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Vaporise. wings of the sky (9)

The silence spread over the battlefield where Titans were dying and into the four armies that were running hard into civil war.

Without covering their eyes, people couldn't understand the sights they had seen for a while.

What is it? What's going on? Time has stopped? "The curse of the group"? What is that, a big beef? Sleep deprivation? 'It was natural for me to think that.

He was the culprit who made the monster look like a monster in Titan's tyranny chamber, while he was plagued by Neath Plutoreld O.

Even though Hades and his captains somehow fought Titan and Gigas, the relentless clans were the closest they ever came to the likes of Nice Pluto.

Those who rush when their arms and legs are cut off and their hearts stop beating when their heads fall off. The violence was so intense, I had to worry a lot about how to deal with them every time there was a battle.

All of those things fell off the line.

Without any resistance.

Wake up, wake up.

It's just one flap, that's all.

It was too unrealistic.

When Zari first appeared, he became more real.

Even though he showed me a ridiculous dance then, I could clearly see what he was capable of.

But it's not like that either.


The same thought was true of Didanese.

What is that? 'In Titan, I suddenly thought that I was hallucinating something. What if it's not? I couldn't hear the panic.

It didn't make any sense to be swayed by such a curse. I couldn't explain the nonsense without it.

There was a sight he could not comprehend with his common sense.

The soldiers of Hades must be ambushed. We may lose. They were careless. And in this case, there was a king.

I also understood that I boasted more firepower than I thought. Headmasters of Hades and apostles Ram acknowledge Titan-Gigases.


"All at once"? How? 'It was just one guy coming out of the sky.

A player who appears wearing black clothes and masks as hideous as the sky in Tartarus. The wings of the one behind his back widened, and suddenly deep silence came upon the tumultuous battlefield.

Obviously, until just now, the ropes of the gangsters had fallen.

In addition, the hooks that were connected to the hairs were all broken. Like something invisible was cut and passed. You grope and try to reconnect, but you can't see the other end.

Because of this, the repulsive force is shaking greatly and there is pain that is likely to tear the soul apart.

He couldn't care less about that.

It was that big of a shock.

The problem was that it didn't end there.

A grim hiss echoes through the collapsed bunches, and a gray azure blooms on the corpse.

Azirang is shaped like a human oyster, writhing in agony.

A spirit. No, a ghost. The ghosts of the nobles who did what they thought was right. Hundreds of things were pulled out and rushed to Yeonwoo.

Ghosts slowly absorbed as they made a gray mist and hovered around Yeon-woo.

By this time, I was too sober to talk anymore.

Even if it did kill him, it still deals with the soul? That would be a divine realm, of course, or the realm of the great god or the great god or the great god or the great god or the great god.

Then, when I saw the giant, black wings that touched the sky, I trembled.

Every one of them had 666 enormous powers that were interlocked together like teeth, forming a huge frame.

And as soon as I realized the truth, I felt the wind was unnoticed.

'Death was looking at him.

To take his life at any time.

It was approaching without sounding like the sickle of a slow-moving envoy, seeking a chance to explore. Titan can't get any closer to its spirituality, but it seems to be taken away at any time if an opportunity presents itself.

Far - from the proud pride of his immortality, 'a touch of darkness that can bring death. The 666 gazes beyond the wings were firmly embedded in him like nails.

It's been too long. He trembled without even knowing it.

• • Hades! ”In the vomit, I forcefully squeezed out my voice, putting out my fear. The power to grant death to God. I could only imagine one such creature in Tartarus.

“Hades has appeared?” The king of the commandments himself has done this far.

Yeah, it is.

There's no way a mortal can intimidate his own personality.

I didn't know what he was thinking, but I was sure he was good enough to use the one-sided layer as bait and steer from behind.

Maybe he's trying to be a war hero or something. He was sure he was going to try something.

Dealing with the concept of death. It would have been impossible if it hadn't been there in the first place.

Having put it together like that, I felt like my head was lighting up. I felt a lot better.

At this moment, it didn't occur to him that 666 powers were intermingled in their origins. It is also true that there are many different ways of dealing with the concept of death than usual Hades.

His self-rationalization is blocking his eyes.

And then I changed my teeth on the vomit. If Hades made it this far himself, there's no way he could have done it. Only retreat has the correct answer.


As if I could even read Toe's thoughts. Suddenly, the kite slaps its head with one wing once more, and it starts flying towards you like a shot.

The impression of Toe was distorted.

I was afraid Hades would show up, but it wasn't enough to be ignored by a single player.

If Hades' blessing makes him think he can really become Hades.

When Toe stepped back this long, I thought I should cut off his head and go. An insecure mortal would have to pause occasionally to live with the majesty of God.

That's why I'm pulling it from my waist.

Pod! As he flew in, he wanted to turn off the spirit of lotus, and suddenly the space in front of him opened up in front of Toe's eyes.

