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19. Sky Wings (7)

“The protogenous child had an accident, right?” Hades smirks at Duck with one hand. Of course, it wasn't a better smile because I felt really good. It was a sinister arsenic.

Ram, who was raising the report, bowed his head down.

“You keep letting them get away with it?” Hades laughs again.

It wasn't cynical this time. I laughed because it was really fun.

“What if I don't let him?” Over the years, they've wandered everywhere in Tartarus, not just in the sanctuary. Didn't Olympus already know the general situation here? ”It was the fact that everyone knew that Paneth's party was being favored by Poseidon and others, above the Deputy Class of Nice Pluto.

Poseidon, Demeter, Hasnia, Harrah, and so on, roaming the streets of Tardaros with their eyes and ears, how much information had passed that way.

I'm ahead of Paneth and others, but I have a weak excuse to help with the war.

It was clearly a problem for Poseidon to break the commitment between the three brothers to never undermine each other's territory and to be rude to Tartaros without their permission.

Moreover, Hades has thoroughly controlled the leakage of Tartarus' work outside for hundreds of years. So much so that I haven't had contact with Percy in so long.

Recently, however, Hades has not been this concerned about information control.

Even though the war was long and cynical, given that he somehow tried to control everything.

It was really upsetting to have him around for so long.

Hades was so cynical to her that he thought she was being cynical.

He had a strong sense of responsibility, so he wouldn't let go of the sword until the end, but it was because he seemed to slowly sink his shoulders.

When did it start?

Yeah, since then.

When a group of thugs brought the message from the Percellés.

Until then, Hades, who had always been hard, was shaken for the first time.

At first, I thought it was a change in my mind after a long time of hearing from my spouse.

Now, looking back at the past, it seemed a little different.

Hades had deliberately avoided the Percellés because of Fiola.

All this time, I thought I had to do it for information control. Simply put, Hades did not make too much contact with the Rcellenes.

In Olympus, there was no one on the 98th floor who did not know Hades' fierce courtship and affection for his partner Percellne.

It was rumored that Hera would scratch a bunch of things compared to Zeus, who used to flirt with this woman.

The fact that Hades has been avoiding the Percelloner clearly means there is a price to pay.

And in fact, after getting Percy's ex-wife, I can only see him sinking with his name and joy.

As Ram, I had to worry about what had happened between the two couples.

And I still am.

Hades was not particularly impressed by the conflict between the players.

If it had been him just a few months ago, he would have punished me for disordering the military. Now I don't even see the grill's will.

“The war against Titan and Gigas is already at an all-time high. In the meantime, you can't keep insisting on outside intervention. So don't talk about it anymore. We'll see some reaction from Olympus soon enough.” “Still, it is true that disputes between players have a bad influence on the fraud in the military. • • • • • • Clean up after yourself as you did when renting.” Ram bites his lower lip.

Hades has made it clear that he will not intervene again.

Fortunately, his loyalty to the underlings remained deep, leaving him to do his work without a doubt.

“Then, as an apostle and deputy, may I make a request?" ”“ Tell me. ”“ In addition to the control of the players, I'd like you to give me command of the three armies. ”One lip of Hades dries up. I was slightly intrigued by the tiredness of the 1-piece.

“Are you going to fight?” “As you ordered, I have been looking closely around 'Civil War' and Chocheon War 'for the past few days. And I could see that it was a garrisoned troop, and there were a lot of precautions.” The Civil War and the Great War are the old sanctuaries of Hades. Thirteen temples, along with the "Temple of the King," illuminated Tartarus and controlled Titan and Gas. But now it was the Bay of Migo, B and B on Nippon.

Ram has been quietly going through two old sanctums, following Hades' orders, without informing the others.

And then I realized one thing.

'I can get it back. After all,' no matter how violent Titan and Gigas were, it was actually very difficult to project influence to a faraway plague and a thousand wars. Moreover, there were still a considerable number of Hades' mystics left in both places.

Where is he?

Recently, to target the Temple of the King, Titan and Gigas' forces were mostly opposed to the 'Land of the Living Giants'.

As quickly as they were abandoned, it was obvious that a large number of troops had escaped from one epidemic and the Great War.

As Ram, of course, I had to be greedy.

Now that the enemy's perimeter has been severely lowered, it is a great opportunity to regain the lost territory of Dooseong.

“We've received reports from Cyclops Arges that the torch can be restored. Now is the best time to restore the sanctuary.” Torch.

To be precise, it was about divination.

A fire that was created with a huge explosion that created the universe in a place where there was nothing in the first place.

The fire became light, mixed with the void, and opened many worlds and resources on a regular basis.

God himself arises from the remnants of such a flame. Of course, they tried to keep their roots sacred in some way.

And in fact, the family that captured the divination gained immense control over the universe.

