Second Life Ranker

24. Sky Wings (12)

'This is the best time.

Paneth grips his teeth as he looks at the parties.

Her gaze flashed brightly.

Even at this moment, Poseidon and others were constantly mining her.

[Poseidon is demanding that you fulfill the quest.] [Demeter gives you and your group a stronger blessing.] [Hasnia looks at it quietly. "[Hera watches you with a stiff trial.] Sudden quest, kill.

At the first moment of this, she thought Denise was coming.

The main reason she came to Tartaros was to find Yeonwoo on behalf of Poseidon, and then to determine if he was a threat to Olympus on behalf of Demeter • Hastia • Hera.

In fact, even if it's just for the first time, it should be pretty when you know what the trust means, right? 'I thought.

I was promised to fulfill my clan's wish. Still, it didn't make sense that the divine beings, instead of leading a large society called Olympus, would go out directly to sanction one player.

Rather, I thought I could stand up and kill myself if I had the chance.

He was confident that no one would be able to stand against him except for the blood of the two families, the nine kings.

No, I was confident King Ahem would be able to catch up with you, with the blessings of your people.


After battling several battlefields overnight, I could clearly understand.

He's dangerous.

"How the hell can a man manipulate his wits? 'The power of Yeon Woo was definitely a force that was never allowed to mortal.

No, as long as we handle it right, even the priests of Olympus can't do it lightly.

Then I could see why Poseidon and others were eager to keep an eye on Yeongwoo, and kill him when I had the chance.

'Olympus must have been an unacceptable period for Cain to continue to grow.' From the 1st floor to the 34th floor, the main storms have even altered the records of all the Hall of Fame except one floor.

I already have that much power, but when I reach the 50th floor of the ranker standard, what will I look like?

I didn't have a clue.


Panes was jealous of it.

A humble human birth that has never been cleansed of blood.It's a record of achievements that you have not accomplished. Is that fair? Moreover, what is the gaze of those many transcendents who follow him constantly?

One had to do so many provocative and bloody efforts to get the attention of these four people. The invisible man was making it not too difficult.

No, in a way, Poseidon and others were paying attention to her, all because of the lotus. Technically, I couldn't call it my own ball.

I hated it so much.

A mere mortal.

Coincidentally gained power and attention, he possesses the power to deny her the path she's been on. So Paneth tried to corrupt them all.

I wanted to be a swordsman, like Poseidon, calling out to kill him.

Yeah, it is.

In a way.


I probably shouldn't have said that.

An emotion that should never have been allowed to be granted to her who had always lived only as an elite.

Then I had to erase it quickly.


This was our only chance.

The sudden heat from Pavat_Iafetos is causing a violent upheaval that has completely shattered the disco pluto's camp. It's the same for the members of Iafetos. The battlefield itself was destroyed.

But Iapetos was constantly releasing the wind, whether it wasn't enough.

In front of him, no one could even stand up properly. Even when I got up, the ground turned upside down and became a pile of rubble.

The atmosphere was hot and burnt, and those whose bronchi were still burning. There were many who could not withstand the wind in the air and were swept together.

Urgh. The atmosphere trembles and the room resonates. It was such a shock that the world would collapse like this.

In such chaos.

The only ones who weren't hit by the storm were the Aether and Panes' parties.

[Poseidon's Blessing, 'Against the Storm' is added to the party.] [Demeter's Blessing, 'Jin Resistance' is added to the party.] Blessings and blessings were pouring out instead of four to resist the wind.

It's called quest only, of course, but thanks to it, they were able to boast much more strength than usual.

Apparently, Barnes knew that this would be enough to withstand a significant causation rate as four substitutes. However, there was no need to refuse to feed them like this.

The position of the target has already been determined correctly.

Yeongwoo collided in the heat and front of Iapetus. He's probably on death row, or something like that. When the Paniwan ambushed the pond and cut off its hand and foot, the order of the plan was for Panees to intervene and snap its neck.

And I assured him it wouldn't be too difficult.

By the way.

Paneth frowns slightly as he doesn't hear from the party members.

The most important thing in this operation is a quick hit and run.

Everyone was distracted- they had to be 1-eliminated to avoid being caught in the eyes of allies.

And yet you don't look like a college girl.

Even if I wanted to secure my vision, it was hard to understand that the dust oil swept away by the heat was too thick. It was difficult to understand the inside because it was blocked during my senses.

When I felt anxious on one side of my mind.

Grungh! Iapetos howls again. Although the size was reduced to a quarter-minute gauge than when it first appeared, the strength still did not decrease.

No, it unleashed more intense winds and winds than ever before, as if I were going to unleash all the anger that had been accumulated.

While the fruit-front is being carved, the sandstorms are dizzying all over the place.

"The smell of blood? 'I smelled the nasty smell of Paneth's sensitive nose. Despite the smell of blood all over the place as the Discover Fluto gets swept away. This was a little different.

It smells a little neonatal.

It definitely smelled friendly.

[What Poseidon does is he cheats.] [Creaking as if Demi-1ter didn't like it.] [Hasnia Folds Expectations of You] [Hera Folds Expectations of You.] And soon Eyzie's message later realized that the cost business was going crazy.

