I suddenly wondered what Mother would have done if she had been there.

“But first tell me. I'll take that as a reference.

• • • • • lower! I think the classification is the head of the household, "The number of powers that Yeon-woo currently accepts is the total number of prostitutes.

It was an ever-increasing situation. I heard rumors like this, or I saw a 'new hire' event and kept coming.

It turned out that the powers were too mixed up in the middle heat.

Power is the surface form of an uprising that is evenly composed of myths and myths that transcendents walk on.

Of course, even though it was the same society or past the same creed, each one was too independent because it was different.

So Jung thought it was the most urgent task to create several large 's' that would become the common denominator, and organize the powers according to this.

“I think that's the same idea. So how do you weave a common denominator?” Yeon-woo nods and bites.

Jungwoo replied.

The wings are spread from side to side. This is what I'm talking about. To the left is God, to the right is the Devil. "This was a good idea for Yeon-woo to see.

“and create sub-categories there as well?” Eh. We need to discuss exactly how to classify.

The most OK thing is that each community is tied up. Despite their individualistic disposition, God and demons are extremely wary of wandering alone. Builds a group system around those who share the myth, empowering together.

Jungwoo thought that it would be much smoother to share gods and demons, and to tie power to societies.

If we do that, we can emulate some of the conflicts between powers.


“No. It's fine, but a little, no, much danger." The grizzly bear considers and shakes his head.

Jungwoo was a little upset because he thought about it all night.

I grumbled as I pushed out my lips.

“Then we'll only bring about a disproportion of factors.” Jungwoo will complain about what it means, but he'll know what it means later.

Ah, I didn't think of that. The ratio of gods and demons to which channeling is currently connected is approximately 3: 7.

There were many demons.

It was because Yeon-woo had always been close to the Devil's path. The propensity to appear in the Individual Status chapter 'even close to the amount was firmly contributed.

In this situation, the wings could only bring a disproportionate imbalance.

Of the three factors that Yeon-woo has, the horse's factor will develop even better.

"Well, if you control the artifact of power, don't you think we should do a 5: 5 ratio? [A few gods nod, saying it's a good idea.] [A handful of demons say," What does that mean? "] [Demons participating in late channeling feel anxious.] [Demons with low temper want to see your brother.] [Agarez laughs with his fingers pointing at the demons who feel offended.] Jungwoo could feel the fiend's gaze blatantly contemptuous, but he ignored it.

However, Yeon-woo shook her head again.

“No. Even if each of the transcendents' grades were different and they were simply proportioned, the weight would be different.

Moreover, even if you manage to balance the problem, it is likely that your body will break. ”If you spread your wings like Jungwoo said. The body was divided into two sides, with the possibility that God & '92; s Son on the left and the Son of Man &' 92; s Son would advance further on the right. The balance of the triangles that have only been aligned is broken.

Damn. It's too hard. Jungwoo scratched the back of his head.

It was the first time the body was treated as a dragon, and it was hard to catch the strand because he didn't have much data.

"Then, what are you going to do?" I think we should set up a guild and divide it into categories. ” Keywords? " Eh. To distinguish between who I am and who the demons care about. Death on the left, battlefield on the right. ”'The gods and demons associated with death have been in high regard since Yeouido was regarded as the successor of the king of queries.

In contrast, the gods and demons associated with 'war' were doing favors based on the path that Yeon-woo walked on, namely, business. A sneak peek into their own congregation.

On the left, the power of the Black King is engraved on the right.

[All the gods of death are pleased with your choice.] [All the demons of death have expressed a deep interest in what you are about to do. "[I wonder if the gods of all wars have a new idea.] [Demons of all wars laugh at other gods and demons.] [Agares looks a little confused.] [Agares attempts to deliver a message.] [It will not expire because the time limit has not yet expired.] [Agarez is annoying, and he takes a long leap. [It's Agarash.] [Agareth's Da] Access is restricted. Since access is restricted, it is restricted. To bind powers in two categories? What's not there? In the case of the Devil, Chaos, who showed great kindness to Yeon-woo from the beginning, even if he didn't say anything.

Notoriety has its own name, but in reality, he had nothing to do with death or war.

But if I had just said what I said, I would have hated it all.

