Second Life Ranker

3. Period Tomagia (3)

Iapetos looks up at the sky with his face stiffened. Niffon's wide eyelids almost hinder what he's trying to do.

This fight is • your defeat • • • • • • Iafetus • • • “Say something! Now you have to kill him, but 2012; Is it invisible • • • • • • • not • • or is it pretending to be • • • • • invisible? The eyes of Nipon smiled horribly.

An invisible set of values that did not tell the boy to watch turned his head toward the direction the Nippon's pupil was going.

Yeon-woo's breathing heavily, and she's forcefully squeezing her strength again to deal with Nippon's sudden appearance.

His surroundings were soon surrounded by Ram and Nice Pluto. As if he would defend himself against any threat.

However, there was something completely different in Iapetus' eyes.

Quite a number of gods and demons stood behind the kith and kith. Of course, it would be impossible for those in the heavenly system to descend.

But some were staring at Iapetos with angry eyes.

For example, Athena Harmes was a trend that would go down as soon as the price was given. Kernunos and Bimagildara's gaze was not great either.

Athena and Harmes are followers of Olympus, their relationship to each other. But I don't like to read with the highest qualifications, so I don't want to have a society. Kernunos and other demons like him look down at me. Why are they with you in Bimarzilla?

Edie, that's it.

[A message has come from Agares.] [Message: That's mine.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: If you carelessly touch my stuff • • • I'll kill you.] The Grand Duke of the Eastern Dynasty, Agares, told me the second Dynasty, was staring at him like he was about to tear him apart.

How am I supposed to interpret this absurd sight?

It was not his common sense that each one of them would surround the mortal and surround the devil.

But one thing was certain.

If you kill a player here. I knew that many gods and demons would turn against me.

Of course, it didn't scare me.

Now that the pillars of light have descended, they have an opportunity to ascend to Olympus.

And preparations were being made to do so. If you only gamble in the heavenly world, the path to regaining your old identity will be opened.


As long as conquering the kingdom of heaven is their final goal, the Seven Commandments will clash with them.

But, at least, not now. After taking Olympus down, we should have the foundation to start an overnight conquest war, so now we don't have to make any other enemies for nothing.

That's what TiVon is pointing out.


But • • • 'I have to back off like this!' He was right in front of me, just as far as I could reach.

Just a little push and you'll be able to break it easily.

Problem was, he was smiling.

Although I wasn't able to read his face properly because he was wearing a mask. There is a slight twist in the eyes beyond.

If you think you can do it, do it.

He's exhausted, and he's out of breath, so he's bragging. That kind of cynicism scraped off the Iapetos doubter.

“Kill!” The words to stop • • • - are not heard • • • • • • • Iafetus • • • • • • Niapetos reached out to Yeongwoo as he listened to Niphon's words.

At that moment, her masked lips were also greatly twisted.


Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Suddenly, a few tears of New Haan poured out from the sky. It was as sharp as a sharpened knife. The right arm, which was just about to reach Yeongwoo, was cut off and splattered into the air.

“Grrrgh!” Iapetos is in a state of devastation as he loses Kronos' correction.

An attack filled with the energy of the dragon made it impossible to take a fatal blow to the soul.

Iapetos staggers back, grabbing his right arm. I bled and drenched the floor vigorously.

Up there.

Jungwoo landed quietly, spreading her new Haran wings. Silver glowing armor and blades revealed a great many dangers and sprinkled a siege ritual.

It's too late. ” What are you talking about? You came as soon as you could. Jungwoo turns the dragon slayer towards Iapetos, ignoring Pinzan in the pond.

Can I finish World War II with that ugly guy? Following Iafetos, black clouds were fading gradually.

It meant that the space surrounding him was entering the boundary of his dreams.

It was originally never going to happen because of Iapetos' zero pressure. Now he has lost that much power and has drifted into Nemesis' final circle.

Yeon-woo has been relaxed all this time because of this Challenge Department, Jungwoo's soul opponent is clearly unstable. There are many dangerous corners. However, given certain conditions, it exerts a force that is comparable to the spirit.

It was because he had gained a lot in his life. Excellent enough to break through the Red Dragon siege and destroy the Summer Queen's Dragon Heart. I felt that even if I showed a little strength, I would not be able to guarantee my defeat with Yeon-woo.

Of course, there will be a time limit when we can reveal the full power of reality.

By the end of that time, he seemed to be able to grab the beagrid again.

Even at this moment, the Wise Man's Stone was scattered with the energy of adra. The drinking dragon was almost finished with the restoration.

Iapetos grips his teeth. The right arm is cut off too hollow. Though his head was full of annoyance and anger, the eyes of God were reading exactly the changes of the Brotherhood of Yeow. Yeon-woo's plan seemed to be easy to understand.


