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18. Sky Wings (6)

“If this wasn't you, who was it?" ”I told you, we know." Who the fuck does that here but you? Get that son of a bitch back here, Cain or some shit! ”Agora, the center of the sacred city where Hades' family members are rushing to and fro.

There Aether and the liver roar, staring at each other. The expressions of Victoria and Galilee's Groitz in the back are rigid.

The two voices increased, and even the stabbing was intense.

The more I painted, the more people were murmuring around me. No one's been able to hold them back yet.

Obviously, the atmosphere was getting worse.

Even the spectators were struggling.

It was Panes' group, who had long been entrusted with Nice Pluto for building a revolutionary ball. The favor of the people in the army towards Aether was strong.

But the same goes for the Fellowship.

It replenishes supplies and repairs weapons for free. Especially when rumors about the advancement of Hades' relics to their masters led to a warm atmosphere.

There was a conflict between the two groups, so I had to worry a lot as well as Nice Pluto.

Maybe that's why.

“What the hell is going on here?” Xunal, commander of the 13th Infantry of Nice Pluto, appeared with a large force to mediate.

If it was the way it was, it was just a player's SA7nin who didn't get much self-esteem, and it was disgusting.

Both the Fellowship and the Panes were important allies who did not easily achieve Dis Fluto.

It's hard for him to take sides. I was going to listen to both sides for as long as I could. Why did something like this happen out of your sight?

First, you have to know the overall situation before you can solve it, no matter who you raise your hand to.


“Squad Leader 13 doesn't care.” Aether donated her answer with a smile. Like it has nothing to do with you.

At that moment, Zanal's expression hardened.

Ider also just wanted to go inside for a moment. The opponent is the total number of the 13 armies Hades boasts. He was like the hand of Hades.

He was practically a forsaken member of God's clan because he also had a personality, so he couldn't be ignored.


[The god of Olympus, Poseiton, looks at you with an interesting face.] [Hestia is with you.] [Demeter is with you.] [Hera is with you.] feeling the gazes that follow him. The Aether was able to pierce her shrunken heart and stroke her chest again.

'Dammit! It's a sign, after all.

As long as we're here, it's for the best. The representatives of Olympus are together. What's to be afraid of? 'Protogenetics have renal blood, but that's it. Rather, he only bought ridicule from the transcendents because he was a spiritual god.

So Aether had never been interested in doing this, even when she was a member of Artiya.

There was a reason why I tried to go to the horse army on the way.

I couldn't get the Heavenly Horse's attention, so I sewed her nose back on.

Rather, like this puppet in the puppet show, it attracted the attention of the gods who wanted to play the script without free will.

Ider only felt so miserable.

I felt like sitting down and crying a few times.

It's all the same.

Without unraveling, I felt sorry for myself for being so controlled.

I thought for a moment I'd rather kill myself than live like this.

He didn't even have the courage.

- Just bark like a dog. Just in time.

In Paneth's words, he is but a single piece. A dog that barks when it's told to bark, and a dog that listens when it's told to shake its tail.

Overnight, the trust came down again. Limit the impact of the 'Cain' spread between Nice Pluto to a minimum. And when you get a chance, celebrate without leaving.

Either Cain orchestrated it, or Aether thought it had nothing to do with him. Even though there were several contacts before, there was no major conflict with him. I heard rumors of six holiness or a grudge, but I was out of interest to him.


I knew too well now.

The centrifugal event that Poseidon etc. placed the Trust.

- He's the enemy, the one to be punished. Perhaps the darkness in the darkness is what hides him. But he and his friends are blurring Izzie in Nisfluto with the words they just said. I have to cut it off first.

So, before he punishes his allies, he first grabs the strands in a direction that eliminates their influence.

But in order to do that, we need to be clear about the allies.

What's the propensity? How much power?

Be very cool.

- So you're gonna have to come and get it.

The Aether was chosen as bait for it.

And the gaze of your gods on the bait was firmly fixed, peering inside how he was behaving and what he was thinking.

Especially Poseidon's gaze was filled with ridicule. Like a contempt for the descendants of an old god who still cannot displease the old glory.

“Explain why it happened, though. That way, we can cover our tracks.

The next day I calmed down as much as I could, and asked. However, his voice was full of anger. Aether was only able to get the point out just as if she were going to kill me without going one more time. The liver had a lot to say, but the Aether never gave him any room to intervene.

“Look under. This." “Broken spear. Why is this?” “Would you believe it if it had been a distant chapter before? It's also a splint that she cut off Megara's ankle next to when she was about to kill herself.” Zanal's eyes widen slightly. The death of Megara after Titan Astrios gave Dis Fluto a big fat promotion. And this is the spear that helped you? “At that time, I heard that Kain's group accidentally came back to the sanctuary to help clean up the organ because of a problem with the durability of the spear and how to repair it. He's an ally, and he wants to be able to trust him, so he asked him to fix it," Is this how you came back? ”“ No. Clearly, it was repaired and returned. ”Zanal frowns, wondering what Aether's trying to say.

The Aether spoke quickly before it was settled.

“It was only on the surface. I got my intestines back, and I was training this morning, and it just blew up so easily.

Zanal only realized the meaning of Aether and was bewitched by the tears. What if you were to take this chapter and go into battle without further confirmation? There would have been a big death moon.

Aether desperately pretended that it was really unfair.

