Second Life Ranker

2. Period Tomagia (2)

[Bimazildara smiles with satisfaction. I am deeply interested in your decision.] [Bimagildara hopes that her powers will be more useful.] [The power of Bimagildara has become the thirty-fourth component of the Black Gubidara.]] was the last message.

The component of the right wing right now, JUNG 1ra = The power to become the Toothless de 0 1-ear of the keyword was 34.

It was too virtuously lacking in power compared to the number of righteous dogs.

I never lost any weight.

Aterna, Harmesh, chaos, those who have favored Yeon from the beginning. It was a big part of each society.

Then the weight of their power remained.

Even with dozens of the powers of medium- and lower-order personalities, it's not worth comparing.

Specifically, Bimarzilla's obligation to give him his most important power was large enough to accomplish hundreds of thousands of reasons.

Then the wings of the struggle began to weigh enormously, and the powers contained in them began to interlock like a serpent.

At first, the purple energy from the arrogant stone did not fit well because it was heterogeneous to each other, but while accommodating all of these sizes, the rotation rate of the cogs was extremely high.

Especially now that Yeon-woo is in a desperate position to defeat the opponent.

The prize "struggle" was also the moment when the light shone.

Huaiak-Yeon can feel a tremendous amount of power and Margie rushing into her body. He shouted, "Greetings to the Son of God and the Son of Man."

Zero to zero -- he, he-he, on the other hand, the dragon factor on the ten is trying a new transformation so as not to upset the balance.

The possibility of drinking dragons has once again deepened.

[Lie Ghost] Yeon begins to make quick judgments, once again, increasing the speed of the accident.

At this moment, I had to watch the battle somehow within just 30 days to maintain this potentially exploding force.

'No. The wings of an unfinished struggle are hard enough. In that case,' the father-young pulled up the left wing as well. Unlike the wings of a grumpy struggle, the wings of a gloriously flaming death soar as if they were touching the sky.

The two wings spread simultaneously. The usage time had to be reduced that much.

As a result, the limit was reduced to 11 seconds.

Yeongwoo opens up the subspace and quickly pulls out the beagrid. 1. (Then, the Blingh develops and lands on Iafetus' right shoulder. 9 seconds.

The heat that gathered to catch Yeongwoo swerved in the way. The blade wind produced by the compression was poured over the mildew in advance. The wings of death flare. As the space distorted, all the blade winds shattered.

Pufferfeng. The noise of the fireworks echoes. Meanwhile, Yeon grabs Beagrid in reverse and stabs it directly into the seven ears of Iafetus. At the same time, her wings flare and the maximum amount of energy flows towards the beagrid.

Yes! Leave it to me! The urgent cry of Yeon-woo made me turn into a nickel and infiltrated Vigrid. And it burned beautifully as a medium of energy transfer.

Glug-ug-shoveled, the flame grew immeasurably large and swallowed Iafetos.

Churrr! Iafetos screams in agony. Seven seconds, he starts struggling to get rid of the moat somehow, but she doesn't even flinch.

No, rather, Vigrid has been plunged deeper into the flames and burned more glamorously.

It was because of the characteristics of the beagrid I acquired a while ago.

By the time he captured Astrios, Yeon had seen a message that she had achieved some of the hidden conditions of Vigrid. It was a hint to reveal the hidden name.

At this point, I received a quest.

[Hidden Quest/Hidden Name] Content: Since the birth of the Great Sword in the Age of Silver, you have gained as much 20 as you can before repeating your succession with the hands of many heroes.

After being cursed and turned into a sword, I lost all the glorious names and had to wait hundreds of years until a new owner came along in a shabby cave where no one was looking.

And as I met you and added a new line of work, I began to regain my ability as a sword, and as I washed the curse with hemolysis and mysticism, I was about to regain my old self.

But the names that were lost a long time ago are buried in legends and myths, and there is no going back. "The name Vigrid is an alias given to generations.

Vigrid hasn't thought about taking back his old name either.

However, given transcendence, spirituality awakened and now began to seek to reclaim its old form.

Names are important in defining the nature of things. Only when the old name is restored can the 'beagrid' be seen as intact.

From now on, every time you add a new up, you'll get a hint.

Use these hints to find "Old Names."

Whenever Beagrid is renamed, he looks new and mysterious. to reveal it.

Limit condition: 'Vigrid -???' Owned by owners. Owned by transcendence.

Timeout: Early achievement 1. Add Achievements - Hint Gived2. Hint inference - true finding 3. Open • • • - Resume Characteristic1. Gimme this Kim! Heroes were all scissors. Their names remain legendary.

2. One owner cut off the right arm of an unidentified giant and took possession of his sword. At that time, the curse of the giant remained, and all the subsequent owners couldn't escape it.

There are two first clues.

In a way, it's very common. It may seem like a common tradition, but it can be used to infer names and ask questions.