Toe said, "The roots have risen.

Is it just space travel? The art of 'leapfrogging' space, however, was never possible without the permission of the owner of the room.

The current epidemic has long been established as Titan's domain. It meant a place where Hades' divine power was sealed and became the sanctuary of Toe and Kimo.

Of course, in the sanctuary, the owner had the authority to set various laws, and needless to say, Toe and the hairdresser had never allowed him to do so in a list of misdemeanors.

But how? “This is my territory now.

Yeongwoo saw the face of Surprise Toe, realized what she was thinking, and smiled and gave a shocking answer.

It was only then that I realized.

The repulsive power generated by the disconnection from the bundles is disturbing and you are not aware of it, but the ultimate regionalization was just released.

It was an overwrite, not a release.


and its identity is • • • • • • •.

It was Binah, the old transcendental power that must have been killed with the Summer Queen.

'No, not this? God contains too much • • • • • • • "What the hell! I wanted to scream so much. But before his thoughts end,

Vyrik-Yeon was already twisting heavily and hitting his abdomen with his shin.

[Emperor - Firewheel] vomits blood out of your mouth and bounces back a lot. The ripples spread along the space of the shock wave. Inside, the flames blaze hot.

And the beeswax hits the ground hard along the bounced toe. A deep setback digs a big hole, leaving a deep burrow where he sits.

Paabak_At that time, the pieces of Woman's staff appeared in the shape of a spear, drawing a whirlwind.

Yeon holds the spear with her right hand and pulls out the beagrid with her left hand to combine the two.

Good grip! With a joyful interlock, the black flame grows along the blade.

As soon as the beeswax caught up with Toe, it rolled its feet and secured its lower body. And as he turned his torso like a puddle, inertia turned this acceleration into a rotational force.

Along with the actions the tribe of loneliness called the tremor and the transcriptional sphere 21185, the window was lowered forward.

[Armpit Blade - Sile, Wave] [Bolt Chirping 49856; Fruit_One Piece Compressed Flame Vortex Spilled Over.

I had no idea how to stop the vomit. Even if I tried to balance it closely, I couldn't stay awake because Beagrid was bursting with explosive force and hurtling towards the flames.

The flame, which was also an extremely compressed error of sexual maturation, continued to engrave wounds on the body of God.

Defenders are useless in barrels cut, stabbed and burned.

The problem was not only that.

[Gim Gim Gubidara] Every time a blade touched his skin, it covered his whole body with zero blood spots - Phew 1-- that appeared like a speck.

"Why! Why does the power of the King of Assyria arise from this man?" 'Flowers of blood quench their magic and wear out their hearts. It was no different if it was God. That is why he earned the title of king among the demons who exercised this power, and still remains a vile notoriety among the gods until now when peace came.

Phew! Beagrid sweeps through his left ledge. The vein snapped and the blood burst. But the blood evaporated into the boiling atmosphere before it even spilled.

The fierce heat, the growing wounds, and the bloodstaining flowers made the earth desolate.

But pushing him even further, it was the sickle of death that slowly approached every time I lost.

The invisible hand that emanated from 666 powers was reaching under his feet to his neck, and his breath was tightly tightened.

The color of the touch that was forcibly taken away the bundles was becoming distinct.

They were hallucinations only to him.

In addition, it was also something that actually existed.

I was choking. I was stunned as if my mind was going to snap.

I filled my heart with the horror that had formed on one side of my heart and filled my head with black water.

As a result, my body sank heavily.

A number of large and small bottles burst. Hepatic diseases, poisoning, and the like. The origins are varied.

666 different ways to make death come free like a thread and tighten the soul of Toe.

666 powers dig deeper, showing off their skills as much as they want.

But there were no conflicts between powers. Rather, they were working as complements to each other, turning to fit together like a serrated tooth and finishing off the big "deaths."

It was only then that I realized, not the power of Iganhades.

Something more fundamental. It was more fundamental. There are 'processes' that complete the concept. It's called the Divine and Demonic Divinity.

I couldn't figure out how all this power came into being.

But it was as sure as this.

He fell into the swamp of death, almost drowned. You'll never get out.


666 of these swamp lords, they're having so much fun.

that he's enjoying his own death.

[Nergals explode. Izanami smiles faintly.] [The Thai couple beats the ambassador with a satisfied face] [Ishma-Diba laughs. [Halphas laughs] Hel laughs.] as well as' successors of the arc. There were no sane men in God and the Devil's mind. Laughing at other people's deaths. No, so he can hold death as a god? Gurgling, ”With that in mind, Saturn drowned without ever getting out of the swamp of death. The last unseen hand tightens the soul, and the sickle of death flies over the beagrid.

Phew! Toe's head splashes up into the sky. Blood splashes through the sky like fountains.

[Gsitigarba nods satisfactorily.] [Tanatos nods satisfactorily.] [Dis Pi 1 nods satisfactorily.]