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20 Coins. wings of the sky (8)

“First of all, some of you don't have an appetite yet, so let's start with a little self-introduction.” Led by Ram, players in the 13th Legion greeted lightly.

“Anonymously, his name is Palm. The prosecutor." “Thordock. Founder." “Seyi. He's an archer. He serves as an observer.” The 13 legions, in fact, were far too few to be called legions.

People who have flown in to train to attack the ground staircases.

But that's why they were strong, one by one.

Most of the above are known by name.

It was because they had already proven their skills because they had passed through ten gates and had grown to that extent in the battle with the spiritual beings.

Yeon-woo listened to their name and confirmed her skills with a letter of forgiveness, while her magical power was revealed as much as needed.

“Panes.” The leader of Elohim's party speaks only of his own name. It seemed to me that none of these people knew who they were.

'You said you were new.' Apparently, they caught Mega.

Achieving a new life meant not only that he was skilled, but that he had an extraordinary skill that was transcendent.

Poseidon, etc., strong? Or did he give you something similar? 'Yeon-woo wondered what Barnes had hidden. Poseidon, who was protecting him, obviously didn't have a clue what it was. It is hard to believe that Panes has achieved a new level of purity.

Thanks to you, the effect of catching Astrios was doubtful, but I thought it would be hard for them to hope for more than once.

Then, after introducing yourself, Panesh looks this way.

In a way, it looks like they're staring. or the eyes that seem to tell you the next turn of your birth name.

“Cain.” Yeon replies, staring at him.

Then, Panhes narrows his eyes.

“Is that really her real name?” Does it matter? ”“ Important. He's the one who's going to leave his back. because I don't want to be with someone who can't even tell me their real name. ”“ Cain. I have nothing more to say to you. If you don't believe in this • • then I'm out. ”I was a little embarrassed by the work of the players.

The goal is now imminent. Suddenly, I was embarrassed to tell him I was going to fall back.

Bang! At that moment, Ram lowers the bar hard with the spear he was holding. She glanced at Yeon Woo and Panes in a 41-round glance.

“I warned you that if you had another unnecessary neurological battle between your allies, you would cut their throats. Do you really want me to?” Yeongwoo shrugs lightly, and Paneth takes a step back and heads down.

“I'm sorry." “Listen up, everyone. It doesn't matter to me whether you support it or not. But never stir up trouble in battle. Focus here for now.” Ram throws his last warning and sees that all the players are bowing down and describes the operation.

“From now on, we need to secure a place called 'Mysterious Failure.' Two Titans are now spotted there. Toe and kimo.” Toe and kimo are known for their inadequate consumption of Chronos' correction. It means that the subcontract water is very low among Titans. Most of the rest of the troops stationed in the Civil War are of two families. The rest was funded under the Nippon.

“We are going to have a major malfunction with legions 11 and 12. In secret, and very quickly." “What about the 10th?” “They will move secretly from the rear, between us tying the ankles of two Titans.” Ram only explained that, but he didn't tell me exactly what the 10th Army was after.


'Voice mail. While the three troops draw attention, the 10 troops try to quickly occupy the central temple.' Yeon-woo could recognize Ram's prey at once.

"Are you going to light a torch to awaken Hades' power? 'If so, it was a very good plan.

'If Titan and Toe and Kimora are enjoyable.' But it was a clear plan.

'The treaty is broken, so there's no need to lose. But it's a little weak in the yard where they don't know when they're going to fight again, except for three separate troops.

I'll clear my mind and realize that the battle will not end here.

After occupying this place, you want to go directly to another sanctuary? Blitzkrieg.How many sanctums do you care how many torches you light at night? 'We are already pushed to the edge of Nice Pluto. In the meantime, I find a way to counterattack, and I think it's worth pursuing a major reversal. You'll only face the consequences of being isolated and defeated.

“Then let's move.” At Ram's behest.

Troops 13 have begun to move quickly.

The Civil War was one of the sanctuaries closest to the Temple of the King.

Of course, considering the size of the original Dartharos, it took quite a lot of time to move.

Moreover, it had to take more time to bypass to avoid meeting the communities that Titan and Gigas had released.

Tartaros. I've always wanted to come here. It's noisy here. Still. Jungwoo kicked his tongue as he shared Yeon-woo's vision. Hidden Stage.-1 He didn't make it through all ten gates, so this place was just amazing.

But I wasn't particularly impressed or impressed. All I could see was the earth dying over the red sky. I felt strongly that the spirit of staying in this place for a long time would be the same.

By the way, brother. "Why?" "What are you going to do? Jungwoo's voice was low.

"The wings are still incomplete. But you don't need to show your skills already. We have to.

Yeon-woo smiled bloody.

'That way, I could not imagine how Yeon-woo was going to stand up and bow her head, or hit her on the back.'

'Here's what I'm going to do.

Yeon-woo stepped forward with a bloody smile.

Then, as I lowered my posture, the eyes of the troops who were measuring the timing to attack the Mysterious Faith shifted toward Yun as one.

“I'll take the lead.” Ram narrows his eyes. Then you twist the tip of one lip.

“You think you can do anything by getting a new life? Don't be ridiculous. I'm standing by.

“If you're waiting for the 10th, they've already arrived.” “That was when Ram tried to scream.

Wheeeek, boom-suddenly the blue fireworks spread q-Z. It was a signal that the 10th Army had reached the target point. When the signal dropped, 11, 12 and 13 troops started attacking, and then Ram set off a golden firecracker, the 10 troops were planned to move quickly.

