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5. Period Tomagia (5)

I think you'll be okay after what you've done! The second time after the Bentice. In Poseidon's voice, anger was firmly young.

It made him unaware of the fact that the player who treated him as a bug was taken from him twice.

Soon! The staircase between Olympus and Tardaros opens. Will you be able to live with yourself when you face me? "However, Yeon-woo listened to the actions of Poseidon.

[Greatly increases the skill level of 'Vampire Sword of Battery'.] Tooth teeth grabbed all Poseidon's factors and ate them without stopping at DeMeter.

What I realized in turn was that each component of the Divine Spirit was different.

With Poseidon's raging waves, Hastia was like a warm hearth. The sun rises, and Demeter is cozy.

Of course, it is only a difference that can be distinguished in detail because it has some degree of divine factor.

The zero pressure held by the Son of Man was so great that the ordinary player was frightened just by being next to him.

Going through this, I can see why Poseidon is so wary of you. "And when it comes to the last turn, Unlike Hastiana Hera, who was absorbed without a word, Demeter was leaving him with a short jump.

However, unlike Poseidon, there was no anger in it.

"Harmesh, Athena, why they surround you so much. The whole heaven is buzzing with rumors about you. It's worth a drawing. Rather, the voice is close to chaos.

However, Gye Ye Demeter whispered cautiously.

The uproar begins now. You can avoid the vagrancy, but Meter's voice was cut off there. All the factors were sucked in.

Huai-Yun felt the divine factors that quickly settled in her body for as long as possible.

The probability of drinking dragons was getting deeper.

However, the glabella is slightly frowned. It was because of what Demeter said.

Riot? I don't know what that means.

Demeter is also the mother of Persephone, Hades' wife.

It is difficult to say that it is simply Poseidon's side. So the message you just threw must mean something.

Yeon-woo takes a moment to think about it, placing her mind on the sudden look and turning her head toward you.

I was looking at myself with my eyes that Jungwoo was sick of when I came out of the clock again.

No. I think it's great. Maybe the only person in the world who eats God's blessings is his brother. Yeon turned her head sideways, avoiding Jungwoo's gaze.

"Toughness • • I went to talk to myself, but I pretended not to hear it and turned to the other side."

Then, out of the shadows, Sanon nods as if to agree with one another.

Jungwoo and Sanon's gaze met.

They understand each other deeply.

After that, all of it.

Time flew by quickly, and once begun, Dis Pluto's counterattack penetrated Ynadartharus like a flowerpot across a dry reef forest.

Although several troops were also injured in the close encounter with Iapetos and others, the damage was actually very familiar to Dis Pluto.

for those who have lost hundreds of years. Rather, the victory given now was only enjoyable.

And at the center of it all the time.

There were guarancidae, guar_yolk.

[Ares shouts at your performance.] [Segment greedily touches lips. I am happy to slaughter.] [I bless the Holy Spirit (Rebecca) to help you. Consider a new apostle position.] In fact, Tartarus was the best stage for Yeon Woo.

The wings of the sky are still incomplete, and many battles must be fought to complete them. Dangerous battles that could be fatal.

However, in a typical staircase, there was no limit to the places that could now pose such a danger to Yeouido.

Queek.Can I alert Yeon-woo after the 60th floor?

But most of those places couldn't say that Sirens can give you a hard uB, a lot of combat experience.

But Tartarus was different.

This place was strong enough for even the average soldier to look down at the high-ranking players, because of the confrontation of their personalities and personalities.

Of course, there was no place like this for Yeon-woo.

The longer I stayed, the higher the stature of the wings of heaven went out.

[The left wing of the 'Heaven Wing' (Gift: Death) was triggered. Death descended over a vast battlefield. This is Titan.] [It's Titan. [The new power in the right wing of the 'wings of the sky' has become rare.] [Added power: Arang Jin's hybrid flesh, Ed-Carkara of Adad] [Bimachildara nods at his dissent 1-properly.] [Agares jumps the road, saying, "Don't touch your things."] [All the gods ignore.] [All demons ignore.] [Agares grabs the back of the neck.

We're changing that.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Erase those who don't want to see them! What good is it to have a fun party in front of them?] [A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: So take more of my powers and factors. • • • • • • • You cut off the message of Gareth during rush hour with your permission.] [Many gods notice you.] The demons of the reaper can taste you. "[Few gods are jealous of you. Start spreading malicious rumors about you.] [A handful of demons are anxious that their position will be compromised.] [Discussions about your rage are still actively being discussed. Due to improper arrangements, the results will continue to be delayed.] [Stay tuned.] Expression time of each wing has also increased, allowing 40 invitations to be maintained.

And with the acquisition of such quality souls, immortality and other factions quickly grew.

[Number of Ghosts Harvested: 31st Term 456] The stigmata of the Gull Collection was three times larger than before. Along the way, ghosts wandered relentlessly, creating an area that no one could easily access.

Of course, Titan and Gas were not idle in the action of the Iranian Union.

Giants, including the 12 weeks of Old Titan, fought together as they built their defense lines.

Hades, however, is as active as the Divine Power returns.

Eventually, the fierce battle continued as it toppled over.

[Successfully recovered the sixth Sanctuary, the Fatherland. "] And finally, we're about to turn the tide on Nice Pluto.

As the sixth lantern descends.