That's why I'm moving.

Suddenly, a familiar tunnel breaks through the sandstorm.

Rosidis, her dearly beloved butler. It was her right arm, and now he's panting with blood all over his body.

I wanted to ask what's going on.

“Run • • • • - Lose.” Rosidis strikes something fiercely at the end, and it blows. In the midst of the mountains, the once-rosinist sides were shattered.

Between that and that, the man who stretched his steam down a long way reveals himself in a quiet step.

Paneth's recognizable expression distorts.

“You wanted to hold my hand somehow." Rats. ”The liver growls, clearly revealing its ugly fangs, covered in cortical packs. At one point, it's like Rosidis, but she realizes that all the blood on the liver belongs to the party members.

Farnes was unable to reconcile. The shock caused my eyelids to flutter.

Must have moved quietly. How the hell did they find out? No, I've been hit by a storm so strong, how could he be intact? For a woman who doesn't know her liver can do a trick, and only her skill set makes her the best in the tower. The liver is firmly grounded, as if there was no reason to answer her questions, even though it was a shocking situation.

Gah or he was annoyed by Panes' group who tried to make a demonstration and shatter the reputation of the group.

In the meantime, they laid out the game first, so there was no reason to hesitate.

Moreover, the Void Sword he now holds in his hand is an opponent that has been fortified to the fullest extent of their blood.

[⁄ Rour-1k: Grade A: S Skill: 75.1% Description: The more blood you absorb from an enemy, the higher your Attack Power and Attack Speed will increase by up to 350%.

If you add tactics to this, your attack power will multiply several times again.

At this moment, there was no one who could stop the liver.

The left-handed liver moves rapidly, and it swings the Blood Sword. Panhes shudders and shudders.

With Poseidon's blessing, the power of the West has evolved.

“Shit • • • This is the Alternate Diater frowning and circling around. Apparently, they were on the move with the Paniwan to catch the Yeouido. Suddenly, I came to my senses and was in a strange place.

It was an unknown place.

Dark with no wind or wind at all. The funny thing was that his body only looks as vivid as the light.

Eventually, the Aether was blindly moving forward. I thought if I kept walking, I'd come out unauthorized.

If this is a curse only given to a specific target, it was thought that the curser would show some behavior, but if it were a random curse, it would soon be lifted.

If it was a hallucination of the psychic system, I wouldn't worry about it because I would wash away the renal blood quickly.

I didn't think anyone would come to help me in the first place.

“Dammit.” That's when I thought, and I got insulted without my knowledge.

It was unfair.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt sorry for myself.

A life neither Elohim nor the Horsemen can live. I will not live a life as foolish as my father. I will live a great life, but I only point out that I do not know the stigma and honor of being a returning traitor. And now he looks like a stray, stray dog.

Yeah, it is.

That was so right.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt like a dog.

No, you're not a dog.

Dogs won't be left alone by their owners if they're loyal. You will also be able to receive beauty.

But he didn't receive any love from anyone. There was no place to lie, no place to lean.

“Haha, ha! Fuck.” That's why I suddenly thought this was a one-time thing.


If only she hadn't turned her back on him.

If you did not dispose of Jungwoo.

Now, would he have been much different? “I'm the one who wanted to do this.” Aether covers her face with her hands. No one was looking at themselves, but I didn't want to let them out. His face.

The look on your face.

“I didn't want to do this!” I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to be cheered and acknowledged by many people. I wanted a colleague to stand up to me.

That's all I ever wanted.

At least when I was in Artiya, it seemed so easy. However, only the cold wind came out of the fence.

The people who still knew how to cheer + were silent as if they were lying, and the gazes that were supposed to admit it returned to cynicism.

It was so lonely.

One day, when I asked myself, I said that I would never regret being better at Artia.


That was a lie.

Lying about yourself.

I regretted it.

Too loud.

I missed that moment.

It can laugh without being angry. You can put your back into it. I was praised by people. Be cheered on, acknowledged. Back when you were supposed to be a hero.

• • • Jungwoo, sorry. Really. ”How can you realize something so precious after losing it? I wanted to kick the old self with my feet if I could resist time.

Tears welled up between my fingers.


“You're a bitch to the end.” I heard a voice that was too familiar.

Is that a hallucination?

“The only thing you regret is just saying it was a good time. It's so hard right now, I just want to find a more comfortable way, pretend to reflect, pretend to regret it.” It was not a hallucination.

Aether takes her hands off her face.

And I yelled at him with a wet claw of fear.

“Everyone!” “Yes. She was nothing but a bitch.” Who is it? "” It was Jungwoo's voice.

That's a vivid voice like the living say.

It was never going to happen.

“And.” At that moment, in front of Aether, as the darkness divides, someone walks out of the room.

Holy Haan armor and wing-wrestling hair and eyes = approximate.

In the memory of the Aether.

Aether's eyes widened, realizing that it wasn't a hallucination.

My eyelids trembled.

“I was a fool to think of you as a true friend.” But the old friend who kept the image in his memory was one thing different.

I used to smile all the time.

Now he's staring at him with an expressionless gaze and cold eyes.

“So I want to erase that stupid past, Aether." Jungwoo growls.