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22. Sky Wings (10)

Toe's body splits into small particles and is sucked into the female staff.

0 011The new letters Park Hyun next to Astrios.

The face of the titan hairdresser, who was looking at it, distorted.

However, there were no birds to run to where Toe is.

He had to step back, forcefully defending his body against the temples.

“Oops. Oops. You can't dig your eyes out. But God says he's been on the battlefield for a long time.” From afar, Galilee darts back to the demonstration, smiling bloody. It was pointless because he had been tying his ankles to prevent the hairs from going to the place where Yeongwoo and Toe had been.

But on the other hand, it was so fun to have such a divine existence. If not now, let's have another fun experience like this.

Well, even though this was once a divine existence, it was possible to reclaim this rage and serve as a backup.

One thing was certain though, that the distance that had been regarded as so much as a divine being was closer than I thought.

'Of course, not those little guys, those well-known ones, will have different resources.

When Galilee first met Abraham, he recalled the true nature of Brahma that he had seen through the elf.

I put my hands on the protests that were being held for a long time. Dozens of forks and stems condensed and turned into elongated light arrows and pierced the space.

The bristles try to avoid it somehow, but the arrows bend sharply, even with the trailing edge on them.

Light, light, and hyper-variety are being pushed around indefinitely.

Phew! A shocking epi continues to gush out from behind the star. I turned my head in compulsion. Behind him, Ram appeared with a cold expression.

Apostle. That was the last time the hairdresser mumbled.

Darkness rises from Ram's spear and swallows his fur. Hades was famous for making the target of her assassination into the darkness. That power was even capable of suicide.

That's it.

The first battle, the Civil War, has been reclaimed successfully.

The four forces who arrived late were dumbfounded and looked at the scene. A series of nonsensical things happened, which made me dumbstruck.


“Whoa!” One of them snaps to his senses and it cheers.

Then the people next to him realized the situation and burst into a shout.

Whoa! That was a victory cry.

“Is he really dead?” “You didn't even notice? You're not breathing.

“But how is this possible? You're not hurt.

The soldiers of Nice Pluto quickly rose up again and marched around the ranks of Titan with weapons.

I'm just trying to make sure there's something alive. Of course, not a single one of them was breathing.

This was all made by Yeonwoo.

What they can't do with their common sense.

No matter how powerful she was, what Yeon-woo had done was absurd enough that words could not be spoken properly.

The phenomenon that a divine being appears when its identity is engraved on the law. There is divinity beyond power. But you can't call it that because it was done by mortals. The chaos had to get bigger.

And so was Ram.

She's been with Hades for a long time, much longer than the life expectancy allowed as a mortal.

I've hardly ever seen anything like it. Hades was not the type to enjoy his temper and openness. I was overwhelmed by the loss of the sanctuary.

And yet, one player did it.

'When I spread my wings, I was clearly a completely different creature. 666 bodybuilders and demons appeared. • No, more fundamental' Ki1 'appeared. • • • Closing my eyes still makes me look vivid. She was also confused whether the person in front of her eyes was the same person as Yeon-woo at the time.

“Now I'm going to light a fire.” At that time, I looked up at the lotus weeds on the altar and said,

Ram nods, returning to reality. Now was the time to light the torch, rather than about Yeongwoo.

The torch that Yeon-woo was holding in her hand was placed on the bronze pot. It looked ordinary, but it was a sacred image that appeared when the whole universe was first built. A flame that the Cyclops were able to extract from their souls once again.

Gorgeous! The old bronze furnace was on fire for a long time because it had not been properly managed.

Light defeated the dark and silent veils that had been offered to the temple all at once. And Hades' divine power, which had been sinking deep underground, awakens and rises to the ground.

Suddenly, a group of gloomy lights absorbed the mystical flaws of a depressed atmosphere.

You hurl off the residual energy of Titan, one by one, as if it were an azirang.

In the process, the bodies of the family that had been lying on the floor were all caught up in the fire.

The radiance that appeared like that coexisted one by one on the roof end of a list of dysfunctions.