Yeon-woo, who had dealt with the beagrid for a long time, was able to guess a certain amount of the spiritual will contained in the fog at any time.

No, even if it's not. When I used it everywhere, I was able to infer features as opposed to past traditions.

So there were a few names that I had already inferred.

I was able to gain confidence through the hints given with the quest.

One of the many names Beagrid had was

Durendal. 'The great epic poet' Ilias' was a legend that Hector, the hero, had killed and taken what the giant Utmundus used.

Despite being entrusted with the triumph of power and ultimate defeat, the Hero's tradition of fighting to defeat his homeland was as young as the Utmundus' curse.

Vigrid, named Durandale, is shining brighter than ever. Six seconds.


Creatures who gain transcendence usually exert their power based on their accomplishments. Achievements at this point were commonly referred to as myths. Often, imaginary differences also originated here.

Durandall holds the legend that Hero Hector 'defeated the Giants.

In other words, when it comes to fighting Giants, it means that you have an exceptional temper! The thing facing Yeon Woo now was the 'Giant Enhanced' God.

It's a figment of Beagrid's predecessor.

['Vigrid-???' has gained a new true name, 'Durendal',] [Unlocks the true name of 'Durendal'.] [Heroic Victory: Giant Slaughter] Over-achieving - Though the transcendence gained by Yeon-woo was still too small, Durendal's full disclosure was not possible, but it was a tremendous force for this to be enough, grunting! Iapetos screams in agonizing agony at the flames of his whole body.

The spidery body rises red with a fever, and the cracks start spreading gradually as the skin creaks. The flame flows through the cracks like lava.

Iapetos wants to liberate himself once again. If you unravel the Giants now, you'll never be a stranger again, but if you don't do it now, it's really dangerous.


My body didn't listen strangely. I felt like I was tied to something.

Iapetus was only late to realize what was impeding his democratic opening. Your face distorts. Beyond the void, you see the look on your face.

Athena • • • • • I wonder if four years paid the same price for the merit rate. Then, what is it that has given us that can stop God & '92; s grace? Though the pillar of light had smoothened the exchange between Olympus and Tartarus, it still required considerable sacrifice • The problem was not stopped there.

There were flying flies appearing in the open space at an angle.

Wealth shows up, attacks him, and the Sapphire, who cut off the Agiles, tosses Iafetos relentlessly.

In addition, there were others who could not see the female university.

After wanting to cast a dark shadow along the ground, I climbed up the tentacle-like cranium chamber and listened to Iapetos. Inside, there were tiny, little jumpsuits.

A form in which a mass has evolved to more than a few levels. Usually hides in the shadows and implements physical entities whenever necessary.

There are monsters who have been reborn after finishing a pervert. The shadow of Yeon Woo, what can also be said to be itself. Monsters that move only by his will.

For four seconds, the time was being chipped, and the gas of Iapetus collapsed together.

2 seconds 1 second.

And when I reached my final limit,

Yeongwoo can't hold on much longer and bounces off the accelerated time.

As my wings disassembled, my body bounced off the ground as well.

Maybe it's because he's forced to cast two unfinished wings. My body became full of rejection.

It was as if the human body, the dragon, had finally hit its limit. Vigrid had already lost his form and returned to his sword.

During the fall, a hazy smile spread over Yeongwoo's mouth.

He was proud that he had finally felt his limits, and that he had become somewhat strong for his divine being.

Kills • • • • • • •! Kill! Iafetos' opponent is finally free from pain, his eyes wide open. The flames that were scattered all over his body were still consuming him. Fragments of the torn body spill down excellently.

And Black Energy spills out through the cracks.

As Magistrate Magistrate broke the frame of the Giant, the correction of Chronos began to flow out.

Because of that, Iapetos was unable to move any differently than he was willing to kill Yeongwoo.

I tried to catch Kronos' leaking correction somehow, but the Divine Might splits through my fingers.

Then, the Divine Power poured onto Yeongwoo, drawing a whirlwind. No, the bracelet and shackle that the moat was working on, the Black King's brother spewed out a joyful cry while he ate as much of Chronos' correction as he could. Yeon-woo was a phenomenon that did not have the strength to use her hands.

Eventually, Iapetos burst into madness, unable to endure his anger, until he was defeated by Yeongwoo and lost everything.

In the meantime, his body continues to shrink, returning to its original state. The two red-eyed eyes are fixed against the lily that just landed on the ground.

"L 1 Braingarh.

1.- 1-Iapetos slowly approached Yeongwoo, spitting out his flesh without any more effort to express his statement.

He suddenly loses all his divine power and returns to his original state.

But even so, Titan. There was an easy kill for about one player who had exhausted all his strength.

“Save Cain!” Lose Cain ”Later Ram and the rest of Nice Pluto move urgently to save the pond.

Suddenly, the sky cracked open and revealed a huge pupil.

Funny smiling eyes.

It was a phone.