Second Life Ranker

1. Period Tomagia (1)

Aether's head was smashed to pieces, struggling to survive even before over-death.

Blood and flesh were on his feet.

Jungwoo did not twitch his eyebrows once. It was as if it had sunk cold.


“Ha Ha Ha” Jung lifted his head and stared into thin air. In a deep sigh, there were all kinds of emotions mixed together. There is a whirlpool of emotions that is hard to express in words.

I thought revenge would make me feel better.

No, it was cool.

But it was just as complicated.

This one, too.

Rather, it's stupid.

It's hard to describe what Jungwoo is feeling right now.

I did not think that revenge was as vain as in novels or movies. Not that big of a deal.

However, it was right to say that the meeting was slightly different from the moment I longed for.

I just did what had to be done.

And I also heard the idea that this is just the beginning.

Maybe that's where this road ends.

The void you can see.

The sky beyond. Celestial system.

“Viera. I wish you could see it there.” So Jungwoo called out the name of an old lover he must meet someday. Does she know she's awake? Or are they not looking this way, like they used to, when they were so eager to go up? I stood there for a long time.

However, no answer or message came back.

Jungwoo was deceived by the absurdity of the funeral.

What he was doing now, he felt like a person who posted a picture of the pretentious life that he hoped his old lover would take a look at.

That old lover doesn't even care about this side.

In that case.

'We really have to go up.' That was my commitment. If I didn't see it, I would have made him see it.

And then • • • Jung stopped thinking there. When I looked at it for no reason, I was only welcomed by myself.

So I'm gonna turn around and go.

["Infected Mother Earth" stares at you.] Jungwoo turns his head to the other side, his eyes wide open. For a moment, there was a look on this side. Though it disappeared quickly, a sensitive sense of dragon could be clearly captured.


You didn't just wake up in vain. Jungwoo took a step, thinking like that.

At that moment, as the color of his body faded, the pieces of writing that were filling the inside suddenly appeared and disappeared.

Jungwoo covers his arms with his own hands as if he was fine. The eyes sank deeper.

How do you do that? 'Ram frowned, barely recovering his momentary mind. The tinnitus is still filling my head, and the accident is still not working.

Then I began to think of only one by one.

Onslaught of Yeongwoo and her clans and her party members. Nice Plutos who gained courage and rode here; Iafi1tos, who was overwhelmed with self-confidence. Strong storms and high temperatures that shatter the foothills. Troops were swept away. Broken ranks. Burning soldiers, screams, cries • • • When I thought about it, Ram raised his head. While looking at the soldiers who had fallen in the fiery prison, I thought of him who had fallen to help them somehow.

Oh, come on.

Please stay alive.

Ram whispered a few times. Due to the hot fever, the atmosphere was still difficult to get a clear view. I forcefully carried my magic in my eyes and noticed the sights around me.

The surroundings were miserable.

The black chunks that appeared to be 'there' were scattered everywhere.

Those who are barely breathing are just high-ranking executives who have a little self-esteem.

The first group of catchers! And they were struggling with the clans brought by Iafetos.

Among the 13 players, survivors are more difficult to find.

Ram grips his teeth.

Why didn't I think of this?

Rapid discharge.

Precisely the release of divine power. The last burial chamber that does not want to be made by the Titans.

The Giant was the remnant of the dead energy left behind by Kronos. By absorbing this, the Titans were able to recover much of their long-lost personality, and were able to push Hades away in a gigantic form.

The Divine Power was Titan's life force.

The problem was that it could not be replenished once it was consumed.

So Titans used to pay particular attention to the occult.

Iapetos seems to be in a bit of a crisis, releasing himself. We will meet with the greatest of them all. It doesn't end once, it ends two or three times in a row.

So, no matter how hard the Discover Pluto was in the line of fire, he had to be distracted.

The damage was blown like a snowball and became an eyesore.

Ram stood up forcefully with his spear as a cane. I had to repair the site somehow before the damage got bigger.

What happened to Iapetos? Then.

It's killer, but it's a big swing, a hundred-kilometer drop in the number of Humans -- but Iapetos was roaring.

An opponent whose vitality is much less than that of a smaller figure.

And over his head he said, "Phew. Huyu said," Yeon-woo stood there and breathed harshly.

I thought we were in the wind together. Ram's eyes shocked when he found Yeon Woo.

Yeongwoo was fixating solely on Iapetus underfoot.

'It could have been dangerous.

In fact, there was something unexpected about the sudden democratic emissions, and all she was interested in was timing the Panes' movements while they were doing the book 'Being hit by Iapetos.'

A person who has already told the liver his or her plan. It was because he felt he could withstand any attack by the tribesmen.

And the stage for Jungwoo was set aside. He has promised to hold the Aether in his hands, so he must listen to it somehow. Fortunately, Nemesis has a good skill that makes it easy to organize work.

With this, the group falls into a trap.

Many of them will die. Even if they are lucky to survive, their future won't be so lucky.

In fact, Tartaros serves as the front line to keep Olympus safe from titanium and gas.

That's where the betrayal happened? That's what happened because he got a buyer like Poseidon? If it succeeds and there is no evidence, it is certain that Poseidon and others will only have to see Hades' eyes as long as Yeonwoo survives.

Of course, Poseidon et al. said they had nothing to do with the work of the Panes and were likely to withdraw. It is forsaken.

And the consequences of that. It was like a fire.

Hades will not stand by and wait for hunger and thirst when he wanders around Tartarus, even if he runs away without any protection.

I'll kill him myself, but I'll leave Asa to wander around.