The entire sanctuary was illuminated, as if the ocean had risen only in Dardardardardaroth.

Thanks to this, the sanctuary's opponents were exposed as if they were obsolete and ruined.

Rather, it seemed immaculate and sacred to those standing here.

Then as the light grew bigger and bigger, I shot the light lantern up into the sky.

Ram can feel Hades' power growing in his body. Perhaps more power has returned to Hades.

'Just a little more.' Ram clenched his fist tightly. I'm starting to see an opportunity for reversal.

'If only I could light the torch a little more.

Her hand grips the spear.

'You will be able to set up a staircase with Olympus.' That night.

The Tartarus sky was filled with three pillars and flames.

In the blink of an eye, Nidan and Gigas will have taken three of Hades' ancient sanctums.

Civil War, the Great War, and the War of Yi Wang.

Thanks to the elixir of Yeon Woo, Nice Kyoto also gained an extra spot that he didn't plan for the first time.

The torch lit up, and the pillars of and tartartarus, which were only held in darkness, sat down and brought light and a group.

The four armies were able to return to the temple of the monarch with a mighty footstep, never missing the name of Yeouido from their mouths.

Car! In! Car! In! It was kind of old school now. Every time I took a step, I felt like I was actually doing something really magical.

It was uncomfortable for Yeon to be respected.

Bro, it's totally idolic here. When you're here, why don't you make me a support rod? "The clock was shaking nicely. The sound of laughter full of pranks. It is because I know that Yeon-woo doesn't do this much.

Yeon-woo wanted to grab Jungwoo's head hard, but she insisted on the soup.

Instead, he looks at those who still call out his name diligently, smiling bitterly.

I knew what they were so passionate about.

'I was tired of only spreading the wings of the sky properly.' Even though it was only one side, the left wing, which tied numerous powers together and engraved concepts into the law, caused Yeon-woo to consume considerable strength and stamina just by writing.

So after that, I had to fight only with authenticity, instead of spreading my left wing anymore.

Of course, he boasted as much power as he did with the Dramamine.

'You can't use it often.

Yeongwoo mutters small, touching her left wing.

Currently, the operating time available was about 20 seconds. The skill was incomplete and it was very inefficient because it was early, so I could stretch it up to 30 seconds with just a little more hands.

However, after that, I felt like I should have more than one day as Gul 'Dame.

7, 1.- 'If there is one more wingspan.' The right wing to honor the war was gradually being prepared. It only took time for the classification to complete, but it was a matter to proceed as soon as it finished.

But what if the left wing could overload the body, plus the right wing? 'The overload will be even worse. It will be shorter in use, longer in the big dynamic.' It was very useful to eliminate unnecessary combat and capture the gods. As convenient as it was, there still seemed to be many restrictions on its use.

I needed a little more improvement.

How is that possible? 'Then I lifted my head.

1The pillar of light between the heavens of Tartarus and Earth-1- 1 caught my eye.

You said that if it keeps piling up, it'll open a path to Olympus, which is disconnected. A little, but heavenly wired.

Yeonwoo suddenly remembered one of the many perks of Jungwoo's experience.

People say, "Bong Chi" is a ritual.

A ritual that connects the earth and the sky and treats the crooked gods with superstition.

When the exchange between the thin queue and the lower queue was severed on an all fo one Ö/77 basis, it was/made/to communicate/a kindred, a type of method Ö,/IL: Ilo 55182; Ö/mainly apostolic/only lived//in part to awaken/some 55182; of the total cost of the book/as it is//No, the lighting scale was/deductions from the other face of the electric house, Dong Ji g % of Hwang 55182; Ö/.

Æ//E-ÖI/Gear power is money/water, but gold Ö./At least a lot of housee/Razor Slash g//7 won

Allfoone has made a lot of changes to the tower's ecosystem.

One of them is the Beacon.

It was one of the few ways to connect the disconnected celestial system and the underwater system.

The torch was the primary tool for carrying out and maintaining such a rappelling ritual.

A beachhead that attracts Olympus and, conversely, allows Tartarus to move to Olympus.

