Second Life Ranker

4. Period Tomagia (4)

• • • Again, it's chaotic here.

It was about an hour ago that the liver returned. He was in a pretty rough fight, too, or his whole body was covered in wounds. Both eyes were still shimmering horribly.

He hurls what he was carrying on his back in front of the kite.

Nice Pluto's gaze was also naturally directed towards the legs. During the battle with Iapetos, they realized that the liver and Panes had disappeared, and they wondered if it had been replaced.

If there was a collision in between, it was unlikely to be a problem.

However, I couldn't figure out what the liver had thrown.

You must be alive to see him wiggle around a little, covered in blood. It was a bizarre distortion that did not look human at all.

My arms and legs were cut off, and my face and body were covered in burns and frostbite.

Later Ram realized that the substrate on which it was smelled was relatively familiar.

Twitch! It flinches as Ram responds.

Ram's eyes widened.

I was aware of some conflicts with the moat group, but I didn't expect Sulmapanese to return to this mortality.

For the past few months, Panes has been a hero of the revolution. He was the owner of a new blood family claiming to represent Eloquy, and he also put various representatives of Olympus, including Poseidon, behind him.

It wasn't crazy enough for her, but she was one of the few players she recognized.

That person became like this, 'Even though the sight of 2 ram and other horrors poured out everywhere.

The liver folds its arms and snorts as if it were a natural thing.

Are you feeling better now? 'While Yeon-woo was resting, she asked Jungwoo a question. I wondered what it would be like to meet Aether.

I don't know, just. Jungwoo replied in the clock for a long time.

Cows nodded their heads as if they understood that it was cool • • • • • • and a bit shitty. As a friend, the stress of reuniting the past I wanted to forget because I met Ider was greater than the joy of revenge: Many memories of Jungwoo's special experience were firmly shared.

More than that, my brother. What should I do with this guy? You just gonna keep dragging me around? Jungwoo covered the ghost of Ider roaming around in a depressing sound in the collection. I don't have any memories of my life anymore. I only remember the horrors of my time when I was dying. I had nothing to deal with.

'To feed the clans. I can just give it to you if I have to. I don't need it. This. Jungwoo grudgingly replied and smiled.

What I want is. You know better, don't you? Yeon-woo also smiled softly.

Then my eyes became small with deep eyes.

'Wait a little longer. Just a little bit.' Despite the heavy disco pluto steps,

Wow! The temple of the monarch that was hit by them was a festive atmosphere.

As four pillars of light descended overnight, I could feel Hades' power strengthened that much, and the morale pierced the sky while beating Titan Iafetos.

Although the damage was mild, the fact that he had established a major did not disappear.

Above all.

The pillar of light stood up again and was worthy to look forward to the support of Olympus. The joy was only greater.

I'm finally starting to see hope that I can end this war.

Of course. It wasn't just good news.

There was some bad news.

Paneth's treachery shocked Nice Pluto.

After all these years, those who thought they were colleagues and heroes did vile things.

It's a fact that everyone knows that the Fellowship isn't doing so well. Nevertheless, there was an acceptable range.

Treason against a colleague in Dis Fluto was an unacceptable felony, and in some cases, treason could be hunger.

Especially if it's a battlefield where vision is fleeting.

Luckily, most of the people who did the work were killed there, but the main driver, Panthes, was still breathing.

Though he was breathless for a short time.

That's enough healing magic to keep it intact.

Moreover, the nature of the blood, which would normally be like a blessing, was holding her breath steadily.

As much as I'd like to die right now, it's a curse on Farnes. “You look so strange.” Hades saw such a farce and laughed nonsense.

He listens to the situation and sees right through to what happened with the Yeon and her group.

The whole time I was in Nice Fluto, I saw myself pretending to be smart, and I expected that one day it would eat me up.

However, he did not think that he would be treated as such in vain.

But what was even more absurd was that Poseidon, who had been behind them, was catching up to no time at all.

Hades stomps his tongue and kicks as he feels the brothers staring at him.

Bold bastards. I was even more arrogant when I didn't see him.

Even among brothers, there is hierarchy.

The leader may be Zeus, but the eldest of their six siblings was Hades.

Zeus was not the only one to disagree with Hades' words.

Above all, Hades tells us that he is the king of the name system and has a terrifying power.

All the faith that took place in the Commandment was his.

So even just a thousand years ago, Olympus could never interfere with Tartarus' work. If there was any conflict, there were several times when Olympus bent in first.

But is it too long gone?

Or do they think they won't stand a chance because they don't have a Savior to help them or Tartaros?

Poseidon et al. gave himself this insult and never apologized. Rather, I opened my eyes wide as if to ask.

You want to cover it up by framing her for all her sins. And in return, I will send reinforcements, which seems to mean this.

That's why the causal relationship was so confusing as to who did wrong.

We're sorry. If you punish me, I will accept your kindness. ”Ram took a moment to look at Hades, who was hesitant, and lowered his head deeply in 2012.

Hades laughs in relief.

“What are you sorry about?” “I knew this would happen." You set the ball. What do you want me to do to this godforsaken government? And the people who did this are guilty, and you can't foresee it. ”Ram's head sank deeper. This trip was a stubborn and stubborn one.

