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17. Sky Wings (5)

Wings this time. I met a strange owner, and now I'm trying to make everything. Cyclops Brontes saw 444 feathers brought by the honeycomb and shook his head.

The three Cyclops were focusing on repairing an armory brought by Nice Pluto recently, or repairing a broken sanctuary.

It was a pile of garbage to be dealt with because supplies haven't been in place for a long time.

Fortunately, Yeon Woo had a lot of goods, and she could have added supplies from outside whenever she needed to.

Nice Fluto felt breathless, as if he had met an oasis in the dry desert.

Thanks to you.

Even the faces of the deputies and soldiers who had been filled with annoyance and anxiety began to blossom slightly.

For the first time in decades, a fox has appeared.

And Joon Yeon-woo's faith in enabling this has grown every day.

Those who first complained that Yeonwoo had broken Hades' pact, were now accepting that she must have done it for a reason.

In fact, titanium and gases have yet to respond, and the scouts dispatched have been continually receiving reports that they can't identify strange signs like this.

It was like the truce was still going on. Disk Fluto was able to regroup at a rapid rate.

However, unlike this disappointment, Yeon-woo still hadn't appeared more than a full night in front of Nice Pluto.

The rationale was to be punished for breaking the treaty.

The members of the clan were also dishonored by their master Hades, so they did not ask for his release without rolling their feet.

Brontes, unlike what he had been told on the outside, knew that Wilmy was preparing for a different cost.

However, the hairs I brought were surprising to him.

• • • These, alternative costs? When he carefully examined the hairs, he was startled without knowing what it sounded like to make wings.

Each feather weighs an enormous amount.

No, actually, there was zero pressure.

A tremendous amount of zero pressure that would have been swept away by the weight of space if it had been a normal soul, simply by the side. And spirituality.

Follow the steamed hairs. Smelly, sticky voids bloom.

Brontes seemed to know what that was.

Y. 0 I have already experienced myself.

There was a law that no mortal with a destiny could resist.

in many different forms.

Some paint disease, some sleep, and some death, each in the form of pain.

Particularly, some of Hades' strength was not easy to understand.

Brontes, who had built so many new idols for the gods of Olympus, had no choice but to be burdened.

For example.

A fragment of the transcendent. It seemed like a good word for it.

It's like you cut up some of the myths that make up them, and you throw them away.

If you process that, you will lose your power depending on your habits, your sanctuary, or your swallowing of it.

How did he get that? So much for that.

“The wing structure looks like this.

It will be used as a kilo, but depending on the use, we also want the physical entity to be able to be used as a weapon or armor at the same time. At this rate, I wish I could fly as freely as a bird's wing. ”Yeon-woo and Jung together for several days showed me the complete blueprint.

The schematic diagram of the left wing. The structure was detailed.

The details of the parts, materials, and magical scrolls needed for each part made my eyes ache just looking at them.

However, it was detailed enough that anyone with some knowledge could easily picture the shape.

Brontes paints the left wing easily in his head, and he's deep in thought.

"It's complicated," and that's more than just the nature of things.

The process of the left wing to accommodate all of this was quite complicated, just by feathering it.

The problem was, if you could build it by design, it would be very practical.

The wings divided into three main sections are durable, so if you wrap them around your body, they become armor. Even though the wings were inserted with sharp knives and sharp bullets on the tip, it was a good form to sweep away enemies.

The Heavenly Wings of Jungwoo brought about the usefulness they had.

And to this we added a characteristic or advantage that only the wings of fire had. Every time I decided to follow the wings, the firepower that spread out could be a big joker card at the same time.

In addition to this, it was able to supplement the part that I wanted to add and perform various functions.

In the first place, if you were just going to use it with a beef skill, you wouldn't have insisted on the shape of wings like this.

Yeon-woo hoped that this would be his skill and a versatile type of weapon that would occasionally become an aquarium.

I showed it all to Brontes for this reason.

I'm going to pull mulberries with this one. "How, can you do that?” You have to do the right thing.

But if it doesn't, can I give you some advice? "Brontes had an outstanding eye as a craftsman who created three new objects. If he gave his opinion, it would be welcome to have a pair.

“Tell me. I beg of you.

There are too many margins on this side of the axis, so it would be inefficient when the magic powers go in. So if we spread this out in this way, if we can get it to work in the shape of a cog • • When the beeswax is talking with Brontes about the left wing.

• • • • • I can't believe it. It's been a long time. • • • • • • • No Nemesis. I don't think you'd know the whole story if you hadn't told me. "Jungwoo was happy to see Nemesis.

Nevertheless, Nemesis is still confused, with his large eyes shaking relentlessly.

I had already seen Jungwoo reappear through Yeonwoo's gaze.

He had not been able to show his face.

I was afraid.

Fear of what he might be seeing in his visions.

Or maybe he's dreaming.

When I was traveling empty for a very long time. Nemesis kept dreaming. My first time with Jungwoo.

Together, he was always beside Jungwoo at happy moments when he attacked, rolled, and laughed at the stairs.

However, Jungwoo who remembered so much came back to the world again. Of course, you have to be afraid.

If he reaches out and disappears. If I were to become a fiction and scatter. At that time, I felt like I was going to break down the heart that I was holding on to.


The silence remains. • • • You're really you. "Nemesis was able to see that what was right in front of his eyes was real Jung: But unlike when he faced him, his heart burst open.

Nemesis seemed to be more upset than usual. That didn't mean my gratitude disappeared.

Just like you met your old friend again. It's nice to see you, but it's not such a big deal. I was able to say goodbye as if it were just natural.

I hugged Gio Nemesis as much as I could and stroked the head of my torso for a long time.