No more disobedience • • • • • will be forgiven • • • • • • The last warning from Iafetostiphone tightly tied his feet.

The situation he was in was not so good.

A large number of Discovers Fluto surrounded him. Particularly, Ram, an apostle of Hades, followed her to see if she was preparing for sturdiness.

What if we keep fighting like this? It was his defeat.

One of the 12 Lord of Titan himself will be defeated by a mere mortal! But as long as it breaks my heart, nothing will change.

Eventually, Iapetos had to slowly step back while biting his lower lip. However, during his retreat, his gaze was firmly fixed on Yeon-woo.

“Next time. The next time I see you, I will rip your throat out. With Zug's words, Iapetos is buried in the room, completely gone." They hid their tracks in the veil of the Nippon.

But the phone didn't disappear right away. He frowned slightly, unfairly, then immediately turned his back ball and fixed it to Yeongwoo. Suddenly, I drew the line with my eyes: I was so excited that I was going to die.

Even if Muraiapetosgargic • • • - Amazing • • I can see why Athena and Harmesh are going around • • • • - Why Poseidon is bordering • • • [Characteristics of 'Cold Blood' repel unknown sources of pressure.] [Characteristic 'Cold Blood' bites off the unknown pressure from the source.] Yeongwoo took advantage of the cold-blooded trait and looked at him the same while resisting Tifon's pressure. But on the other hand, I also heard the feeling of disgust. Apparently, he seemed to know everything about Olympus, the manner of the man who would have been stuck in Tartarus for a long time.

It makes sense to have a dark progeny • • • • • • •, but • • death • Tell me one thing • • • • • • • •. It is not the power of darkness. • • • • It is not the power to • • • • - join us. • With the traitor Olympus. • • • • • • Not the power to. • • 'The traitor?' Yeon opened her eyes wide and looked at Niphon. A moment; once again, in his mind, the temperament I had seen in Olympus' report had passed.

I don't know the name of any god who fell into the fire of Zeus or any of the other gods.

Chronos was his apostle. We were the heirs of Chronos. • At that moment.

Guarreung! As if cutting off Nippon's words, tremendous pressure came from the sky.

Yeongwoo turns to you.

Harmesh and Athena's channeling poison was thick. He seemed to be staring at Niphon, as if to say no more.

Tiffany's eyes bent deeper.

Your guardians seem to hate me even more. The story that I couldn't talk about was getting thinner and thinner and thinner.

It shouldn't be that far away • • • • • • • • • • When the time comes • • • • - I'm waiting • • Niphon left that message and hid the trail quietly.

Then the pressure surrounding the crowd disappeared completely like a lie.

The deep silence settles.

Breaking the furrow-silent silence is the displacement of the limb in its place.

From the overnight reclaim of the sanctuary to the liberation of Iapetus, the fight against the clans, and the advent of Niphon.

This seemed to be the most intense and challenging of all the battles she's been through.

There was also Ram in it. I will forcefully try to strengthen Hades, and I will exhaust the last remaining strength.

Jungwoo was relaxing as he infiltrated the clock.


Yeon-woo sat still for a long time and had to keep reviewing what she had said.

Gru Booth was the apostle of the King of Questions? 'By the time I first arrived at Tartaros, It was around the corpse of Chronos, where the moat had fallen like a huge mountain range for the first time, and the brothers of the king of queries were shaking like crazy.

The same can be said for now. The correction on the Cronos spilled by Iapetos has been sucked into the king's mold. It's like the place is where it belongs. As if it were natural.

However, if the correction of Chronos because it is the Divine Might that operates here actually comes from the King of the Humans, it makes sense.

Poseidon, Demeter, Hastia, Hara and others are so vigilant.

'Zeus and the Poseidon generation overthrew Titans, including Gronos, and took Olympus by the hand. Of course, it was Turdanomagia who was so afraid of the king who was behind Titan.

But the generation of Harmesh and Athena is different. They had not experienced Nidanomagia, and even the evil of Kronos could look at him with zero shortsighted glances rather than fear. And if you're aware of, and you're starting to follow Stix's oath of allegiance to the king of vagrancy,

Then it makes sense to take good care of Harmesh and Athena, the allies who became the successors of the king of Jillhog.

“Is that so?” Yeon-woo lifts her head up, revealing her insides as much as she can.


[Harmesh Laughs bitterly] [Athena is silent.] They didn't come up with any answers.

That's it.

Yeon-woo accepted the positivity of something.

Then he still had no idea that God left God as an apostle. If only I had kept Chronos as an apostle of the greatest god of his time. I didn't have a clue what he was.

You know the cost, right? 'From the stones of the sage, Yeon-woo asked the question of the Mage who would be caught.

Kick the device! All the strange laughter I could not figure out.