Hades did not make the journey big in the first place: he had anticipated that this would happen.

But the apostle of Hades did not even notice God's intentions, but hung on to the ages.

I could have led to the reclaim of the sanctuary as I had hoped.

On the contrary, they were insulted by Olympus, and that was not enough, from the uprising to the dominance.

It was unfair and crazy.

I don't know how they did wrong, but this is the one they need to see.

Even if we called in reinforcements to pacify Dardardardardaros, it was obvious to us where the next leadership would go.

And that's how far Hades will go. And that drove Ram crazy.

But we can't call in reinforcements. I felt like my insides were rotting.

By the way.

“You say you've served me for over a hundred years, and yet you still don't know me?” Hades has fainted once more.

Ram opened his eyes wide without realizing the meaning of the word. Hades smiles deeper.

Still a twisted smile on one side of his mouth. It may seem cynical, but Ram could realize Hades is enjoying himself now.

“It's even more troubling to me that a player is testing me.” Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. "” Then, the door to the temple of Hades opens wide, and the kith slowly walks in.

After returning to the Temple of the King, Yeongwoo seemed to have regained her condition quickly, thanks to her constant focus on restoring her body.

If there's one thing I've learned in the meantime. The dragon was much more self-renewable than he expected, and once he tested his limits, he was able to handle the body more carefully.

To the extent that he slept with Jungwoo, who was observing the lotus next to him, the dragon was an infinite body of possibility.

If it continues to be quadrant, five-sensed. If only you could finally obtain the Giant's Factor.

What would he look like then? For Yeon-woo, the completion of the flesh was just as important as the power of the King of Questions. It may be the most important foundation for completing the right wing.

“I'll leave you to deal with him. Take it." “Thank you.” Yeon bows her head. Then his shadow grows and grows like a pinch, and his body is swallowed up by the blueprints.

Hades told him to leave it in his hands the same way that he would not care about any further disposition, Poseidon et al. would think Hades bent. Yeon-woo thought differently.

'You're a grumpy little bugger.' Hades seemed to have already noticed what Yeon Yu would do to her.

In his nature, no matter how dangerous Tartaros may be, Danny would never let his brothers get away with their arrogance. Taking a position that has absolutely nothing to do with this, as they did.

Yeongwoo turned away from the temple so quietly.

Ram narrowed his eyes by looking at the pond.

What does it mean that Yeonwoo tested Hades? I think there's some kind of implicit promise between the two of you.

I had no idea what that would be.

There was only one thought left in Barnes' head.

I want to die.

So please make her comfortable. Rat • • • But her voice was just hovering in her head, and there was no way to get her out.

Then, after my body sank, I was revitalized and my vision was restored. I came to my senses with a slight lift.


“Hey, go away! The first thing she saw was a mask as black as the face of a demon. Traumatic seizures again. She flashes to get away somehow, but she realizes she doesn't have her arms and legs.

Paneth realizes his lush mollusk and screams. This can't be happening. This can't be happening! He was the leader of the great protogenous people.

He had to become a god and ascend into the kingdom of heaven. That's not who I am.

But her screams didn't last long. Yeon-woo grunts in an annoying voice as she holds up his main pillar with her hands.

“Shut up.” I'm tired of those eyes, and she can't struggle any longer. I was just scared. I wanted to get rid of it somehow, but I couldn't get rid of it.

Yeon-woo was looking down on her. Like an insignificant bug. It was a gaze only I could send to others. It was never something you had to accept.

“Your protogenos always do. Usually they growl like fanatics, but they're nothing after one sheath, after all.” I didn't even get yelled at by Paneth.

“I wonder what the real gods are like.

Yeongwoo says so, pulling up the magic of the adra stone and blowing it to Panes.

“0! Ugh!” Barnes struggled later, realizing whether Yeon-woo was going to monthly. If you lose it, you will never survive.

I wanted to die, but the problem is that the soul collapses as well. I never wanted to disappear like this.

But there was nothing that Barnes could do.

Soon, her body hardens like a log, and her eyes flip over.

And the spiritual energy begins to rise along the body. Even the charred body slowly appeared in milk glow.

It was also familiar to Yeon-woo.

Just before BeneIke died, Poseidon appeared when he tried to be strong, but there was something different about that.

It was that Poseidon tried to come by force at the time, but now he has brought it down.

Based on the channeling that had been blessed by blessing and blessing to Panes, we were able to recover what was broken.

A player forcing a god.

It would be hard if it were the way it was.

It was because Barnes' newborn blood was outstanding and the traces of channeling remained strong. You can't pull all the gods out, but you can pull some.

Moreover, there was no one to follow the adra in dealing with channeling, and the properties of adra helped greatly, and there were four different colors of the oval that appeared where Papanes disappeared.

Poseidon, Demeter, HaseIia, Hara. You have successfully recovered all four channels.

The daredevil Poseidon appeared to me one-by-one. However, his strength was weak and he did not come under such pressure. The other three goddesses, too, quietly spread out their left hands without answering.

“Swallow.” Saw his teeth as he followed the swallow.