It didn't matter as a brown cow.

It's just Panes receiving the direct blessings of 7121 Poseidon, etc.

By the way.

Failure to understand that Iapetos was hiding one such move, for a moment, I became obsessed with the danger of killing Yeongwoo.

'Thank you, Nike.

Thank God, really. But don't make it too dangerous. Yeon-woo thanked Nike for saving her life in the gale. A slight flame rises, and Nike suddenly appears, looking at Yeongwoo with a worrying look and disappearing again.

[Parallax cracking] Yeon-woo begins to think about how to deal with Iapetos as quickly as possible.

'-Gigunos' correction is too dangerous. And when something similar happens, you can't expect this.

Disc Fluto took too much damage than I expected. If there was one more hot wind here, then it was all over.

Then there's only one way left.

Earlier than I thought. 'Below the mask, Yeon Woo's eyes burned.

'I have to remove the remaining wings.

At that moment, the slow time returned.

Iapetos realizes that Yeon Woo is above his head, and reaches up as he growls.

Yeongwoo jumped into the sky before pulling her hand.

“That's all I can say. I should thank you first.

Aipetos focused all his senses on him by listening carefully to the voice of a tiny little cow like a moat.

I tried to regain my strength as Lord Didan 12 weeks ago, but now I'm lost forever: It seemed like I would have to tear open Yeonwoo somehow.

No matter how much he releases his volatility, he's still a loser. At his will, a whirlwind appeared, drawing a vortex. The fever was getting hotter and now I'm ready to burn her down.

But even in the face of such a massive storm.

Yeon-woo was still relaxed.

No, I don't.

For him, the more vigorous the enemy's vigor, the better. The more fate seems irresistible, the faster and more complete the right wing will be! [Begin construction of the sky wing (right).] [Keyword: War] [Gift-Matching Box-2012 9;. Color.] [Difficult to navigate [Difficult to navigate.] [The original masters of humble powers refuse to search] Fact.

On the left, the wings of death were easy to make. It was because the God of Death and the Devil were equally cooperative, as they focused on the power of the King of the Seven.

But the problem happened right here.

To complete the wings of the sky, the wings of war must be balanced with the wings of death. It was hard to do that.

First of all, there were no candidates to be a wing core.

Unlike the God of Death, the Devil, whose sequence is clear, the God and the Devil of War were busy chatting as if they were each other's best friends. Or Silver Moon relationships were seriously read.

I thought for a moment that I would use a piece of the female staff as an element.

Such judgment was soon rejected. There were a lot of people who wanted to make a lot of enemies for King Mihu.

That's why I was so proud.

Here, Yeon-woo switched accidents for a moment.

Do the people that make up the wings need to be finished? What if they're not qualified enough, but they're all reasonable? Wouldn't that be okay? And the right-wing core that Yeongwoo thought of would be me.

Yeon-woo's life.

It's always been a struggle.

When I was a child, I had to fight poverty. When I was a young man, I had to fight my mother's disease. When I was a young man, I was in Africa, and now I'm slowly going up the stairs, fighting the tower.

[Keyword changed.] Things that were hard and hard to give up one by one.

The result was mostly a failure.


Yeon-woo had never run away. Every time there was something trivial but gained.

And it was the gods and demons who gave Yeon-woo power now.

Though most of their births are transcendent. Nevertheless, to be a true god and a demon, you must be strong enough to be strong enough.

And the process is the only thing that's hard. It was a struggle for destiny, a struggle for oneself.

Such struggles were often represented by the word war.

[NEW KEYWORD: Struggle] So Yeon wanted to show herself in making the wings of the right: precisely what she had accomplished for the Hugo was a massive accomplishment that no one in the tower had accomplished, something great enough for 5,000 gods and demons to covet. And Yeon-woo was confident that Doug would build it up in the future.

That would also be a struggle.

It's like I've been walking. It was enough to walk like that in the future.

So Yeon was alone with all the gods and demons who were looking at her.

If you're determined to empower yourself, step up. I'm going to collect it somehow and get it done.


The wings on the right were the mushrooms that the lotus had to make going forward.

In conclusion, it was the foundation of the myth that he needed to become a god.

Perhaps the moment when the wings are balanced, is the moment when they achieve the personality they so desire.

The struggle was also the faith he wanted to take.

Along the right back of the father-grow, a dim winged skeleton began to emerge.

If the wings of death were all foamy silver, it was burning bright red.

Since Yiapetos was originally hit by a huge divine being that he would never have been able to touch, Yiegeward also worked correspondingly well.


[Explore the new gifts] [Explore the Powers]] I didn't get the message that it was difficult to search this time. The gods and demons lost in the depths of conflict by replacing their energies and putting themselves forward.

However, if they do so, the house contract would be broken, and their power would be at risk of falling to the right wing of the tooth. Like the gods of death and demons who have been taken from their left wings.

So when no one was able to make a move quickly.

[Your first navigation was successful.] [The marriage of the goddess of power, Adena of Olympus, became the first component.]] [A message has arrived from Athena.] [Message: Misunderstanding:] [A message has arrived from Athena.] [Message: 'It has nothing to do with him. I may have started it, but I'm cheering for you now. I will always protect you.] leading it.

[Heehee 1Remes: The power of Heaven and Earth Transportation is the second component.] [Chaotic Power 'Martial Decree has become the third component.] begins to come up with a message.

[A message has come from Agares.] [Message: One Glass! I went to the bathroom for a while.] [A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: Me too! Me, too!] [Agarez 'special power' has become the sixth component of the aphrodisiac.]