“Keep it. Whatever it takes.” So how do you do that? "Do you know the origin of the myth?” • • • • • • suddenly I'm going to say something strange. “Struggle." ”Jungwoo is in a strange mood.

“A struggle can be a drama that beats oneself, or a war against the world. Or it could be fate.” In that way • • • • • • there's certainly nothing that can escape death or 'war.' Jungwoo seemed to know what Yeon-woo meant just then.

To put it simply, the power each possesses. I'll hold it as wide as I can. Muscle zero. "Okay. And then, within that big category, we just keep pulling out the details and organizing the powers.

Jungwoo kicked out his tongue. It seemed like a joke, but I knew there was no work more effective than this.

You can balance the gods and demons that can be erased on one side, and the power mixed with Middle Eastern heating will be carefully organized in several small and small fields.

The Masters of Might. “. Somehow.” You quickly find a message that keeps messing around with your eyes, raising your head to like it.

[Chaos is silent.] [Bimarzilla says it's a funny idea and bursts into laughter.] [Chernunos is deeply concerned about where he will be classified.

Ask if there will be any other category awards "[Nergal folds his arms to take a quick look.] [Ares bursts into laughter.] [If Agni doesn't like it, the message was extreme and extreme.

Gods and demons who held death or war as gods were usually in a receptive mood, but those who did not felt offended.

Some appeared to be trying to strengthen the channeling to squeeze the honeycomb: however.

These reactions were already expected.

I decided to ignore Yeon-woo and just move on. In fact, these two guilds were not something he could conceive of.

Already, death was unparalleled while they had the Templar King's frame set.

"War" was the most necessary element for the "up" he had accumulated and will continue to accumulate.

'To turn business into a myth one day, I can never give up.

Yeongwoo simply targeted the upper floors, and did not intend to stop after revenge.

Higher. I had to go further up.

To do that, I had to be prepared step by step, one by one.

Later, Jungwoo realized what Yeon-woo was thinking and was surprised.

Yeon-woo brought Kim Ji-woo to her mouth as if to be quiet. Jungwoo nods heavily and shuts his mouth.

And on the one hand, it was very time-consuming.

because I realized that the new "wings of the sky," which I thought were just a drinking dragon operating system, is actually starting now.

That's why.

Jung felt he had to focus even more.

'That's what my brother was thinking, because it's always been about.

My shoulders were heavier.

The two wings were separated from the crafting, as were the different guioubands that each pursued.

The first part of the construction was on the left.

The category keyword allocated to the left wing was easier to create the 'death' left wing than I thought.

Jungwoo brought back the routines and processes used when the wings of heaven were made, repaired them to the Artman system, and brought additional power of the King of Seulk.

'We don't know the identity of the Questing King yet. The gods and demons who left death as a god followed the king of the vagrants to the end. "Then, what if you tried to enslave other powers by using the central axis as the power of the king of temptations? It'll be much more manageable.

The conditions under which the left wing was to be activated were designated as the framework of the king of vagrancy, and the first order was made as the power 'soul harvester'.

Let's do it.

[Skill, Begin Crafting 'Skywing (Left)'.] [The option of the set of the brothers of the king of vagrancy, the 'Soul Harvesters', was designated as the initial command.] [Category 'Death' is successfully associated with the initial command.] [The powers included in the category 'Death Begins to be influenced by the First Command'] [The Grand Army looks at you with an angry face.] [Nergal shakes his head with a cheerful expression.] [Gsitigarba makes the first embarrassing face. Izanami says there's no way to oppose him. [sighs] [sighs with an annoyed face. You have no choice but to follow your will. [Ishma-Daiba: I declare that I will follow death.]] [Hel becomes the reminded face. [All the gods of death declare] [Message: In your perverse desires, every attempt to cut his power and gather it together will be followed by an act of impertinence] [All the demons of death believe.] [Message: If we could now regain his lost power and build a good one, what would we miss? [Message: But if you desecrate his designation, 'Death will fall out of control, and consume you.] [Message: You must remain calm forever.] phaea-at the end of all declaration messages.

Insights, insights, felt the 444 channelings that surrounded him integrated into one.

To be precise, it felt like the strings were twisted together and leaping into a larger unit, tied together with very small channeling.

Cloud or server? Can we put it that way?

Just for a moment, Yeon-woo suddenly thought of that. But it's a fucking name.