“Maybe the cost was wrong, but I also looked for people who entrusted similar items to me. But I could see that everyone else was fine, and the armor of my group was the only thing that was wrong.” “Moreover, even though my bowels were damaged by combat, they were not that easily broken. Who can stand by and do nothing about it?” Aether nervously threw the spear in her hand into the sea.

“That's why I've been working on this. But wouldn't Danny be mad at you for repeating like a parrot just saying that you're innocent?” Speechless.

Whether it was through the heat of Aether, the soldiers around him began to talk with a firm look.

From the thought that it might have been, to the thought that banishing the rival group, the Panes, was the goal.

That's not it! ”He said," That's not the liver, but he tried to explain it somehow. The atmosphere was already halfway there.

Aether had to press her wrinkly lips to make sure she realized her smoke was working.

[Poseidon ridicules me because he says it's a piece of smoke.] whether you know it or not.

The next day, I put my hands on Miri as if she were in trouble. I realized that things got more complicated than I thought.

Soon after, the group became very angry because of the players' growing influence among Nice Fluto.

Wherever the players are, there are always swarms and factions forming. He was the one who cut himself off before anything went wrong.

But this time, there was no way to organize it.

Both of them saw that they had done too much, and it was because they had gone above and beyond to stop them.

Well, technically. I was also questioning whether I could be Yeongwoo or Panes. He had no confidence to defeat Hades' Apostle Ram.

'How do I do this? "We can't let them bump into the Fellowship just like they wanted.

When the treaty was concluded, the Titanium and Gas couldn't pull out their power without knowing when they were going to attack.

Where the hell is Ram? 'At this time, it would be convenient for Ram to take command of the player's troops and organize the traffic.

Recently, she has been busy running around with Hades' orders, and has been unable to intervene.

“If I don't have a good explanation, I'll be forced to use force.” Along with the solemn words of Aether 1.

Challenger 1! The party members behind him draw their spears together. It was a tendency to rush to the liver right away.

His expression on his back was stiff. It was because I didn't think I'd make it to the edge of the sword, even if I was having a nervous war.

Victoria, Groitz and Galilee take their hands to the arena as the troops return seriously.

But the liver reaches out and quickly stops them. Then he sails back and shakes his head. Their leader was Yeon-woo. We couldn't do anything rashly without Yeon-woo's permission.


He unravels the momentum that hides her at once. The smell of dark blood spread, and my flesh was so sharp that it was hard to live.

At that moment, Aether, etc., was furious and reflexively stepped back.

'A cramp occurred in one eye of the circle. It was because I didn't think that the one who was just a puppet of the Horseman who thought he was the son of the Iron Lion would have this much power. I didn't think it would be any different from myself

“You better put that knife back in. I actually hate the smell of blood and iron.

The liver growled, staring at the Aether.

But it wasn't just Aether that was going to retreat here. He twists the tip of one lip and opens his hand wide. My hands were flashing and I was overwhelmed.

White Light. His signature skill has exploded.

“If you don't like it, what? I'm sorry, did you expect me to bow and back?” As tension intensified, the atmosphere of the Disruto gradually changed in a panic.

The day I watched the two of them, I couldn't bear it, so I froze my work.

Taking out the weapon in front of the commander himself was an act of disrespect to himself and Dis Pluto. Yeah, I'm gonna yell at the server truck.

Suddenly there is a loud noise, and it bounces back as Ider crashes hard into the cost.

He had to lay low for a long time.

The back of the liver also turned its gaze toward you in a big shock.

Aether tried to raise her head, vomiting blood. It's so sudden that you can't even remember how it bounced off. I wanted to see who would do something like this.

He had to put his face back on the ground for the kick to crush his back.

“How dare you draw a sword in Hades' place without his permission? You guys are crazy, but you're crazy.” Ram growls, trampling his head a few more times so Aether can't get up. As sharp as an enchanted voice, life storms over son-in-law.

She cuts off Aether's right hand, forcefully waving her spear in white light, and turns her head toward the Fellowship of the Panes. I didn't even hear Ider's scream.

They were overwhelmed by grief, but they retreated. I was still not collecting the weapons I took out.

That was even more against Ram's instinct.

Hydra-ram draws a long line across a window held in black light. Then their right hand splashes up into the air, creating a fountain of blood with the enlarged weapon.

“Kuaak!” “Aah!” Come on, let's go. She was a valued ally who had helped the militia many times, but she didn't care about that at all.

There's only one thing that matters to Ram. It was Hades' dignity.

Even a soldier in an army like diarrhea could never be forgiven for desecrating the name of God.

Taking the wings out of the sanctuary is an insult to God. Of course I had to be angry.

But what's even more shocking. No matter how much power Barnes lost, he turned the party that killed him into an incapacitation at once.

“What are you up to? Are you going to pull out the same weapon?” Ram turned his gaze to his back while still standing in a squat.

Suddenly, the three people who were standing in the back of the liver were looking at each other.

I quietly withdrew my hand from the arena.

How can such a horrible life come out of such a small body?

The liver had to feel the clothing collar damp with cold sweat.

Yeon, who came up with Doyle in a hurry, soon became dumbstruck.

The Aether said it was a genuine bomb.) I was slamming my head to the ground.

I didn't think he'd be in Tartarus, so I thought I'd cut his throat. It was interrupted, not unexpectedly interrupted.

The connection to the clock was too quiet. I've been seeing Aether for a long time, and I've been thinking a lot.

Yeongwoo petrified the watch with her hands and muttered.

"Don't get too worked up.

'His neck will surely make you lose.'