Some kind of lighthouse? No, you could say Beacon Mounds.

Titan and Gigas focused on cutting off their dealings with Olympus and isolating Hades by pinning down Hades' sanctuary, where these torches had been.

And now that we have restored the sanctuary and put the Beacon Mounds on Olympus,

From now on, Olympus will be prepared to come down to Tartaros.

Reinforcements are coming.

I don't know if it's good for me or bad for me. 'At that time.

[The Unnamed God (1) looks at you with angry eyes.] [Unnamed God (2) looks at your wings with wet eyes to the impact.] [Anonymous god (3) discusses your bracelet with an unnamed god (4).] I could feel Yeon-woo staring at me.

There's only one group in the four armies that doesn't want to see him.

The group has not paid a price since they saw the overwhelming status of the moat.

But his gaze was full of jealousy and fury.

Yeon-woo knew they were looking for an opportunity. It would be foolish not to know what the gods of Olympus are staring at so blatantly.

Especially after the wings of death appeared, the glare was sharper instead of Olympus 4.

Given that he was the most unpleasant Geposeidon to deal with the power of the Zealot King.

You think I should stop the loader from turning on me. The Phanness are going crazy with Poseidon's back all the time. 'As the pillar of light continues to open, the distance between Olympus and Tartarus becomes closer. Poseidon's blessing to the rest of the Panes will be even stronger.

In that case.

'This is your next chance.

Yun believes that the group of Panes will be targeting her in the next battle: Poseidon's personality is worth the wait so far.

Moreover, the group of Panes has gained considerable support for Yeouido because of this battle. I had to fly the horn firmly. It was because of that that, too.

And that's...

There was nothing bad about it.

He was going to lose to them one day.

However, there were other eyes, so I was just overwhelmed.

But what about the confusion? It was not difficult at all.

Danda and maybe they're on the same page. The next battle will definitely be a little more difficult than it's ever been.

And the thought of such a pitiful alliance is over.

“Those who appear to be legitimate Titans have gone far! I think I see a chaser * b!” Ram frowns. However, in a certain way, it was natural.

Three camps were taken from them in one day without even thinking about it. He would have to do whatever it took to get his garrison back, whether he was greedy or unhappy.

“Everyone, form up -!” Following Ram's instructions, the four armies began to move erratically.

I was a young man with a spleen on their face.

I couldn't act like this in the battle I had been in. But for now, I was going to show you the performance statue of Dunnis Pluto, who was once the strongest of the heavenly armies under Olympus.

Chul-so-so they put the Tower Shield in front of them, and Satiring-Panthes, equipped with a Falangus formation, was looking at the quest chapter that appeared in front of him.

[Sudden Quest/Killing] Content: On behalf of Olympus 4, Poseidon • Demeter • Hastia + The Sea felt a great old being never allowed to die, the power of the Black King, and a strong danger to the player # # # who wants to accept it.

And we have determined that Player # # will cause a huge disruption to the order of the subsequent towers, and we need to eliminate them in advance.

Now, for you to receive this quest, the Apostles of Poseidon • Demeter • Hastia • Hara have begun to receive blessings and blessings.

Your aura will storm like Poseidon, cause earthquakes like Demeter, burn the world like Hestia, and have a burning-specific edge like Hera.

It's the power of the gods you and your clan once held in Groova.

Use that power to get rid of player # # # safely in the midst of imminent chaos.

Then all the blessings and blessings that are given now will be yours.

Limited Joe 71: Player # # # Time Limit: Reward: 1. Olympus' Blessings and Blessings 2. Transcendence gave Panes a firm grip on his fist. Beyond a simple trust, I've now been given quests to reward you. In particular, the word 'transcendence' was the most striking among the rewards.

The necessary force was right in front of the eyes to regain the identity of the lost ancestors. I had to do something.


[Sudden Quest/Survival] Content: Four gods have not named you Olympus. Survive their threats.

Limit Conditions: Survival Limit Time: Reward: 1. Olympus' Blessings and Blessings 2. The time of transcendence.

I was on a quest that was similar to Yeongwoo, but not at all different.