Second Life Ranker

25. Sky Wings (13)

When I woke up from my first long dream.

Jung thought.

'Thank goodness.

His struggle can be of little help to my brother.


After that, I suddenly thought about it.

If this is real.

Like I'm here.

In Ethan.

"Maybe they're there, too? 'Jung was not really smiling when he saw the blue face of Born Aether.


Laughing because I have no teeth.

'Jungwoo thought he would be angry when he met her, remembering the privileges he had experienced many times.

Repeating the privilege means repeating as many Bad Treants as possible. And most of the things that have reached the latter part are short-circuited by the betrayal of mobile costs.

It meant I had to suffer the pain of breaking my heart every time.

Of course, some didn't. But most of them were traitors. The reason was always the same.

Greed. Greed. Proposal.

And it was exactly the same in his reality.

Now that I think about it. One of the main causes of Artiya's disassembly was herself.

He asks you to keep avoiding exhausting colleagues and keep up the good faith ascent to the next level to save Elixir.

In the meantime, I've been rebuked by several nearby clans, but I've always ignored them.

In the process, there were layers of resentment, anger, and misunderstandings.

Despite the privilege of having suffered a miserable end to betrayal, he was often a self-righteous man.


That didn't mean that it would disappear into their fault.

Sani has been upgrading her colleagues until the end. I thought I'd shed tears for my lover. I died trying to cheer him on somehow.

It meant that not everyone made the same decisions as them.

Bahal. Client. Barry Aether.

And Viera Dothey always made the same decision in reality and in privilege.

He was smiling when he put a knife through his heart.

That's why.

Jungwoo couldn't understand them because he tried to understand them.

Also, so.

Jungwoo wanted to ask if he could see them again.

Why did you do it?

Why do you make the same decision in every situation?

We laughed, we chatted, we cried, we cried, we cried, how could we easily take off our past and turn around at once?


I was happy as a result.

But Bahal and Lien were not dying at the hands of Lee Yeon-woo. Bakuk said he had gone upstairs and covered his tracks for a long time. Bierra Dun was eating the earthly god and playing a strange god, so there was no way to ask.

Maybe the sky is trying to help.

The Aether was here.

I have a way to ask you.

[Sky Wings] Behind the silver armor worn by Huaiak-Jung, the wings of the new Haan stood high. The signature skill that gave him the nickname Havon Wing.

The darkness that surrounded the two people in a gust that spread along the fruit friendship trembled.

Unlike the wings of the sky where the kite is completing, the wings of the sky of the Jungwoo enlighten the potential of the Dragon's Factor to polarize.

Dragonic Blood awakens the senses, and Presser presses on everything. And the spreading dragon peers have been saying this is their territory for as long as they can.

He was the protagonist as long as he held on to these wings.

Jung churned the space hard.

The power is so great that the darkness trembles up and down.

I wanted to cross the wedge into thin air, but I came close to Ider with a fierce rift.

Aether woke up late. I was embarrassed by the crazy phenomenon that brought the dead back, but I was forced to protect my body first.

White Light. I turned my palms upside down as I clapped my hands. The thick curtain of light fell between the two of them, cutting Jungwoo's approach.

No, I tried to cut myself.

Overshining! You have to be as durable as the original.

The curtain of light was smashed to pieces with the wings of heaven wrapped around my body and shattered.

Like a broken window, I turned to the right, erasing the unfolding wings of the sky beneath which hundreds of fragments were pouring out. Suddenly, his hands were filled with longswords of immense thickness and length.

The dragonslayer, a sword as radiant as your armor.

[Dragon Slayer] Archetype: Two-Handed Longsword Egg: A + (* Original: EX) Description: Scared by Master Dwarf Hanova of the ribs provided by Archer Calatus. It has great durability and efficient horsepower because it is made of Dragon Bone, and every element is made of Orchid and adds an amplification effect.

It is currently enhanced by the addition of the Marathi Core.

If you encounter the slightest possibility of a polyp with its presence, it will naturally lead to domination and submission.

High chance of dealing HP and Magical Power to the target affected. The target is flooded with fear as if exposed to the dragon's gaze, while fear ignores both the opponent's immunity and tolerance.

You can engrave various magic formulas along the blade. At this point, the engraved magic is not incinerated according to the dragon's brotherhood, and it requires only a small amount of magic even when activated.

The 1-layer was not only excellent as armor, but also as a magical tool.

Its immense durability never breaks and it overwhelms the opponent. Magic carved on the surface of the foam consumes only a small amount of magical power, but still works better than a nuclear reactor.

It was because it had its own words.

The most powerful magic in the Declaration that just words and words change the law. It was possible because the polyp was blessed by Mana, and it was possible to be shoulder to shoulder with God or the devil.

Moreover, with the addition of the Marathon Core, there's no need to mention its power.

Of course, the dragonslayer that Jungwoo was holding was only Replica, an elaborately crafted item, not an original.

But even so, Jung not only remembered the function of the dragon slayer for as long as he used it, but also the detailed shape and weight.

Replica, which was reworked with these memories, fell below ratings and stages only, with excellent performance.

Especially with Jungwoo.

It was hard to even imagine the effects.

And it wasn't just the dragon slayer.

Wearing the same symbols of armor, perforated gloves ( chuchuchuchuchurches ⁄ 37440;) and auger power gundlets (PGs), feather-cloud shoes, etc. were all being replicated in the same way, returning Jungwool to its living habitat.

Jung thanked the target for allowing him to recover his weapon, which he thought he would never take again.