From Uranos to Kronos, and back to Zeus, behind the siege of power, there was a godlike mythology.

Recently, Luciel tried to devote himself to sacraments and bought a downfall from all the gods and demons.

Recently, however, there was a crisis within Olympus as Zeus fell into a deep sleep and his sacred firepower was weakened for some unknown reason.

It was around this time that Hades became part of the sacred mythology that controlled Titan and Gas.

In fact, Niphon was able to suddenly collect Chronos' correction because of this overall situation.

But Cyclops' youngest brother reported to Ram separately.

I can start a fire that's gone out again.

I had adra, the raw material of the myth, but there was no way to extract fire, so I was rolling my feet around, but when the other brothers came back, I found a way again.

If only we could put the torch back on the dark sanctuary that Niphon and Gigas sprinkled.

The sanctuary will regain its function as a sanctuary, and the lost power of Hades will return.

And if he does, his sire, Dis Pluto, he'll be able to turn the power back on.

Depending on the nature of His existence, the power of His Holiness varied greatly.

“So please allow me. I will bring an army to reclaim the sanctuary. Players also need a public place, and Poseidon and others have an excuse to help Dardardardardaros, so they will never refuse.” “Even though there's a Chronosphere between the two?” Ram nodded fearlessly at the sight of Gronos' corpse, which boasts such an enormous split of Tartarus.

“I'll do it.” It's been a long time since Yeon broke the pact before it even worked.

There was no problem that the battle was happening again.

Hades suddenly wondered if it was okay to send out an army that had barely begun to organize its lines.

• • Different from me. 'Ram's eyes said, I couldn't refuse him.

Unlike the one that was losing motivation, the underlings were always looking for hope.

Such a fire could not be harmed by his own hands.

“Whatever you want, do it.” That's it.

The march order has been dropped.

Hades' orders have been kept secret.

According to Ram's plan to make this trip, it should never have leaked outside. Unbeknownst to our allies, an outbreak of war was expected.

That's why the 10s, 11s, and 12s who joined the march were waiting in their barracks according to the emergency standby order.

The 13 troops that gathered the players apart also had to stop what they were doing and gather in the barracks.

As a lotus that had not yet completed the wings of heaven, I felt like I wanted to stay in the dungeon. 'I had to participate as a lotus that had to complete the set of King's temples to get into the ear.

It wasn't just that.

'Aether and Elohim 1 are also affected.

Even though Yeongwoo is in the same army, she suddenly slept with her tongue while looking at the barracks that were divided into two halves.

There's a familiar mix of noodles in that fork.

Aether and Elohim's paddies were cut off by Ram.

They were staring this way with their eyes wide open. Ram was beaten, but he thinks the cause is with Yeon-woo's group.

Luckily or unfortunately, there was a professional oil magician among them who could reattach his right hand.

I don't have a good + look to see if the control hasn't gone well yet.

Had it not been for Ram's frequent access to this place, he would have struck again.

Of course, the Fellowship ignores them, smiling openly, whether they're staring or not.

I explained to them that that wasn't the case all night long with the Panes' group, and that was because there were a few who stood by them.

Moreover, the opponent who escaped from prison to Yeonwoo.

There was no need to endure any more rebellion.

If Yeonwoo had already thrown their protests again, she was allowed to slap her neck without looking back.

But fortunate or unfortunate.

Within the 13th Legion, there was no opposition to this yet. Apparently, Farah's faction was dividing in interest to the friendliness of each troop, but more importantly, his identity as Nice Pluto.

The group is well aware of this, so they are not making any more trouble.

1 to - and -.

Yeon-woo knew too well that it wouldn't be long.

'Probably just a peek at the opportunity.' Yeon-woo glanced at Panes and Aether, looking at this side with a calm eye, and burst out a smile.

It's an act they think won't be heard any other way.

'With that look in Poseidon's eyes.' Explain that the god who did not reveal his name (1, Olympus) is staring at you.] [Anonymous god (2, Olympus) giggles at you for watching.] Channelling gods and demons tell me that someone is staring at me, but I think it's foolish not to know.

Of course, because of the control of the system called causality, we cannot name it publicly.

I can give you enough clues as to who it is by bypassing it.

Moreover, even without their snitch, Yeon-woo had more channeling than any other players.

No, we were working on getting it to the server cloud.

Of course, it wasn't a problem to peek at some of the channels that other players had.

In that situation, Poseidon led many more gods to find himself. And I even encouraged the protests.

I don't know what that means, I don't know.

I thought that Yeon-woo would grow well.

Right wing. Just as soon as you're done moving. I had to find a place to use the finished wings of the sky, but the stage was ready.


Pumpkins rolled into vineyards in a situation I had no idea of.

Aether was his second brother's, and he took something else instead.

'Thank you very much.' Yeongwoo is a place with Poseidon to feed the daily food-god factor - I was seduced lightly.