Ram looks back at the moat, surprised to see how he knew the 10th had arrived.

She, too, had a keen sensation that the common players could not keep up with, but Yeon made no sense. She was too far away from the 10th Legion.

“I'll go first, then.” However, Yeon-woo had no intention of unraveling Ram in 2012; she jumped forward, beating the ground hard first.

Whea-at the same time, you hear a shout from the north and west. There are 11 and 12 troops moving.

Lam, who was dumbfounded, woke up late and shouted.

“Everyone, charge!” Players started running forward, shouting in unison. There was also a group of moving mobs between Panes and the players who were perplexed by the unexpected movement of the mob: Kreutz called the Turkish stone in the center to cast a huge beef on the group, and Victoria engraved a large letter in the air with bright, shiny hands.

The runes are broken. With the curse lifted from the living, the group's movements become easier.

Galilee greets Victoria with a provocative gesture of gratitude and makes arrows at the demonstration, receiving the effects of the splendid effects that erupt over time.

An Arthraxia bow made by Hanova, who became a good drinking buddy while staying in Tartaros.

However, the function of Arthraxia was never something you could think of as' boring. '

It was remarkable to be able to weave the hard-to-get branches of the water of the world.

A good tool would have changed Galilean's mind in one fell swoop, just to hurt the hunter's feelings.

Above all, Galilee likes that the bow sticks to his hand.

This was definitely the first time in practice, but it didn't feel that way. It fits too well as if it had been tamed for a long time.

'I didn't expect a Dwarf to help me like this.' Even though the Lost Elves and Dwarves could never get along.

With this help, I didn't care about the last Silver Coin of the tribe. And it wasn't his personality that was swayed by it either.

Pot! Galilee digs deep into the ground thinking he should serve a good drink to his drinking companion later.

Galilee raised herself to the sky in one fell swoop, creating a dust pillar. Elf's eyes are firmly fixed on the list of names, even at a distance of kilometers to find the exact target.

The mystical outbreak was a ruin so hard to describe as Hades' old sanctuary-he was devastated. To the land of the broken walls and the dead. You can see how defenseless the enemies have been.

Beyond that, you can see what appears to be titanium moving around in a rush.

The clans were about to pour out of the sanctuary. He seemed to have noticed the appearance of this side later.

'Let's do it.' Just as Galilee did Anu, she thought she would try it, and smiled faintly and said, "Abraham!” I chanted the name of my best friend.

Then I pulled out the brochure from the brochure at the bottom. He grumbles in small grumbling expressions.

“You don't have to be bored, take care of it.

Book of Jupiter. Since the book of Mercury was destroyed, his relics made more with the book of Mars. It was also something that Henova touched, like Arthraxia.

Phew! A dark magic circle rises from the air beneath Abraham's feet, casting its spell lightly.

At that moment, Galilee could feel the heavy force in his body. Yeah, you win. He laughed at the satisfaction, pulling the demonstration and letting it bend to its limit.

The Whole Body Gun and the Black Crow.

It was characterized by a passing technique created by two brothers over a long period of time ( ⁄ 25802; f-style FI ¨ 36983;), carrying enormous destructive force with each arrow.

Guangqing! Overeating_and as confident as they were, arrows boasted enormous destructive power.

Every time the arrow touched, the wall that was falling suddenly bursting out.

Beneath it, Titan's insides protrude out of desperate need.

The families of Titan, who barely escaped the crisis of the burial ground, were also in danger. He had no choice but to avoid Galilee's relentless protests.

You flip it upside down.

In the midst of the explosion, the innards are dying.

Dream • • • low. The members of Yeonwoo also initiated Jigsaw activity.

Nemesis appeared first and melted into the air, blessing his enemies with a great curse and his allies. Especially since the whirlwind has tied the feet of the Titans. Those who rushed out in an orderly fashion became more blocked and caused a temporary bottleneck.

Sanon and Ahn stared at each other. A blade that swiftly sweeps away enemies with a Levi-1car is more sophisticated and explosive than ever before.

In the air, the space slanted open, with two eyes wide open.

Oh, dear. "As Faust's memory was regained, each day was improving its magic skills differently. With a mild statement, the magic faction unfolds into the air, and the magic plummets like a blizzard, leaving Titan at a rapid rate.

Grrrgh! Grrrgh! Continuous explosions and whirlwind engulf the enemy countless times. The indiscriminate death continued.

The three legions of 11, 12, and 13, who were running hard into acute dysfunction, stopped on the way and stared at the battlefield with a blank face.

Watching their enemies crumble at a rapid rate, even if they don't take a big step. It seemed to be an obstacle to their participation.


The disaster hasn't begun yet.

“Declare a Realm.” Everyone's gaze shifts toward you, as you hear a faint voice somewhere.

And I opened my eyes wide.

The world surrounding the dysfunction was turning upside down. Just as you are surrounded by an invisible barrier, Titan's clans are swarming around without being able to rush forward tightly into anything.

Kaeeek! They screamed in a mournful voice, telling me to get rid of it.

There was a lotus floating above their heads.

Keep the left wing shining black.

The wings were divided into three halves, each with a black flame that seemed to be so large that it touched the sky.

And as the wings hit, they awakened the 666 powers that were hidden in the feathers.

There was deep silence in Yeongwoo's domain.

Many of Titan's clans have died together.

No rumors.