'Thank you, Nemesis.' What • • • • •. I've been looking forward to this moment as much as you, former master. [Dreaming of the Dreaming] Nemesis' Skill, Dreaming of the Dreaming, is characteristic of holding the opponent at the boundary of hallucinations and nightmares.

So the original practical effect was to panic the enemies as Nemesis lowered the void over a certain range.

When a range is narrowed and specific to one person, a unique boundary is created.

The object can be locked in the back of the room and processed separately: It was also a routine that Jungwoo often used when he was working with Nemesis' former life and Miriam.

Although Nemesis' temperament changed, the background became the boundary of his dreams.

Jungwoo rather liked this place.

as far as the boundary of a dream that makes everything possible. If only images could be built properly, everything would be better.

Even a half-broken soul. You can take back your old self even for a moment.

- Rob them all.

And this was also the stage that his older brother Yeon-woo made especially for him.

The Aether flinches back as she sprinkles blood, unable to resist the attack.

Jungwoo once more whipped the dragon slayer after him, stirring its wings in the sky.

(26028; Open). A skill that Jungwoo used a lot while dealing with his enemies. It was a normal skill that didn't have much effect, but it was different when he used it.

Phasezik, Phasezig-Sword, and then one by one, the yellow spark popped up.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The interconnected sparks spit out an enormous thunder accompanied by lightning. It was the wave of light.

The waves of debt that Guar-originally created by Jungwoo were so devastating that he couldn't control them.

So every time they saw the waves of light, they were busy running away. I stick my tongue out, saying it's suicide, not a broad skill.

However, as Jungwoo's player ranking continued to climb, he became better at handling the waves of light.

Crazy special that destroys everything.

That's how it was accepted.

Fruit apple! "No way!” Aether cried as she watched the waves of light fly in with the blast.

The technology that I thought I'd never see again has just appeared to me. You'd be surprised.

So Aether gripped his teeth and struck his hands down.

White Light. The light on my fingertips was shattered and poured down like a rainstorm. The assault smashes into pieces of light.

The world full of darkness brightened up, and even ran hot with a fever.

Seeing it, Jung smiled as if there was no one there.

“White Light? One of them said he'd get it back from his brother. After all, you're a eater.

White Light was the power that was lost when Aether's father was cast out of the sinful clan. Aether always hated her twin sister Hamera for taking it, and used to say that she would come back one day.

The problem was that he only said it in front of Jung.

Just before the registration of the AREI. What Ider said when he thought of friendship as really strong. I didn't know anyone except Jungwoo.

“This is a hallucination! Hallucinations!" Aether's face grows strangely distorted as she grows faint.

There is no coming back from the living. Then it was a hallucination. Otherwise, it didn't make sense. Recently, I've been under a lot of stress, so my mental strength must have weakened a lot.

Jungwoo kept trying to escape from reality.

“Whatever you want. One more swing of your mind cut off Aether's white light and swept her upper half wide.

“As always.” The Aether was able to escape the catastrophe by pushing her torso back. However, the epilepsy swept through his entire body and exploded everywhere.

At this rate, you will die.

That thought passed through Aether's head. So he tried to get out of this place first by biting his lower lip tightly and scattering it with a lot of light.


“If it seemed a bit dangerous, it would be the same as before. Why hasn't she changed that much?" Jungwoo chuckles and grabs the drag- slayer in reverse and plugs it back into the ground.

At that moment, a letter filled with dragons came along Kim's side, and numerous magical circles were formed like zeros.

[Brute Force Blast] A skill that simultaneously opens numerous enchantments that were memory-rided, using the skill of Mandak and the computational knowledge of the dragon.

The magic Jungwoo had memorized in advance was full of Dragon Slayer Amy.

As soon as it opened, the magical storm swept through the boundary of the dream, and Guarrung, Guarro, and Guar-Aether could not escape anywhere.

The narrow space called the boundary of dreams was no different from prison, so if there is a magical storm inside, we are just a shipwreck caught in a storm.

When he resurfaced, his body was covered in burns and wounds, large and small.



Every time I breathed rough, even my lungs were already cooked, the sweets spread with smoke. I was busy sighing as if my breath was going to stop soon.

At least he got up and tried to get away.

Puff! Jungwoo calmly approaches and lowers his abdomen with the dragonslayer.

The Aether was busy spreading like a butterfly fixed on a pin.

Aether was filled with cloudy vision. Most of his vision was lost due to injuries.

This was clear.

What's in front of you.

It was real.

It's not fake.

I didn't know how my dead friend came back, but... He was more important now than ever.

Aether grabbed Jungwoo's crotch with a helpless hand. You asked for my help. You asked for my help. Ata looks at him with his eyes.

And if I prayed like this, I believed it would save me. Jungwoo was such a friend.

He teased me about my personality, but he was as much a friend as he was cruel. And how precious he was to me this time he reflected so fiercely.

• You're Lynn's friend. Gras • • So. This time it will be different.

With his friend back, he is determined that this time he will not repeat the same mistakes as before.

Of course, I knew it wouldn't be easy. Because the wound that you gave him was so great: But if it takes a few decades to show his sincerity, Then Jungwoo ripped out the dragon slayer to keep his mind clean and blew his head off.

The Aether's head rolled around the floor, just like a crucian carp.

“That's bullshit. I lost.” I wanted to ask you why you did it when you met him. This made it clear. It didn't have to be done. Just listening to him made me deaf.

Jung Woo stepped on his head with an annoyed face.

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