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23. Sky Wings (11)

God and the devil are a kind of law.

It also meant 'part of the system,' so he was also empowered to give quests to those he wanted from the resources that would put him through trials.

Yeon-woo seemed to know who gave this quest.


[Athena looks at you with a gloomy face.] After learning the truth about Jungwoo, Athena was unable to speak to him and continued to look around in a downhearted glance.

Am I sorry, or do I want to say something else?

I didn't know her true insides, but one thing was certain.

I worry about their brothers a lot.

That's why I also gave you these quests. Knowing that Poseidon and others are after him, it means to be careful.

The closer the distance between Olympus and Tartarus, the more clearly Poseidon will try to pressure him.

But on the contrary, it means that she and Harmesh can get as close as they want. So until then, it's Beetee.

Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

While the generations, including Poseidon, are trying to restrain their power because they are concerned about it.

Athena and Harmesh's underclassmen are on the verge of protecting themselves.

It's a generation of conflicts surrounding Olympus.

What is the existence of the Black King? I'm not curious anymore, so I'm crazy.

And the more I do.

'We should get more drunk. This power' The longing for King Jehovah's power has deepened even more. If the power of Olympus' successors is to be feared, we must have it somehow.

So Yeon-woo turned to the friend next to her. I stared at him with one glance for what's wrong with my liver.

Yeongwoo shared the quest window with the liver without any small explanation. After examining the contents, the liver's expression hardens. Then you stare at the group with a crooked face.

Then I returned to my expressionless face and looked at Yeon-woo.

When I hunted down the descendants of the future king to save Doyle.

He used to have a lot of laughter, but he was not so relaxed when he put his enemies in front of him.

“How about a month?” Yeon-woo's lips sprout. Throughout the description, I nodded several times = 1- 1-.

- Look at him.

Titan Iapetos distanced his impression of Nice Fluto, who brazenly and brazenly had the manpower to stand up to them.

At one time, it was unpleasant for him to be dragged into this place without the honor of serving Chronos and leading the Titans.

Just before leading the group off the 'Wild Lands', Nipon suddenly said something about catching him.

- What if he is? - You know, for being a rookie.

- You mean the player who caught Astrios? God and demons and dragons in one body. And they hold their possibilities at the same time.

It seems like a terrible hybrid, yet it's pure bloodline. The boy.

Tiffon laughed as he spoke about their brother Astrios and the mortals who must have captured all three of the other sanctums.

- Does that mean don't kill him? Iapetos had to narrow his eyes because he had no idea what Tiffany was thinking.

Despite his lack of strength, he had no choice but to follow Niphon, and he never forgot that he was the leader of Nitan.

So he resented someone vomiting about what he was trying to do, even if it was a tipphone.

However, Nipon was a ruthless and unknowable man.

- Whoever it is, don't kill them.

If you don't like it, kill it. Eat if you want. Run away if you want to be a bit harsh.

Escape! Iapetos is upset by what he says.

Although I've lost most of my old temper in Tartaros by now.

But he was determined not to compare to anything less distant like Astriosnato.

Twelve pints of Titan.

Today, Olympus boasts the twelve weeks of Poseidon, Demeter and others, including Zeus.

Before they ruled, they looked down the stream with Gachronos, self-reliant on twelve seats.

Unlike the current Olympus, which is just one group of many societies on the 98th floor, they used to have a monopoly in heaven that no one could easily touch.

He remembered the old glory, and he had to be angry at Nippon's words for running away.

It was an insult to himself.


That's just the bottom line. I couldn't show myself out.

He was as unclean as he was then, and he was in control of Niphon.

And Nippon, knowing that, laughed at him for not saying much.

It's like a god who is insulted and stubborn, and not unlike some of the cheesy things you say are stupid.

- Anyway, remember. The pillar opening is what Dory wanted us to do. In the end, Guia's grace is with us. We don't belong in this stuffy tartarus.

Tifon always repeated the same words to them.

Don't forget, it was Olympus.

The pillar of light.

It was a symbol of their humiliation in many ways, a chain that crushed their morale when they were confined to Tartarus. How much trouble you went through to get rid of that thing.

But now it was a staircase that gave them new opportunities.

If you can get down from Olympus to Tartaros, you can get up from Tartaros to Olympus.

Titan and Gigasgabara, who ruled Nippon, were no mere mastery of this piece of trash, Tartaros.

Heaven! Going up to the 98th floor, equipped with gods and demons, their goal was to read the tower and eat all the gods and demons that were busy in the cleavage.

And they thought it was possible enough.

Unlike those who have been at peace, they have struggled in Tardaros for thousands of years.

Also, for them, Kronos' death followed like a blessing.

'Our brother Kronos. Take care of us with death, even at the place of death.' Iapetos raises a small prayer towards the corpse of Kronos, which rises like a mountain range behind their backs.

It was a small ceremony held between Titans on the battlefield. Once a blood relative to himself, now a face to the gods' god.

And that moment.

Pafat-Iapetos turns his head, feeling some power across the sky.

Far away.

A dark red trail crosses those filled with red light.

With a scream.

“Grow up, woman!” The dark red trajectory is clearly aiming for you.

I think I can see through anything.

Iafetos' image distorted a lot. It was the same trajectory that pinned Astrius down! He was offended by the fact that he was targeting himself in the same way.

I tightened my hands with a creased face. Then, Gim was filled with the energy of the skin.