I was able to build a staircase with Olympus that I had hoped for so much.

“You've done well for me.” The day we took back the sixth sanctuary. Hades called the brood of fatigue separately.

After a long battle, Yeongwoo was covered in whole body blood and unknown pieces of meat. I couldn't even think of myself as standing in the place of betraying God because I was still in a bad mood.

Hades, however, noticed nothing of the sort.

He also drew it because it was all the result of the disco fluto.

No, Hades actually liked the look of it, even after he left it.

He was the one who defeated Titans and gases in his youth, who served as the gatekeeper of them when he was old, and lived in a fierce battlefield all his life. That was more satisfying than sitting in a comfortable back room.

Sometimes I felt like I saw myself in my youth.


Yeonwoo instinctively realized by looking at Hades, who was ignoring her.

Today is the day.

It was the moment I wanted so much.

[You have successfully completed Sudden Quest (Persephone's long-standing wish). [You have successfully completed Hidden Quest (Temple Restoration).] [Hidden Quest (Hero Against the Old Gods).] Successfully completed the quest lines.You 've been in Tartaros and you've received quests you didn't know about.

[As compensation • • • • • • •.] past the list of compensations that are now largely unnoticed.

At the end, I finally found the reward I wanted the most.

[In return, I got Hades' substitute, the 'Gwyne'.] “As promised, I'll give you this as a gift.” Hades slowly walked down from the throne and held a black helmet in his right hand.

A bronze helmet that appears to be commonly rolled around the battlefield.

Yeonwoo knew Hades well when he wore this helmet.

This sixth sanctuary, the battle to reclaim the Fatherland, was truly a deadly blow to all of Nice Pluto. Seven of the Twelve Ancient Titans emerged and revealed the greatness of the beasts, and as many factions poured out and swallowed up the world.

The soldiers of Dis Pluto were equally fierce in their experience of this battle for hundreds of years.

In a mess like that.

Hades stands on the battlefield with his head on his head for the first time.


'Everything was dead in a line.' Hades, who restored the spiritual power and restored the water of many sanctums, truly has a god.

Every time I swing my sword, the line of giants snaps out.

I'm trembling like a Tartarus has been crushed several times. There was no place where a little family could live.

Hades has made it clear why he is Olympus' eldest brother and why he took up Tartarus by himself. Hades was as frightening and intense as he was wearing it.

In fact, the recovery of the viceroy was more than eight times what he had done.

Niphon and other gases aren't showing up, though.

So Hades seemed to desperately need a pair of ears.

Hades gave Guinea to Yeon-woo without foolishness.

When I saw him approaching, I suddenly thought like that. Unlike the tremendous sense of intimidation that I showed you on the battlefield, I think that even a divine being like this doesn't seem to produce Jai.

“Isn't this something you shouldn't have?” Hades smiles bloody. Despite the improvement of the situation, the cold cynics still remain in his mouth.

“Are you just worried about God? Funny." “It was • • •“ What I needed was the symbolism of novelty. There's a myth that comes from it. I have everything I need, so you're welcome to take this. ”I didn't know the exact lining, but it seemed to mean I had already plucked everything out of my ear.

“Thank you." “I'll have to say hello. Thanks to you, our army's morale has increased a lot.

Without you, Tartarus would have fallen at once.

It was still a cold voice, but Yeong-woo was able to read the gratitude contained in it.

Yeongwoo strokes her ears quietly. At that moment; Gwynne and the despair of the king of vagrants muttered equally and trembled.

Hades glanced at the two things with a brief, bitter glance, and quietly stepped back and sat back on the throne with his chin turned.

“Now that you've got what you want, you want to go back to the stage?” If you successfully connect with Olympus, Tartaros is now truly a mythical battlefield. They're definitely hiding somewhere, looking for Nifon and Gigas.

There are no more stages between Yeon and the group. Only when the players get stuck in places where the personalities collide can they look like shrimp that explode in a whale fight.

Moreover, Olympus was not just an ally to Yeonwoo.

“Not at all. Poseidon, he'll be looking for you on the way. He's a strong moron.” Hades shakes his hand as if to ask his brother, who still cannot escape his old wife, to make an appraisal.

Yeon-woo greets and quietly steps back.

Then I thought, "One-one."

Somehow, Hades' greeting today felt like a goodbye. "Cain, that's • •“ Yes. Gwynne nods. ”The group returns to the temple square where they were resting.

I was enjoying the celebration with a big victory in the last seizure battle, so everyone's face was puzzled. It was noisy all around.

The liver found Yeon-woo's ear in her hand and her eyes opened.

I'm surprised to finally have what I wanted in my hands. And that meant ending the war, returning to the stage: “Obviously, it's not what it looks like.” Groitz looked at Grynde in a curious way. He crosses the line with the rest of the group and is recognized as a colleague.

His fathers-in-law Victoria and Abraham took up their seat, and Doyle and Galilee, who were hanging out with the other soldiers, came back and began to look at the pond.

The clock in my arms was shaking as if it were full of excitement.

Yeon-woo was a little burdened to receive all their gazes at once, but soon she took a deep breath and looked at her ears.

At that moment.

Jiayim - The despair of the King of Seulhok and Silk trembled in unison.


Smaller particles make a vortex as the earrings crumble. Then the black particles gathered one by one towards the neck of the pond.