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6. Period Tomagia (6)

As the scenic, phenomenal-chains followed, steaming bands were wrapped around the neck.

It's a little thick, so how can a universal prisoner be like a sleeping bracelet or a necklace?

['Obtained the Fury of the King of Questions'] Yeong-woo checked the information window, feeling the heavy weight with her hands.

[Fury of the King of Chilhocks]. Head armor muscles • 0 ⁄ 2 • Description:?? 1 Anifact is' Unique '. There is only one in the tower, and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

No. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

It's like this again. 'It was the same as when I got the Silk of the King of Questions. Content that does not qualify and qualify for information yet.

However, when the silk was released, I took a nap and just opened my eyes and it was all that was released in the morning. There was no guarantee that such luck would follow again.

“This is the Guinness?” At that moment, Hanova grabs the bear squad by the mouth and grabs it with his short arm. It sounds fairly clear, unlike its tongue, hollowed-out appearance.

Henova narrows her eyes.

He, one of the top masters in the tower, could see at once that this was an unusual material.

Phew. You gently exhale the smoke and turn your head to the side.

“The Cyclops. This.” It's Shin Jin-cheol. Prisoners and objects made to imprison even more aggressive beings. But why is it so early in the day? Hannova's shadow fades, and Cyclops Brontes and Steropath appear, gazing at the Hancock with a thoughtful glance.

They were recently shadowing Hanova, repairing the weapons of the Discover Pluto, and sharing technology with him.

Yeonwoo added an explanation.

“I now bear the name of the Fury of the Zealot King.” “Rage?” Hanova opens her eyes and clears her tongue.

“Despair, wrath after silk? The original owner must have ridden a lot of egg. This was not a normal item, but Hannova had to hang up on the way. I saw how hard Brontes and Steropes looked.

Dark? Right. So • • • Brontes and Steropes trembled. It seemed to somehow be wet with fear, or a joyful way of solving an unsolved mystery.

But when they saw Yeon-woo again, the only eyes that were left were sinking deeper.

If you are the descendant of "he". Yeah, but it makes sense that you used to subordinate us like this. So that's what it looks like. The things you've done in the past, they come back like this and they're holding us in chains. Looks like it. Looking at the two people who shared a deep fast, Yeon-woo asked.

“What does that mean?” The brother you're wearing is actually made by us.

Actually, that was all I did as an assistant. In the mask, Yeon Woo's eyes widened. Henova and the rest of the group can't keep up with the pace of the story, so they can't interfere.

But I knew one thing for sure. In mythology, if the three blacksmiths in the war were the "auxiliary" temples to build weapons for three weeks of Olympus, This was not something that could be contained in the category of water, instead of just an ordinary god.

Why I didn't recognize her immediately. It may have been a long time ago, but it was because it touched the object as much as it did years ago. Brontes' voice was written in mysterious ways.

“Please explain in detail.” The three brothers, the teacher of our brothers, # # #, frowned not at Zeus • • Brontes. I can't even mention it. "As Yeon-woo didn't register her name in the system, it was blinded. The name of the teacher Brontes mentioned was also blinded and not recognized.

The snow of Yeon Woo is heterogeneously shiny.

“Is this the oath of Stix?” It's similar. Looks like Zeus decided to hang the locking text 1. I don't know if that's even remotely possible, but the template that you called the Black King was commissioned by Zeus himself. I used to pull out all the iron in Tartaros and Erebos at the time. • • • • • The eyes of the massive Brontes were narrowed.

"I didn't think it would shrink to such a small size." Do I know the situation or the lining? ”The clock in my arms trembled.

The more I unravel the mystery of the king of vagrancy and regain his power, the closer I get to resurrecting friendship.


The once-made oath of Stix.

You know it's not that easy, right? Yeon-woo clenched her fist tightly. Although it is the power of the king of queries ahead of any function of the system. There were limits.

Do I have to take a step back?

I can tell you this much.

The fact that the hierarchy has shifted because of the blackness of darkness. Why the protogenome was so good, why the titanium and gas were so bad at supporting it. Immediately, Brontes' words end with a large spike following the zeal.

"Hmmm. I can't help but get sanctions from the system. Brontes frowned.

The zealot is crumbling. After this, the spirit seemed to be shattered according to the oath of abstinence.

However, it was a great shock to Yeon-woo.

That meant that Titano Maggia and Gigato Maggia had a kind of problem with the king of vagrancy.


Protogenous involvement? "descendants of Aether, Panes and the Old Testament? It was a bit confusing for Yeouido that the traces of the King of Seulk might be connected to Elohim as well.

What, without knowing? 'Yeon-woo touched the clock with his hands ^ and turned it over to Jungwoo.

I can't think of anything. At least none of the perks I had were similar. I'm the one who's embarrassed. Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

'In the end, I have no choice but to unleash the Elohik.' I needed to get back on stage.

At that time, Groitz glanced at me while he was still listening to the conversation.

“When do you plan to leave Tartarus?” He wanted me to meet Yeon-woo with the battalion commander sooner or later: The Yeon-woo he had seen must have been an ally. No, I wanted to leave it and help him, and I made him follow and follow the path by his side.

Although it was obvious that there was a clan of eight on the way to Yeongwoo. That's why the fantasy regiment sucks! It could have been dangerous, but first Groitz wondered what was the end of the path for the moat.

I looked at Yeonwoo as if I was curious about the liver and Doyle. Already connected the stairs with Olympus: I also received them at Gwyne, so I knew their mission was over.