But then I lost. What happened to you? I heard Calatus sent you into the void. Jungwoo asked a question that had remained only a question in her mind: No matter how I thought about it, I had no idea how Calatus was still alive. He clearly saw with his own eyes that Nemesis had returned to Manah's arms after giving him the Dragon Heart.

I thought it might have left a monument, but it didn't.

If so, Calatus will return to Mana's arms and he won't even notice.

Nevertheless, Nemesis was told to wait in the air by the High Dragon Calatus.

Yeonwoo also said that she heard Calatus's voice when she first developed the solvent. He even said he'd be waiting at the Dragon Temple.

That meant there was a cost.

Cost price you don't know.

What the hell is going on? My master and I believe that the former owner, Calatus, sent you with the clock to Earth. I, myself, stumbled around the waist without knowing it, as if it were a coincidence that I was setting 42 times. There was something missing from the cost. You don't know. "That's why I'm curious." Nemesis' eyes deepened.

"Former owner, how did you know that the clock would be perfectly hidden from the Earth? I've always wondered that. You left a diary because you were sure of that. At that moment, Jungwoo said nothing. No, I couldn't. My head is frozen. Margie shouldn't think so strangely. A solid cost was blocking his accident circuits.

Nemesis saw the reaction of such friendship, and as he knew the cost price, it worked greatly.


"Don't say anything, the voice of Abraham rushed into Nemesis' head.

It was a voice of bitterness.

Nothing. "Nemesis realized why he did it, and he clapped his mouth as well.

“What's wrong with your face?” Yeon-woo laughed at the stiff expression of friendship.

You know, nothing. Jungwoo shook his head with a bitter smile.

Why did Yeon-woo want to, but Jung quickly turned to talk before asking Yeon-woo in detail.

What is the left wing? Is it done? “First of all, the basics.” Yeon-woo had just asked wealth to give magic to the tattoos on her back.

["The Brothers of the Queerer" works.] [Initial command, 'Soul Reaper' is active.] [Successfully associated with soul collection. The ghost is moving.] Magic Power has been granted.] [Error is triggered. a successive output message.

My back came to me with a complicated seal drawn from various trunks.

The seal was so bright that it was clearly visible through the clothes you were wearing.


[Skill, 'Sky Wing (Temporary, Left)' is active. The seal soon became firmly attached to the flame, and as it rose, it turned into three wings.

Its wings spill out a blazing blaze of black fire, causing an enormous amount of heat to seep into the surrounding air.

Each and every one of those flames was a variant of a duck that compressed the waves of fire to the extreme.

Heating, Magic Power, Purple Energy Extremely Compressed Steam Errors, Humid Steel.

An error that had always been confined to Vigrid was now hung on its back by a medium called the wings of heaven.

Jungwoo looked at me with the look of boredom.

If you think about the destructive power of the waves of fire, it's suicide hanging around with hundreds of bombs.

Yeon-woo did not mind that at all.

He was really looking forward to exploding his wings and using them as a pavement to turn the area upside down.

Fortunately, the process of the three Cyclops has stabilized a lot thanks to the review of Abraham and wealth's technical calculations.

I didn't have to worry about explosions all the time.

Although eating a lot of magic is a disadvantage.

'But it's full of magic.

Using the Artman system, Yeongwoo built a series of circuits leading from the sage's stone to the left wing.

If I had the magic power of adra stones, I wouldn't have to worry about losing my firepower if I activated my wings all year round.

'Before that, the body will collapse without overloading.' Yeon-woo sliced his tongue and triggered a second option engraved on the left wing.

Far away, the channeling to the sky, no, the server, was wide open.

[666 powers are triggered in sequence.] The wings of the black flame, in addition to the 444 feathers previously acquired, 222 feathers all glow red.

Along the pond, a lot of margins opened up over the space.

The 666 powers that sprinkled fine effects were spectacular.

[All the gods of death nod satisfactorily. All the demons of death sigh in relief, without harming him.] [Many gods are appalled.] [Many demons stare at you with a hard look.] [The god who did not reveal his name (1, Olympus) becomes silent.] [The god who did not reveal his name (2, Olympus) is afraid.] [Bimagildara applauds and applauds, satisfied with your performance.] [Vimagildara longs to meet you someday] [Agarose laughs if it is not natural.] Jung carefully examines the left wing with his dragon horse.

Perhaps there was no error in the skill process, but there was no confusion between the channels, but there was no problem with energy efficiency, but I wanted to give myself up in advance in case it looked okay for now.

Fortunately, I didn't see any problem. Little ones, it was a slow complement to the future.

I don't think there's a problem for now.

The Dark Lord? I think he's a fraud. "Of course.” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

In fact, if the power of the Black King had not become a Gore, the left wing would not have been so easily completed.

The God of Death and the demons followed me more cooperatively than I thought. Maybe it's because you can enhance the power of the King of Questions. Or did he think it was a good opportunity to test his succession?

Whatever the purpose, it was a good outcome for Yeon-woo.

You can add other powers to the left wing as you tidy up. Then the remaining right wing is the problem.

So Jungwoo wondered what the right wing's main core would be.

Obviously Yeon-woo is thinking something.

I was frustrated because I wouldn't tell him to smile even if I asked him.

So I'm gonna ask you again about that.

“Cain! We've got trouble!” Suddenly, a visit with two people suddenly opened and someone rushed in.

Yeongwoo wore a mask one day, and Jungwoo quietly went into the clock and disappeared.

“What's going on?” It was Doyle who opened the door.

Heh heh heh heh.

His face was filled with desperate energy as he breathed heavily.

“Brother! Do you know who the Aether is?” Underneath the mask, Yeongwoo's face hardens. I looked at the clock in my hand. The clock has stopped.

“What about him?” To Yeon-woo's question. Doyle said with a stiff face.

“He's looking for you. ”