Gronos' correction, which had accumulated a substantial amount in his body, was a force they called the Divine Power.

While opening this, it was possible to recover some of the qualities that were lost.

Bang! Iapetos reaches forward and collides head-on with the dark red trajectory.

Your fingertips are sore. Iafetos' face twists even more. Is that why you're dealing with the weapon of the Emperor's Emperor, which was as strong as Olympus'? Stronger than I thought.

Iapetos gives up on crushing the trajectory and flicks the trajectory up into the sky with more divine power.

Immediately, the female staff soared into the sky.

The clouds split.

The darker and darker sky beyond was clearly revealed, as if it had been pierced by a lie in the sky.


“Get down!” Once again, with the cry of truth, suddenly there are dark clouds that don't suit the red sky.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Gurr_Suddenly, a dark red lightning struck.

Each of them aggregated hundreds of lightning bolts.

And those big things poured out like a hailstorm.

Suddenly, the dark world lit up. The cold air was so hot that the heat from the blast caused my breath to freeze.

The power of even the lowest ranks will fall away! Iafetos' day is full of twists. In the eyes of God, the elements within that lightning seemed clever.

“Explosive spreading, cursed infection with hostile designation? What powers do you have? The power of the king of Assyria? These guys are crazy, but they're crazy!” Iapetos reads the many powers that make up the lightning and screams.

It was because I didn't understand how one man was given so much power, and I thought that more than 5,000 gods and demons had done it.

We can't let that happen.

That lightning didn't end just because it fell once.

After a fall, the dung will explode that big, and the lightning will follow another lightning bolt and turn the surrounding area into a shrub. Moreover, the phenomenon of Bimarzilla blooming like an epidemic seemed like a fire to see what devastation would be.

Maybe the placenta of the clans that were dragged here will be wiped out.

Each and every one of them was a force for Iapetus. He was looking for an opportunity to go up to Olympus. He could not lose his strength here.

That's why Iapetos opened his mouth to women's oppression.

The Giant wakes up and swells his body as hard as he can.

With no time to spare, a black giant descends like a pillar of light.

The giant, boasting a gigantic stretch of a few kilometers, reached his right hand to the sky.

To tear apart all the clouds that pour out lightning.

As if a dark cloud was trying to resist, I tried to push Iapetos down as much as I poured out a lightning bolt.

Iapetos firmly grasps at the clouds, with lightning blazing across his body and across his time.

Along the thick surface of the skin, the bloodstain blooms like a yoke and envelops the body at a rapid rate.

He didn't even flinch his eyebrows once. Then I tore the black cloud to the left and to the right.

The lightning scatters everywhere you go. The female staff disappeared.

Iapetos turns his gaze away, looking for the owner of the Festival.

Obviously, until just now, the energy that felt clear was not dissipating. Where the hell did he go? At that moment, Iapetos is secretly shoving one knee to the ground.

Since he is a big man, the foothills seem to fall, so he sits on the ground and the dust soars high.


Iapetos looks down at his ankle. This is where the Achilles gun was cut off, and strange things like the black shadow were moving rapidly.

What is it? Hunters. I've seen such big targets in my lifetime. "Sanon was smiling as he looked at Iafetos. Although it was only the size of a fly compared to Iafetos, the swinging of a 'volcano' was enough to cut and pass his ankle.

Iafetos reaches down to grab Sanon. Light.

Giant handprints remain on the ground, but in the meantime, Sanon disappears quickly. Instead, my neck became hot this time.

Bang! A ghost opened the room and it was hitting the knife for as long as it could.

Grunting. The groaning comes from Iapetus' mouth. The whole of Ettar Tartarus resonates because of the big winna.

But the violence did not stop there.

The wind was about to blow, and Rebecca was hurling, and suddenly the space was wide open above the sky, and two eyes of wealth appeared, trying to imprison Iapetus somehow with magic.

Other than that, the liver and Doyle pulled Ieapetos' attention from below, and Galilee joined the arrows with the help of Abraham. Increasing violence between Kreutz and Victoria.

Confectionery - “Follow Cain!” “Help me somehow! I can catch Iapetos! This is your only chance to defeat Titan!” Neath Pluto, who was nervous about the arrival of Iapetos, moved back along the pond and split into two squads, covering the perimeter of Iapetus and the interior of the moat.

Iapetos tried to make a disco fluto a few times by spitting out a groan.

Despite considerable damage to the exorcism, Dis Pluto took a swift step backwards, as he had dealt with the Titans all along.

The group continues to deliberately pursue the blind spots in order to attract his attention, shaving off their stamina diligently to L} 7A.

The moment the joy of being able to do that to everyone's face.

Yeongwoo suddenly appeared using the Blingg to burn the waves of the beak on Iapetus' head.

The point of descent was the core of the coagulated blood, the divine power, as covered by the solution.

The statue of the giant could collapse if stabbed like this.

Guarreung, Guarru That moment when Vigrid tries to get stuck in the blood of Iapetos.

Hiccup! Yiapetos suddenly bursts into a groaning cry, releasing a powerful aura that was concentrated within his body to the outside.

The giant wind heats up the atmosphere and spreads out in all directions, forming a shock wave.

The atmosphere drifts away.

Most of Nice Pluto's troops, including kitchenettes, were mixed in.

And that moment.

"Move." According to Panees' instructions, the breathing Paneens of Elohim began to move.