“As soon as the Beacon Ceremony is over.” The expression on the liver changed strangely.

“Wouldn't that be dangerous? If the gods of Olympus come down, Poseidon will try to kill you somehow.” Poseidon, Hastia, Hara, Demeter. They'll try to catch Yeon somehow.

Yeon-woo rather laughed.

“If you ever want to bring me another one, tell me.

This is Hades' domain. Even the Aborigines were at their doorstep, there was a limit to my temper. Even if you get angry, the other gods won't stand for it.

Rather, I didn't even think about going to see Poseidon's face.

“Moreover, I was trying to speak to Yeon-woo, but my horse's tail became cloudy.

Far away.

I had a look at myself.

There are many things I want to ask you in person.

[Athena looks at you.] From the time Jungwoo first participated in the tower's tutorial days to now. Athena has been keeping an eye on their siblings. I wanted to check things out.

“I look forward to seeing you too, Percy. He wants to say thank you in person.

They said they would reward us separately for helping Hades. ”Add Doyle's explanation to this, and the rest of the group nods, saying they know. None of the players disliked the reward. Especially if it was a reward from God.


“In two hours' time, I will begin the rapture ceremony.

Ram's voice blares along the temple.

Declaration to connect stairs with Olympus.

The group lowers their drink and slowly gets up from their seat.

“Niphon! Depoon!” Thump, thump, along the corridor, thump, thump, thump.

It was a new place for everyone to be solemn. Iapetos nervously opens the door at the end of the hall, as if it had nothing to do with him.

“What is it, Iafetos?” A large marble floor was painted on the interior with a large margin. At the tip of a complex structural oscillation, candles were lined up to illuminate the dark room.

Nipon quietly opens his eyes at the center of the barn. Unlike the large eyelids that were flying through the perforations, the body was smaller and smaller than an ordinary person. Even my face was hard to recognize because I had hot hair.

This man once really threatened Olympus, and now, quite frankly, he wanted to be King of Gigas.


That made Eiffetos furious.

“That's what I'm talking about now. Aepetos was on the verge of eating Nippons right now.

“Six are dead if you don't step up! Six! My brothers! Hades, while the line was dying for that catch, you and Gas: They didn't make it to the end! What the hell were you thinking?” Iapetos and Titan have always been at the forefront of the war against Nice Pluto. Words are good. Allies, actually. They were subjugated to gas.

But I endured it.

Even if the clans are killed and their families are lost. Reclaim the Tartarus and invade Olympus. It was because Im thought it was a good game to try if he could recover his identity.

But it wasn't a battle in the Fatherland.

Niphon and Gigas didn't show up until the end, and Titan eventually had to lose about seven billion of its precious power.

Still, Tiffany looks at Iafetos with her silent eyes, with no apology.

You hear the cost dropping on one side of Iafetos ahead of time. I wanted to rush in, lose my mind.

“That's it.

“No further access is permitted.” Somehow two men and women appeared from both sides and cut Yiapetos' approach as he taught the spear. Grateon and Mimus. They are the right and left arms of the Nippon.

Iapetos raises his power to strike them down as if they were Biggie. Before both Granion and Mimus could stop them, the shadow of Iafetos suddenly rises to the top of the ground, wrapped around his master like a rope.

The Kung-Iapetos kneel too falsely to the bartable. I wanted to tear the Shadow Rope somehow, but the more I did, the more the Shadow restrained him.

“Iapetos, don't forget the plan.

Our home is Olympus, not Tartaros. Don't you know we needed to blindfold Zeus and bleed to do it? That's why you were so tolerant. ”“ But he didn't say he was going to die. "I only returned to Kronos. As long as there is a queen, why don't you know that death is a blessing to us all?" Niphon said in a cool voice.

“The queen will soon arrive at the temple. We will soon advance under her flag. And take what Kronos couldn't.” Iapetos cried.

But that did not bring the dead brothers back.

Even in that situation.

Nippon's eyes remained still.

Unlike the complex description of the connection between Olympus and Tardaros, the Beacon Ritual was very simple.

At the altar where the pillar of light sat, Hades looked up at the sky and spit out just one mani.

“Open." A proverb filled with reclaimed mysticism.

However, that meant that he immediately became the law and moved the system that made up the tower, and he lifted the restriction on the staircases that were splitting the heavens and the lower streams for a short time.

A thumping, thumping-like giant door that had been locked for a long time rang out.

The Milky Way that crossed Tartarus' red sky lit up to the left and to the right.

It was the only beautiful scene in Tartaros where the constellation of stars poured out in droves.

It also caused a delusion as if the door was open.

Seeing Yeon-woo's appearance, some of the channels surrounding her became clear.

It felt like Braille was getting closer. Harmesh and Athena. And the seed-1- near Olympus like Ares. • The moment I thought they were constantly surrounding him like a snowball or something.

Kuang! Suddenly, there was a huge burst of light in front of Yeon Yuan. At the same time, the damp moisture rises like a hurricane.

The colleagues around you and the displuto have lost their balance and have fallen down.

In front of Yeongwoo's eyes, large trident bars were trembling tightly against the cost.

Though the atmosphere is trembling as if it were going to swallow the lotus.

Yeon-woo glanced at the man with the hair without blinking once.

Poseidon pushes his trident harder with his crooked face, but the spear does not move forward much.

On the right and on the left, Hermes and Athena blocked the trident with sticks and steam, respectively.

Just like protecting Yeon Woo.